Wednesday, 24 December 2014


The enlightened "I" knows itself to be both nothing and everything at the same time. It is fearless and thus at one with the flow of eternal change, re-becoming itself from moment to moment. Growing more diverse, more shining, more intricate with every new experience made in the awareness of unconditional love.

Saturday, 29 November 2014


Control happens naturally when you are trusting in your Self, in life, in love. When being consciously aware of your own self you are able to control you inner reality each moment of your existence. Thus you are feeling effortlessly in control in life at all times. You have realized that the power to change your life lies in your own hands and control can only take place inside your consciousness and inside your own self.
Manipulation of others or of your self is only a substitute for true control and it is being practised when you are living in fear and lacking in trust towards you Self, life and love.


Perfection is not a dead ideal, it is a living reality that is constantly changing in itself as life is unfolding. Therefore, perfection is not something to strive for, its something that must be recognized in each moment of life and lived in conscious awareness. Life, that is not being judged and tainted by the Ego, is always in a state of perfection.
Perfection is a subjective state and it is an expression of inner harmony. Harmony in personal life can only happen when you are not fighting against the reality of each moment you are personally experiencing. Therefore, if you long to be perfect and to live your potential for perfection from moment to moment, you have maintain a state of inner harmony. This is being done by attuning you personal "I" to the wisdom of your higher Self and thus God and to live therefrom.


He who seeks either finds many things or feels that he never finds anything worthwhile. But either way are the things that are being "found" conditioned by the personal preconceptions of the seeker and thus never truly fulfilling nor apparently the "right thing" in the long-term.
On the other hand, he who simply IS, living in joy, love and light, is being given everything he needs by life. And even more because his mind and heart are open and thus free to experience the wondrous and the unexpected things in life.


In the pre-Christmas season, which is about to be upon us again, the fundamental question of your why you are giving people things, is more prevailing than at any other time of the year.
Are you giving because you are hoping to thus relieve your sense of guilt or because you would be feeling guilty if you did not give anything? Or is it because you are hoping to be love in return? Or in order to feel superior over the other person because you are being able to give more?
And your thoughts upon receiving gifts and tokens of attention from others is further revealing your inner state. 
In a state of personal unconsciousness the motives for giving things to others is generally either a sense of guilt or an inner lack of love. Neither can be relieved by making presents or by being given gifts from other people.
However, situations of inner conflict that are occurring when giving/receiving gifts can serve to render you better aware of your self. As well as present opportunities for self-redemption, provided you are using them to transform in your own consciousness your initial sense of guilt into inner freedom and your deficiency in love into an abundance of unconditional love.
Also, only if you are free of guilt and feeling loved inside yourself, are you able to receive from others in freedom and to give freely without expectations. 

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


The Ego-self believes to know itself by holding on to things it believes to be. It always needs to be something in order to exist.
Whereas the true self knows itself by knowing what it is not. It derives its existence by simply BEing.

Sunday, 16 November 2014


Never say "never". For one thing because you never know where your path will lead you to. And for another, because by precluding a certain thing from the possible experiences that life may bring you, you are limiting yourself. Thereby you may miss the chance of making an enriching experience. Also you are creating a blind spot in your awareness, which may lead to a split personality if one day after all you happen to do the thing, you swore you would never do.
And where personal matters are concerned never say "forever". Life is change and change creates changes, making things die and end sooner or later.
Only if you are speaking about love from a soul level you can say that you will love forever because the soul is being enlivened by love.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014


In the same manner that the personality is a visible, tangible, 3-dimensional expression of the etheric Soul, so are physically audible sounds the expressions of more subtle inner sounds existing inside the atoms of (that which appears to us as) physical manifestations.
Every particle of matter possesses its own inherent frequency of vibration and thus its individual inner sound. Inner and outer realities are in a direct relationship with each other and are thus influencing each other's states.
This unchangeable law of life can be made valuable use of if it comes to creating harmony in your self.


If you long to be loved and if you feel that you are lacking love, then teach yourself to fall in love with Mother Nature. Learn to love the trees, the flowers, the grass, the streams, lakes and rivers, the land, the hills...  - and the elemental energies that are both guarding and enhancing the different parts of Nature. In becoming a lover to Mother Nature you will find that you are being loved in return by an omnipresent being that is always there for you in patience, compassion and silence, sharing your joys, relieving your sorrows and fortifying you with new strength. If you cultivate this love-affair with Mother Nature you will in turn find the eternal lover existing inside your own heart and thus be enabled to return the love that is being given you by Mother Nature and other living beings in equal measure and from an undying fount.


Mother Nature is a living fount of undying wisdom because She is reflecting the Divine laws of life faultlessly. By turning towards Her and studying the lessons She has to teach us, we can gain valuable insights into the truths of life. One of the important lesson is, that death, which is really simply a withdrawal of life-force to the inner realms of existence, is not a cause for mourning but rather reason to celebrate. Physical death is a liberation for the spirit from the confining conditions of matter. Just look at how in Autumn Mother Nature is resplendent in a brightly colourful vestment of celebration before She is "dying" into Winter.

Monday, 10 November 2014


Honesty and respect begin and end with your self. So do dishonesty and disrespectfulness. If you feel that others are cheating you, treating you without respect or if you feel cheated by life in general, try to see where you are avoiding to recognize your true worth, where you are not being true to yourself and where you are disrespecting your own self.
The reality of life is being defined by your inner state of being (your consciousness). The world may go out of its way to please and honour you, if you have an inner deficiency of self-esteem you will not be able to realize it and still complain of being treated unduly. Therefore, you have to practise honesty and respect towards your self if you want to be treated with respect and honesty by the world.

Sunday, 9 November 2014


Acceptance is making you feel connected and loved, while prejudices and expectations are causing you to feel separation and rejection.
This holds true both regarding personal relationships as well as life in general.
If you are longing to feel close to other people, you have to accept their individual way of being instead of holding on to your expectations of how you would like them to be or how you believe them to be. And to experience fulfilment in life is only possible if you give up wishful thinking and your negative opinions and your prejudices against what you are being confronted with. Simply accept what is there or even try seeing its positive side and you are suddenly able to feel contented with your lot and closeness in your relationships. And you will even be able to create positive changes in your personal life and relationships in order to like them even more.


Peace is an inner state of being. Even though the world is promoting the idea that it is something which must be brought about externally. To be personally at peace is to be free to live in love and light.
In close personal relationships it is usually felt the most difficult to find your peace. But they also offer the most rewarding and profound experiences of peace and freedom to be yourself. Inner peace can only be, when you have forgiven first. Yet again, forgiveness is an inner act and only indirectly involves forgiving other people. Forgiving others is a good start anyway, and it eventually leads you to the realization that although you are apparently forgiving others for the way they are, you are in fact simply beginning to accept and love yourself and your way of being.

Physical parents are a kind of gate through which soul enters into life on earth. It is similar to the toddlers game in which there is a closed box with cut out holes in its top and a set of cut out pieces of wood that match the holes. There is only one shape that matches each hole. What I am saying is, that in order to pass through it must be of exactly the same shape otherwise its entrance is barred. Meaning, that if part of you were not very much like your parents you could not have entered the world through their conjoint beings. Therefore, the paths to forgiveness invariably involves forgiving your parents (ie yourself) for the way they/you are. Of course, they on their part have to forgive you also (as well as themselves and each other) if they wish to be at peace. The relationship you are experiencing with them externally only acts as a way-shower to where the inner work must be done in order to be free and at peace. However, you can do your own work of forgiving and peace-making without requiring the aid of their personal presence, provided that you are independent enough in your own consciousness. Of course, peace is the most beautiful and rewarding experience when it is being shared by both sides. But you should not keep yourself from finding your own peace simply because you believe or actually see your parents(child) not to follow you on your way into the light of love. Trust that your inner peace and freedom will affect them as far as they are prepared to allow it to. Either they are ready to release their fear of facing the reality of themselves and eventually follow your example or they are not, in which case your peace will offer them a little relief in their state of inner conflict.
On a soul level and at heart we can feel close connectedness independent of personal discrepancies. So once you have found inner peace you no longer feel the necessity to seek personal closeness to those whom you perceive to be not yet ready to share your inner freedom at least to some degree.

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Life is an endless series of choices. And because personal life is of a dual nature very often one option is brining you more personal clarity and taking you towards consciousness, while the other one causes you inner confusion and diffuses your consciousness.
Here is one of the basic choices:
Do you wish to become your true self and find unconditional happiness. Or do you prefer to keep on chasing after transient moments of contentment in trying to be „normal“?
No-one is normal, everyone is an individual. Therefore is „normalcy“ something you can never hope to a achieve, although you might have moments in which you believe yourself to be actually normal. However, these moments will only last for as long as you are shutting your eyes to your real truth and thus live only a tiny part of your inherent potential. Your only hope of finding lasting happiness which is simultaneously inner clarity, is by realizing and accepting your unique way of being and to enjoy living and expressing its individual and incomparable beauty in the world.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Light is light and as such a positive force. Whilst darkness if filled with latent power that can be polarized both ways, by good as well as evil forces.
Darkness is like a pregnant void out of which light can be born. It can also be like a pit that has the effect of a dark hole swallowing up every spark of life. Because darkness does not possess consciousness of its own it passively augments whatever is being given into its nurturing care.
In a personal state of Divine consciousness you are able to draw on the latent power inherent in darkness to the purpose of strengthening your inner light. Whereas if you are in the grip of fear symptoms like personal fears, guilt, anger, depression etc darkness to you - although offering you apparently a hiding place - is actually heightening your inner negativity and promoting your fear-coloured emotions.
In life there is light(Spiritual pole) and there is darkness(material pole) and there are the shades between. On earth we are additionally influenced by the factor of the sun, whose light-force is varying during the course of the 24hr cycle. When sleeping at night you are, on the one hand, moving towards the pole of spiritual light and if this phase coincides with the hours before midnight, you are moving simultaneously into darkness. Thus you are meeting the growing darkness is a state of light, which is being strengthened by the latent powers of darkness, enabling you to re-emerge the other day refreshed and new. This explains why the hours before midnight are very important if you wish to be healthy, strong and with a clear and positive mind. Whereas if you omit to go to sleep before midnight you do not get a chance to move into darkness is a state of light. You are in it whilst being in a purely material state and the return to daylight to you is without its rejuvenating power, your sleep has only helped to rest your body.
If you are clairvoyant you can actually see it in peoples auric fields whether they are in the habit of restorative sleeping or just resting their bodies. Even if you are not clairvoyant but just a good observer you can notice how the eyes are looking different. The ones clear and full of peace. The others feverish and restless. The sleep in the hours before midnight bring peace to the soul. Of course, if you are meditating or practising deep relaxation instead of sleeping in the hours approaching midnight you can get the same positive results. Just as long as you are using this time of earthly darkness before the sun starts coming closer again, to move towards the spiritual light it does not matter what it is that you are doing.


The power of imagination is a God-given gift. By being in possession of it we are being made God-like. However, it holds the potential to create as well as to destroy. Man-kind has been entrusted with it in order to bring light into matter, to manifest the Divine Kingdom on earth. In order to use it constructively you have to allow your imagination be inspired by love and intuition.


To be unconditionally happy is to be free.
However, whilst being incarnated in a human body unconditional happiness remains relative. Because even feeling bliss by simply being alive and breathing requires the prerequisites of the physical body and the air.
Up to these boundaries you are free to develop you potential for unconditional bliss. The path thereto leads via teaching yourself to like the things you initially dislike because personal aversions are taking your away from feeling contented.
Learn to like the dark and cold winter season or rainfall for example. I know these are apparently harmless examples but they are imminent correspondences to elemental inner realities. Winter represents the aspect of death, rain uncontrollable emotions. By making peace with the elements your are externally confronted with you are doing a lot towards integrating your inner elemental nature. And of course, just like with everything else that you are doing, the more conscious awareness you are bringing to it the more deeply effective and transformative it becomes.


To criticize and condemn another person is much easier than to accept the things you do not like/accept/understand in their way of being. Because the latter would involve turning around at yourself and realizing that a)you are finding fault with their way of being because they are reflecting an aspect of yourself you do not wish to know about. Or b)you would like to be like them but are too afraid to live according to your true self. Moreover, while you are occupied with criticizing or voicing your "concern" about how they are being, you are successfully distracting yourself from having to face your own self and its personal issues that need solving.
If you are prejudiced you will always find evidence and proofs for you preconceived notions. As well as supporters of your theories of others. In this context it may be useful to remember that fear always knows reasons and justifications for its right to exist. Whilst love is simple happening and light shining unconditionally.
If you truly wish to understand and appreciate another person in their individual way of being you have to drop all your prejudices against them and forget your preconceived notions about how you think they should be or wish they were. Understanding is only possible with an open heart and mind. Of course, this requires that, at least for the moment, you have to allow your fears to recede into the background and instead trustingly turn towards love. In doing so you may find that your desire to understand your vis-a-vis is actually becoming secondary to you enjoyment of simply experiencing the other one's individuality as well as your own.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


To be doubting in manifestations of love and light and positive changes in your self, in others or in life, is to be falling victim to fear. However, the moment you are becoming aware of this turn in your energy you are left with a choice to either go along with the wave of fear or to turn around and start back towards the light.

Whenever you need to remind yourself that Light is stronger than darkness, Spirit more powerful than matter and the Divine force all-conquering, to recall the picture of a fragile blade of grass growing out of tarmac can prove very effective.


If you wish to be living fully in the present you must use your gift of remembering instances of the past neither for glorification, justification nor for condemnation, chastisement of yourself or others. Use the „dark“ memories to recognize your personal shadows and limitations and to strengthen yourself in your intention to do better in the future. And the bright ones are to be used for re-enforcing your trust in your own positive powers.


When you are being true to your self and your personal truth, your actions always match your words and inner convictions. When you are straying from your own truth you are becoming inconsequential and your actions and words are no longer in accordance with each other. The latter can happen because you are either falling victim to unconscious fears in your self or because you are allowing yourself to be influenced by exterior factors, like the energy emanating from another person for example.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


As human-beings we are possessed of an inherent craving for colours and light because they are both making us feel alive and have a nourishing influence on a soul level.
The countryside is in every season always full of varying colours and changing lights because Mother Nature is alive with life-force that is manifesting itself in different shades and hues.
Human-beings who have lost touch with the natural side of life turn to substitutes like artificial lightning and bright coloured items like advertising billboards, plastic decorations etc. Of course, such things do not fill the initial need and thus those people living in towns removed from Mother Nature (or even in the countryside but unaware of and not in touch with their surroundings) are generally experiencing more depression and dissatisfaction. They are filled with a hunger for life, which is formless and undefined and always lurking in the background of their lives.

In the context of colours it may be interesting to take note of the use of colours in society.
Red light is used in brothels. Red in its positive aspect possesses a grounding, nurturing power, whilst on the other hand, it also stands for instincts and animalistic desires.
The colour of purple, which is also often used for environments of a doubtful nature represents lustful fantasies of the unredeemed Ego. Whereas in its enlightened aspect it is of a royal nature.
Blue light is very fittingly being used by the police. It stands for truth, justice, transparency and compassion (Mother Mary). Therefore, those in the power of the blue light (the police force) must employ discrimination coupled with compassion in order to be worthy of its power. Because it also symbolizes aloofness and cold impartiality.
At pedestrian crossings we are being face with bright yellow, the colour of clarity, personal attention.
Green the colour of flowing harmony is the energy we meet with at traffic lights that are inviting us to go ahead.


Only someone who is feeling guilty believes himself to be sinning even when doing nothing nothing sinful at all. To be free of the idea of guilt is to be free of sin, also.
Therefore, original sin is not an exterior act. It is being caused by an inner state of unconsciousness in which one is feeling guilty of being alive as a human being, of being oneself.
Two people can be doing the same thing and the one who is carrying guilt inside will believe to be sinning and the one who is guilt-free is enjoying himself. However, when you are free inside yourself you are aligned with the law of Divine consciousness and love and thus naturally act in accordance with these principles and in the interest of Universal well-being. On the other hand, to be in the grip of guilt is to be unconsciously dominated by fear and thus you are being instinctively drawn to acts that are indeed sins judged by the law of Divine love.


Every part and instant of life is essentially pure potentiality. Whether its bright or its dark aspect is apparent and predominantly developing wholly depends upon its inhering consciousness and/or the mediating consciousness that is observing it.
In the dual spheres of life there is existing both light and darkness. In this context the spiritual aspect represents light and dense matter darkness because the latter is only alive if if is possessed by an indwelling consciousness (if you need prove of this just think of the leaves of a tree, which in autumn fall, rot and eventually disappear by turning into earth once the sap of life has been withdrawn from it). On planet earth both darkness and light are initially equally and simultaneously present. However, which side you are perceiving first and foremost wholly depends upon your individual state of consciousness.
Thus, the situations and the people you are meeting in your life either reveal their potential for good or for evil to you. To someone who is living in the awareness of the Divine light beauty, goodness and harmony are either perceptibly or just potentially apparent everywhere and in everyone.


It is a precious gift to have a close personal confidant who is invariably and unquestioningly supportive in all that you are and do. However, unless you are your own closest and supportive confidant first and foremost, you are bound to suffer of loss someday and feel very lost and uncertain of yourself. Because ultimately we are all individual and independent units of life and the only one to remain with you through all changes and tides of life is your own self.

Monday, 3 November 2014


Without darkness light cannot be perceived as light. And regarding Nature, without Winter there would be no Summer, without rain and sunshine no growth.
When it the periods of darkness outside are growing longer as the year is approaching the winter solstice, do not complain but rather take the opportunity to look for the light shining inside of you. And to practise your vision of the etheric light that is surrounding living things and beings - even in darkness.
The "dark" season of the solar year, when the nights are longer than the days, is the time for internal growth, development of the inner vision of (Divine) light.
If you do not follow this natural shift of energy of your own accord, personal conditionings are becoming felt as over-powering and you are experiencing depression/ stress/mood-swings/frustration etc. Take Mother Nature for your ideal. She is showing us that Autumn time is the time to let go of external things and to withdraw into yourself and to increasingly turn towards the Spiritual side of life. Winter time is the season of rest, inner contemplation of the lessons you have learnt about yourself during the past year. It is the time for generally nourishing your roots, including family connections and for enhanced meditation on God in his invisible aspects. If you fail to use this time constructively you cannot start into Spring inspired, fresh and full of shining vigour and vitality.

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


Divine love and light are the essences of life and the foundation of our very being.
However, the are invisible powers and in looking for them in the exterior world we are searching in vain. They can only be known by direct experience.
Live in the intention of love and life/God reveals His light to you.
Live in conscious awareness and you feel the love of God in each single moment of life, leading your way, lifting you up and looking after you.


The Ego is unconsciously aware that love has the power to bestow immortality. And because its greatest fear is to die, it is instinctively seeking after love. However, for as long as the Ego is clinging to the reasons for why it is believing itself to be loved, death remains imminently close and fear remains the dark shadow of the love it is experiencing. Only when the reason for feeling loved is an all-encompassing, unconditional love that is being felt inside your own self, does love make you immortal. Of course, your Ego is still going to die its timely death but because you have released your fears death changes from a threat into a promise.


It has been stated before, that one's perception of the world is determined and conditioned by one's inner reality created by personal beliefs, fears, likes, dislikes etc both conscious and unconscious.
You are only able to perceive what you know by your own previously made experience or by experience that has been made by the human collective and you are unconsciously partaking of.
In this manner can the physical forms of life be understood like shadows that are being moulded and cast by the light of consciousness that is shining upon and through the contents of your mind.
In a personally enlightened state, when you have consciously linked up your different levels of being, you are aware of your own self as a whole encompassing both your Divine spark of light consciousness and your personal mind and its contents. Hence you are aware of the exterior world as a the complementing other half of your inner reality that is acting simultaneously as a mirror to your self.
The deepening of inner experiences thus opens up and enhances your view of the world and life as a whole. The more you grow into the light the fewer things appear impossible to you. In this process of enlightenment your physical senses are becoming transformed, too. And because you no longer see shadows and darkness as substantial realities in their own right but rather as effects of light, you realize that you do not necessarily require physical light for seeing in the dark.

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Because I love I can see the stars shining out through people's eyes.
Because I love I am seeing light in darkness and the sun shining at midnight.
Because I love I can see the inherent pattern of harmony in things and in the multitude of life's moments.
Because I love the winter season in nature to me feels all but dead.
Because I love I can feel the love that is giving me life and is surrounding me.
Because I love I am alive in the light of my being and existing in the name of God.

Friday, 17 October 2014


True independence can only be yours when you cease doing things motivated by desire and wanting that are being caused by unconscious personal fears and instead start acting from love and in awareness.
Therefore, if you wish to be independent and free to live the beauty of your individuality and life to the full, you have relinquish your fears and enlighten your desires with love and truth.
Say things because you truly mean them and not because you are afraid to speak your truth or because you wish to please others.
Only go to places where you wish to go from the heart and spend time with people you wholeheartedly like. And do not waste your time and energy with pointless visits, trips and time spent with people who are making you feel empty.
Only say "yes" if you really mean it and not from fear to disagree or to be looked upon as wrong in some way.
Work and do things because you enjoy doing them and not because you are hoping for a reward or acknowledgement in any way.
Stop desiring useless material assets and objects for yourself and reduce your acquisitions to what you really need.
Give up hankering after social approval for your personal and professional achievements. Enjoy being your self and do what is inspiring you to see the beauty of life.

Thursday, 16 October 2014


If you wish to walk freely and with lightness of being through life you must only retain happy personal memories. The dark and difficult ones on the other hand you should hold in your consciousness and meditate upon until their shadows melt under your loving gaze yielding the essence of light they are hiding. And then drop them gratefully that they have enriched you with further self-understanding and self-knowledge.


In praying for peace, well-being and harmony for Mother Earth and her manifold inhabitants remember to include those in your intercession whom you are believing to be the perpetrators for the suffering, riot and disharmony.
Bad effects can only be healed if the causes are treated alongside.
May those poor souls who feel the need to kill, practise war-faring, exploit and disrespect Nature and their fellow beings find peace and love within their own heart and mind.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Every soul is a miniature universe in itself with its own laws. Therefore, we cannot save some else's soul - even though we may feel the inclination to do so. Still, we can help each other on a personal level in practical matters. Thereby rendering it easier for others to do their own soul-work.
But when it comes down to helping a loved one directly in their soul's progress all you can do is letting go of your desire to help in an attitude of surrender and trust in the great power of love. The more you release your personal desire to help and instead cultivate loving trust in God, the greater becomes the free space in which the one you are concerned about can experience redemption of soul. The personal desire to help is binding and thus restricting your own progress as well as the that of the individual whose soul you are longing to save.
Therefore, if you wish to help other people's souls (and your own) in their development, let go in love, be there in love and trust in the power of love.


If you take up your path leading towards the light of your own being you are bound to meet with darkness. Conscious vision of the light is only possible if the contrasting force, the absence of light, is being consciously experienced as well.
It is just like when you start walking towards the sun following its rays into the sunset. Darkness falls. You have to keep on walking in the direction you believe the light to be hidden and either very gradually or all of a sudden you will perceive its loving and life giving power again. However it will be coming from an unexpected direction because the sun never rises from whence it set.


Life is not about rationally understanding the whole plot and every single occurrence of your personal existence and  bringing them into logical relation with each other. This is quite impossible and even if you are a good logical thinker you will always have holes and gaps in your carefully made up picture and loose yourself in the different side-alleys created by momentarily occurring unconscious thoughts, emotions and physical sensations.
Moreover, life is not based upon ration laws, it is built upon the law of Love which in itself is irrational.
Life is about recognizing the clues that you are being given in the different situations of your personal life and putting these into a conclusive order regarding the understanding and conscious recognition of your own self.
How to go about extracting this essential information? The clues can come hidden in things you see, read or hear, they can be instances of clarity within your own mind, in feelings or in physical sensations. Just anything that somehow stands out like a particularly bright star among millions of others. Those are the clues that are leading you to understanding your own self better and better. The situations themselves and even the people you meet are just the wrappings, the shells of the pearls that are leading to self-awareness. Therefore, you must not hold on to these if you wish to progress.

Sunday, 12 October 2014


Every child that is being lovingly observed by its mother is (unconsciously) aware of the fact that because there is a witness to its being heightens its sense of feeling loved. And the same is true of the criminal that knows himself watched in his misdeeds.
We all have our own witness inside of our being. While still living identified with the Ego most people's inner witness is usually swaying from being a loving to being a very critical witness to one's way of being. It is only when you are waking up in the awareness of your higher self that your inner witness turns into an authority of unvarying love, acceptance and compassionate understanding towards all that you are, do, feel and think because it is now knowing itself to be embraced, observed and understood by a neutral, loving consciousness at all times.


A true sign that you are being successful in life is your capacity to remain unperturbed and unvarying through out all personal situations including in your inner sense of self-worth, self-esteem, love and acceptance (both towards yourself and everyone else).


Everything in the world we absorb is "food". The eyes feed on images, the ears on sounds, the body on physical nutrition and touch, the mind on ideas, the heart on love and the soul on vibrations like in spoken words or in music.
The personal self is an expression, a vehicle for the soul. A true sense of fulfilment can only be experienced when the soul is being nourished alongside the personal "I".
The soul lives on sound vibrations and the quality of sounds you are absorbing decides over your inner state of well-being and prosperity. Therefore, singing pleasing melodies and intoning harmonious sounds to your self are two of the most balancing, empowering and exhilarating things you can do to promote and secure your general well-being and happiness. The sound of your own voice contains the potential for self-healing.


There are two different kinds of compensation. The one is a natural balancing out of energy and the second one a reaction occurring from an inner disbalance.
If you are living your personal life in awareness of your natural boundaries, respecting them and never exceeding your personal resources, you are naturally attuned to the flow of life that is characterized by both active and passive phases. There are times when you are doing things actively and there are times when you are being passive, resting or even taking actual holidays.
Whereas if you are unaware or disrespectful of your natural limitations you are repeatedly outsourcing your own life-force and if you do take a break it is happening in an uncontrolled manner. Here is one example of many possible ones: You have been working too many hours all week and then go out partying Saturday night. You wake up with a slight hangover the following day, not feeling rested and moreover filled with unconscious frustration about the fact that you did not get what you truly needed. Here is another example: All year you have neglected to spend as much time with your loved ones as you have been wanting to or promising them. At Christmas time you feel compelled to go out buying them expensive presents. However, because you are feeling inwardly out of balance this action of generosity does not assuage your sense of guilt and dissatisfaction with your self. Needless to say that into the bargain, you might actually regret having spent so much money for something you can see they do not like as much as you had hoped they would. Etc.
Therefore, try to be/become aware of your natural boundaries and do not overtax your self by too much activities, nor by promises and intentions you are not sure you have the power/time to really fulfil.


Truly great and of significance are not those things and acts in life which appear thus in the estimation of the world, but those that are being done in the spirit of disinterested love and that exist in harmony with the Universe.
Therefore, the question of "why" you are doing something is generally much more significant than "what" it is.

Friday, 10 October 2014


Whatever you think of doing and do not do at the time you conceived of doing it and afterwards in some way hold on to it in desire/fear is weighing you down by taking hostage part of your consciousness. This has the effect of obscuring your mind, preoccupying your emotions and generally affecting your inner sense of peace and clarity. And of course, the longer you are and have been cultivating this habit of evasion the more difficult is becomes to break away from it, to overcome this inertia and to become effective, competent and powerful in the way you are being and living.
Therefore, overcome your fear, follow your intuitive impulses and your life will become like a joyous dance that is bringing you forever closer towards the Light

Thursday, 9 October 2014


The Ego is of a dual nature. On the one hand it is possessed by the desire to experience union and on the other hand it is mortally afraid to loose control over its self-created conditionings.
It is little wonder, therefore, that love-relationships that are taking place on a purely personal level are generally destined for destruction at some point.
Even though the reason for the break-up and ensuing drama is usually being projected away from the self, either onto the circumstances in general or the partner, the cause is invariably to be found in the self.
Only when your have shifted your awareness away from the purely personal unto the level of the higher self - and the Ego is thus being observed but not completely in charge of your being - are you in a position to remain at peace in your (love) relationships despite the inherent conflict existing in your own Ego and in that of your partner. Moreover, when your consciousness is existing mainly in higher self the controversial energies within your Ego are no longer experienced as conflicts because you no longer identify with its inherent desires and fears. You are simply aware of how there are times, when you are being naturally more active exteriorly in collecting new experiences, impulses and impressions. And how at other times you are naturally withdrawing more into yourself in order to absorb, reflect and integrate the new experiential knowledge.


The better you know your own self the closer you can be and feel with other people. While at the same time remaining completely resting within your own self. So that you are free to withdraw yourself on a personal level from the shared intimacy (I am not talking about physical intimacy) at any time without suffering of loss or bad feelings - because at heart level you are staying connected.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014


The state of your consciousness decides over what you are aware of in life. Night and day consciousness are not separate, they are one and the same stream of consciousness. The only thing that is dividing them is your unconsciousness that is being caused by the fear inherent in the Ego. Through verticalization of consciousness you are rising beyond personal fears and are thus becoming aware of the parallel realities that are taking place at the same time. Until then you are unconsciously  switching to and fro between the levels of thought, emotion and physical sensation, day and night and thus believe they are all separate. Often you are confused because you are not aware when you have just switched from one reality to the other. Finding yourself here, there without realizing the connecting links in between. Therefore, to practise conscious awareness between night and day and to work on unifying your thread of consciousness running through your night and days can help you to become aware of the different levels of reality. Or approaching it from the other side,  the more aware you grow of your different levels, the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual the better you will understand and see that day and night reality are closely related, influencing each other and are in fact one single stream.


Your personal life is like an open road. If fear is dominating your existence the road you are walking on is full of pot-holes, unexpected hair-pin bends, falls and rises. Its surface is rough and irregular. Your are so busy fighting your way forward that you actually cannot see what is lying to left and right of your path. You are mainly concerned about getting on and not stumbling.
On the other hand, if you have released your personal fears and are living in the light and love of your being the road’s surface is smooth, even and glittering in the light of the sun. It is running straight towards the promising horizon most of the time. There may still be some unexpected turns but since you are walking in awareness you are able to navigate them with ease and you are able to appreciate the new views that are opening up before your eyes.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014


Power is only positive where there is order, harmony and clarity. Otherwise it causes chaos and confusion.
We all possess a certain amount of life-force. In order to increase your initial power and to use it constructively for your individual development you have to be in command of the small things making up your personal existence. If they are in a confusion you have no chance to feel clear about where you are currently standing and heading towards in life.
What are these small things?
First of all they are your inner life. Your thoughts, your feelings and the state of your physical body.
You can cause these levels of your self to run along smooth, harmonious lines by practising conscious awareness and feeding them on healthy nutrients (beautiful pictures, positive words, harmonious sounds, good company for your mind and emotions, organically grown products, exercise in the fresh air and good sleep for your physical self).
Secondly, there is your immediate exterior environment which must be treated with loving attention. Your home, including your bicycle, car and other personal possessions, the state of your personal papers and relationships are a direct reflection or extension of your inner self and its state of being. So in desiring clarity and power you have to keep them clean, in perfect order, reduced to a minimum and up-dated.
If you feel unable to get your inner life in order, tidy and clean up your home with deliberate and loving care, get the junk out of your cellar, clean your car, reduce your wardrobe, up-date your book-keeping, stay on top of your correspondences and small duties like emptying your letterbox etc.
If you are unable to keep your home tidy, your clothes washed, your cupboards in order, your mail answered etc try practising conscious awareness and pay attention to absorbing only positive "food" and you will be suddenly gripped by the natural desire to tidy and clean up your external environment, too.


In dual spheres of life there are days and nights, light and darkness.
Dark nights make you appreciate the bright daylight and shadows teach you to see the source of light.
It is inevitable that in the course of your individual path through life you are encountering metaphorical nights and you have to walk on without seeing your destination ahead of you. If you are believing in darkness and do not know that there is an eternal light guiding your steps at all times, this engenders fear in you, causes you to doubt and even to stand still sometimes not daring to move ahead. You believe yourself forsaken by the light and by love.
However, once you have awakened in the realization of your own inner light, now recognizing darkness as relative in the safe knowledge that the next dawn is not far off, you are filled with trust in life, in love and in your Self. Living in the awareness of your inner light and your trust in the power of love, dark nights are no longer frightening you nor do they seem completely dark because your inherent trust is enabling you to always see as far ahead as you next step in front of you. Thus you keep on walking, possibly even dancing, along your path even through the nights.
Therefore, trust in love and light and you will be able to perceive the light in the darkness, which is guiding you through your heart.

Monday, 6 October 2014


In Jane Austen's novel "Sense & Sensebility" is asking one sister who is unhappily smitten by love of the other: 'Is love a fancy or a feeling'.
The answer I should give is: If it is making you suffer it is only a fancy or a feeling but not true love.
True love is more than a feeling it is more than a fancy, it is more than a thought or a sensation. It is an all-encompassing experience that touches your feelings, gives wings to your fancies, enlightens your thoughts, fills your sensations with warmth and makes you shine from within.

Sunday, 5 October 2014


What does it mean to be perfect? Perfection is something which is complete in itself and as such infallible and untouchable. Therefore, as human beings we are per se unable to ever reach absolute perfection because we are encased in a fallible and mortal body. Still, we can strive for relative perfection. The closest we can get to it is by being perfectly honest towards ourselves. And as truthful in our relations with others as it is in our power to be in the light of our current state of self-recognition.

Saturday, 4 October 2014


Love and fear are both highly potent unifying forces.
However, while love unites in freedom, peace and joy, fear creates unions of co-dependency and complicity in darkness, unhappiness and suffering.
Love and fear are both essentially formless. Love is an intangible perception of a power that transcends the lower senses. It is endowing you with a sensation of lightness, vitality and bliss arising from your heart. Whereas fear is like a shifting phantom luring in the dark recesses of your being and ready to jump out at you any time. The existence of this phantom is draining you of positive life-force and is creating a heavy dullness like a clogging fog that is obscuring your perception.
Love and fear can both be experienced like waves that come and go and their presence is thus not always felt equally strong. Waves of love are leaving you behind feeling bright, powerful, clear and positive. Those of fear make you feel like you are drowning, they engulf you, sweep you away with them only to return you beaten, disoriented and empty.
It is important to remember that you always have a choice whether you wish to experience love or fear. Fear contains the potential to be transformed into love.


Truth is like a clear-cut diamond. It is pure, it is unambiguous, full of strength, energetic, perfectly clear and of a unobtrusive almost ethereal beauty that touches you within when encountering it.
Therefore, if someone is talking to you truthfully you are able to see the vulnerability of their being behind their words. Listening to someone voicing their personal truth is making you feel clear and free to be yourself, too. Being with truthful individuals is enabling you to feel your own strength, too and your encounters with them is leaving you full of positive energy afterwards.
If you wish clarity in your life you have to always speak your truth.
And should you feel that you have to lie to people in order to be polite or not to offend them or because you believe the would not like your otherwise, change your company and give your time to people who appreciate truthfulness, are able to cope with your upright (self-)honesty and reciprocate it. And if you come to realize that polite lying or not talking - which boils down to the same thing - is part and parcel of your job, it might possibly the right time to change your vocation/workplace. Or simply try being yourself, clear, upright and honest to people from your heart and you may find out that polite lying was not necessary after all.
However, being truthful requires trust in yourself and in life. Usually people avoid the truth because deep down they are afraid of not being liked/loved if they are being their plain selves. But then, you cannot always be liked by everyone anyway and not telling your truth in order to please others actually does not render you more lovable in the least. On the contrary, others tend to bully you because they are aware of your weakness. Whereas if you are being truthful some may not like you but sensing your strength they will always respect and even secretly admire you.

Monday, 29 September 2014


Conquering other beings is equal to brutality or manipulation or both - depending on your tactics.
Whereas conquering your Self, your lower nature, your Ego is a sign of mastership.


Loosing yourself in the the love for another person you are well and truly lost. However, not lost in love but lost in an illusion of love that will one day reveal its dark side to you in the form of personal frustration/anger/disappointment/hate/loss/sorrow etc.
Whereas loosing yourself in the love existing inside your own heart and being is leading you forever deeper into the experience of love (also towards other beings) and to a place of clarity, stillness and serenity.


Although humans souls are intrinsically tied to each other and forming a collective, they are also individual, single units. Never more so when they are currently incarnated in a physical body, which is a separate and independent life-unit. Therefore, union with another person as such is impossible, on a personal level only closeness is possible.
It is imperative to keep this in mind when searching for "union" with another person. Otherwise you will be forcibly reminded of your aloneness at some stage into your illusionary union with another person. The more profoundly your are aware of your intrinsic aloneness, accepting and loving it, the less you suffer in life. The more free you are to enjoy (temporary) intimacy and companionship with others.

Sunday, 28 September 2014


It is not theoretical knowledge that is rendering your life meaningful, enjoyable and unique. It is your practical application of the positive knowledge you are calling yours, which counts.
You already know this, I guess. Yet in everyday life it is not always easy to apply because the Ego is very subtle in dissembling the true reason for your motives.
Let me give you a few examples:
"Time is relative." I know, that this probably is no news to your either. Everyone can know it by simply recalling how eternal days could feel to you when you were still a child and how short they often seem when you are older. But are you living the relativity of time every day in a positive way? You always have all the time in the world at your disposal for anything - but you must grant it yourself! If you are putting yourself under stress time can appear very real and material.
Here is an other one:
"Money/material possessions/admiration/social prestige do not bring you love."
But how often do you hanker after one or the other in order to feel good about yourself? Ambition is the culprit desire. Whenever you detect it in your thinking pause, turn the other way. Away from the hope of love that is/might be shown to you from the outside and towards to love that is existing in your Self.
"Money cannot buy you safety" (i.e. protect you from dying).
But how much money are you saving up in your bank "just in case"? Or how many houses/cars/shoes/hats/handbags etc. do you call your own? Accumulating material goods is all about desiring to feel safe. But the only security we have is that we(our physical body)are going to die some day.


If you are feeling personally incapable to love/accept/understand an other person yet long to make peace with them and feel neutral towards them, simply lift your awareness up to a higher plane, to your Higher Self, and you will be able to experience love and compassion.


The only one you can ever come to know is your Self through the realization of your true Self. By this token you will also come to know God. "You" are everything you think, feel, see, believe to know. Your true Self the originator of this "you". God is everything in existence. "You" are separated between subjective and objective. Your true Self is aware of their underlying unity. God is neither subject nor object, He is the power within, between and behind all forms. Therefore, in moving beyond your personal/subjective self and coming to know your true Self you are beginning to merge with the all-encompassing consciousness that knows life by being aware of and living its inner nature of unity.
When you are reaching this level in the development of your individual consciousness you will stop seeing your personal life like a plot containing many different and often differing characters and situations. Instead you will be recognizing it like an extension of your own self or like a mirror in which every person and situation is reflecting an aspect of you. Aspects, which you either already know and accept about yourself or one, that still needs to be integrated into your being by your loving awareness.


You are like a lake. Your mind is its surface and your feelings the quality of its water
A still surface reflects the light from the sun(Divine Love and Light) shining from above perfectly and the reflected light is powerful, illuminating. When the surface is undisturbed the waters are clear and the sandy ground is clearly distinguishable.
Whereas choppy waves and irregular movements of the surface fracture the rays of light and throw them in a flash-like manner at random in all directions but unreliably and without continuity. The light thus confuses rather that illumines. Needless to say, that in such waters the sand on the bottom is rendering the water muddy and the ground beneath can only be guessed at. 
Clarity, transparency of mind and emotion is possibly the most important and precious personal attribute we can inwardly acquire and cultivate for ourselves.
There are many factors that can stir up the waters or cause disruption on the surface. Internally, it is personal fears that can also turn up disguised in the form of doubts/ lack of faith or trust/anger/frustration/disappointment in yourself, other people, God or life in general. If you wish to avoid - and in the first place learn to recognize and enlighten - your inherent fear, you have to practise self-awareness and positive self-questioning continually.
Externally, it is also fear that is disturbing your personal "lake". We cannot help receiving information via our inherent link with the human collective (un)conscious all the time. And because there is still so much unresolved fear existing in the generality of  mankind, it is not always easy to keep yourself apart and aloof from it. All the more important it is that you are being selective concerning your intake of external information which you are able to control. There is only very simple rule to it: avoid consuming anything that is related to fear. Because fear creates unconscious, irregular movements within your self that are destroying your inner peace and clarity and even render them impossible. If you wish to achieve and keep your clarity of mind, watch our, what you are reading, watching and listening to. Words are influencing the mind directly. Chose sustaining literature and images to look at. Music is working directly on the level of emotions. If you wish to feel positive, chose harmonious, uplifting, flowing melodies. And be extra careful in the choice of their wording - if they are being accompanied by a voice. Devotional, praising music produces the "purest waters". And in your daily life try to avoid personal involvement in situations, where political power-games are at play. Be this at your workplace, at home in your family, your community, circle of friends...
Only when you are clear and unfettered by fear within yourself are you in a position to experience true love, ongoing happiness and all-encompassing gratitude for the gift of life.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Awareness is the essence of life and its inherent light. Consumption of alcohol reduces your potential for awareness and dulls your inner light. Although the alcohol may make the world and your self may seem temporarily brighter to you. However, to the world you appear reduced and dulled. And to clairvoyant sight the harmony of your Auric field is impaired. Needless to say, that smoking, too, shows negatively in your Auric field.
Give up drinking alcohol and after a while your perception of yourself and life will gain a new depth, a new dimension will be added to your scope of feelings, your mind is gaining in clarity and your physical body will feel more acutely alive.
Alcohol has am overall benumbing effect. If you need proof of this call to mind, that it is being used as a anesthetic, disinfectant and to conserve things.
Cease to consume any food that has been grown and treated against the natural laws of Mother Nature and at the cost of Her well-being and after a while you will become suffused by a new sensation of love, peace and vivacity. The same positive reaction occurs in the atoms of your being, if you no longer use chemical, artificial products for cosmetic purposes and in your household.
We are part of the Earth and Nature and if we are going against theirer laws, we are simultaneously harming ourselves and are diminishing our health and power.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Death is the opposite side of life. Some would say it is its dark side but it only appears dark if looked at from the Ego's perspective. Viewed from the other side, the freedom of the spiritual realms of light, it is rather the other way round - encased in a physical body, that which is generally called "life", seems like death.
Either way, death is a part of life that cannot be avoided.
What dies it mean to die in life? To die is to let go of that which is, and the next moment already has been, in order to free to embrace the succeeding moment and its new experiences without being conditioned by that, which has been before.
Existence is an endless sequence of moments and dying is necessary all the time. Only thus can you be constantly reborn.
Fear makes you hold on to what you have/believe to possess and thus hinders you from dying and being gloriously reborn. The more thoroughly you understand that you can never posses anything beyond you own inner light, the love within your heart and the present moment, the more you can enjoy life to the full.


The physical world we are living in an perceiving with your five senses is a kind of metaphor, a higher analogue for our own inner world.
Even in the darkest night the light is shining on. Think of a night sky lit up with millions of stars and the soft, clear glow of the moon.
Yes, there are nights, when it is pitch dark because there are thick clouds hiding away the lights shining in the sky or when the light of the moon is absent because it is its full eclipse. The answer is, that the light is still there. The clouds are only seemingly obscuring it because you are merely looking on with your lower senses of perception that are limited to your personal point of view in the world. And in the second case you are not seeing the whole picture, because if you did, you would realize just because the moon is invisible to you the light of the sun, which is its source of light is still shining even if it is currently not touching the moon’s receptive surface.
It is just like the mind, which experiences subjective darkness in times when it has lost its connection to the light-giving heart.
If you wish to live happily and freely you have to embrace death with each passing moment. Only in this manner can you be reborn in the next. Life and death are one and the same thing. They are both part of existence on earth. There are both small and big kinds death. They are like the bright and the dark side of the moon. Until you realize the underlying unity of the two and comprehend the whole you only want to see its light side and remain afraid of its dark one. However, just like the moon cycle which inevitably leads to the full eclipse at some stage, so do you have to face the reality of your personal light disappearing one day form the surface of the earth. In order to be reborn again in the eyes of the world at a later stage.


We are eternal life sparks and thus existed long before we were born into our present human body. The star sign you were born under is not a coincidence of destiny. It simply reflects what you were the moment you incarnated and the conditionings and possibilities which you brought into this world. Therefore, to believe that it is your personal horoscope that is conditioning your character and chances in life is a misconception with fatal repercussions. Because it puts you out of power to change anything about the way you and your life are. Whereas if you recognize your responsibility for your current situation you are in a position to create positive changes therein. A basic rule of life is that you can only change those things which are yours and you are taking responsibility for.


If you wish for a fulfilled life, surround yourself with real things, real people and practice conscious interaction with the reality of your own self.
What is real? Let us define reality as something which interacts and reacts to actions, thoughts and feelings. Something that is both active and passive in turn. In this manner dreams are real because they react to our way of being and interaction with them is possible. Thoughts and feelings are real, too, because by reacting to and interacting with them they change. They are in fact the basis for our dreams. Also our physical body is alive. So our personal self is real, provided it is direct contact with the soul that has given rise to its existence. If it is only animated by the Ego’s desires it only appears alive and real but is in fact insubstantial because it is lacking the interaction with the real side of existence, the spiritual aspect.
Also sind reale Menschen jene, die mehr sind als bloss persönliche Gesellschaft, jene sind real, die mit sich selbst und Dir auf der Seelenebene in Verbindung stehen.


True love is Divine in nature therefore it is much greater than anything we as human beings can ever do or say. You can only partake of it by opening your heart and passing its power on by allowing your inner light to shine forth through your very being here-now.
True love is unconditional. Therefore, being embraced or told that you are loved is not necessarily the same is as receiving true love. It is conditioned by the necessity that there be the presence of another person for it.
Still, it is commonly believed that if there is someone embracing your and speaking to you about their love for you, you are actually being loved. And although you may be able to touch and hold your beloved one(s), love itself you can neither touch nor hold. Love is invisible, it is untouchable, it is that, which is existing within you. You can only truly experience it from deep within your heart. Love may motivate you to act and speak lovingly to others but these outward shows of affection are not the love itself. Therefore if you truly want to find love and give love to others you have look for it beyond that, which appears to be love in the world. You have to search for it inside. Inside your own self and inside the hearts of those who profess to love you. If love is there, it is there no matter what may be outside. It is like a candle burning in a space which may lie hidden at times but which is there all the same.

Friday, 19 September 2014


The immediate practice of theoretical knowledge alone enables you to bring about positive lasting changes in your Self and your personal life. Whereas theoretical wisdom proves to be rather hindering in the process. Therefore, it is adviseable to read only as much about "Conscious Being" as you are able to put into practice from moment to moment in your daily life.
True wisdom and love do not manifest themselves through words - they are living in actions here and now.

Thursday, 18 September 2014


Stress is often related to the idea that you are lacking time or that in how you are and what you are doing does not suffice. When you are happy, you are losing all sense of time and all doubts about your personal merits vanish because happiness exists in the here-now in which neither time nor thoughts exist. Emotional/physical/mental tension is another stress indicator. Again happiness is the key. When you are happy your whole being relaxes and for the moments while your happiness lasts you are feeling light, free and invincible.
Laughter is an expression of happiness and it is the best relaxation technique because it releases inner tensions. And if, while you are in the process of laughing, you manage to allow your awareness to rest on unsolved personal issues, these will magically become lighter.
Therefore stress is best eradicated from your personal life if you give yourself moments of carefree happy being.
Learning to love yourself unconditionally is another way to remove stress and tension from your life. The sensation of feeling truly loved excludes negative emotions such as stress.


From our earliest childhood onwards we are being taught to believe, that knowing (the correct) answers to questions is one of the most important things in life. Also we are experiencing that it is impossible to always know the right answers to all questions we are being confronted with. At school we are being scolded and given bad marks for not knowing them. Hence everyone learns to be afraid of being unable to give right answers to questions, even though later in life this fear might not be immediately distinguishable. Possibly it is this fear that is keeping the majority of humanity to evade their spiritual calling. Because on the spiritual path you are heading directly into the unknown and unknowable. Moving from one question to the next and never stopping at any finite answer. The moment you settle down to the belief that you „know“ you stop growing towards God.
Imagine a flower seed thinking to itself: „ Oh, I know what sunlight looks like, I do not need to grow out of the earth."
Life is continually changing, therefore in questions of life there is no such thing as finite answers. Furthermore, there are always numerous possible „right“ answers - depending on one's current point of view. Unless, of course, it concerns a mathematical equation or a scholarly/purely intellectual question. If you wish to keep on growing and expanding your individual potential and enjoy your personal existence on this planet you have to keep on asking yourself questions and never be satisfied with any answer you find in yourself and especially not with those you are being given by others.
However, asking questions, moving into the unknown territory of your own self and life requires a certain amount of trust in life/love/yourself - and an open mind.
Then questions are stepping stones that guide you to new experiences. They can be doorways to a higher consciousness. Questions can be way-showers and they always leave you with an option(even though you might not be aware of it). They intensify your awareness. Whether you are asking yourself questions concerning your way of being or if you are being questioned by others is ultimately the same thing.
Some answers you find for yourself you outgrow quickly, others stay with you for a while before you start afresh moving into the unknown and towards a fresh answer. While there are might be some answers that you are being given by others that you have to grow into.

Monday, 15 September 2014


If you wish to watch a beautiful flower grow and blossom in your garden you have to plant a seed. So your first step is to be active and your second is to be passively watching the progress you have set in motion. And to be trusting in the power of the Divine which will bring your efforts to bloom.
The same holds true for positive changes in your personal life. If you wish them to happen, you have to put in an initial effort in the first place. Afterwards you have to allow life to unfold itself with a trusting heart and and open mind towards what it is bringing you.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


When you have become one with your True Self and thereby also one the Love existing inside of you, your every word is filled with love - even if you speaking the most common-place everyday kind of words. And all your actions become acts of devotion. You become simple, clear and loveable without having to do anything more than just being you.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


What is meditation? There are many forms of meditation. All of them are having as their object a clear and focussed state of being. One way to define it is to say, that it is an inner state of silence, harmony and union. A union between the different levels of consciousness existing in the self and thus also a union with the Divine and the flow of life-force.
If you reach a state of self-enlightenment you no longer have to take out time to practise mediation. Your every moment of existence is turned into mediation because you have consciously become one in yourself and one with God and life.
In order to get there it is helpful to take out time to sit quietly and to practise mediation. But it is equally important to try practising meditation in your everyday life situations. Especially in moments when you are being personally challenged. The times when you are experiencing inner conflicts can be the most rewarding in this respect - provided you manage to align yourself with God and your higher self, instead of staying in the feeling of inner separateness.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014


It can be quite self-illuminating regarding to what we are experiencing in our interaction with other people every day to bear in mind that:
Words and thoughts are like seeds we are sowing out. If you wish to experience a happy harvest you have to pay attention to what kind of seeds you are planting and where you are getting them from. So in order to reap positive crops you have to pay attention to what you are reading, watching, listening to and looking at because sensory impressions are strongly influencing your inner pictures, which in turn give rise to the colouring of your thoughts and words. Of course, also the intention in planting your seeds is important. Are you sowing because you wish to make a big profit, to be better than other, to relieve your fear/frustration? Or because you enjoy the process of sowing and watching beautiful plants grow that you are tending with love?
From an energy point of view, you are what you are thinking and feeling. Therefore, if for example you are thinking about the latest thriller you have seen on the screen, you are sending out waves of fear into the Universe - without being actually aware of it. 

Monday, 8 September 2014


If you wish to know your Self you have to keep on asking yourself questions. However, since life is continually changing and fluctuating, so are we forever changing. Therefore, we should never believe we have ever learnt everything there is to know about ourselves and even less about another person or life in general. There is always still more and new things to learn, discover, recognize and understand! By keeping on asking questions - and of course, remaining open to the answers you are finding/being given - you are staying awake, mobile and continually growing and expanding in consciousness.


Words are potencies of power and our ability to speak is a God-given gift.
What are you doing with this power? Are you squandering it? Are you withholding it? Are you using it to further your positive development and that of others?
Do you speak from love and joy or from fear and unhappiness?
Are the contents of your communication about beautiful, up-lifting and inspiring things? Or rather about shadows, darkness and suffering?
Observing yourself employing your power of speech can be very self-revealing.
The fundamental questions are: Why am I communicating and what about? The motivation and its contents. (In case you are of the type who is in the habit of suppressing the urge to communicate, then ask yourself the same questions about the things you are wishing to say but are afraid to speak out loud.)
If your verbal communication is motivated by fear you are using words because you believe you have to talk/to keep the feeling of loneliness at bay/to please others/to aggrandize or diminish yourself/to overcome uncertainty/from boredom etc.
If you are motivated by love and joy in your communications you are using words to add to your already existing positive feelings. To share positive personal experiences in order to inspire others and to enhance the mutual understanding between you. However, most of the time you feel you could just as well not say anything and would be feeling equally comfortable - if not actually even better because you are not diminishing the positive feelings and power by trying to verbalize them.

Sunday, 7 September 2014


Upon all levels of manifestation life is an endless series of action and re-action, call and answer.
In a personally unenlightened state your habit is to unconsciously re-act to what is happening to you and to the movements of thoughts, emotions and sensory experiences taking place within you. All of interaction with life taking place in- and outside of you are basically re-actions, which are furthermore generally instinctive. Because in a personally unenlightened state your Ego is mostly ruled by its unreleased fears. Thus you are caught in an involuntary cycle in which you are unable to make any lasting changes for the better in bringing more love into yourself and life.
In order to change the course along which your life is running, apparently without your doing or even though you are wilfully trying to change it, you have to change your pattern of reaction. This is only becoming possible if you start living in the light of your awareness. Henceforth your primary reaction to whatever is happening to you or taking place in your own self, is unconditional love. And having reacted in this manner you are left free to consciously chose how you wish to act. Because your actions are now a reaction to love they are messages of love you are sending out into your own being, the world and the universe. Whereas before you only sent out reactions born of instinctual fear.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


If you are truly sincere in your desire to become conscious and to remain in this state of illumined mind, you must give up drinking alcohol and any other mind-altering substances.
For the obvious reason that alcohol and the kind has a benumbing effect on your senses and your mind. It temporarily alters your perception of your self and it confuses your distinction between your conscious and unconscious personal aspects. And in order to enlighten your personal unconsciousness you need to be able to access it in a state of clear awareness, to remain consciously aware if your Self at all times.
Also you have to stop eating meat. Even if the animals you are eating have been nicely treated and well-kept. They have been killed and any living being that is being killed knows it is advance and produces toxins. So you are eating toxic flesh. Plus flesh is unconscious matter, animals are instinctive beings, still, they are our relatives in a sense. To illumine your mind you have to move in the opposite direction, away from instinctive living and killing others to secure your own survival.
However, to stop consuming alcohol and meat solely out of conviction that is is bad for you is not enough - although its makes a good start. You have to follow this path of purification because you are wholeheartedly devoted to your quest after the Light. Otherwise you are bound to fall back into your former habits at some stage.


Only the fearless are free to shine in the unique light of their spirit. Because worrying about and trying to be "normal" is keeping you from enjoying who you are. To be losing all interest in whether you are "normal" or not and if the world is seeing you as such, is an unmistakeable sign that you have lost your fear of being WHO YOU TRULY ARE. However, there are still many who are living in fear. Therefore, you have to be strong and steadfast in your trust in who you are, because they are out to pull you back into fear by criticizing your way of being, by finding fault in your general approach to life. So never let yourself be disconcerted if some else is doing their best to make you feel that you are not "normal". Even if they say that they are doing so for your own good and that they are worried about you getting lost in your fantasies etc. Rather see it as a confirmation that you are living your individuality. Another way of the fearful to claim you back is their habit of being convinced and trying to convince yo, that they know you much better than you are knowing yourself.
But never condemn them. Simply be a silent witness to their criticisms and one day they may lose their fear - and their interest in being "normal" and wanting you to be so.


If you allow yourself to be guided by your intuition in the steps that you are taking, in the words you are speaking and in the things you are doing, your personal existence feels like a whirling dance, moving in a regular rhythm of action and passivity, communion and solitude. It feels light, free, harmonious throughout and your mind is positive and clear. And you always have enough time and energy to do the things you feel you have to do.
Whereas to be leading your life ruled by your Ego's desires, its fears and so-called rational considerations is leaving you feeling trapped, weighed down, lethargic, frustrated in turn and your mind is unclear most of the time, making you forget and confuse things easily. Also you are feeling often exhausted, stressed and if you were running out of time.

Friday, 5 September 2014


Life keeps on happening to you, love and beauty are abounding all around you.
Therefore, if you are feeling bored, desolate or unloved at times it is because you are asleep and caught in an unconscious dream. Indulging in distractions and seeking after frequent exterior changes of scene and company or clinging to people who are apparently loving you are only granting you temporary relief from your experienced dullness.
If you wish for real change you have to wake yourself up and become conscious.
Consciousness is like a light that illumines your mind and thus enables you to see the changes happening all around you, to appreciate the beauty where before you have seen only monotonous grey. And it is rendering you aware of the love that is living inside of your being.


If your Spirit is calling you to move in certain direction - follow its calling. Since it is the Divine part of your being that is initiating and guiding your steps you may trust in the impulse and rest assured that your are protected and cared for in all of your adventures.


Love is like a wild bird. You have to let if free to fly and dance with the wind.
Because if you try caging it in and taming it, just like the bird that ceases its song, becomes sad and losses its beautifully coloured feathers, the love will loose its vibrancy, become weak and eventually dies in its confinement.
Let it free, admire it and enjoy its presence. And if it is feeling that its freedom is not threatened in your vicinity, it may build its nest under the roof of you house.


Serenity is not something you can achieve. It naturally happens to you the moment you start trusting in yourself, in life and in God's Love for you.

Sunday, 24 August 2014


To be loving another person whole-heartedly is a beautiful experience.
However, you must not make them the centre of your universe. You have to bear in mind that you are a universe onto yourself, just as they are theirs even though you are currently sharing a world together. All exterior creations of life are subject to changes and they all die one day. Your own inner life, the centre of the universe of your individual existence alone endures the passage of time.


Consciousness unites, whereas physicality separates.
True union can only take place in spirit and at heart. Therefore, to be believing that acts of physical loving is bringing you closer to another human being, is to be following an illusion of unity, which will bring you to disillusion one day.


Our whole existence including our physical life on earth is a spiritual quest after the light and love of God.
Therefore, to be helping others on their individual path trough life is to be aiding them in their progress towards the universal source of light and love.
However, because this fount of imperishable life can only be found by each and everyone at their own heart, preaching the seekers doctrines is useless. nay, even misleading because it fosters the idea that to fervently believe in mental constructions is the solution to their suffering.
To be truly aiding others is to lead an exemplary life in the awareness of God. And should they turn directly towards you in their need to teach them how to recognize the light and love existing at the core of their own self


To be believing in something which your physical eyes cannot see, your ears cannot hear, your hands cannot touch and your mind cannot grasp requires a certain amount of personal faith and trust. Therefore, strength and the willingness to sacrifice your self are needed if you are whole-heartedly following the Divine in your life.
However, because the Divine is endowing those who are believing in it and those who are surrendering their selves to it naturally and abundantly with strength, trust and faith even those who are initially lacking in spiritual fortitude can turn towards it. And after the first step towards God on their part the link to the Divine source is established and the power of love and light comes pouring into their doubting and fearful hearts and minds, lifting them up and out of their personal fear and into a state of trust and faith in God, in life and their selves.
Because God is the power we are deriving our existence from we are intuitively drawn towards it in difficult times and ultimately turn towards it once we are willing to give up our personal fights and to receive true support.

Saturday, 23 August 2014


There is a way to come to know your true Self which is making you study the reflections in the exterior world and in other people. And there is another path to your Self. This one is taking you within, making you watch the movements of life taking place within your own Self.
However all paths to the knowledge of your Divine essence must ultimately be trodden inside. It cannot be otherwise because the Divine truth lies at the heart of all created things and beings. Therefore it is essential to your spiritual development to be able to stay alone with yourself without distractions and to be happy in such a state. And when you have found and merged with you true self inside you will be in contact with the whole world and everyone in it. So aloneness is rendering you consciously a part of the Unity of Creation, while being with other people more often than not is keeping you apart from it and gets you lost in illusionary unions.

Friday, 22 August 2014


The church and society are promoting the idea that sinning is an exterior act. Whereas to sin is in fact an interior action of turning against your own self and betraying your true nature. By this act you are cutting yourself off from the source of love and instead of loving yourself the way you are, you are starting to hate yourself and hide in shame before yourself and the world. You are sinning, when you are believing the views and opinions others are having of you, rather than staying true to your inner truth, your inner perception of yourself and accepting/loving it just the way it is.
Therefore to sin is to negate the God given love which is yours always and without you would not exist.


The spiritual heart, the invisible counterpart of our physical heart, is the centre of our higher self. The head as the seat of the rational mind is the centre of our Ego-self. By submitting ourselves to the voice of the heart, the Divine intuition, we are following the Divine will and love for us and are contributing our best to the sum-total of harmony. Whereas in allowing the Ego to rule our lives, we are only looking after our own lower selves and are usually working against the well-being of the sum-total of all existences.
In young children who have not yet developed a personal Ego and have not yet had the opportunity to experience fear, the heart and the head are still closely linked together and it is the heart which is the centre of their existence and its voice is leading their actions.
For as long as the heart and the head are in connection with each other the individual is in a state of inner harmony and in harmony with the whole of existence.
Fear is the cause that is creating the rift between the heart and the head. The greater this rift is the more the Ego feels the need to fight for itself and the less personal harmony is possible, the further removed is the "I" from the true Self and its natural connection to the Universal  source of love.
All illnesses are created by fear and by the inner disruption of the love link between the higher and the lower Self.
Therefore, true healing can only happen if the fear that is keeping the Ego isolated from the heart and its power of love is being removed, i.e. dissolved by love, acceptance, understanding, awareness in and for the own Self. Thus the link between the two parts of your being is being recreated and harmony can re-establish itself naturally.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Saying that you are sorry does not alter the fact that you have done something you should not have/should have done differently - even if this be only in your personal estimation of the ideal behaviour. It is considered polite social behaviour to be excusing yourself and asking other people to pardon you for your personal minor and bigger failings, misdeeds, misunderstandings, faults, absences and also for a number of other things.
However, no one other but yourself can forgive you. And if others may seemingly do it in your place it might relieve your bad conscious for an instance but the next moment finds your back in your sense of personal guilt. In short: the only way to true forgiveness is by forgiving yourself for the way you are in every moment of time. Thereby you are becoming immune to the opinions of others, who are still living in guilt and thus are projecting their inner dissatisfaction on you in the attempt to relieve their own sense of guilt. And, of course, you naturally cease to see others as guilty of anything.

Thursday, 14 August 2014


I love because I am
I trust because I am
I breathe because I am
I forgive because I am
I love, I trust and
I forgive because I am alive.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


When relationships are breaking up or when there are grave arguments between close friends/relations the usual reaction of those who are involved in it is to look for the mistakes one or both sides have made in order to find out who is "at fault" for the rupture.
However, no-one is at fault, no one made mistakes. The disharmony occurred because both were simply being themselves. And because their unresolved personal issues of unconscious fear are the same the closeness to the other person brought them to the surface and this caused the rupture.
If one must talk about "faults" and "mistakes" in this context the only thing to be reproached is the held expectations towards the self and the other person.


There are two kinds of curiosity. The one is born of fear and the other of joy. The first is motivated by the Ego's desire to know as much as possible in order to feel secure/loved/assured/worthy. The Ego wants to know in order not to be an outsider, not to be thought of as ignorant and stupid, not to be lonely.
Whereas the second type of curiosity is a natural openness towards new experiences and impressions. It is motivated by the higher Self, which is living in the world through the lower Self. It is the inherent instinct of the Divine Spirit to develop, unfold and manifest its full potential.

Friday, 25 July 2014


To look beautiful and to be beautiful are not the same thing. The first is an exterior attribute, which is subjective and bound to change with the passing of time. Whereas the latter is an inner quality of Divine nature. It can last forever, provided the human being in question is staying true in their devotion to the Light and Love.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


God is existing in the apparent no-thing-ness, in the void, in the silence. God is force, is love, is light, is wisdom and He is truth.
Therefore, if you are feeling exhausted and powerless learn to become still. And the silence you will find at the core of your being will lift you up and empower you.
If you are feeling lonely and unloved learn to become still and you will realize the fount of love welling up from your heart centre unconditionally.
If you are feeling hopeless, lost and without direction in life practise turning within and listening to the silent voice speaking softly to you from within your heart. This will teach you to see the light, understand the wisdom and recognize the truth existing in each moment of life and that are guiding your steps.

Monday, 21 July 2014


Spirituality is an inner attitude of devotion towards the Divine essence of life - God, His Love and Light.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


To be truly religious/spiritual means to be living your life in the name of Love and God. In devotion to the Great Work and with the intention to make the world a happier and a more peaceful place through your presence on earth.
Those who are vehemently protesting that they are not religious but spiritual, or spiritual but not religious or neither one of them have a wrong conception of these terms. To be religious is the same as being spiritual. They are still caught in the illusion of preconceived forms and their own Ego. And they have not yet recognized that the true meaning of their existence and all existences, which is to realize and manifest the Divine consciousness.


To love is to be free. It is to feel and know within your heart that you are being loved, cared for and cherished just the way that you are. Here-now, in the past and for evermore.
Whereas to think that you love is to be a hostage of the fear that you may loose your love or that you have not been loved at all.

Monday, 14 July 2014


If you wish to be free to live your inherent love and joy unconditionally you have to let go your hold of your idea that you are victim of your destiny/other people. In other words you have to stop believing that you are guilty in some way and therefore you must suffer. Experiencing personal pain is a sign that you are holding on fast to your belief that you must suffer in order to have a right to be living. Therefore, if you wish to be free of the pain you have to become soft, loosen your grip and realize that you are neither a victim nor guilty.
However, because pain itself is causing stiffness and causes cramping of your current state, letting go is a very difficult task. Still, it can be achieved if you relinquish your belief that you are your Ego, which is riddled with the pain. Instead you have to mentally and emotionally take a step back and imagine your pain to be like a cloud that disperses in the light of your conscious awareness in which you are observing it time after time again until it is no longer there.


A smile is not just a smile, it is much more.
There is a smile of triumph, a smile that demands attention and to be admired. There is a smile that wants to please, one that is false, one that is conditioned and conditioning. And a smile that is out to deceive.
There is a smile which is mysterious, one which is curious and one full of questioning and doubt.
All of these smiles resemble masks, that are rigid and repeatable.
And there is a smile which is unique, a smile of rapturous joy and full of lightness. It occurs in the moment and is continually fresh and new. A smile which is true, giving and sharing its inherent love with the world. This kind of smile is like an unconditional "yes" that arises from the heart and makes others feel accepted unconditionally.

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Love is the source of life and its sustaining force. So if you truly love you have the power to bring healing to the world and other beings, provided you are able to give it unconditionally and free of your personal Self.


If you say you understand, that you cannot change other people but secretly go on expecting them to change, you have not truly understood this lesson. In order to grasp is full meaning you have to realize that for as long as you are believing the reason for your unwanted reactions caused by others to be lying with them, you have not given up trying to change others. Only when you let them be just the way they are and instead focus on yourself and try to find the reason for your reactions to their way of being in your own Self, have you begun to understand. This is the only way others can change and the only way you are actually able to see their changes. Because while you are watching them in expectation you are only able to see your own reality wherein they are not changing the way you wish them to.
At one point you will probably no longer even think that you wish people around you to be different from the way they are because you have found peace within yourself and thereby peace with the whole world.

Saturday, 12 July 2014


The fear, which is existing in your Self unrecognised is rendering your actions, your way of thinking and your behaviour uniform, predictable and limited. It makes you resemble everyone else who is also living in unconscious fear.
Whereas if you achieve to let go of this fear and to transform it to love your uniqueness comes to the surface, makes you shine and allows you to experience each moment of your existence forever in new and singular ways.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Intuition is a way of knowing without knowing why you know. It happens instantaneously like a flash enlightening your mind. However, personal thoughts and ideas and learned knowledge sometimes have a way of appearing in the same manner. If you wish to test the source of your knowledge simply ask: "Why?" If it is intuitive knowledge and you start thinking about it your mind is puzzled. If your knowing is of a personal kind it will immediately supply you with a chain of answers.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


You are like a rainbow that is being seen by a spectator. The components you are comprised of are pure light on the one hand and pure elemental essence on the other. Together they are creating a myriad of colours which are like your personal being and life. And the one who is consciously aware of all the colours and who is watching them change, is the aspect in you which is the neutral observer of all that is happening in your lower and your higher consciousness.


Any IT specialist will confirm that problems occurring in a computer program as such cannot be solved by using it but only patched up in the hope they will not reoccur for some time. If the error is to be truly eradicated this must be done by re-programming the whole system.
And the same holds true for so-called problems troubling you personal daily existence. If you wish to be rid of them once and for all you have to make a change in your consciousness. You have to become aware of your unconscious mental/emotional/physical behaviour patterns and change them so that they are becoming aligned to the principle of Universal Love. In this manner, even though at times you might still meet apparent obstacles in the course of your everyday existence you will be able to make them disappear in no time simply by confronting them in the conscious awareness of love.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Love is existing inside of you. In becoming aware of this fact you are no longer like a flower that is only showing forth its beauty and is solely opening its petals if it is being admired by someone or if the sun is shining.