Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Ascetism can be practised in a natural or a forceful manner. You can wilfully decide to practise ascetism and force yourself to adhere to strict personal codes of behaviour and a simplified way of living, which are violating all your natural inclinations. And although your decision for this step might have been motivated by high ideals and a sincere desire to purify yourself/your body, in following the self-imposed strictures you are really working against yourself and your positive personal development.
True ascetism has nothing in common with this kind of self-chastisement although to a casual by-stander they might look exactly the same outwardly. However, true ascetic behaviour and habits are arising naturally along your course of personal development of consciousness. It is an inclination towards the simple and pure, which naturally happens and has not priorly been thought out and decided upon.


To derive your sense of self-worth, trust and love in yourself from the things that you are being told by others, from personal accomplishments and knowledge, your good looks or from things you have done in the past is to build an elaborate edifice on the quicksand of change. The only unconditional, reliable and enduring sense of trust and love towards your own self and thus also towards life, is to be gained from your awareness of your inner Self and its reality of Light and unique beauty.


To hold a conversation has differing meanings for different individuals. What one means by it largely depends upon one's personal level of awareness because conversation can take place upon different levels of consciousness.
Words and our power to speak are a practical institution/ability to enable us to exchange inspiring ideas and to talk over practicalities in life. However, because everyone has a slightly different understanding also of words as such, holding conversations at times rather complicates matters and causes obstacles instead of aiding a levelling of consciousness with another person. Those who are (still) caught up in Ego-identification are unable to truly hold a conversation because all they are doing, is to use conversation as a means of getting rid of their personal anxieties, frustrations, opinions, prejudices etc or to unconsciously express their minority/superiority complex. Thereby they are missing the true use of conversation. Because the only true conversation is the conversation of hearts which takes place in moments of silence when two individuals are vibrating on the same level of frequency. And all conversations held in words are really only a way of achieving this levelling of consciousness between individuals.
However, if you are feeling yourself able to converse by heart do not let yourself be discouraged from practising this art simply because those around you are appearing to be only using words. Simply let their words pass by you and focus your attention upon the level of the heart. In this manner by and by your opposite will unconsciously learn to attune to this vibration of love also. Or if he/she be not ready for it (yet) they will pass out of your life and be replaced by others who are closer to your own vibrational frequency.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013


In times of external darkness the higher senses of perception are felt more acutely and appear more prominent than in phases of daylight because there is less distraction from what one is seeing via the physical eyes. Hence there is a tendency in people, whose higher senses are awakened but not yet brought under their conscious control, to be more acutely aware of their personal fears when it is dark outside. What they are unconsciously perceiving via the higher senses is triggering their inherent fear and not having the sense of physical vision to distract their attention away from it the fear gains the upper hand. This can also concern those who are otherwise quite fearless in life because via the sensitivity the tenseness of fear can be picked up from the general atmosphere and taken for a personal fear in unconsciousness.
I believe (deducing from personal childhood-experiences) that this offers a plausible explanation to the phenomenon of fear of the night in young children. They have not yet learned to shut out their higher perceptions by means of the restricting "rational thinking" of their Ego-minds. Hence to adults their fears often appear inexplicable and even misplaced.
What to do if you are suffering from sensations of fear in periods of external darkness? Learn to centre your attention in your own self by practising conscious breathing and focussing upon your heart centre. This effectively shuts out external perceptions - for the time being at least.


There are different kinds of fortgetfulness. To forget things easily and not to be able to recall instances and contents conversations can be a sign of senility or of absentmindedness caused by emotional/mental stress, anxiety, distraction or confusion. Or it can be a sign of fear, if the person in question is suffering from a trauma of some sort and this traumatic and deeply unconscious fear is putting up barriers in the mind and blanking out parts of memory. And the fourth reason for forgetfulness of things that have taken place in the recent past can be a complete absorption in the here-now, when your consciousness is wholly at one with the current moment of life and thus no longer busies itself with thoughts of the past or future. How to know which kind of forgetfulness you are being confronted with either in yourself or another person? The first kind is obviously an epiphenomenon of old age. ( Although I do not believe the increasing tendency to forget things in elderly people to be a sign of the ageing brain but rather a kind of self-protection erected by the Ego trying to protect itself from unresolved personal fears and emotional pain.) The second and third kind of forgetfulness I have mentioned above cannot always be told apart easily. Whereas the last one can be cleary distinguished from the other three because such an individual, although not able to recall what he/she has been doing in the morning, the day before, last week, is in a position to clearly recall practical fact and information and personal data that has been mentioned/exchanged. All personal experiences are leaving behind an imprint in the Self. If you are consciously aware of your self at all times, you are able tor later recall any part of it at will. Whereas if you are largely unconscious of yourself snippets memories are generally surfacing in your consciousness up at radom and are thus not seldom causing emotional/mental confusion. So in someone who is concious of his/her self upon all levels of being, emotions, sensations, thoughts and words are being clearly registered and remembered at later time if necessary. Although such a personal might not necessarily remember the external circumstances in which the experiences, words, thoughts have been recorded, the  memory of their contents/essence is perfectly clear.
Whereas the other three kinds of forgetfulness are being caused by unclarity and personal unconsciousness. Accordingly the memory of personal experiences is unreliable because the conscious part of mind of such a person is unable to select and record practical data, exact word or thoughts that have passed by it. And the memory of past emotions, sensations are not clear either because they are over-shadowed by a series of similar experiences lying further back in life.


All human beings are sharing a mind-pool, a higher mind from whence we are receiving ideas and thoughts according to our vibrational frequency. However most people are still unconscious of this fact and are thus interpreting their thoughts and ideas as purely personal inventions and phenomenons. Accordingly, they are regarding instances, which are being caused by this invisible connection, as coincidences instead of recognizing them as natural causes of mental attunement amongst those concerned.
The worldwide web and mobile communications are simply demonstrating the actual reality of our global inter-connectedness upon a higher level, which to most people still is an incredible and even inconceivable reality. However the day will come when everyone will recognize the truth about this shared consciousness. Provided the general trend in society does not get lost in total dependency upon these electronic devices but starts back the other way towards the realization of our as yet unused faculties of inter-communication via telepathy.
Because we are all connected amongst each other mentally, we are also able to consciously transmit thoughts and thus theoretically do not necessarily have to depend upon mobile phones, SMS and emails to communicate.
You can practise this invisible way of communication with people you know well in order to develop your faculties of telepathy and to gain confidence therein. One way of doing it is by typing out messages but not sending them digitally but only in thoughts. Or not typing them but only thinking and directing them clearly. It is advisable to begin with short messages of a simple content.

Sunday, 27 October 2013


If you desire to change yourself or an external situation in your personal life you have to first fully accept the status quo. Acceptance is creating the necessary space for a change to occur. A space, which before has been taken up by your reasoning, explanations, excuses and attempts at justification why you or the situation are the way they are. And the same goes for accepting another person the way he/she is. Although to be exact you cannot actually change another person but if you come to accept them the way they are, you are admitting them more room to be themselves in on the one hand and on the other hand you are allowing yourself to see them and react to them differently from how you would have done if you had still been actively wanting them to be different.


All the externally projected desires for acknowledgement and admiration are born out of the longing to be loved. But since love can ultimately only be found in your own Self, however much you are being acknowledged, admired and loved by the world, it will never bring you satisfaction.
Therefore it is much wiser to teach yourself to become independent of what the world is thinking of you and to love yourself anyway instead of longing, hoping, wishing to be famous or that you good deeds are being acknowledged and praised by the world. In this way your inner light is becoming radiant, lightening you up like a star because you are now spending the energy on yourself instead of vainly dispersing it in looking to gain praise externally.


You are a being of Light
Who is here in the mission of Love
Acting from the Wisdom of the Heart
In the name of Truth and Peace.

Saturday, 26 October 2013


Not until you have fully enlightened your own Ego, your Lower Self, are you in a position to be of true help to others. Before this has happened, you will only be helping others in order to help yourself, even though you might not be aware of it because your reason for action is really motivated by your desire to be of service to another being. But while you are still (partly) identified with your Ego-Mind you cannot help serving your own self first and foremost. Which, of course, is not wrong because it is to a great extent by means of interaction with others that personal consciousness becomes enlightened.


The road to the discovery of the True Self inevitably leads through darkness. That this should be so is only natural if you come to think about it. Because the only way to learn to consciously become aware of light is by experiencing its opposite. Just after the motto: The darker the night, the brighter appears the light.

Friday, 25 October 2013


If you wish to still your mind, you have to start by not engaging in the stream of thoughts incessantly flowing through your mind. Instead you have to make yourself their disinterested observer. However, because the mind cannot help producing thoughts, simply standing by and watching its movements is not enough to reach a place of silence within your mind. And wanting to stop the current of thoughts moving through your mind is like trying to stop a strong river flowing along its course. You cannot but fail. And if you have been hoping to be successful at it you are feeling frustrated and discouraged at your fruitless attempt on top of your failure. But what you can do, is to take the conscious decision to change the contents of your thoughts and to thus guide your mind gently towards the desired state of silence. One way of catching glimpses of such a state of silent serenity is to start up as second thought-reel in your mind. One which you are consciously filling with beautiful, harmony enducing words. For a while you might be aware of both levels thought running through your mind or you will find your awareness switching to and fro between the two. Try to focus your whole attention upon the second one. Once you are able to keep your focus tuned to its wavelength slow down your speed of thinking to the point of spelling each letter of a word singly in your thoughts leaving moments of silence in between. Like for example:  H – A – R – M – O – N – Y. And quite possibly (with enough practice) you will suddenly realize that between the letters you are thinking the moments of silence are imperceptibly lengthening and deepening. Another way of doing this is to picture the letters with the empty spaces in-between.


Do not think about what to do, how to be, speak or act  - just live your life and your own being each passing moment in conscious awareness and as if it were your first time and your last you are experiencing them. Living in this manner your life becomes suddenly very simple, your mind clear and your intention pure, innocent. Because it is only your thoughts enducing feelings to follow, which are causing the problems in your personal existence and are making you feel uncertain, distrustful and doubtful of yourself and life in general (at times).


If you wish to change your life, you have to change your way of thinking. If you long to be loved simply start to think lovingly and act lovingly. In the first instance towards your own self and in the second towards those beings and parts of life you are interacting with. In this manner you are sending out waves of love, which in due course shall return to you. And if you would like to be happy stop looking for happiness in the external world and instead turn around at your self and teach yourself to be happy with who you are and your personal lot in life. Happiness is not a question of being lucky in the destiny you have been dealt with by God but to willingly accept the personal challenges it is confronting you with and learn to enjoy mastering them.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013


There is nothing wrong with your Ego per se. But you should not allow it to rule your life. Because the Ego is like a dominant king, who is ruling his country in a state of continual fear. Thus he is either constantly busy defending the borders of his kingdom or even trying to conquer the land around his own. Furthermore such a king is always suspecting his people to be plotting intrigues against him. Also, he is fighting both against his wise, peaceful wife(intuition) and his own grand vizier(common sense) who are both trying to counsel him to cease battling and to enjoy the love he is being surrounded with instead.
Your Ego ought to behave like a wise king who has come to realize that his wife and his grand vizier are more wise than himself and thus well worth listening in most situations. This kind of king is also aware of the fact that he need not fear intruders or villains out to cause him or his country harm for as long as he is living in the awareness of love at his court and in his country.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


Why do your work? Because you (believe you) have to or because you like doing so? Is your motivation for going to work and staying in your job because (you believe) you have to in order to be a respectable member of society/part of your family? Do you work in order to be able to pay your mortgage/rent/shopping/car/holiday? Or rather because you love the challenge for personal growth it is offering you and because you enjoy the interaction with people/matter/digits/words/ideas/animals etc. it involves?
If the first to answers apply to your situation your motivation for working is fear. fear of being worthless, fear of being unloved, fear of losing your existence, fear of spoiling your future or of having no future or fear to the kind of job, which you would really like to do. However, although your going to work regularly might appease your fear(s) for the time being the moment you are out of your job either by fate or due to your age/health, it will catch up with you. Therefore it is advisable to try creating changes in your attitude/thinking now. Or, if your listlessness towards you work originates in your desire to actually do something else instead, to set about creating changes your exterior situation now.
On the other hand, if the third answer rings true to you your reason for working is love and joy of living. And it is only this kind of motivation for working which is bringing you love, fulfils your existence and secures you a happy future. Because only that which you are doing for the sake of doing it can bring you
 happiness and enables you to find a kind of love and security you can rely upon.


The more conscious you are growing the more difficult it is becoming for you not to sin.
In a former blog-post sin has been defined in terms of committing an act in disregard of the Universal Law of Love and to thus do harm to some part of the Divine Unity of Life. 
With growing personal awareness and understanding in most situations you can no longer plead ignorance and thus you are confronted with the decision to adhere to the Law of Love or rather to commit a (minor) sin.
Western society of today is built to a great extent upon sinful acts against the Divine Unity of Life and mainly against Mother Nature. And even if one is trying to do one's best to always act conscientiously and not to sin against Mother Nature, it is very difficult if not actually impossible in some situations. To radically erase all sins from one's personal life a lot of money is needed because you would have to start by building yourself a house, which is in any way in conformity with Mother Nature.
But since this is something which only few can actually put into realisation, the rest of us has to make do with compromises.
Consciousness creates reality and thus the most important thing, besides trying to do your best to adhere to the Law of Love in all situations where you are being given a practicable choice, is to remain aware of Love and not plead ignorant despite knowing it better. 
Furthermore you should try not to judge those of less understanding and a less enlightened consciousness but rather try to make them understand your own motives for acting differently by silent example or if the situation presents itself by talking to them about your reasons. But never rebuke or renounce them. If you are feeling personally at a loss in view of other peoples (in your eyes) ignorant behaviour simply pray to God the way Jesus did upon being nailed to the cross: "Father, please, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing."

Saturday, 19 October 2013


Since the very beginning of history have inspired individuals such as artists, musicians and geniuses been either loved or hated, admired or shunned by society. And they have hardly ever been understood save by the like-minded ones.
Inspiration is a state in which your mind is lifted above its ordinary level of personal, everyday consciousness. Thus it greatly challenges the Ego part of the mind. Therefore do those who are confronted by an inspired person but are themselves lacking love and trust within their own being feel personally threatened. Their defence is to fight them. Either by ridiculing, shunning, ignoring or accusing them in any way they can. Whereas those of an open-hearted and open-minded disposition are able to enjoy the personal challenge which inspired individuals are representing and are appreciative for their new and original impulses.

Friday, 18 October 2013


One of the main natural instincts inherent in all living beings, besides finding nutrition and procreation, is to protect their dwelling-place and especially their place for sleeping. Regarding us human-beings the home and above all the bedstead are the places, where we can find rest physically, emotionally and mentally and recuperate from the daily demands put upon us by the world and society.
In most human beings however this instinct has become greatly distorted. Because their way of creating a secure home is to build huge houses and furnish them expensively, install alarm systems, looking and shuttering up doors and windows against possible intruders, fencing of their properties for the same reason. But all these things are not giving them the sought-after inner peace nor offering the ideal circumstances for the required rest. Many people, and possibly those living in luxury even more so, are suffering from sleeplessness, restless sleep and a number of other stress-related nervous symptoms.
Although favourable exterior circumstances of living can offer a good foundation regarding the quantity and quality of rest and personal peace you can find in your home and especially your place of sleeping, the decisive factor is the kind of subtle energy you are filling them with.
Everything is energy. There are certain things which carry and create a positive effect and others that are portents of negativity.
Therefore, it is really important that you are consciously taking care of with what kind of energy you are filling and surrounding yourself with. Of course, ideally your entire home and life upon all levels should be kept clean, tidy and filled with positivity and love. But one cannot start everything at once and so in the following I am going to enlarge on the aspect of sleeping place because this is where you are recharging your personal "batteries" for daily existence. Thus it can be seen as the basis for all other aspects of personal life.
How can you expect to find peace and rest at night if you are reading tension-loaded literature in bed? What you are reading about is triggering a corresponding emotions, thoughts, sensations in your own Self so both thrillers and love-dramas are equally unsuitable literature for bed. Not to speak of news-papers and glossy (gossip-) magazines. And the same, of course, goes for watching TV in bed or listening to the radio and music (expecting classical music in key Major, devotional music and Mantras). Carrying out rows with your partner and telephone conversations in bed or even in your bedroom can prove equally disturbing to your nightly rest. Also to use to space beneath your bed to store things is not advisable. The least peace-disturbing are clean and neatly-folded items of laundry. But even those are portents of past-related memories and thus not really very positive for finding restoring nightly rest lying above top of them.
Ideally, your bedroom and bed ought to be kept clean and tidy and dedicated to God and His Beings of Light and their beneficent, restoring energy of light and love. Items of a talismanic nature to enhance your awareness of beauty, peace and love can be helpful. Furthermore, to find positive sleep your bed-time reading should be of a spiritual, mystical or religious nature which has an ennobling or inspiring effect on your mind. In this way your nightly time of rest is a period of calm serenity and you might even find glimpses of wise insights regarding the nature of life or your own Self in your dreams or upon waking up.

Of course, there are also the modern-age inventions like WLAN stations, mobile-phone arials etc., historical influences and geographical factors to be considered in the question of how ideal your sleeping situation is. However, these aspects are often beyond ones sphere of influence. And although their negative effects upon the life nearby are an actual reality you can still make yourself immune to them if you are master over your mind and know how to protect yourself against them by talismanic routines of thought, prayer and actions.


Stress and tension are outward symptoms of an inner state of fear. Therefore, changing your life's circumstances, reducing your personal appointments and duties in your daily schedule, physically relaxing more, taking a holiday etc. are all things, which are only of temporary positive effect regarding your state of tension. The same can be said about stress-reducing therapies because although physical therapists can help you release the tension in your body, psychoanalysts, psychiatrists and close friends are able support your mentally and emotionally but they can do nothing about the fear lying hidden in your unconscious Self. So the only way to lastingly eliminate stress from your system is to consciously recognize its root cause in your own Self and to replace it with love.

Thursday, 17 October 2013


The less you are relying upon exterior sources telling you what you are to think, how you should feel and how you are to be and what you should have and know, the closer you are getting to your True Self and your own truth. And the better you can hear your inner silence and the wise voice of your inner teacher speaking to you from within your heart.

(What is meant by external sources? All manner of books, newspapers, radio, TV, music, family members, friends, social codes etc. In short everything which is not a creation of your own making.)

It takes practise to come to hear your inner voice of wisdom and to learn to differentiate your own truth from the ones others are forcing upon you. And it takes a lot of self-confidence and trust in your own perception to heed your inner source of wisdom and knowledge and to stand up to your own truth.

However, there are times where it is of value and advisable to be listening to external sources for (new) information and to let yourself be inspired by it in defining your own truth But periods where your channels are closed to them and your attention turned exclusively inwards are equally important and must balance the external active phases. Otherwise you are experiencing an overload of information causing you to loose your inner balance and your centre of silence.
Ultimately the only place where you are at home and can be at rest is within your own heart which is linking you to your Spiritual reality. Not to know how to get there is making you a restless wanderer of the Earthly plane. Therefore it is adviseable to spend time each day cultivating your connection with your spiritual origins and true identity.


The way some people talk one might get the idea that their lives are mostly about having to stand the company of obnoxious collegues/acquaintances/family members, suffering from a host of illnesses, avoiding unpleasant situations, winning over enemies, getting wronged by others and making good bargains or spending huge sums.

How sad for them in view of the fact, that that which is making life pleasurable and meaningful is to enjoy the company of lovely people, to relish ones physical existence, to welcome challenging personal situations, to be at peace with one’s neighbours, to do good for others and to give and receive as much love as possible with open arms and from an open heart.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


If we are incarnated in a physical body and lving on earth for the reason to come to know God trough ourselves then it is necessary for us to actively try to approach both God and ourselves in deepening our understanding. There are uncountable methods of doing this but in my opinion the easiest and most effective ones are those which are practised every day and need no special provisions and conditions.
So there is your personal everday life.
To cultivate and to keep to daily routines is equally valuable as giving yourself room for improvisation and intuitive actions and as important as daring to try doing new things from time to time or the habitual ones in a different way. Habitual actions are creating a regular rhythm in your life and are leaving your mind free to lift itself above your personal existence and interests, to fly to greater heights by the contemplation of life, God and the Beauty of His Creation. Whereas unplanned intervals in your daily schedule are giving you the opportunity to deepen your awareness and attunement for your intuition. While deliberately breaking out from your routine and to try doing things differently and challenging yourself with new actions is providing you with an opportunity for personal growth.


If you wish to rid yourself of extraneous influences you have to centre your awareness is your own being. You have to focus your attention upon your silent centre within, instead of allowing it to drift off with thoughts, emotions, desires and fears which are generally all related to the past and strongly influenced by your subconscious and thus out if your control.
If you are focussed upon your still centre your auric field is clearly demarcated and you are in control of your perceptions. In this manner your auric field might be small or large it does not matter, you are in control of who or what is allowed to enter it because you are aware of yourself. Whereas, if your attention is unconsciously absorbed by the fluctuations of your mind, emotions and physical sensations your auric field is open to foreign influences, simply because you are not truly "there". Thus anyone and anything can enter your personal energy field and feed on it. And because there is no clear boundary to it, it is usually spread far and wide and you are finding yourself wondering why you are often feeling so depressed/exhausted/angry etc for seemingly no reason.
However, there are some dark forces which can enter even a clearly demarcated auric field. Therefore, it is useful to consciously put up a shield against such energetic intruders in addition to holding your focus centred. Also you can ask Angels and Beings of Light to support your endeavours. Trying to shield yourself off from them and asking the angels for protection without first centring your awareness is of no use at all because your wandering awareness is unconsciously  constantly attracting additional uncontrolled forces. And not even angels can protect your dwelling place if you, its host, are out with the "devils".


To be practising Yoga in a devotional attitude is rendering you free and alive, because the exercises are creating space within your body and breath and are stimulating the activity of the heart. And if in so doing you achieve to find your still centre your mind is becoming clear and you attain to a state of independence from exterior stimuli. Henceforth you will be feeling entertained and endlessly creative without requiring anything from the outside. Because via the source of silence inherent in your own being you are coming into contact with the Divine Infinity which is Creativity in itself.


To be happy is extremely simply. All you need thereto is to become consciously aware of the reality of Love which is omnipresent and inherent in every single moment of life. And when your awareness is thus attuned you are sure to forget all your fears, worries, doubts, conditioning beliefs etc...


True beauty is an inner quality. It is not dependent upon exterior assets such as wearing expensive clothes, sporting an elaborate hairstyle, having a wrinkle-free face, perfect figure, fine features etc. Although these aspects may enhance your inherent beauty. You are truly beautiful when you let your inner light shine through your eyes and your whole being. This kind of Divine beauty is making those who are in your vicinity feel loved, accepted and at peace with themselves and requires no further action on your part.

Monday, 14 October 2013


You can learn a lot from looking up to the skies. Watching the clouds move across the great expanse above teaches you great truths such as the law of eternal change. And that the winds can blow from different directions but in the end it does not matter where they are coming from because all the clouds they are bringing along one day will have gone past and the only thing remaining unchanged is the Light of the life-giving Sun.
The different directions of the winds can be likened to the different levels of your being, the emotions, thoughts and the physical sensations. They, too, come and go and are sometimes taking up every bit of free space available. And through it all there is the Light of your Heart shining and quietly waiting for them to go away again. Even the "clouds" which are appearing very big and important in the world are in fact insubstantial and will one day be gone without leaving a trace behind safe maybe a vague memory in those who have witnessed them.

Sunday, 13 October 2013


There are some people who seem to be set upon making others feeling inferior, wrong, unloved or out of place in any way they possibly can. They cannot help to do so because otherwise they would be feeling thus themselves. When they were still little children growing up they have never experienced unconditional love and this is making them fight for superiority over others and/or acknowledgement from them because this is the only way they can feel sure of themselves. As adults they are still behaving like little children fighting in the playground for affection and admiration from the nanny standing by. It takes a lot of love and understanding to help such individuals out of their lifelong deficiency of love and ultimately it is they  who have to remedy their inner condition themselves. The absence of love within a person is endowing him/her with a destructive force. One cannot help feeling sorry for them and sad about their destiny. Nonetheless it is important to protect yourself against their destructive influence because sometimes we cannot help meeting with such persons in life. In these situations it is most important not to let yourself be blinded by their show of superiority/bossiness because in doing so you are loosing your inner balance and your own level of reality and topple down to theirs. However to defile them for their behaviour is equally destructive to your own peace of mind. So the best way to deal with such personalities is to keep to yourself and not let yourself be taken in by their attempts of getting a reaction out of you. Also to stay personally as detached as possible is the easiest way to keep your attitude of loving understanding towards their way if being. Whereas if you let yourself down to fight against them, you will invariably lose your inner peace and freedom. Love is really the only protection when dealing with such personalities. Love both for your self and for them.


If you are finding yourself in a position where you are dreading future events here is a constructive way to overcome your fear.
One way to face a situation lying ahead of you, which to you appears to be yet another repetition of a bad/painful experience, is to teach yourself to look upon it as a wholly new experience. Try to meet the situation as if you had never met a similar one before and as if everyone and everything involved in it were completely new and fascinating to you.
And in case you are now thinking to yourself that this is a way of deluding yourself I can assure you, it is not. Because it is an actual fact that each moment of life is different from all the others and that each individual is changing all the time and thus never is the same person from one day to the next. It is only the fearful Ego-mind which is unable, because unwilling, to acknowledge this truth and instead fervently clings on to its conviction that situations are repeating themselves and that people are always behaving in the same way. They only do if you yourself are remaining stuck in your habitual ways. However, if you change your level of awareness and your attitude of mind in meeting personal situations and people they change and become new, too. It is your own personal reality which is responsible for the way your life is like, so the key to make things new in a positive way lies hidden within your own thinking.


Love is life and life is love and both can only be truly experienced in the here-now.
Therefore, that which is important in life is what you are and know right here and now and in how far you are able to love yourself, gratefully appreciate your existence and live peacefully with your neighbours. It is of no importance whatsoever what you did yesterday unless that, which you experienced then has increased your love and understanding. Nor does it matter what you are planning upon doing tomorrow unless you are able live freely and joyfully today even if this future perspective never came to pass.
To love in the here and now is to be wise because it endows you with an understanding that allows you to know life in a way which no amount of studying can bring you.
So your memories of past experiences are only of value and importance if you are remembering them in order to look for the lessons of love they are hiding within themselves.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Angel of Light
Being of Love
Come to me
Speak to me
Teach me to see
And to shine from within.

The answer:
Beloved one, I am with you within your heart, for I am the voice of your intuition. And when you love, you are me and we are one in the Light.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


If you know yourself
Your faults and fears
Your desires and dreams
Your worries and wishes
Your sorrows and hopes

And if you know
that you are not them
You have got the power to smile
An infectuous smile of freedom
That brings joy to those you meet.

Monday, 7 October 2013


Generally it is the spiritual levels which are creating the denser levels of existence. However the invisible and the manifest spheres of life are closely interdependent and so the lower realms can also have an impact upon the higher ones.
Hatha Yoga is one way to influence ones higher realities by conscious practise of exercises upon the lower levels of being.
Here are a couple of examples how it can work:
To practise surrender in physical yoga postures can help to open the heart to the Creator and His creation and to willingly accept the present moment the way it is instead of always wanting it to be different.
Stretching the physical body as it is being done in the various Asana is a kind of opening up to the force of life. It is rendering happy at the the level of the heart and depending upon your personal intention in practising the postures the blissful feeling that is being generated is accordingly deep. Of course, it can also be explained from a scientific standpoint in saying that the postures are affecting the endocrine system and are triggering certain hormones to be released in the body. However ultimately it is the widening of the physical body combined with conscious direction of breath and awareness which are causing the experience of bliss, the endocrine system is really only a secondary reaction. All scientific explanations are really only attemps on part of the rationalists to explain the inexplicaple wonders of life.


Misunderstandings between two people occur when their personal realities are incompatible with each other, either per se or just in the situation at hand. Everyone has their own way of understanding and interpreting words. Furthermore personal fear is narrowing down ones perception of their variety of meaning and pre-conditioning ones understanding of them. Therefore the less you are weighed down by personal fears the more fully are you able to comprehend what others are telling you even though their personal way of perceiving life might be quite different from your own. So if you are in the habit of misunderstanding people or/and of feeling misunderstood by them regularly maybe you should try to find out what unconscious fear within your own self is causing you this obstacle.
If you are completely free of personal fears you are always understanding your fellow men irrespective of their choice of words in articulating themselves. Even though they in their turn might be misunderstanding you at times. However, because you are understanding them you also see where their misunderstanding is coming from and thus do not care about it but patiently accept it.

Sunday, 6 October 2013


In order to rid yourself of a hindering thought-/behaviour pattern you have to both consciously recognize it and to let go your hold of it. To become aware of it alone is not enough to overcome it because it does not resolve your identification with it. Your conscious recognition of a hindering thought-/behaviour pattern has to be followed up by non-identified observation of your own Self in order to overcome the obstacle in your Self and to let go your hold of it for good.
Metaphorically speaking: To be aware of the fact that you are carrying an old packpack on your back is not enough to be able to get rid of it. If you wish to do so you have to realize that you are only carrying it, that your existence is not dependent upon it and it is therefore no real part of you.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


We are all individualized living beings and as such unique in ourselves. Meaning, that no-one looks, feels, thinks, smells, senses, understands etc exactly the same way as each and everyone one of us does. And yet, society at large is teaching that unless you are "normal"(the same as the idealized standard) you are somehow wrong in the way you are and thus obliged to change/adapt yourself to the so-called standard. And at the same time the social ideal is to be best at everything - or at least better than most. This, of course, is contradictory to the first doctrine because if you are like everyone else you cannot simultaneously be better than them, too. Therefore it is little wonder, that most people are not feeling at one with themselves, do not truly like themselves the way they are and are afraid to be who they truly are and to live their lives accordingly. No wonder they are feeling unhappy a lot of the time and trapped in their daily existence.
Joy and happiness arise in the self in moments of inner harmony. And inner harmony can only be, where the truth of the current state of being is being accepted and acknowledged. This inner attitude of saying "Yes" whole-heartedly endows you with wings to express your beautiful individuality in every moment anew and to grow in peace into a Divine child of love.