Monday, 14 November 2016


We are all part of an integrated whole and as such share our unconscious as well as our conscious aspects of self.
To be blissfully living with our self and in the world transforms us to channels of love, peace and freedom. Therefore, in being consciously aware of the moment and its beauty we are naturally and effortlessly sharing with everyone that, which is most precious in life - love.

Saturday, 27 August 2016


By loving your self you grow more perfect with every day because your love endows you with the strength to face your imperfections and fears and it gives you the power to enlighten them by surrender.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


If life and your existence for you is a kind of battle instead of a playful joyful dance, it means you have not yet learned to love your self and that you are still afraid to embrace your whole being. There is still the fear in you of being and expressing your self in love.
And if you believe you have found love in your self and wish to dance with it and yet experience the need to fight in any way to live according to your true being, it is because your trust in the love you have begun to experience in your self is not yet deep/real enough to you.


Your knowledge and wisdom are real and true if you are able to practically and consciously manifest them in your daily existence. To be truly wise is to be living in concious awareness of the reality of love and light here-now. Past experiences of fear no longer condition you and your inner freedom is refected in the fluidity and harmony of your movements in your self and in life.
For as long as knowledge and wisdom remain theoretical, they are only masks you wear and fear is what you actually know and live by.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


What does it mean to be truly respectful of another living being? It is to be aware of their way of being in the moment and allowing them to be this way without demanding or expecting of them anything else. You acknowledge their way of being and find your own way with it by being your self truthfully.
If you demand or desire respect of an other it is because you are afraid to accept their reality of the moment - and your own.
Also, you can seemingly respect each other from fear of facing the truth of who you both are and are together.
To be truly respectful is to be existing no longer in the reality in which respect or no respect exist. You are simply aware in your self and of life and beings around you and move in accordance and in a state of inner harmony with the reality of the energy of the present moment.

Friday, 5 August 2016


There is a kind of love which unifies and unites and one that renders us poignantly - at times even painfully - aware of boundaries, limitations and our separateness. The mastership of true loving is to attain the awareness of the first and to henceforth exist in this state even whilst passing through personal experiences of the love that separates.


All life is about love. We are mediums for the Divine Love Force.
It is the power of our understanding the experiences of love we make at their depth, which awakens the potential reality of love existing in earthly life.

Monday, 20 June 2016


Each moment that you are living in conscious awareness in the here-now renders that, which you think of as 'future' more bright. Because conscious awareness is a magical force that enables you to see the light even in the darkest of your nights.


In the same way that sunlight brings forth the colours in their full radiant splendour in Mother Nature, so does conscious awareness of love in each moment lighten up your self and turn your individuality into a beautiful flower that never stops unfolding itself in beauty and harmony.


In times where you feel harmony is lacking around you in some way it is usually - if not always - an indication that your inner state of harmony requires some of your attention and effort in order to be re-established or fortified by your conscious awareness.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


Depending upon how afraid you are to face to the true cause of your anger, frustrated or disappointed expectations, you either get more angry/accusing/aggressive/defensive if others don't join in your drama or you start calming down, begin to find peace in yourself the moment after the outburst and stop blaming others or circumstances for your conflicting emotions.
One way to realise and measure how much you still hold on to expectations be this either of yourself, people or life in general is to obeserve how often you still experience emotions like disappointment, anger, frustration, dissillusionment or even sorrow.


With gratitude filling your heart your lungs breathe love, your eyes perceive light, your mind is in prayer and your movements turn into a dance. Gratitude renders your personal existence into a living worship of love-light in motion.

Sunday, 12 June 2016


In seeking dialogue we are either consciously or unconsciously led by the intention to bring more light (self-understanding) into our inner monologue or to obscure it (distract ourselves from its reality).


Teach your self to live in the awareness of love and you help the human collective manifesting world-peace.
War and strife are expressions of hatred. Hatred is caused by an inner tension that has its roots in fear. In human beings fear is an unconscious reaction on part of the ego. It causes disharmony in the individual self and with disharmony comes tension. Collectively shared fears and tensions create war and strife in the exterior world.
On the other hand, peace is an expression of harmony and harmony is a by-product of love awareness.
Love awareness brings understanding, acceptance. Where there is understanding and acceptance there is effortless harmony and thus also the absence of tensions.

Friday, 27 May 2016


If you wholeheartedly accept and love yourself the way you are you are centred and being your true self. In such a state other's people's opinions concerning your person and way of being no longer affect your inner feelings of well-being and contentment because you are no longer trying to be something outside which you are not inside.
Also, you no longer meet anyone who "is out to deceive or to (mis-)use you". Because you are no longer deceiving yourself about how and who you truly are.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


When you trust in the Universal power of Love&Light (God) your arms extend far out like wings. And by your outstretched arms the beings of light can guide you gently and the invisible forces can lift you up and carry you along your path in life.
And if you open your arms wide in trust towards another human being, your extended arms turn into rays of gold that make you shine from the heart and render you invulnerable in your loving.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


I float, I dance I am alive
In a place out of space and beyond time
In my love
Inside your heart
I know your infinity

I love you as the light of my eyes
As the beating of my heart
As the air in my lungs
And as the pulse in my veins

I love you in the infinity of the sky
In the space between each moment
In the rays of the sun touching my face
And in the depths of my feelings.

Excerpt of "Love From India" to be published 2017

Sunday, 15 May 2016


Although it may appear to you at times that certain happenings, circumstances or people are hindering your own flowing harmony, it is not true. They are only rendering you aware of the blockage. The obstacle itself lies in your own self and must thus be acknowledged, accepted and resolved there. And the less you are focussed upon the belief that the outside causes you to be in a certain way and rather take the exterior world to be a guide to your inner state of being, the fewer obstacles you meet along you rway and the faster you are able to remove those that do appear still.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Do you have to do the things that you are doing from day to day or do you feel you have to or do simply feel like doing them?
The two first options are ultimately one and the same thing even though they might not seem to be at first glance.
We are born as FREE human being having been given the gift of freewill. Our childhood situation has been predetermined by our soul’s karma but by the latest once we have reached adulthood we are in a position to realise and take on our inborn freedom to chose what we want to do with our existence.
Although it may seem to you that there are things you have to do, there are not - unless you have taught yourself (unconsciously) to believe that you feel you have to do them.
In doing what feels right, there is really no end to our energy because we are moving with the natural flow of life. Of course, the physical body may still feel like resting at night but the rest of our being stays perfectly balanced and energetic.
If you do, what you have to do or feel you have to do, you tire easily or feel tired even before you have started out on the tasks you have set yourself.
The less fear we carry around in us the more we are able to practically realise our freedom of choice from moment to moment. On this path it is helpful to find more clarity concerning your motivation for your actions.
In order to try and find the cause of your thought or feeling of duty ask yourself “why do I have to do x/feel I have to do x?” And do not content yourself with answers of the kind: “Because one has to do such things” or “My mother also used to do it” etc. Ask until you have an answer that is truly your own.
Sometimes, however, the truth lies somewhere in between and we cannot be sure about our truth of the moment.  So try to make yourself feel like you want to do the things which before you thought you had to do. And if you continuously fail to feel good about it from the inside and not just from your mental perspective, give it up.
The more you go with your inner feeling of what is right for you in the moment the more the Universe can take care of your needs. Trust in your inner voice of wisdom and you will start floating along the course of your life instead of struggling against the current a lot of the time…
Love what you are doing and the people you are sharing your life’s moments with and do not be afraid to drop everything and anyone else as you grow stronger in your positive energy.

Monday, 9 May 2016


...but be aware of your instincts because instinctiual reactions are reactions caused by unconscious fears. Whereas feelings are inner states that reflect your truth of the moment. If you know how to tell instinctual reactions and true feelings apart you are able to live guided by your higher intuition instead of instictively reacting in order to secure your ego's survival.
How to know them apart? Practise conscious awareness, acceptance and love towards your self and you will come to realize where your reactions are coming from. Awareness of your current state of being or fear.

Saturday, 23 April 2016


To be touched by silence inside of your self is like to be kissed by eternity. If you allow your self to stay in this moment and sink into this loving embrace you return from it renewed, inspired and enchanted.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016


To be unconventional is to be free of conditions, free from pre-set and externally-defined thoughts and feelings set down by society. As long as any ideas and notions of convetionality figure in your thoughts, you are not free and even if you think you are being unconventional, you are not. You are just playing at being inconvetional.
To be truly unconvetional naturally happens, when you are no longer afraid to be your self and to live according to your inner truth born from loving awareness. In this state you no longer even remember that there are conventions existing.

Monday, 11 April 2016


If you are true to your self, you become a naturally reliable and responsible individual. Even though the world may see you as unresponsible or unreliable at times. Reliability and responsibility come with truthfulness and this quality starts and ends with the clarity and honesty we live towards our selves.
If you are trying to be reliable and responsible by force of will and your sense of guilt(fear) you may appear to be acting always according to the general notion of reliability and responsibility but will thereby - very probably - repeatedly fail to be true to your self.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Do you take time for yourself? Do you give time to your self? Or do you simply have time for your self? Naturally, in a relaxed and happy state of being without having to justify, explain or reason it in any way to yourself or to others?
The way you are thinking and speaking about your disposal of time in life regarding your self, but also regarding the time you have for others, work, daily chores and free time reflects your unconscious state of self and the degree of your (self-)awareness.
Can you be resting and inert without defined purpose/occupation in life and not feel like a perpetrator guilty and restless? Simply living and not feel like a victim or an unconscious victim either by falling ill or feeling useless and weak?
This is one way to explain why Buddha is depicted as a smiling man just sitting, doing nothing. To be able to do like him may be one of the most difficult lessons we can leran in life. To be resting in our selves, resting also in the outside world and just watching and smiling contentedly.

Monday, 21 March 2016


Emotional freedom comes with ceasing to hold other people or your external circumstances in life responsible for your current (inner) state of being. This hold true form both negative and positive experiences of self in the self.