Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Although strictly speaking there are as many different ways of understanding as there are living beings, regarding human understanding in can still sort them by two different categories.
There is an understanding of the mind an one of the heart. If you are solely relying upon the first your are likely to feel yourself being misunderstood by the world and likewise regularly feel puzzled by its movements. As well as at times even regard yourself and your life uncomprehendingly.
Life is a whole, which is constantly reshaping itself and all its movements are inter-connected amongst each other by a seemingly invisible thread. Thus the human mind is crippled by its inherent habit of always thinking in terms of separateness and limitations. Therefore all comprehension the ordinary human mind is capable of is doomed to be short lived and could be called illusionary because in order to be formed by the limiting mind it must be taken out of it's wider context and so becomes amorphous.
Whereas the understanding of the heart is a living comprehension. As he heart is consciously connected to the Unity of Creation it is in a position to sense the inter-connectedness between its manifold parts and apparitions. Even though it might not actually be able to put it into verbal terms it is still aware of it. Thus the understanding of the heart is all-encompassing and wise.
Those individuals in the habit of employing this way of understanding cease to always require verbal explanations of their contemporaries because they have developed the ability to listen with their higher senses to the intention motivating the words or movements around them instead.
The mind on the other hand is fixated upon the literal sense of any communication or action, while simultaneously blocking its correct understanding by clinging on to prejudices, preconceptions and beliefs based upon former experiences. Thus remaining caught within its personal and wholly subjective comprehension of life it often misunderstands, errs in its judgement and feels misunderstood.

Monday, 28 May 2012

HAPPINESS 2nd part

True happiness is a continuous state of being naturally replenishing itself and thus linked to Eternity. It bubbles up from an inward source of merriment and someone experiencing such a state is hard pressed for words if asked to decribe its actual cause.
Versus Ego-happiness, which has to be fed incessantly in order to secure its survival. Usually the one experiencing such a kind of happiness has no difficulties at all to name a number of justifiable reasons for his joy.


True happiness is a matter of the heart. From there it wells up, suffusing your whole being with a radiance that shines through your eyes and endows your words and actions with love. It is like a steadily burning flame drawing its existence from the gratitude felt towards the Divine Father for the gift of life and from the pleasure experienced at perceiving the abundant beauty Mother Nature is bestowing upon you. It therefore requires no particular outward conditions to manifest itself- the simple fact of being alive in this human body suffices for it to be. At times you may be celebrating your happiness exuberantly, at times just live in it quietly. At all times it endows you with a lightness of being as if you were born through life by a pair of invisible wings of love.
Happiness that has its root in the Ego, on the other hand, can only happen for a particular reason. It draws its vitality, or at least part of it, from the knowledge that others are less happy than you. It always requires seperation of some sort in order to exist. It can only be achieved by either excluding certain other people or by temporarily blocking out/suppressing certain unfavorable aspects of yourself.
Whereas true happiness naturally embraces and includes anything and anyone within its radius.

Sunday, 27 May 2012


There are some who are saying much and do little, others who speak little yet do much.
Generally speaking, the more often somebody's words are actually met by corresponding actions, the more one may trust this person's words/actions to be an indication as to his realiability and integrity of character.


Every part of Nature is a creation of God and therefore of Divine origin. Living in true faith, one actively recognizes this fact and accordingly ceases to exclude any part of it. One's piety and devotion to the Divine Creator are thus natural by-products of self-realization, enlightenment, personal transformation.
However there are some who are proclaming themselves godly and pious and are indeed acting accordingly upon certain occasions. Yet on the other hand they are in the habit of, overtly or secretly, condemming other people's personal religious views and calling their faith false.
Such behaviour is a sure indicator of an existing rift of consciousness within this so-called worshipper of the Divine. This obvious dividedness in his personality is betraying a faith that is not born out of true piety but one, which has been acquired by suppression and negation of one's natural inclinations.


Deep-set fears can affect people's characters in many different ways depending on their dispositions. There are those who as a result are rendered either fretful, anxious or cunning in various degrees due to the fear having unpercieved got the upper hand of their natures.
One might say that those of the first two categories are quite harmless, whereas those of the last are to be treated with prudence. Because they usually try to subtly bully you into believing that something about the way you are is not right. Out of their uncertainty of themselves they are trying to convince you by verbal attack, accusation or even overt aggression that you are wrong/abnormal/weak. And because this is making you busy defending yourself  either outwardly or inwardly in your thoughs only, they are successfully distracting the attention from their own weaknesses (which in themselves are nothing to be ashamed of and only gain negative momentum by suppresion).
The best way to deal with such individuals and to cope with such situations, is to remain as passive inwardly and outwardly as you can possible make yourself. Because the least opposition or attempt at reasoning on your part will stir up their temper even more. In such moments it is very difficult to remain true to oneself and to stick with one's personal truth and even more difficult it is to keep a loving and compassionate attitude towards your attacker. Unless you have utterly purged your Ego from fear, it will invariably be stirred into life and thus challenging your neutrality.

Thursday, 24 May 2012


In making your love, happiness and peace of mind dependent upon outward factors in life or upon other people, your are never going to experience true love, remaining restless and never contented with what you have actually got, nor with the person next to you.
Love, happiness and peace of mind are states of being, which can only be found in the present moment or else remain elusive forever.
Therefore it is up to you to decide whether you want to accept them as yours by Divine right and to henceforth live them right here and now- or if you would rather keep on searching and hoping that maybe one day you might find a person worthy of your love, a situation in life which might be special enough for you to rest awhile in harmony.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


Independence is a word in high fashion these days due to the advertising business which is liberally using it to promote mobile services of all sorts. I believe that this is a misuse of the word, leading people astray and making it even more difficult for them to grasp its true meaning. The proclaimed so-called independence of mobile networks and the electronical/digital equiment that goes with it, is infact a trap designed to make you fall into. By believing in the slogans of the advertisements you are turning your-self into a hostage who accepts bondage to their services out of his own freewill. Most people do not even realize this and joyiously walk into their traps, actually believing them-selves free and independent. Only to sooner or later feel very stressed out and unable to relax for even a short space of time, because the compulsion to always be "on duty" for possible messages, calls, emails is sapping their strentgh unobservedly. However, the modern technological comforts also have their advantages and good usesgiven they are used responsibly and in awareness of their hidden dangers.
One could say that in the modern world of today true independence requires a high degree of personal discipline.
True Independence is an idenpendence of Spirit, which does not bind itself to material things, nor people, places, emotions, thoughts...


Life is composed of action and re-action upon all levels of existence.
It has been said that each man and woman is potentially a star. So in being the master of your own personal universe, for each star is a sun with an appending universe of its own, you are holding the power to evoke changes within your own “universe”. Yours is one of the uncountable other “personal universes” which together are contained in the greater Universe, the Solar Logos. And as each part is going through an evolution of its own so is the Universe evolving through the transmutation of its parts.
The inherent movements within each “personal universe” create a unique rhythm, attracting and binding to its circumference those of a like or corresponding rhythm. Although all the “personal universes” are conditioned by the one of the Solar Logos of which they are parts, they themselves are the conditioners of their own personal system first.
Changes can only be wrought from within and from thence move outwards to the periphery, thus altering its rhythm and in turn attracting different, new elements to its circumference. Putting it differently; inward action causes re-action of its parts, which appears like an action to its surroundings, which in its turn re-acts upon it.
Alterations evoked in the rhythm of your own “universe” bear an impact upon its surrounding “universes” and in a lesser degree also upon the Great System of Existence. By changing the actions and re-actions within your own system of life you are simultaneously causing different action and re-actions in your immediate surroundings and thus attracting a new set of other free-moving parts.
This is why you can neither change other people nor the world by any outward action. However by changing your-self inwardly you will invariably evoke a change in the world and those around you.


Friends are those people who bring out the best in you in any situation. Those who are making you laugh and like your-self unquestioningly, because with them you can be your true self effortlessly. Those, whose presence makes you feel light-hearted, energetic and positive towards life. Rendering you courageous in facing up to possible unpleasentness and endowing you with strength by their belief in your goodness to overcome arising obstacles in life.
If everone was his own best friend, everyone whould be at peace, living in joy and harmony with him-self. And the whole of humanity would be able to follow undisturbed its evolutionary transformation both on a personal and collective level with no more strife, war and unnecessary suffering.

Monday, 21 May 2012


Complete integration of self upon all levels of consciousness has the effect of making boundaries disappear. Inside as well as without. It is instilling a profound feeling of At-one-ness rising from the heart, making you recognize your-self in all that you are encountering in life. In this state of being you are atuned to the whole of Divine existence, realizing that you are your own world and your world is you.

Sunday, 20 May 2012


Loneliness is a phenomenon of Ego-reality. The Ego-mind is the only authority believing in seperateness and exclusion. It is not only believing in its loneliness but also actively experiencing it due to its habit of tying it-self to personal emotional and physical sensations.
Whereas the Heart on the other hand knows itself to be connected to God and the Divine Unity, because it is filled with love and simultaneously feels loved itself.
The Ego-mind is lonely. The Heart is all-one.

Monday, 14 May 2012


Vibration causes forms to build. Expectations of what life should be, contrary to what it actually is, are limiting its vibrational frequency to a certain pitch, radically narrowing down the field of possibilities of the forms it might take on if left open to its natural course. Which is why living in constant expectations towards yourself, others and life in general, is making it very hard for you to be happy with what you are getting. Because very seldom will the actual life coincide with your pre-defined ideas of what it ought to be.

Saturday, 12 May 2012


To love is a state of BEing, whereas to like is an action or a reaction.
True Love is a matter of the heart hence a quality of the individuality-self. Liking on the other hand solely an action/reaction on part of the personality-self. Which is why one can love someone, yet not necessarily personally like him/her as well.
One frequently hears people saying: “I would love such and such a person, if only you/he/she…” This cannot be true love then, but only a self-induced “love” rooted in personal expectations, beliefs and separation, bound to wreak disappointment/frustration in one or both parties involved.
In cultivating within you a state of love towards all forms of live, starting with yourself, you are not only rendering your everyday life more peaceful and enjoyable but also increase your receptivity for new experiences, making personal transformation possible.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012


The word "food" full of meaning. Its connotation reach far beyond its habitual use. Both in its literal and meatphorical sense, it stands for something nourishing either on a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual level. In the following I should like to share some thoughts on its physical aspect- although as you will soon see- it inevitably touches upon the other levels as well since we are intergaral beings.
In spiritual and occult circles it is generally held that food is weighing one down and should not be partaken of some time before a mediumistic/occult performance in which one aims at reaching highs of consciousness, or going deep down in case of trance states. And after a perfmance food is being used deliberately in order to bring one fully and effortlessly back in to the physical body. So we could say- food has a grounding effect because it keeps our physical vehicule occupied. The way I am seeing it- there is food to weigh you down and food to lift you up. And the same nutrients can have both effects- it all depends upon ones set of mind and consciousness in the eating. Conscious awareness can be employed to transform the food that is being eaten into pure energy- independent of its nutritonal qualities. Of course, there are some aliments which are clearly more suited to this pursuit and, some which offer themselves naturally for the extraction of energy because either due to their nutritional facts or due to the way they were produced/grown, they are already highly charged. Generally one could say, that the less porcessing has gone into its production (cooking non included) the mor energy it yields in the eating. The other important factor is Love, in the form of loving attention paid to it and gratitude for its existence. I would say, that with a loving and grateful attitude in its cosumption one can turn even the worst possible meal(i.e. McDonalds) into a feast that promotes ones health. Love and Gratitude towards whatever we are receiving in life truly are the keys to healthy living- healthy upon all levels of our integral existences. However the population at large is still very far away from this ideal. Anyway, this should not keep us from doing our best in setting new and ideal habits in the human collective- but rather spur us on. Because we in the Western world are so lucky as to actually get to chose daily the very best for our nourishment. Theoretically making it very easy to be grateful for it and to treat it lovingly because we did not have to starve or fight for it in order to get it.
Besides ones personal attitude towards the food and the eating of it,  another vital aspect to food, or rather the process of eating is your conscious awareness at the time. Usually distraction is being sought in the form of conversation/reading/watching TV etc which make it virtually impossible to concetrate on the act of eating. Or it  is exactly the other way round- eating is being sought as a distraction to keep one attion away from an occupation- usually mental/emotional processes. However if you pay full concetration upon the eating process it turns into a meditation capable of taking you to spiritual and sensual heights. The latter is obiously the enjoyment of its perceivable qualities like its texture/taste/smell etc. The first is more subtle but at least as rewarding. In this, you open up your higher senses by tuning into whatever it is you are partaking of. To give you a couple of practical examples: Try feeling its aforegone process of growth, by imagining the sun shining upon it, the rain falling down on it, the soil nourishing it. See the people who handled it before it got unto your table, be aware of its colours in your mouth and the benficinet effect they are having on you(because colours are energy, too!!) etc. The list is endless and I will leave it up to you to find out more about it...
Of course, sometimes we cannot know hwo the food had been handled before it got to us or we do know -and would rather not- because we are aware that there has been exploitation of sorts along its course of production. Still, if we pay it loving awareness and are in gratitude towards Our Maker for the Gift of Life and towards Our Mother Nature who is providing the ground, the soil, the bodies for the spiritual life, we can remedy even its previous history. Love and Light can resolve Darkness and Evil of any kind- always.