Sunday, 30 December 2012


Where there is Love, justice reigns peacefully and naturally amongst the living creatures involved. Whereas in places and situations in life, where love is lacking a so-called justice has to be fought for with brutal force. In fact, all fights and wars are ultimately caused by the idea of wanting to install justice and to get ones proper due. But of course, this renders an atmosphere of love and true justice difficult -if not actually impossible. Therefore the only way to install justice in the world, which will not one day backfire into another war/fight/revolution, is to love and to forthwith cease from strife in the name of justice, both in the personal and national name.
Why? To love brings you into alignment with God, who Himself incorporates justice absolute.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


At all times and in any situation you always have all the time in the world at your disposal. Provided that you are personally allowing yourself the time and space, which might be momentarily necessary to you. Follow the example of God, who Himself is infinite patience. He gives you as many chances and as much time as you require for consciously recognizing your various personal imperfections, which need correcting by your loving awareness. He never hurries you, never reprimands you for being tardy- He simply presents you with a same situation once more so that maybe this time round you will be ready to look at the truth about yourself instead of dodging out of its way by holding on to your Ego-tinted perspective.
Do not compare yourself to others because by doing so you will either feed your pride by being faster than them, or believe yourself to be inferior due to your comparative slowness. Everyone has his own way of understanding, recognizing and doing things, as well as a unique inborn rhythm, which defines his personal sense of time. Therefore all comparisons are impossible and in vain because how can you compare two beings that are unique and thus incomparable in themselves?


Although we can learn and deduce a lot about God’s laws of life and about our own human nature from observing and understanding the ways of Mother Nature, there are certain aspects of Her, which can lead to wrong conclusions about humankind. For example any apple is an apple and thus will in most cases taste like one, too. Meaning, its outward appearance allows a direct conclusion of its inner life. Whereas the inner and the outer lives of human beings generally are quite different from each other to a superficial observer. There is an inner and an outer reality to every person. And although in human beings the outer is conditioned by and created by the inner reality, the two might often appear to be complete opposites if viewed solely with the eyes of the world. However if you care to look beyond someone’s outward appearance and situation in life and instead recognize the intentions and motives behind their acts and words and their attitude towards themselves and their fate in life, you will gain a ore accurate insight into their inner life. And in returning to the example of the apple: in so doing you might suddenly realize that a perfect appearance might reveal stale and tasteless flesh, whereas on the other hand a crumply and browned little apple can taste rich and sweet.


For as long as there are moments in your life, which are making you feel sad/angry/frustrated/misunderstood etc. you are not fully at one within yourself and not fully loving/accepting/understanding towards all that you are. Meaning, you are still fighting against yourself in some way, still trying to hide away from your fear instead of confronting it. In other words you are still trying to dominate life by your free will instead of surrendering it to the loving will of the Highest which is in fact only waiting to take care of you and to bear you up through your life and its possible difficulties.
Whereas complete, loving and accepting surrender of your own free will to the one of the Highest, is leaving you joyously happy and at peace with all that you are and are encountering in any situation of your personal life.
Many are giving it a try to surrender and as soon lose heart again because the obstacles in their lives do not disappear over-night. Instead of realizing that they are in fact created by Divine providence especially, in order to teach them to experience love more fully and to deepen their trust towards it. Even just the simple realization and acceptance of this truth can prove immensely empowering upon a personal level because it effectively puts an end to your conviction to be a victim of bad fate. Instead it makes you recognize that the only reason for the existence of your various “problems” is your own lack of love and understanding. And because the latter two are attainable personal qualities you now know the way to resolve the hindering issues.


The universe consists of dual opposites. In order to be able to consciously recognize one side you have to know its opposite side too. So the one conditions as well as precludes the other side -and vice versa. Therefore if you wish to receive love you have to cultivate your ability to give and to feel love. Because the depth of your capacity to love decides how much love and what kind of love you are receiving from the world. And since your love, which is ultimately coming from the Divine Source, is passing through your heart, thus begins and ends with yourself, the place to start loving is your own self and you way of being. However this love of self should be self-less and unconditional, otherwise you will wait in vain to be truly loved and rather meet its opposite in the world. Also, unless you are feeling love within, all the love you believe to be receiving from the world will vanish one day and leave you with empty hands. Or if your love has been of the ego instead the heart, your love will bring hate in its wake.

True Love makes you feel connected with everything and everyone, whereas love of the ego-mind ultimately causes you to experience separation from the whole world -even though for a while it might keep you in the belief of being connected to your loved one. True Love is
eternal whereas ego-love withers and fades with the passing of time. True Love makes you grow and shine forever stronger. Ego-love weakens, rigidifies and empties you. True Love is for life and thus at one with change. Ego-love on the other hand fights changes and is deadly afraid of it.
Therefore unless your relation-ships are founded upon True Love, they will one day break apart and end in hate and misunderstanding, frustration, deception etc. However even though a relation-ship might be founded upon true love it is possible that one day it will end, Simply because the individual way of passing through life’s changes happens at a different speeds and in different directions. But in such cases the break-up happens in common understanding and respect for the other party.