Friday, 25 July 2014


To look beautiful and to be beautiful are not the same thing. The first is an exterior attribute, which is subjective and bound to change with the passing of time. Whereas the latter is an inner quality of Divine nature. It can last forever, provided the human being in question is staying true in their devotion to the Light and Love.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014


God is existing in the apparent no-thing-ness, in the void, in the silence. God is force, is love, is light, is wisdom and He is truth.
Therefore, if you are feeling exhausted and powerless learn to become still. And the silence you will find at the core of your being will lift you up and empower you.
If you are feeling lonely and unloved learn to become still and you will realize the fount of love welling up from your heart centre unconditionally.
If you are feeling hopeless, lost and without direction in life practise turning within and listening to the silent voice speaking softly to you from within your heart. This will teach you to see the light, understand the wisdom and recognize the truth existing in each moment of life and that are guiding your steps.

Monday, 21 July 2014


Spirituality is an inner attitude of devotion towards the Divine essence of life - God, His Love and Light.

Thursday, 17 July 2014


To be truly religious/spiritual means to be living your life in the name of Love and God. In devotion to the Great Work and with the intention to make the world a happier and a more peaceful place through your presence on earth.
Those who are vehemently protesting that they are not religious but spiritual, or spiritual but not religious or neither one of them have a wrong conception of these terms. To be religious is the same as being spiritual. They are still caught in the illusion of preconceived forms and their own Ego. And they have not yet recognized that the true meaning of their existence and all existences, which is to realize and manifest the Divine consciousness.


To love is to be free. It is to feel and know within your heart that you are being loved, cared for and cherished just the way that you are. Here-now, in the past and for evermore.
Whereas to think that you love is to be a hostage of the fear that you may loose your love or that you have not been loved at all.

Monday, 14 July 2014


If you wish to be free to live your inherent love and joy unconditionally you have to let go your hold of your idea that you are victim of your destiny/other people. In other words you have to stop believing that you are guilty in some way and therefore you must suffer. Experiencing personal pain is a sign that you are holding on fast to your belief that you must suffer in order to have a right to be living. Therefore, if you wish to be free of the pain you have to become soft, loosen your grip and realize that you are neither a victim nor guilty.
However, because pain itself is causing stiffness and causes cramping of your current state, letting go is a very difficult task. Still, it can be achieved if you relinquish your belief that you are your Ego, which is riddled with the pain. Instead you have to mentally and emotionally take a step back and imagine your pain to be like a cloud that disperses in the light of your conscious awareness in which you are observing it time after time again until it is no longer there.


A smile is not just a smile, it is much more.
There is a smile of triumph, a smile that demands attention and to be admired. There is a smile that wants to please, one that is false, one that is conditioned and conditioning. And a smile that is out to deceive.
There is a smile which is mysterious, one which is curious and one full of questioning and doubt.
All of these smiles resemble masks, that are rigid and repeatable.
And there is a smile which is unique, a smile of rapturous joy and full of lightness. It occurs in the moment and is continually fresh and new. A smile which is true, giving and sharing its inherent love with the world. This kind of smile is like an unconditional "yes" that arises from the heart and makes others feel accepted unconditionally.

Sunday, 13 July 2014


Love is the source of life and its sustaining force. So if you truly love you have the power to bring healing to the world and other beings, provided you are able to give it unconditionally and free of your personal Self.


If you say you understand, that you cannot change other people but secretly go on expecting them to change, you have not truly understood this lesson. In order to grasp is full meaning you have to realize that for as long as you are believing the reason for your unwanted reactions caused by others to be lying with them, you have not given up trying to change others. Only when you let them be just the way they are and instead focus on yourself and try to find the reason for your reactions to their way of being in your own Self, have you begun to understand. This is the only way others can change and the only way you are actually able to see their changes. Because while you are watching them in expectation you are only able to see your own reality wherein they are not changing the way you wish them to.
At one point you will probably no longer even think that you wish people around you to be different from the way they are because you have found peace within yourself and thereby peace with the whole world.

Saturday, 12 July 2014


The fear, which is existing in your Self unrecognised is rendering your actions, your way of thinking and your behaviour uniform, predictable and limited. It makes you resemble everyone else who is also living in unconscious fear.
Whereas if you achieve to let go of this fear and to transform it to love your uniqueness comes to the surface, makes you shine and allows you to experience each moment of your existence forever in new and singular ways.

Thursday, 10 July 2014


Intuition is a way of knowing without knowing why you know. It happens instantaneously like a flash enlightening your mind. However, personal thoughts and ideas and learned knowledge sometimes have a way of appearing in the same manner. If you wish to test the source of your knowledge simply ask: "Why?" If it is intuitive knowledge and you start thinking about it your mind is puzzled. If your knowing is of a personal kind it will immediately supply you with a chain of answers.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


You are like a rainbow that is being seen by a spectator. The components you are comprised of are pure light on the one hand and pure elemental essence on the other. Together they are creating a myriad of colours which are like your personal being and life. And the one who is consciously aware of all the colours and who is watching them change, is the aspect in you which is the neutral observer of all that is happening in your lower and your higher consciousness.


Any IT specialist will confirm that problems occurring in a computer program as such cannot be solved by using it but only patched up in the hope they will not reoccur for some time. If the error is to be truly eradicated this must be done by re-programming the whole system.
And the same holds true for so-called problems troubling you personal daily existence. If you wish to be rid of them once and for all you have to make a change in your consciousness. You have to become aware of your unconscious mental/emotional/physical behaviour patterns and change them so that they are becoming aligned to the principle of Universal Love. In this manner, even though at times you might still meet apparent obstacles in the course of your everyday existence you will be able to make them disappear in no time simply by confronting them in the conscious awareness of love.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014


Love is existing inside of you. In becoming aware of this fact you are no longer like a flower that is only showing forth its beauty and is solely opening its petals if it is being admired by someone or if the sun is shining.

Sunday, 6 July 2014


A lot has already been said about true love. Still, there is more to be added.
True love is also forgiveness. The willingness to forgive yourself and everyone else not matter what may have been done and said - or has been omitted. And to forgive and forget sins of the past and personal shortcomings to a degree that there is no resentment or anger left in your heart and mind. Only gratitude for the experience the situation in question has afforded you. Therefore, if you truly love your heart is overflowing with gratitude. A gratitude which is unconditional, giving you an uplifting sensation and rendering you grateful for every single instant of life you have ever experienced, are experiencing now and will yet be experiencing.
True love is giving you wings to lift you up and above your personal suffering and restrictions into a sphere of existence which is pure, radiant, harmonious and free. From here everyone is recognized as equally worthy of love and respect. And your personal limitations and difficulties in life no longer seem like fetters but are recognized as steps on a ladder, which are taking you further towards you True Self and God.

Saturday, 5 July 2014


Walking along NEW paths leads you to dreamed of possibilities.
Start changing yourself now. You are all that you have ever dreamt you could be. Now.
Change is already happening because Life in itself is eternally changing. All you have to do is to say „yes“, to surrender yourself to this factual unavoideable reality and to learn using it constructively, trusting in its power.