Thursday, 28 November 2013


Love-consciousness creates life and is life itself. Fear, on the other hand, creates suffering and separates you from life. Living in awareness you are experiencing life and are feeling loved. Here and now. Whereas existing identified with your suffering Ego you are missing life and believing that you have to search after love.

Thursday, 21 November 2013


In restful sleep the soul is leaving its current physical self in order to visit places of Light and to be with its loved ones. This kind of sleep allows you to wake up refreshed, feeling light and with a rested body the next morning.In restless sleep your soul remains locked in the Ego-self in a maze of personal feelings, thoughts and physical desires. Hence in waking up the next day you are feeling confused, tired, heavy both psychically and physically because neither your mind, nor your emotions nor body have been truly resting.
If you are able to drop off into sleep easily it is indicative of a deep-seated trust in your self which is allowing you to surrender your identification with your Ego effortlessly for the duration of the night.
Whereas if you are of a fearful disposition, this fear may be either conscious or unconscious, sleeping and especially going to sleep and sleeping through the night to you is difficult. Because the unresolved fear in yourself is keeping you tied to your body/emotions/thoughts and is causing them to tense up and this incapacity to relax physically/emotionally/mentally in turn is rendering it difficult for you to find rest at all. Therefore the most effective measure in overcoming sleeplessness and restless nights is to get at the bottom of your personal fears by viewing them in the light of your conscious awareness and love and to thus learn to trust in life.
If we believe in the theory of reincarnation and are faced with sleeplessness and the incapacity to find restful sleep from our earliest childhood onwards, then one possible explanation might be that we have been forced to leave our physical body very suddenly and/or painfully in the past. Hence there is the deep-seated fear that this might happen again involuntarily if you are leaving your body unattended. (This calls to mind the millions of soldiers and innocent civilians killed in the wars of human history...)

Here is another theory: the reason why many ageing individuals are faced with growing sleeplessness is not because they have less need for sleep but because their Ego's unconscious fear of death is becoming more imminent. Hence their inner tension is increasing and keeping them from truly resting at night. If this theory be true, then mental affirmations like: 'I have all the time in the world at my disposal - now and at all times' ought to remedy this kind of wakefulness.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


It is the aim of human evolution to gain complete self-awareness and to thus become conscious co-creators of Gods' Creation. If you achieve full consciousness over the workings of your mind and thus also gain control over your personal feelings and instinctual reactions, you have reached the state of self-empowerment. Henceforth you are in a position exercise your gift of personal freewill in freedom and to decide over what kind of energies you wish to attract into your life. However, the question remains: why do you strive for self-empowerment and what are you going to do once you have got there?
We have not been given freewill in order to make ourselves millionaires or to gain renown for our wordly accomplishments. We have been endowed with this unique gift in order to contribute to the universal harmony, love and peace through the medium of our personal selves.


Do not take yourself too seriously. Rather try to laugh about yourself and you seeming problems often. Because life is not about you, it is about the „you“ existing behind your personal „you“. And being able to look upon yourself and your personal issues as if from the outside with eyes and heart full of love and laughter, you are becoming united with your real „you“ for the time being.

Friday, 15 November 2013


To a semi-blind person all the colours in the world appear to be grey. And those whose inner vision of God manifest in life has not yet been awakened are equally blind to the rainbow of colours to be seen in the seeming greyness of a misty day or a sky heavily overhung with low clouds or in the expanse of whiteness of freshly fallen snow.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013


If you are quick to judge others in their way of being and behaving it is a sign that you are allowing yourself to be dominated by your Ego. If, on the other hand, you are quick to show neutral acceptance towards others, their way of being and behaving, without necessarily always understanding their personal motives for the way they are acting, shows that you are living directed by the wisdom of you heart.To be understanding towards others and your own self does not require of you to mentally and emotionally always know and understand the personal issue or situation in question. You only have to accept and acknowledge that which is in an attitude of non-judgemental and unconditional love. In this manner you are coming closest to a real understanding. Whereas to judge another, your self or a situation in the light of your Ego's reality is to bar off the channel by which the realization of the actual truth might dawn to you.

Sunday, 10 November 2013


Weight just like time is a relative quantity and depends entirely upon ones current personal perspective. Therefore to be measuring something and to rely upon these measurements, with the exception when purely practical matters are concerned, is to miss the essential part of the thing/period of time one is measuring. Or should I rather say: believing to be measuring, because life and moments in time are really weightless and timeless beyond the physical sphere in which the Ego is having its existence in.
So do not get hung up on the idea that your body must attain or keep to a certain weight, rather try to find the weight which is making you feel good inside, energetic and flexible. And do not worry about your physical age because your essence, your spiritual self is ageless and free.

Saturday, 9 November 2013


The cause of tiredness and exhaustion is resistance. Only those things towards which you are harbouring (a hidden) resistance can make you grow tired physically and/or emotionally or/and mentally. Whereas if you fully surrender yourself to the task/action/movement in question you do not tire of it because you are carried by the flow of life. After a while you might still wish to have a break from it and to rest. This however not being from exhaustion but rather from the instinctual desire to create a natural balance. Because life in harmony is a balanced mix of active and passive phases. Therefore, overexertion, too, can be a possible cause for tiredness and exhaustion if you are not heeding the periods of passivity.


Is it not strange that in society those who are wishing to appear worthy, respectable and trustworthy to in the eyes of other people are actually dressing up to look the part? Would you not rather trust in someone's reliability if he/she were being just him/herself? Would you not honour someone for their way of being rather than for how they are dressed and styled?
How far removed from the true nature of life, namely its spiritual aspects of love and light, a profession or social class is, can be judged by its obsession with titels or exterior appearances, namely suits, impeccable hairstyles etc.
It could thus be said, that the greater the importance of ones exterior appearance and titel bears the less important is the position/service/action/work in question. Because that, which truly counts in life are the inner attitude and the motif for action. If you are acting guided by your will to do good, to help others, to create happiness, to express your love you will naturally and effortlessly cause others to respect you, to trust in you and to see you as worthy of your professional/social status. Whereas if you are relying upon your expensive suits/dresses and your finely polished shoes which are a la mode or your titel to inspire trust in others, to make them respect and honour you, you are deceiving both yourself and others.


To personally like something is like an inner "yes". Indifference created by sincere personal non-attachment, too, has the effect of an inner affirmation. Whereas to dislike or to be negatively indifferent in the sense that you are frustrated and have given up hope is the same as an inner negation.
To experience something of your natural liking is causing you to be effortlessly happy. And, of course, also the opposite applies here. Therefore, if you wish to be generally happy in life, you have to teach yourself to like whatever it confronts you with - beginning with your own self. Or you can learn to practise indifference towards personal matters whilst allowing your consciousness to rest in the awareness of Light and Love.

Here are a couple of practical suggestions how to strengthen your capacity to say "yes" inwardly to personally challenging situations and to be less subjected to your natural dislikes. These exercises are also conducive to your positive will-power.
- Get on your bike on a stormy day and cycle towards the wind. And consciously resist the temptation to get into a mental/emotional fighting mode in becoming impatient to be faster or angry at the wind. Instead try to say "yes" to every new gust of wind whilst you are battling your way against its current. Steep up-hill cycling offers a similar opportunity to practise positive thinking towards a given situation in life.
- Go running/walking in the pouring rain and enjoy yourself - instead of worrying about becoming ill due to the wet state of your clothes and shoes. Teach yourself to say "yes" to the experience and do not allow your mind to dwell upon thoughts along the line of how you should/would have rather stayed at home in this kind of weather etc.

Monday, 4 November 2013


In order to transcend your Ego-mind you have to let go of the idea that you need anyone/anything special to be able to achieve it. Or that you have to travel some place in particular. Personal enlightenment is an inner change. Therefore the responsibility and the power to achieve it are entirely your own and yours alone. All you have to do is to teach yourself to change your focus from your personal level of consciousness to the super-personal one by ceasing to identify yourself with your thoughts, emotions and body. Instead you have to make yourself become their casual observer. Stop believing and living in the black-and-white reality and instead enter the kingdom of the rainbow. The colours therein are becoming visible to you if you are living in the awareness of your inner light.


True knowledge is Wisdon derived from conscious personal experience which eludes the words that are attempting to describe it.

Sunday, 3 November 2013


In doing something the degree of your conscious awareness is the deciding factor in the evaluation of whether you are truly doing the thing in question or if you are just performing its outwards gestures and signs but are inwardly absent from the task.
For example if someone is talking to you you can listen to it in different ways. If you are outwardly listening but are busy pondering upon a personal matter and are just nodding your head, you are not listening at all. If you are judging what you are hearing or the person talking to you, you are equally "absent" as a listener. And you will probably often find yourself in the situation where people assume that you already know things because they have told you about them, but you do not remember anything. To be seemingly listening to someone telling you about something but thinking of how you feel/experience/believe/know the same or differently from the talker is to be half listening. Because although you do not actually make an effort to be consciously there for the other, you are at least tuning into the same personal topic. Accordingly you are able to afterwards remember parts of what you have been told. To be fully listening is to leave aside your personal thoughts for the time being and to simply listen to he words and absorb them with your understanding. In this way the person talking to you will feel respected, taken seriously and even loved. However there is another way of truly listening to another person which does not involve your mind. This is by ceasing from thinking your own thoughts and not particularly paying attention to the contents of the words of your opposite either. Instead you are tuning into the level of the heart and send love and understanding via this silent channel of communication. And very possibly this has the effect of making the active talker forget what he wanted to say and to share in the silence of love.


A scientific study has proved that caring physical touches, like hugs, received on a daily basis are of vital importance for the psychological, and even the physical, well-fare of human-beings.
However, I believe, that through development of personal consciousness this essential human need is being transcended and leaves you free to live singly and unattached if you so desire without feeling anything lacking in this respect.
Because: by becoming one with the Divine Unity of Creation you are feeling yourself encircled and lovingly held by the arms of the Universe - at any time and no matter where you are. Thus your desire to be physically embraced by another human being simply fades to the background of your consciousness until one day it has disappeared all together. Of course, you might still like hugging friends(and strangers) in greeting but physical touch and caresses to you are no longer of vital importance to maintain your personal sense of security and love in life. Living love upon the level of the heart you are no longer dependent upon the agency of personal levels like body, emotions and the (Ego-)mind to be aware of it and to pass it on.


Unless you first finish with the old and let go your hold of it mentally, emotionally and physically you cannot possibly truly start with something new of the same kind. And I know this appears plain and logical in theory but in practice, by which is meant personal everyday life, this simple law is rarely being heeded.
It is like reading a book whose contents are of an intricate, complicated nature. If you wish to understand the second chapter you have to read the first one carefully and consciously. Otherwise you will start on the second one but while you are reading it your mind is unable to absorb the new texts because it keeps replaying the things you remember from the first one.
You can see people starting new relationships and all they are doing is reliving their previous one(s) with another person.
You can see people wanting to start a "new" life in a new environment and although the place is new the habits with which they are enlivening this new home are identical to their former ones.
So, before setting out for a new beginning it is advisable to first make yourself become consciously aware of all that the old one contains and encompasses and to let go your hold of it completely. In this manner you are free to embrace something/someone new in a new way.


The better you are able to love, understand and know yourself, the happier and more free you are in life. Because the less you are standing yourself in the way by the rejection of yourself and your missunderstanding towards your own way of being.


The silence of silences is greater than anything we could ever fully comprehend or know. However, by making yourself to become as one with it, despite not being able to encompass it with your understanding, you are coming to share in its transcendental beauty and greatness.


You can only be happy in a relationship in the long-term if you cease from looking for the “you” in the other and instead begin to try recognizing yourself in your opposite. Otherwise, sooner or later you will be confounded and feel disappointed/frustrated/angry/sad/confused by their way of being/behaving.

Those you are in a close relationship with (it does not have to be your actual partner but also relates to family, friend, colleagues etc) are but an extended reflection of yourself. Therefore you have to first come to consciously recognize in them the aspects, which are a reflection of your own self before you are in a position to begin understanding the other aspects of their personality, which are not like your own. However, recognition and understanding are not enough if you wish to live in absolute harmony with others. Thereto you also and to love the aspects of your self you are finding reflected in your close acquaintances. 
In short: start looking for the "I" everywhere you go and in whomever you meet and in a second step learn to let go of your "I", too, and instead become the "I am".

Saturday, 2 November 2013


There is a silence which separates you from other people/life/your true self and there is one that unites you to the whole of the Universe. The first kind of silence is born out of fear, the second is a child of unconditional love. Therefore the first is bringing life to an unnatural standstill whereas the second heightens its presence. Silence that is born of fear is only superficially still but further down seething with unspoken words and unspent emotions. Thus it appears hesitating and has a deadening effect on those who are coming into touch with. But silence born of Love is deep, endless and with an uplifting, vitalizing energy which gives you the impression that you are a softly flowing river.


Life on earth as we know it is but a shell which contains the actual, true life. Earthly life is only a reflection and a visible expression of that which is its essence. Therefore we should regard our daily existence as stepping-stones upon our eternal path towards its invisible aspect, the essence of life, which likewise is our own true nature at heart. Hence by the degree that you come to know yourself you come to discover both your true self and the true life.

Friday, 1 November 2013


There is a silence which only appears to be one and one, which is real. To be truly silent is an inner state of utter stillness which is filled with Light and Love and comes with a sensation of blissfulness. In such a state of silence your consciousness is becoming like a still surface of deep water in which the people you are spending time with can see themselves reflected clearly. And you yourself resemble the dark outer-space out of whose depths creativity and life arise continuously in new forms. However you can also be only seemingly silent without actually experiencing silence yourself because inwardly you are busy following round your thoughts and emotions. Or because you would like to speak but dare not or know not what words to say exactly. Thus your silence is portent with unspoken words charged with emotions which you are sending out involuntarily. They invisibly touch your surroundings and call forth a reaction in those who are coming into contact with them.