Friday, 30 December 2011


Since the world is peopled by imperfect human-beings, of whom only a few have already aquired a state of inner harmony upon all levels of their being, I suppose it is only natural, that there should arise disharmounious situations. In those moments the usual habit is to put the blame either on one party, the other, both or the situation in general. Whereas the truth is really that the various frequencies of vibration involved do not fit together and the resultant crash has the effect of causing further disharmony with the individual(s). Which in turn, of course, renders a meshing of the personal vibrations involved even more impossible. Now instead of blaming the other for his/her/its seeming inadequacy, let go your hold on the one-sided perspective of the Ego-Mind and turn your attention to the fact that everyone and every situation is unique and in this, different from everyone else. If everyone vibrated at their original frequency in alignment with the the True Self, there would be no more discordant moments- no matter how many different virbrations met. Because in a state of inner harmony you are automatically at one with the Divine Unity of Creation, which of course, includes everyone and everything in it.


Life is a Divine expression of Love and Light. Because Love/Life simply IS, fighting for it always takes you away from its reality. Life is not a fight but a harmonious dance of change.
While you are still under the belief that you have to fight in order to be able to live, you remain hostage to your Mind and Body. Life will indeed be a continuous battle to you -and the moments of harmony only few and short in between.
In human-beings it is only the Ego-part of the Mind which feels the necessity to fight for its existance. Being afraid of change/death it knows only resistance and wishful thinking and fervently clings on to its set believes. In resisting the flow of change, the reality of the here-now, obstacles and difficulties are created -and if already existing- increased. Living this way, lost in the Ego-created world of illusions you are actually missing the true purpose of your being here. Fighting binds you to matter and thus hinders your Spiritual growth.
Even if at times your outward circumstances seem to force you into fighting- you always have a choice of action. If not outwardly so, then inwardly, because at any time, you are ALWAYS free to chose your own attitude. So should a situation arise in which you deem it necessary to fight for your rights, aim at remaining passive inwardly. Take the required steps and actions outwardly but do not get involved with your emotions and thoughts. This way you are dealing with the reality in a diect way, without unnecessary confusion and exaggeration created by the Ego.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


The Soul is limitless and free. Naturally, by being born into a human body it becomes very much limited. Especially, because it has been thaught to identify with this body, which as such, of course, does not leave much room for expansion. Unless its inborn consciousness is being transformed, thus becoming a gateway to Eternity.
Your live ist conditioned by your believes and expectations. Opening-up your mind creates the possibility for new experiences to enter your sphere. Or put differently: it enables you to move on upon you evolitionary path-way by the expansion of self-knowledge. Fear on the other hand, makes you cling on to the "security" of the Mind's conditionings and the things you believe you know, while simultaneously falsifying the picture, making you believe that you are actually getting on in life. Inevtitably, this leads to occasional pitfalls and seemingly inexplicable disasters along your way. In truth they are nothing more but a reflection of an inward darkness, which has been hidden by the glossy veneer created by the Ego.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


The truer a message, the less words are necessary to express it. Putting it differently: the clearer the perception of the truth in the speaker/writer/teacher, the more direct he/she will be able to convey it to others.
In everyday life, more often than not the truth gets lost amongst masses of superfluous sentences, and/or burried beneath Ego-motivated thoughts and emotions. And in many relationships the moments of shared silence are the most truthful, even truer if eye-contact is being maintained simultaneaously.
Getting lost, losing your own truth in words happens very easily, especially so, if you are still harbouring unspent emotions hidden somewhere in your subconscious. By practising silence to your-self, - a silence in which you also cease to identify with the arising thoughts,- can help you to become more aware in situations you are spending in conversation or in the presence of others.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Harmony radiates with an inborn beauty. God being the source of all life, Divine harmony is found at the core of its manifold expressions. 
It could be said that our life is a continual search for a state of complete harmony, or in other words: an on-going quest for beauty. The majority of people are hunting for it outwardly and not seldom have to give up in dispair because it appears an impossible venture. Even if fleeting moments of beauty/harmonious balance might be attained, they vanish as soon as they are being grasped. In striving for external harmony/beauty, while neglecting your own inward truth, all ressemblance of it in the outward world is lost. The only kind which is of duration is the one found within your heart. Having found it and living in the realization of it, renders you unspeakably beautiful. A beauty which might not be immediately apparent to a superficial observer, but all the same has a transforming effect upon him/her, due to its harmonizing effect.
Also, in speaking from your personal truth, thinking and acting in accordance with it at all times, creates a field of harmonious beauty within and around you, which has the power to transform and touch anything and anyone within its reach.


True gratitude pours from the heart, thus opening it and letting its light shine forth. A grateful attitude towards whatever life presents you with, renders you soft and humbly accepting of its inherent beauty, which can be found in everything and at all times- if you are willing to let go of your Ego-tinted perspective. Gratitude flowing from the heart is equal to a surrender to God/Love.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


A traceable proof to the Mind that the essence of life is always on the inside of things visible, is by watching nature grow. By consciously observing that all living things are growing from the inside out can positively help the Mind to accustom it-self to the idea that, altough it usually believes it to be the contrary, the whole of manifestation has its roots in the Spiritual and that visual matter comes at the very end of life's evolvement. Realizing this truth may help it to open up its perspective on life, to become less rigidly focused on the superficial appearances of it and less caught up in the purely personal view-point of it.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


In view of the facts that each single part of the Divine Creation is not only unique but also subjugate to the universal law of continuous change, it should be clear that all results of generalization and attempts at classification of any sort must be very far away from the actual truth. Therefore, look at life not with a Mind preconditioned by prior experience and knowledge acquired from books- but with an open Heart, eager to learn and see new things.


Finding fault with the behavior of others or accusing them because they do not live up to your expectations of them, or blaming your current circumstances for things which do not work out the way you wish them to, or formulating excuses due to your current restricted conditions in life/state of health in order to explain why you are unable to live up to other people's demands of you (which of course are nothing but a reflection of the ones you put onto your-self) are all escapes from facing the Truth and dodging responsibility. That is: the truth bout your-self and taking the responsibility for all that you are, think and do. By accusing others, be this verbally directed at them or even just in your own thoughts, you are diverting the attetion(your won and the other's) from the fact that it is actually your-self, your own attitude and behaviour you should rather be looking at instead of looking for the stumbling-block on the out-side. Fighting against the truth renders it seemingly invisible and softens its cutting edges, as if you were embosoming it in a grey, indefiable mist. However, each situation offers you the chance to turn around and to recognize your true self behind the fake façade. By your honest desire to see your-self as you truly are, without the Ego-created embellishments and excuses, you can pierce the fog of superficial reasonings and accusations. This may not always be easy, but will get lighter each time, because through experience your certainty grows that what you used to be afraid of and hide from is always worse than its actual impact if met with directly.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Whereas there is no such thing as eternal darkness, there certainly exists Eternal Light. The first one being a nomenal reality of man-kind, the second the phenomenal  reality of Divine Consciousness. Therefore, any amount of darkness, no matter how deep/dense/unsurmountable it may appear, can be dispersed and dissolved if you bring your loving awareness to it. Love and Light possess the power to conquer any Darkness/Fear by simply BEing.


The future will be much the same as today unless you are willing to accept the continual changes, which is life, and to face the challenges along the way. All challenges/difficulties/obstacles are in fact steps that will take you up-wards and on-wards in your personal development- if you are willing to deal with them in awareness of your-self and your current circumstances in life. Holding on to false/illusionary images of your-self and your situation, relation-ships, is hindering you from recognizing your life-path clearly. Fear of what you might find is holding you back from looking at the reality of who you are and where you are currently standing. However, the sincere wish to grow, to move on, to change your life's situation endows you with the courage to actually take the necessary steps, which, by taking you through the darkness initiate a higher level of consciousness.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Life has its source in God. God is Love. All Life is an expression of God/Love. You are alive, hence you must be loved. If you were not loved at any moment of your existance, be this in body or spirit,  you would be no-where. You are carrying this Love within your own Heart. Therefore it is impossible to lose your Love. However, it may be forgotten about or burried beneath hurt feelings and disillusioned dreams of romance. But it is always there for you to be found again.


True forgiveness towards another being, or your own life, is only possible if you have eradicated all sense of guilt from within your-self and risen in consciousness above the level of duality. Otherwise all forgiveness you show in the outside world will necessitate that you take on the role of either the victim or the perpetrator. Therefore, forgiving your-self in every respect sets you free to forgive everyone else, too.


Acting from the Light of your Love and conscious awareness, all regrets cease, because you recognize the value hidden within each single experience. Independent from the evaluation your Ego-Mind is imposing upon it, due to its inherent desire to always categorize everything into "good" and "bad".


Basically, there are two ways to live life. The first one is to follow the instructions of your ego-oriented mind, which mainly gets its impulses from its fear-based reactions towards life's continual changes which are inevitable and secondly, from the extrenally imposed limitations, laws and directions of conduct. Although of course, the source of all the outward conditionings really lies in the personal way of thinking. Hence they are only perceived for as long as they exist within you own thoughts and instinctual reactions towards life.
Living in this way, whichever way destiny is going to treat you, sooner or later you will probably reach  a point where you feel lost/frustrated/tied dow? n/confused by life as it is. Asking your-self questions like: why am I never peace? What is all this fighting for? What is it I keep running after? Does this circling pathway never end? Or you may develop sufferings of an emotional/physical/psychological kind which appear to be irremediable. All of those symptoms are calls of the Heart which is reminding you to listen to its voice, heedless of the fearful Mind imposing reasons why changing your ways might be threatening your security.
Now the other way is to follow the voice of your Heart, letting all your steps be guided by your Divine intuition. This does not imply that you will suddenly go all airy-fairy, and have to stop going to work, or travel to India, or wear sandals all the time, or anything of the sort. No. You simply learn to recognize your own worth and the beauty hidden within each passing moment of life and your existance. Instead of constantly striving for wordly things and recognition from other people, you turn inwardly instead and teach your-self to be at peace in the silence of your own company without any further distrations. Look for the fount of love and acceptance hidden within your own heart and give your-self what you need in order to remain in balance upon all levels of your being- irrespective of your outward circumstances and realtion-ships. Find the source within of everlasting contentment and happiness.
Maybe,- or rather; most probably,- this change of focus will lead you to the realization that the life you have been living up to that moment is not really your own and thus no longer agrees with who you are now. It is inevitable that inward growth and development carry in their wake necessary changes in outward life, due to the latter being a reflection of the first. In this case, have confidence in your own perceptions of you new reality and initiate the required changes in order to be able to live your newly found joy and lightness. Have the courage to manifest your full potential and to let the Light of your Love shine forth through your actions and words so that it may inspire others to do likewise.