Saturday, 19 November 2011


At certain times in your life you will feel your-self standing at partings of the ways or crossroads from whence there appear to be several path-ways to chose from. You might puzzle at  the different options at hand, or even question your-self which might be the right one for you. But always know this- whichever path you decide upon- it will be the right one for you. Because they are all yours, all equally right and ultimately all taking you to the same place. Where exactly this place is going to be, or rather; which level of consciousness you will attain to at the end of this incarnation, depends entirely upon your committment towards the quest and willingness to learn and accept changes along your life-path. Even though you might believe that your decisions have the power to influence your personal circumstances in life- they do not really. Maybe your outward circumstances temporarily appear changed by them. However this perception is illusionary, unless you develop consciousness alongside it. Only the Mind is aware of decisions because it is unable to see the Whole and feels it-self seperated from it.
The Heart always knows where to go or what to do next because it simply IS. Knowing only the here-now, connected to the God-source, it lives in complete Faith and Trust towards all life and never errs. Taking decisions is only necessary if the Mind is involved in the process. Since we are human-beings, endowed with a thinking, inquistive Mind, inevitably taking decisions is part and parcel of our everyday lives. However, instead of puzzling over the various options along your path and questioning the ones to take, or already taken, you should rather be aware of your instinctive reaction towards each of the choices you are presented with. And be wise enough to let your Heart decide upon the right one for you, by distinguishing the voice of your Divine intuition among the clamouring voices of your Ego and unquestioningly heed its directions.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Believing you have to fight in your life in order to survive or get the things you want is a certain indicator that you are still living on the sphere of the Mind and Ego. Existance with a consciuosness rooted in the reality of the Heart feels like a river. Flowing along with it may not always be easy and relaxing because at times there are strong currents to be navigated through and maybe even occasional rocks of stone to be circumnavigated. However, for as long as you remain in unvarying Faith and Devotion towards the Divine Wisdom over-seeing it all, you can neither drown nor capsize.

Friday, 11 November 2011


A love that can be taken away from you has not been true love, but a projection of a phantasy love-story of which you have been cast for the idolized protagonist. And because the passage of time has revealed you not to be the exact replica of the wished and longed for character, you were discarded. In most cases, this applies to both parties involved in a love-story. Since hardly ever both partners dream exactly the same dream, of course, most so-called love relationships inevitably flounder after the first rush of emotions has died down and end with a crisis in mutual, or one-sided, disillusionment and frustration. This is, unless  in the passage of time the two parties involved achieve to gradually adopt their initial idealized idea of the other to the actual reality and learn to love the other dispite his/her imperfect personality. This process is a transformation of love from the level of the Emotions, Senses and Mind into on one of the Heart.
Of course, for as long as you are still identifying your-self with you Mind, Body and Emotions you will be chasing after idealized love-stories, which, since they stem from and are lived-out in a world of duality, inevitably will turn bitter some day.
Realizing that your personality has its limitations and is only one part of you, enables you to live a love relationship in mutual understanding and respect- regardless of what the other one does or if you decide to go separate ways after a while.


Love is the only prayer. Doing everything in your life out of love, empowers you to fulfill your soul's destiny with sunshine in your heart- even in difficult times,-  rendering every moment of your existance whole and holy.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Live your life NOW, for else all your tomorrowos will be nothing but a succession of todays, while your body is qietly aging, growing stiffer by the day and your mind becoming more rigid in its self-chosen conditionings and limitations.
By living in the awareness of your multi-dimensional self and the Divine Truth, Love and Light behind an within all life, your consciousness expands and develops. And you actually travel at the speed of Light through existance. Whereas by clinging on to the material world in fear of the unknown, and unknowable, lost in the sphere of the Ego-Mind, your soul's progress is slow, heavy-going and not seldom confusing and painful. Of course, there will also be happy moments in between the suffering, but they are but short-lived and will never remain with you for long. Unless you learn how to transform your experiences, the dark and the light ones, by application of conscious awareness, reaching beyond their apparent surface and realizing their root cause and Divine essence.
Now is the time to wake up and to realize that the world about you is nothing but a reflection of your-self. NOW is the moment to change what you do not like in your life at its roots, which lie within your own self. Recognize NOW your own Light and expand it in Love until it encompasses all aspecs of your being. NOW is the time to live transform your Fears into Love and to manifest your Divine potential.


Life in the reality of the Ego-Mind is a greedy taking of Love and reluctant giving, both riddled with disappointed expectances and hurt feelings. Whereas in an existance in the sphere of the Heart, Love is a steady flow of abundant receiving and joyous passing on.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Divest your-self of all your fears and are as free as the air you are breathing. If you are afraid your body is hardly breathing. Life and breath(Prana) are closely linked and interdependent- one could actually say, synonymous. To be alive means to be breathing freely. Fear is their opponent because it makes you cling on to parts of life in search of false security. In truth, the only security there is, lies in surrendering willingly to the changes the flow of life perpetually and inevitably provokes. Conscious breathing is the key to the awareness of the present moment as it IS. Breath links you to your physical body, provoking changes therein, thus rendering it alive. The physical body is the part of you which has its reality in the world and it reacts subconsciously not only to Prana but also the Ego-Mind, which in turn is directed by Fear. However, centering your awareness in breathing, the flow of life moving your body, frees you from the conditionings of the mind, enabling you to exist in the reality of the here/now. Conscious breathing in the full awareness of your-self as you truly are in the here-now, endows you with the power to transform your Fears into LightLove and in turn enlighten your whole life, too.
Breath/Prana is the eternal beat of life. It creates changes, causes life to be, not only on a subconscious level within the physical body, but in consciousness, too, if you learn how to utilize it to this purpose.  Every intake of breath is an opening up in a greeting of life, every out-flowing breath is its death. In between lie the instants of stillness, of eternity, in which the foregone action is absorbed and the new one prepared.