Friday, 19 June 2015


When you are looking into the mirror of the world you can either get yourself lost in its superficial appearances or learn to look beyond them and to recognize their hidden essence - which is always love consciousness. The external forms of life, by which is meant the physical, emotional and mental levels of reality that we are personally experiencing, are transitory whereas their core is of unchanging, undying love.
Most people are learning to recognize the core of love lying at the heart of all things alive, including the self, by passing through repeated disappointment in their love for others or by putting all their efforts into transient realities that have no spiritual value.


Imagine, you are standing on the platform at the station, waiting. You know where you want to go and moreover you believe to know exactly which train will take you there because you have heard so from others, who have already been there, and read about it in books. Hence you are watching out for one particular train, not knowing however when it will arrive exactly. You are just standing there, gazing into the distance from whence you are expecting it to come and upon the platform you are believing to be the right one. Meanwhile you are blind for all the other trains coming and going and deaf to the loud-speaker announcements, which are advertising the incoming trains, the platforms of their departure and their destinations. Only occasionally you are registering other individuals boarding other trains, which is rendering you briefly afraid that maybe they will get there before you because maybe their trains are the right ones after all? And while you are staring fixedly into the direction you are believing your own train to come from, you are actually missing your desired train, because the loud-speaker announcement has informed that it went from a different platform...
In the case of personal enlightenment it is often happening just in the same way. There are many striving to achieve it, beset by the belief of knowing exactly how to get there. They are doing anything in their power to do the required things thereto and regret any action which they are believing to be in discord with their aim. So a great part of their lives they are seeing as a useless waste of time. Because they feel, that they do not have enough free time to meditate enough and to attend spiritual workshops and seminars as often as they would wish to.
Enlightenment is a state of the mind, which is lying beyond the conditionings the Ego is setting upon it by expecting it to happen in a certain fashion or at a particular time. Therefore it can only come from an unexpected direction and it can only happen in an unexpected way and moment. Because all expectations and set ideas are made by the Ego and thus conditioning yourself and life happening to you. So by the very act of expecting something in particular to happen in a certain fashion, you are preventing it from occurring. And even if it did take place, you would not be able to notice it. It is enough to long for it and to spend your time perfecting your capacity to love and to understand yourself and life better and better. Until one day your understanding is made so clear by love that you will suddenly no longer be blinded by your Ego and instead be able to recognize it from a detached position.


Our  personal life is a dream your Soul is dreaming in order to experience itself.
Life is also a kind of fairytale, because fairytales are fashioned in the manner of what we generally call "dreams" and thus they are governed by the same laws. Children believe in fairytales because they are still aware of their soul's reality...


A possible definition of "white magic" is to describe it as an act through which something new is brought into being by using love in combination with projection of consciousness.
Versus "black magic" which is manipulating aspects of life/living beings motivated by egoistical desires, fancies or mere lust for power.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Love unifies, love melts down barriers and removes separation both inside the self as well as in the exterior world. Hence the more you love the more you become an integrated being and the more harmony you are experiencing also in your exterior life.
Therefore, if you wish to enlighten your ego-self and to come to know your true self that is existing beyond your personal fears and limitations you have to overcome your fear of what you might see if you drop your preconceptions regarding what you are like and who you are as a personality. You must dare to look directly at the truth of your being. Just watch, accept and love whatever you can see in your ego self. If you are looking at your personal shadows often enough in an attitude of loving awareness and with the intention to become whole, one day they will disappear in the light.


Thoughts carry the power to heal and to harm, they can either fortify or sap energy, some thoughts are weak and thus only wreak a slight influence, while others are highly potent - it all depends upon their inherent polarity and the personal state of the thinker. There are thoughts that are motivated by pure selfishness and caused by the inherent fears in the ego. And there are others that arise from selflessness and unconditional love. The first are usually of a negative effect in the long term even though at first they might appear to do good. Whereas the latter are invariably vehicles of positive energy even though the good that they are causing might sometimes never show on the surface - on the material plane of existence.
This all holds true for both thoughts that are concerning the self as well as thoughts that are directed at other people or life in general.

If we wish to evaluate the effect our thoughts are having on our own personal self and the world, we must first learn to be aware of our thoughts. However, thoughts are not three-dimensional and thus we must not only watch their wording but also their hidden intention and their original motif. For example the thought: "I wish him well" might by formulated because you do not want to selfish in your own estimation and it might be caused by the unconscious emotion of jealousy to be like the other person in question.

It can be observed that a lot of the guilt that many people are personally experiencing is existing because they know that they are guilty of bad thoughts, like jealousy, mistrust, impatience, anger etc., directed at their selves and other people (which, of course, is ultimately one and the same thing).

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


The life that you are experiencing in the present moment is a fact. Whether it is making you happy or dissatisfied solely depends upon the light in which you are evaluating/viewing it. Life is life and as such neutral. If you are personally believing life and its endless moments to be either positive or negative it is because you are colouring them by the attitude you hold towards them.
Take the weather for example: do you know of yourself that it is making you happy or unhappy depending upon its current state? Are you often busying yourself with thoughts about weather forecasts or how the weather has been - or should have been but was not etc?
Give it up. Take it as it is. Enjoy it the way it comes and make the best of it without further thought about what you would like it better or less to be like.