Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Transformation can only happen from within. This is why no amount of reading and studying wise books and literature has a further effect than to temporarily give you the illusion of knowing. Yet it does enhance the mind and render it more open, given you are of a dispostion willing to learn and grow. True growth of consciousness demands the willingness to venture forth into the unknown and unknowable, solely on Faith that the experiences you make along that path have valitity, although to the world they might appear non-existant and even you your-self might doubt them at times.


For as long as you are identifying your-self with your mind, emotions and body, the "I" is a very unpredictable authority, because for one thing your thoughts are constantly changing and fluctuating between two extremes. Secondly they are hardly ever in correlation with your emotions and body. As often as not, the three of them all have their own way and even if in harmony at times, you are never sure when one of them might break out again. The over-all effect being that "you" are in turn happy/sad/certain/confused etc. Plus, there is life and the people you are sharing it with, to be taken into the account too, which in this state of (un-)consciousness rarely appear rarely reliable and constantly peaceful either.
Upon becoming conscious of your lower self including its thoughts, emotions and body, realization dawns on you, that you are in fact neither your mind, nor body nor emotions, but the neutral spectator, witnessing all that is going on in the within and without. This gives you the power to view all that you are thinking, feeling and doing from your still centre within where tranquillity and freedom reign, while simultaneously taking active participation in the game of life. However with a sensation of detachment, because Life has become rather like film in which you are not only the protagonist but at the same time the spectator and the director, too. And maybe you will even come to remember that you are also the original playwright. And you begin seeing your own drama playing alongside the ones of the people surrounding you and at times your story-lines intermingling or simply touching each other's. And maybe one day you have become proficient enough to recognize that although the topics and tasks to be fulfilled in your personal film have been decided upon beforehand, you are actually free to improvise the scenes that take you there. Taking into account, too, that your story is one of a million of others which together are all forming yet another story and are as such part of the immensely great picture called Divine Unity of Creation.

Monday, 26 September 2011


The only way to move forward in life, is to accept the change it invariably confronts you with.
The only way to be happy in life, is to embrace unconditionally all this might entail. Overcoming all Fears and instead to use the fluctuating changes to expand your love, to widen your understanding and to deepen your consciousness.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Being at one with all there IS, the illusion of separateness disappears. Or rather, you recognize your Mind constantly occupied with creating divisions all around and within you, but no longer believing in them. Your awareness of the Unity, and your-self being an integral part of it, has become more dominant, filling you with a sensation of unconditional Bliss. Even the stars high up in heaven, which had always seemed so far away before, suddenly feel as close to you as your own Self.  And the axiom "as above so below" is no longer a theory to you but a reality because you can actually sense every cell of your physical body being a universe in it-self.

Friday, 23 September 2011


All sense of time disappears when you truly ARE in the here-now. This state is different from the periods of mental concentration, whereby the forgetting of the time is induced by your Mind being targeted upon and lost in a particular task, while your body is doing something else with you being mostly unconscious of it. The disappearence of vertical time in your consciuosness of life, on the other hand, happens because you are linked up with vertical reality. In which you are not only fully aware of your-self on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally but also of the life taking place around you. Although at this point of your spiritual development the external life will most probably have begun to merge with the reality perceived within.


Giving and receiving Love is our natural state of being- or should be according to the Divine will foreseen for us. Because it is in this state, that we are simultaneously at one within our-selves, as well as in perfect alignment and synchronisity with His will, - and hence also with the Unity of Creation we are part of.


One way of looking at life, which might help to render it easier for you to accept what it is dealing you with, especiallyn difficult times, is to see it as one long, big adventure story. A fabulous journey through a world of physical form in planet Earth. An adventure whose outlines and set challenges you once gave your assent to, although you have most probably forgotten all about it through the process of your physical birth. Like in a adventure story, you never know what awaits you around the next turning or the next moment. To look the situation plainly in the face, to accept the challenge it is offering you and to work your way through it, is much the easier choice than  either to try and avoid it and as a result finding your-self time and time again faced by like circumstances in various succeeding situations. Because each time you refuse to meet it, it gains gravity and import is added to it, rendering in more unsurmountable. However, this is only true on a subjective level due to your initial fear growing. Or than realizing it, half-heartedly accepting to deal with it, but all the way wishing you had not or thinking of a million options out or listening to other people's instructions and opinions with the effect of confusing you. However, turning to others when being at a loss on how to proceed on you own for inspiration with the end of finding out more about your-self can be helpful.
Unlike in a serious adventure however, you always have the opportunity to take time out in which to recover and recuperate- even though you might not yet be aware of this. It is achieved by mentally and emotionally extracting your-self from the situation at hand, taking a step back and viewing your-self and your life objectively. As if you were only a neutral spectator, watching a screen hero/heroine battling his/her way through a film with a happy ending. A happy ending made possible because the protagonist has currageously faced all the apparently unsurmountable challenges and difficulties on the way and thus proved him-/her-self to be more resistant and wiser than you, and he/she had believed to be at the out-set of the story.
However, remember always: In life to be weak and bendable out-wardly proves inner strength and wisdom.
In this image of life being an adventurous journey, imagine every single person having his/her own personal story to live and full-fill in the same place as you are. On your way, you will always meet those who find them-selves currently in an identical situation or challenge as you, although this is might not be outwardly obvious and recognizable. And you will pass your time with them for as long as your inner/outer paths correspond with each other. Once this period is over each should let go and let the other go his/her way because clinging on further only hinders both your own and the others progress in life. The same obviously applying to locations and occupations. Unless you achieve to transform them along and in harmony with your own personal development.
Another option to view your life would be to compare it to a endless succession of modern fantasy computer games. One in which you are both the player and the hero/heroine of the games. At the beginning of each you get to chose beforehand the type of advenure quest, along with it set task. Selecting a seemingly appropriate character from the choice offer and deciding upon its appertaining assets and props, the setting where you want to start out from and its degree of difficulty. It is also up to you to decide which other players you want on your own team and with whom else you wish to play with. However, different from the digital world, it is not the computer, but you your-self who totes up the scores at the end. The score total of each game deciding the beginning level of the succeeding round. Just like its similae on screen, you can always take a break from the game by detaching your-self by way of the above-mentioned method.


Learn to become like a tree. Firmly rooted in Mother Earth, with a solid trunk of a soft, ever expanding heart centre and a resistant exterior, able to face all storms. With branches and twigs agile and bendable, though resilient to the constantly blowing winds of change. A crown high enough to oversee all that is happening to you below from a bird's perspective, and at the same time connecting you to the higher realms of existance, drawing energy therefrom, as well as through your roots plated deeply in the nurturing soil.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


The whole of this Divine Creation is inter-connected by an invisible grid of Light, that is: invisible to the physical human eyes at least. The human species has largely lost the ability to move along these lines of power, which the ancient races still knew about and understood how to utilize. Birds travel along those lines, indeed all instinctual beings do.
The universe is like an orchestra producing heavenly melodies consisting of innoumerous different voices all joined together and directed by one conductor, God, over-seeing all. In this, every sphere and every single part, moving at a particular rate of vibration creates a unique sound. The harmonies thus created are destined to render all parties involved, conscious of the others, in order to lift them all up to even greater heights. The mind of human-kind has been, and still is, standing in the way of this unified harmony. Instead of joining in joyfully, the mind is either still completely ignorant of the will and Love of Divine conductor, or cognisant but strongly in doubt, susceptible to fear and mistrust. Only few recognize the important role the human kind is playing in this harmony of Unity and are them-selves willing participants, surrendering to the guidance of the loving conductor- in spite of all the difficulties on both personal and communal level with which they are being faced in the course of this path.


Residing in the silence of your heart you are whole, at home and as one with the Divine. In that place you can feel that although you are a unique being apparently existing seperate from the rest of this Creation, you are also at one with all that IS.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


If you know how to let Life be what it truly is, it becomes like a magic treasure box full of surprises, presenting you with uniquelly special moments. All experiences you witness will turn into an endless string of pearls, each one shining in a different hue. Little children are still tuned to this truth, seeing the world with eyes full of wonderment. Therefore they are very easy to make surprises to becaus they are literally expecting the unexpected and are ready to be amazed and enratured by the seemingly smallest things and happenings. Whereas few adults let them-selves be surpprised becaus ethey have become conditioned by their minds, believing they know everything and for the greatest part, too wrapped up in thoughts of past experiences and their set expectaions of the future to truly notice and be aware of the Here-Now.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Whenever you leave a person/relation-ship/place/job behind, you should look back and try to see what lessons about life and your-self you have been taught by them. Because there is invariably one- else you would not be feeling the urge to move on. Unless the leaving/changing/departing happens because you feel you cannot bear it any longer, in which case it is a kind of flight. But even then- these situations give you ample material for rumination and help you in finding the root cause within you. Maybe you will unearth in the process of searching inwardly a deeply hidden fear, which instinctively makes you do things in life that hurt not only your own feelings but other people's, too?
Whatever it is that you may find within your own personality- treat it with respect, compassion and loving acceptance. Nothing is too terrible to be faced and looked at in broad day-light, given that it is  viewed objectively and free from distortion and exaggeration caused by the fear- driven Ego-Mind.


To recognize that we are all children of God, born out of Mother Earth not only makes us remember that we are all equals, deriving from the same source but also brings us into touch with our Essential Self, the part in us, which is of Truth, Innocence and Purity


When your Mind is restless, wanting to know where to direct the feet,  listen to your Heart, it is telling you: Be still. Devote your-self to the present tasks. Have Faith, that when the time is right, you will inevitably know, because I will guide your feet intuitively where they need to go.


Time and time again, for as long as we are living in this body, Life presents us with opportunities to overcome the barriers our Mind tries to put up around us and to pay no heed to the clamourings of our fear-based thoughts calling for attention. Instead to immerse our-selves fully in the Here-Now in an attitude of Conditionless Love and in the Light of our Consciousness. With each time we succeed in this, we become firmer rooted in the Truth and our Inner Centre of Harmony, Love and Light expands further.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Although God is high above everything, he is also at the centre of all that He hath created. Our own link to the Divine Source is to be found within our own hearts. We can develop and open our higher senses to try and perceive Him in the world that sorrounds us. We can reach out with our minds to lift us up towards Him -but ultimately He can only truly be found by turning around and looking within our-selves and to find the place of connection there. Once having discovered it, you will be automatically able to see it in everyone end everything else around you, too. It is like having walked through life seeing only black and white, yet believing they are the real colours. And one day closing you eyes, turning your gaze inwards and seeing a beautiful, multi-coloured rainbow there. Upon re-opening your eyes you are suddenly able to see colours there, too. Realizing that they have always been there waiting for you to notice them, yet because you had held on so steadfastly to your conviction of black and white actually being the colours, you had missed the real ones.


Nothing you ever do in life is wrong or should better have been left undone. Unless you your-self judge and believe it to be wrong or superfluous and therby are rendering it so. Because every moment of your existance you are creating your own reality and you always have the free will and choice. However, if you feel that you made a mistake, try to do it better next time. Maybe there are situations where you feel that if you had chosen differently you might have reached your goal sooner and saved your-self some trouble? But this seems only superficially so, because whatever you are here for to experience and learn in this life, you will have to go through in one way or another and ultimately it makes no difference if you take the apparently longer routes or the short ones. The only thing that truly matters in the end, is the quality you give to every moment of living by your inherent attitude and intent. Love, Light and Truth should guide your every step. Therfore, strive for conscious awareness at all times, which endows you with an objective perspective of all that you are and do.


Whatever you do in life-
let it be done with conditionless Love
Whatever you see-
view it in the Light of Compassion
Whenever you talk-
speak from the Truth of your Heart.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


There is no way of knowing what the next day- or even hour- may bring. Altough you would like to know and are living in the set believe that you actually do know and are even able to plan and decide upon you future, long- and short-term. Yet the so called "future" is in reality nothing more than a figment of your Mind. The Mind needs the future- as well as the past, which is in truth nothing more but subjective memories- in order to secure its existance. Without Mind there is only the here-now, free from either past or future. The Mind needs these two in order to build a kind of net in which it feels comparatively secure. However in a individual prone to worrying, fearing, doubting this safety net is rather like a deadly trap or dark labyrinth or set of heavy chains. But in any case, the belief in past and future is holding you back from being free, from living your full potential and from enjoying every minute of this presciuos and unique life in Earth. All Life is change and change is never predictable. By blieving it to be so, you are losing touch with it and are taking away its beauty and magic. Also, wanting always to know and plan what happens next, believing in predictions of all sorts, you become afraid of life's inherent change and unpredictability. Change not only meaning renewal of some sort but simultaneously death as well, thus becomes a constant threat, especially in its death aspect. Death as such is feared by most because they are living their lives largely governed by their Ego-Minds. The latter striving to survive at any cost. Thus frantically holding on to the past and future, mortally afraid of the unknown and unpredictable you are actually hindering your-self from experiencing the here-now, which is equivalent with freedom, happiness and peace of Mind and Heart- independent of outward circumstances in life.


The Truth is so simple it needs no words to express it-self. Yet the human mind is rendering it interminably complex and in the process of doing so loses its essence and becomes an artificial product. All Life being an expression of this Divine Truth is also very simple- yet eternally intricate and wonderously unique in its diversity. And the human mind, again not understanding, does not respect this. Instead it tries to unify this richness as much as possible in order to adapt it better to the scopes of its understanding- which is still very limited in the generality of man-kind. Thus Life becomes like a factory-made product out of a box, having lost its vitality and magic. Nature, the animal kingdom and litte children- where they have not been too greatly interfered with by the human mind, - are still in touch with the Truth, are still able to manifest it in their pure and innocent expression of Life and by simply Being. Therefore human-kind has to turn to these sources of Wisdom in order to learn afresh to be entranced by the beauty and magic of Life in its intricate simplicity and uniqueness.

Friday, 2 September 2011


You can know your fellow men only as far as you are aware of your-self, because whoever you meet with represents aspects of you. The law of attraction applies to all realms of our existance. "Like attracts like", even if at times it might seem to us rather "like attracts the opposite". But since the opposity being the invisible other half of the same coin, it still is the same, although for most it might not appear thus.
For as long as you hold on to false ideas and illusionary truths of your-self and others, time and time again you will find your-alf disappointed, hurt and deceived in your expectations of other people and circumstances.
Therefore it is an impossibility to change other people or your circumstances in life for the better without first changing, transforming your-self. "Change" in this context encompassing personal growth and development.  In doing so you might at times believe that you had understood your "mistake" the previous time, yet before you know it you are caught up in the same scenario again. This will happen for as long as you only become aware of your-self once you are already in the situation. It will cease to re-occur once you are conscious of your own truth before the situation actually arises because then you will have the choice in direction of your actions.
The outward world and the people we meet with being all reflections of our-selves and what we believe in, therefore nothing but reflections of our expectations and beliefs, the power is all yours- and only yours- to change your own world and by so doing the bearing an influence in the development of the sum total of all existance.
Once you have come to know your own Truth and learnt to hear and listen to the voice of your heart/Divine inutition, you will find your-self in a position from which you have a choice always. The choice to act either in conformity with the ideals and beliefs of the majority of people or to follow and live according  to your own Truth. The latter requiring courage, strength and Faith makes it very difficult to ahere to and linve up to. How much easier it is to simply  live in a make-believe world of phantasies instead, even though it has its short-somings and unpleasant moments. Because at first, until your enviroment and the people you associate with have become adapted to the "new" - or rather the "true" you, you will mett with many an awkward situation. Living according to your own Truth may seem to make ou out-sider in the eyes of the world and the society at large. But this only for as long as you, your-self still care about their opinions. Once you have freed your-self even from that, this will no longer impinge on your consciuosness and automatically you will meet with people who are like you on the path of purfication of the Mind. For indeed thinking, speaking and acting always in alignment with your own Truth not only brings you into your own power and thus in synchronisity with the Divine flow of life but also has the effect of purifying your whole being progressively. This again affects your surroundings and fellow beings. It is like lightening a torch which then passes in the illuminating fire to all other torches it comes into contact with. Some might be more difficult to enflame and most reluctant to shine than other, but in the end they cannot help it - unless they have turned away and left beforehand. For this too will invariably happen when you change and grow in your awareness. People you believed for years to have been your close friends will suddenly disappear from your life, whereas others are coming into focus you never noticed before.
Negating and fighting against circustances and not accepting the people surrounding you is like looking into the mirror telling your-self that the reflection you are seeing is someone else. For as long as you adhere to this false belief you and your life cannot change. In so doing you hinder your-self from growing in awareness because you are too afraid of looking at the Truth and the actual facts. Facing them and accepting them as part of you, however, is the first step required in order to be able to move forward  and onwards in life, which can be equalled with recognition and enlightenment of the self. How cann you change a picture you are in the progress of painting if you refuse to look at the canvas to see what you have painted so far? In the full knowledge that you are its creator and therefore responsible for whatever you see there?
However, when you overcome this barrier of Fear, created by you Ego-Mind, and become fully aware of your-self and turn to the Truth of which yours is a part, you will exceed your own expectations of your-self. Because the Truth will make you shine radiantly, it will enable you to grow into your full potential and make you see the world as the wonderful and magic place it truly is.


Looking directly into someone else's eyey from the purity and innocence of your heart, created instants of Truth from which Love and Light are born. When two gazes inter-lock, even if for split seconds only, the here-now becomes one with eternity. The eyes are the mirror of our souls and trough them the heart speaks, instead of the mind as is usually the case. Therefore those moments, happening out of what is universally perceived as time and place, are devoid of any Ego. Gazing diecrtly into the eyes of someone requires courage, because doing so there remains no more place to hide your-self in, as there is when talking to someone from the mind. This is why most people in their everyday life hardly ever meet somebody else's eyes directly- not even their own when looking into a mirror. Because doing the latter, you fall into a void where thoughts cease and you catch a glimpse of the Truth which has no definite form other than the one we believe in and want to see.
All that is of Truth and Love is also of Beauty and only very few are willing to accept their own uniqueness and beauty. However, if you, suddenly everone else around you becomes also unique and beautiful and who would you then be able to blame for all the things in your life and the world which are not as you would like them to be? You would have to accept that all human-beings actualy are equally good and powerful and in doing so, the inherent fear of the ego-mind had no more ground in which to grow and prosper. All life happens for a reason. All life is essentially innocent and pure. It is only the Ego which renders it "wrong", "bad", "evil".
Truly looking into someone's eyes makes the Mind fall silent. At first maybe emotions and feelings might still arise and storm inside, but after a while even those will die and you become pure and free to be the wonderful being you have always been afraid to be. Two pairs of eyes meeting, the owner's  hearts converse and bond in recognition of their equality and respective Divinity.


Although we, -that is to say: our inherent Ego,- would wish to be liked and understod by all and sunder, this is, of course, as little the case as the fact that we our-selves like and understand everyone else around us. The beauty of life lies in its diversity and and although once we have attained to a state of counsciuosness, which encompasses the feeling unconditional love towards all that IS, this does not include liking everyone, nor does it render us likeable to everybody. For the personality part in us has its limitations and becoming illuminated does not make us super-humans for as long as we still live in Earth. Even in Nature there are not affinities everywhere. For example there are ceratin plants which will not prosper next to another variety, whereas planted next to a different one they flourish.
However, not liking everyone and everything we meet with- and vice versa- does not have to hinder us from accepting them, from recognizing their uniqueness and equality and respecting their being different from us. The key hereto lies in the awareness of our reactions and thoughts at all times. Observing them without attaching further importance to them, that is to say; identifying with them, frees us from getting caught up in our natural likes and dislikes. Also from our inherent wish to always please in order to be liked universaly our-selves. If we follow the latter instinct of the Ego, we deny our own truth and thus become seperated from our own reality. It requires strength of character, however, to fully accept that our personality is not always pleasing to and understood by all. Also, that by simply not liking everyone we encounter does not make us a bad or selfish person. Of course, this does not imply we need unnecessarily go around telling people we do not like them, nor care about being liked and understood by them. The Truth is usually silent- yet always distinct. The Ego-parts in those who come into touch with it might react offended and hurt at times, yet this must not concern you nor shake your trust in your own reality of being.


The biggest part of you lies hidden in the realms of your unconscious and subconscious. Knowing and being aware of your thoughts during the day and the dreams of the night gives you the key to enter into these otherwise hidden dimensions. The unconsious and subconsciuos part of your being are the dominating factors in the creation of the reality we are experiencing. Therefore by becoming fully conscious of your-self, i.e. your own thoughts, emotions and physical body at all times in merging with the neutrally observing part of your-self, you become master of your destiny. It hands you the power to transform your personal darknesses into Light and Love. By so doing, you will slowly but persistently bring forth what has been lying hidden in th elayer of your subconscious and unconscious part of the mind into conscious awareness. Thereby disolving it in the light of self-recognition and love.