Thursday, 29 August 2013


The exterior world and the people in your life are a wonderful, helpful and revealing reflection of all that you are. Regarding your exterior life as a mirror and looking upon it as objectively as you possibly can, (which is not always easy with an inherent Ego-mind beset by the thought of "I" and "me"... ) it can be effectively used on the road to self-discovery and self-knowledge of - as yet - unconscious aspects of the self. Especially the personally challenging moments, in which your instinctive reaction is irritation of some sort are most revealing. However, because the matter of contention is both present within your own self and in the exterior source, it is often all too easy to be caught in the trap of only spotting the faults in others and in your exterior circumstances without reversing the picture and going to look for it in your own self, too.
Those things which are causing an irritation in you are either aspects of your self, which you do not know about yourself yet or you do not want to acknowledge or be reminded of. If, on the other hand, you are truly at peace with yourself, life's circumstances and other people are no longer holding the power over your state of being. And if you are aware of your Lower Self throughout without being identified with it, you are recognizing the challenging situations in your life, which are pointing you towards still hidden aspects of your personality.


If the term "magic" is being defined as describing something which appears miraculously and suddenly seemingly out of "no-where" or "no-thing", one cannot help admitting, that the phenomenon of life is a truly magical thing. To take it for granted and to view it as something "ordinary" is depriving you of its potential to instill you with joy and wonder.
SO should you feel bored/disillusioned/trapped by life, simply try changing your mode of perception from the one of the Ego-mind to the one of the Heart.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


In the present day and age, in which the fact that we are Spiritual Beings incarnated in a physical body is no longer the exclusive belief of the so-called fools and the wise, to still maintain one’s rigid belief of a purely materialistic explanation to the phenomenon of life and to studiously ignore its spiritual reality is to hold up natural progress unnecessarily.
The sooner everyone, taken in the literal sense, awakens to, consciously acknowledges and lives according to the reality of our shared spiritual origins, the easier becomes the transition from the old to the new era, which is actually already with us, for the collective of mankind living on earth.


All conscious life is aiming at still greater perfection, completeness, beauty and diversity. In the course of this development it is at times necessary to be critical of your-self or of others you are in relationship with. Because if the already existing is to be perfected still further and room created for further growth, old shells that have become superfluous must be regularly discarded. And your own critical discernment or that of those who know and love you well, is helpful in showing you what is to be changed or exchanged to accomodate room for more of your beautiful diversity. However, being critical is not the same as being judgmental, although they are easily mistaken one for the other by the Ego. True criticism is free of judgement, comparison and personal opinion. It acknowledges the staus quo as such and in addition points out where/how it can be optimized. Whereas to be judgmental is comparative, opinionated, derogatory and always finding fault and lack with the already existing.

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Here is a thought for you: The car you are driving is a rather accurate reflection of your Ego or with some people their car is actually an extension of their Ego. And if you do not own a car or you are driving the car your partner has bought for you, then it is your attitude towards these facts, which is reflecting your Ego. Also the point of whether you can imagine living without it or not is telling a lot.
And before you are going to analyze different people, their cars and their Egos let it be said, that in this case superficial appearances can be most misleading. Thus any interpretation of someone besides yourself and your own car is likely to reveal more of your own Ego than that of the one you tried analysing.
Therefore it is best if you focus your attention upon yourself and solve the riddle of your own Ego in trying to work out why your Ego is e.g. of glittering electric blue, slightly battered and tiny - as it is in my own case. ;-)


There comes a point in your development of cosciousness at which you are moving into timelessness and henceforth to keep up your perception of horizontal time-space reality suddenly recquires a conscious effort of will on you part. However, if you wish to remain an actively functioning participant of society you have to make this effort even though it might appear unnecessary/unpleasant to you at times because floating in timelessness is so much more agreeable...

3, 4 OR 7?

The Ego is a threefold reality – it consists of the physical body, emotions and the lower mind. It is constantly seeking things it can identify itself with. The things it finds to this purpose appear the more intriguing to its perception the more aspects of its own identity it can find therein. This is why films/TV are so popular with most people. This medium is playing both on the mind and the emotions. And even more captivating are the 3D-films, they seem even more real to the Ego’s perception because the physical instincts are being directly triggered as well. And the same can be said of modern computer games. However, these kinds of distractions are highly dangerous to the real self because you are falling under the dominion of those creating these films and games. And have you ever noticed that their contents are hardly ever of a positive kind and usually contain fear-inducing factors? And have you ever wondered why this might be so?? Every time the fear inherent in your Ego is being activated, it is growing and becoming stronger. And the deeper your fear the better you can be manipulated...

Someone with enlightened Ego on the other hand has become a four-dimensional being because the spiritual aspect of the self has been discovered and is being consciously lived as well. Henceforth his consciousness rests within his fourth dimension of self and knowing his three lower dimensions to be easily influenced and subject to external influences, he is careful to allow only positive stimuli to touch it.
 And depending upon your degree of consciousness the 4th dimension opens up your perception to a further three dimensions of yourself. Once this occurs you are becoming mainly focussed upon the trinity above your fourth dimension and things which are touching the Ego-dimensions of yourself have lost all power to call forth a reaction in you.


The higher a mountain is, the further you can see, once you have actually climbed on top of it. The darker a night is, the brighter seems the light on the following day. And it it exactly the same with personal situations of crises. Each trial contains the possibility for personal transformation - provided, the situation is being lovingly recognized as part of the self, consciously faced and mastered.  This becomes possible once personal identification with the "problem" is being surrendered in favour of a wider, non-personal perspective of the situation.
To give you a metaphor: a hedgerow, which to a grazing sheep appears like an insurmountable obstacle and like the end of its reality, the eagle high up in the sky is able to recognize as a local phenomenon and can furthermore see, that the closed in pasture is merely a little dot in the landscape. If the sheep were in conscious contact with the eagle, it would be able to see its visible reality in relation to the greater reality.
The sheep in the pasture is a symbol for the the Ego, the eagle for the Higher Self. Each human being is besides his "sheep-existence" simultaneously also an eagle inside. Actually his true self is the eagle and the sheep is only a part he has taken on in order to gain experiences on earth. In order to be able to discover your own eagle-part inside of you, you only have to let go your identification with the Ego/sheep-part. Doing so, will open up an your inner space within your consciousness in which you can become an uninvolved observer of you own "Me"(sheep).

Friday, 23 August 2013


There is always at least two different view-points from which occurrences can be regarded and attempted to find a possible explanation. And although they might stand in exact juxtaposition to each other, they are both right in their own way because life is a multi-dimensional reality with uncountable different facets. However since life is created from the centre towards the circumference generally outward circumstances are a mere reflection of an inner state of affairs.

Also the ever increasing divorce-rates can be seen from two apparently opposing perspectives. One can try to explain it away from a worldly, or so-called rational perspective or see it as the result of a spiritual reality and thus a sign of separation between the fixation upon matter and spiritual awareness in human-kind. Because upon the physical level of manifestation women represent the feminine principle, men the masculine one. The feminine can be regarded as the aspect of earth and matter, the masculine as the spiritual side of things. So what is happening is, that the rift in human consciousness is growing wider, because these days for the greater part of humanity everyday life is completely devoid of any spirituality and utterly focussed upon the acquisition of material things and immersed in worldly distractions and affairs. However, simultaneously there is a (growing) minority of people who is moving in the opposite direction in freeing themselves from the bondage of materiality and allowing their awareness to rest upon the underlying spiritual principles of life on Earth.
Therefore the rising divorce-rates can be seen as a sign that many people have lost touch with the spiritual side of life and as a result their lives have become one-sided.
However, personally I believe that there will be a day, when relation-ships between men and women are going to be peaceful and possibly even long-time affairs. This can happen, when everyone has come to realize and actively live the spiritual reality hidden within the material life on earth. Furthermore I am seeing it as necessary that women are developing their active potential and the men cultivate their passive qualities because in this way they are both becoming balanced and whole beings within themselves. And only "whole" individuals can form lasting and personally fulfilling relation-ships with each other.

Thursday, 22 August 2013


You can only overcome personal trials and crises in life unharmed if you become soft and bendable in face of them. If, on the other hand, you try to fight them with force, they are going to break you. Therefore, you have to meet difficult/challenging personal situations in the awareness of love and flexibility of mind. In this way you will be able to sail through life's storms without getting smashed and torn to pieces by its heavy breakers and moreover acquire valuable knowledge on the craft of navigation. Because by not fighting the situation you are remaining uninvolved and thus free to observe and learn from it. Whereas, if you put up a struggling fight, trying to go head-on towards the current and steering with full force against the gale, chances are great that you will suffer shipwreck. And even if you can make it through the storm - you will have no idea afterwards how you did it because fighting renders blind.


Mother Nature is a great teacher on the (otherwise) invisible laws of the Universe and the spiritual/Divine principles ruling all forms of life. (That is, wherever Her natural ways have not been interfered with by human-kind!) Mother Nature is conveying the truth silently without any use of words and thus her teaching is direct and imminently comprehensible to those who know how to listen to her. In teaching silently Her wisdom by-passes the Ego-mind. Whereas if you try to learn Divine truths by ways of listening to/reading the writings and sayings of teachers of the world/doctrines/religious manuscripts instead, you are running the risk that your understanding remains caught on the level of the thinking mind and thus purely intellectual/ideological.
Mother Nature is conversing heart to heart. While words usually do not get any further than the mind of the receipient because there are as yet only few individualy capable to transform mind-knowledge to wisdom of the heart.

The most effective way to overcome personal crises and trials is to still your mind by immersing yourself in the contemplation of Mother Nature. It does not matter which part of Her you chose to focus upon because any part of Her is containing  and innocently displaing aspects of Divine wisdom.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


I am longing for you
I can feel your love
but I cannot see you

I know you
and yet I do not

I am part of you
you are living within me

You are the light
which is giving me life

You are love supreme
and I love you

Saturday, 17 August 2013


The physical body can be seen as a temple for the incarnated soul therein.
However, we are not meant to worship the shrine but the life-spark inhabiting it. Because life is not about the shells of matter, it is about the essence of life which is ensouling these forms.
It is just like with the ancient worship of the pantheon of Gods and Godesses. Of course, the temple edifices of the god and godesses have to be cared for but they should not be mistaken for the Gods and Godesses to whom they are dedicated and whose power is dwelling within them.
However, looking at society at large and also at the way many lovers are obsessed with their own physical appearence and the physical manifestations of their beloved ones, it is quite obvious, that they have blindly mistaken the means for the end. Your body and the one of your beloved one should be treated with love and respect but your worship and reverence ought to be directed at the Divine spark of life ensouling the temples of flesh and blood.


Life is not about accumulating material wealth and securities. Life is about knowing your-self in love and once found to henceforth live in this awareness. There are countless paths to attain to such a state of spiritual consciousness and no matter which one you might chose to tread – for as long as you are remaining true to its ultimate goal, you can never get lost nor be wrong in anything you are doing.
The purpose justifes the means. And because the light can only be known through the experience of the darkness and the good by the knowledge of the bad, do not be disconcerted if to begin with your quest in the name of love is leading you seemingly in the wrong direction, namely deeper into the maze of physical pleasures and further into personal complexities of a mental or emotional nature.


Everything we have been given can either be employed for good or for bad, to increase the amount of our love or to diminish it, in the light of spiritual reality or in ignorance.
In this way you can use your faculty of critical discernment in order to better yourself in detecting your personal weaknesses to the end of trying to remedy them - or you can use it to weaken and to destroy your self-confidence by rejecting and accusing yourself because of your weaknesses.
Personal failings cannot be overcome by force they have to be met with love. If fought against, the shadows they are casting upon you and your life will become paramount and over-powering. Whereas if you are meeting them in the light of your love, their fleeting shadows will in time grow smaller. Love is all you need to become strong and invincible within yourself.


If your faith and beliefs concerning life, God and existence as such are based upon scientifically proven facts and religious theories, you are missing the real truth. In order to catch a glimpse of the actual truth you have to sacrifice all that you know by transcending your acquired theories through pure devotion to life. For although scientific experiments might be proving the existence of the Divine life-force underlying dense matter and all phenomena of life and the religious faiths might have their roots in God, they are still caught up in the sphere of forms and thus also within the reaches of the Ego-mind. And yet, it is not wrong to have certain beliefs and faiths - for as long as you are not holding on to them and are only using them as starting points to dive into the unknown and unknowable.


Is the need/desire to eat a primal instinct to secure the survival of the “I” or rather a hunger/lust for Divine life-force?
Seen from a bio-chemical viewpoint the physical body requires certain elements in order to remain alive and healthy (i.e. in balance). Whereas from an energetic viewpoint from which all parts and forms life are understood to be manifestations of God-force in different states of concretion, all the physical body has to do in order to secure its continuance is to absorb this substance in some way. So the required density of the life-giving substance depends upon the state of consciousness inherent in the organism needing to be fed. The more fully a physical body has been transcended and refined by consciousness, the better it is able to absorb the all-permeating life-force in its purely etheric form and the less it is dependent upon particular physical substances.
There are many scientific theories stating what one needs in order to stay healthy and also what the body is capable of doing and what it is unable to. For example there is the widely held belief that vitamins can only be absorbed if combined with salt or fat. While this may be true for some people it is by no means a commonly shared reality. If we differentiate between the different states of development of physical bodies it only applies to those whose bodily vibration is still based upon the dense levels of salt and fat – both physical components of the human body itself and thus able to act as transmitters. Whereas a more refined physical organism is able to recognize the vibration of the trace elements contained in the nutrition and to thus absorb them directly. And a body of a still higher spiritual development does not even partake of vitamins anymore because it is vibrating at a level high enough to receive the required life-force directly form the air it is breathing.
So conclusively we could say, that in a person of an undeveloped consciousness eating is a primal instinct of the body and in one of a higher developed consciousness to feel the need to eat is more a lust for life.


Life seems interminably complex, hence there appears such a lot that could be said about it and even more to be experienced in it. Likewise the relationship between you and me seems endlessly complicated so that we could talk about it forever and never stop experiencing new things together.
And yet, all can be reduced to one thing – love. Furthermore, a love, which is extremely simple, so simple that even words become superfluous. So, what we should do is to learn to live life and relationships in a way that they are filled with so much love that the need to use words ceases to exist.

Sunday, 11 August 2013


There are different kinds of understanding one-self, others and life in general. There is an understanding from the ego, which comprises three further sub-aspects of understanding, namely mental, emotional and physical. This kind of understanding is created by personal sympathy based upon similar personal experiences. However to understand with your ego usually causes an inner conflict because hardly ever are mind, emotions and physical sensations in accord with each other upon a subject. So while, for example, you might understand the actions of another person mentally and rationally, at the same time you might be irrationally feeling unhappy about it in some way... Or you might physically understand someone due to a similar personal experience in the past whereas mentally you are asking yourself how it is possible that you should sympathize with this particular person because in any other respect he appears to be so different from you. Etc.
And there is an understanding from the heart, which is a harmonious and wholesome experience. If you understand from the heart it does not matter whether the person or situation in question relates to your own personal experiences and preferences or not because your level of understanding is lying beyond the sphere of the ego.

Love and understanding are closely connected and interdependent. But only if the love and the understanding in question are true and happening form the heart. If, on the other hand, the understanding and loving are taking place within the reaches of the ego they are more often than not in controversy with each other.


Decisions are creating changes. In view of this fact personal life can be regarded as an endless series of decisions, for each single moment of life a decision is taking place which you are making - regardless of whether you are aware of this or not. Because as human beings, we are possessing the gift of free will, hence theoretically we are in a position to decide each passing moment which way we wish to turn our steps in life. (Although the terminology here might be a little misleading because most of the time it is not so much a question of outward directions but rather of you inner attitude towards your outward circumstances.) However in order to do so practically, too, you have to be aware and conscious of yourself and life taking place within and around you. Otherwise the life-force is simply following the course of your attention, which, in a personally largely unconscious state is determined by your desires, your fears or those of your environment. Whereas conscious decisions are directing the life-force in clear channels along the course you are deciding to follow every moment anew.