Friday, 23 August 2013


There is always at least two different view-points from which occurrences can be regarded and attempted to find a possible explanation. And although they might stand in exact juxtaposition to each other, they are both right in their own way because life is a multi-dimensional reality with uncountable different facets. However since life is created from the centre towards the circumference generally outward circumstances are a mere reflection of an inner state of affairs.

Also the ever increasing divorce-rates can be seen from two apparently opposing perspectives. One can try to explain it away from a worldly, or so-called rational perspective or see it as the result of a spiritual reality and thus a sign of separation between the fixation upon matter and spiritual awareness in human-kind. Because upon the physical level of manifestation women represent the feminine principle, men the masculine one. The feminine can be regarded as the aspect of earth and matter, the masculine as the spiritual side of things. So what is happening is, that the rift in human consciousness is growing wider, because these days for the greater part of humanity everyday life is completely devoid of any spirituality and utterly focussed upon the acquisition of material things and immersed in worldly distractions and affairs. However, simultaneously there is a (growing) minority of people who is moving in the opposite direction in freeing themselves from the bondage of materiality and allowing their awareness to rest upon the underlying spiritual principles of life on Earth.
Therefore the rising divorce-rates can be seen as a sign that many people have lost touch with the spiritual side of life and as a result their lives have become one-sided.
However, personally I believe that there will be a day, when relation-ships between men and women are going to be peaceful and possibly even long-time affairs. This can happen, when everyone has come to realize and actively live the spiritual reality hidden within the material life on earth. Furthermore I am seeing it as necessary that women are developing their active potential and the men cultivate their passive qualities because in this way they are both becoming balanced and whole beings within themselves. And only "whole" individuals can form lasting and personally fulfilling relation-ships with each other.

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