Saturday, 31 January 2015


That, which is generally being called "love" and is being experienced as such on the level of the personality self is often nothing more that an attraction, fascination or infatuation of the Ego. And since such fancies are bound to lessen with the passing of time and due to the natural changes that are constantly happening within the personal self, in the world around us and in other people, this kind of love is predestined to lessen, flounder or even turn into the opposite at some stage. Therefore, personal love is moody but in some cases can still last for a long time, provided both partners or just one of them is playing this game of mutual self-delusion in way that is balancing out the fluctuations of attraction by putting in a constant effort to distract from the truth of the situation.
Still, while such a temporary spell of imagined love is lasting it is a strong positive influence that allows individuals to forget initial dislikes and personal conditionings for some time and to experience acceptance, understanding and compassion instead. But once the blinding influence of personal "love" is no longer there, these tender feelings are often replaced by aversion, hate and anger.
However, when you have reached a state of consciousness that allows you to live your personal existence on the level of the higher self, your love has become unconditional and you are thereby enabled to accept others in their way of being unconditionally. This in turn is allowing you to experience feelings of love, understanding and compassion even in periods when the personal attraction is reduced or even absent.


To render another living being happy is - at least in theory -  very simple.
Just allow them enough space in which to move, feel, think and be themselves in freely. Allow them to express their individuality, do not expect them to be different from how they are. Rather try to find understanding and acceptance for their way of being.
In this manner you are also bringing a sense of happiness to your own self at the same token.

Thursday, 29 January 2015


In human beings the realization of the Divine principle inherent in Creation must pass through the mind since the brain is its receptive, perceiving and understanding part.
Therefore, every human being is being driven to achieve this goal, even though not everyone might be consciously aware of it and willing to acknowledge it to them-selves – as yet. For this reason the seeking of knowledge is a universal instinct that is driving all of mankind onwards. However, if unrecognized fear in an individual is dominating the personal life this primordial urge is being disfigured and the acquisition of knowledge remains a mere theoretical game with which to divert and strengthen the Ego. Furthermore, to own theoretical knowledge tricks you into believing that you are safer the more you have stored because “you know”. Whereas in fact you are remaining the victim of your hidden fears because theoretical knowledge cannot resolve them. And as such still as little able to cope with every single situation of your personal life without having to resort to some escape strategy in order to duck away from confronting your fears directly. The most common way to avoid truthful confrontation with one’s self and one’s personal fears is to drink alcohol, or to seek diversions like excessively watching movies, reading novels, listening to music, going out with friends, having sex, creating relationship dramas, etc.
Theoretical knowledge is only of use if it is being put into practise in everyday existence. Only by doing so can realization of God grow in the self.
To achieve spiritual insights and an enhances vision of life mentally but lacking the courage, the trust and the strength to put them to the test in a practical manner and to integrate them into your personal life is like buying an expensive winter coat in an icy climate but to rather lock it away in a cupboard and continue to suffer from cold. Rather than to wear it and risking, that it might prove not be as protective as you hoped or thought it would be. And to attain self-knowledge which is enabling you to better realize your own truth but to still act in a way you have really out-grown and which is violating your natural boundaries, is like knowing that you have an umbrella at home but still walk out into the rain bareheaded and suffer from cold afterwards.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


While you are still living in the reality of your personal Ego, love is the least reliable factor of your life. Even in times that you are believing to be owing it, you are being aware of the fact that you might just as easily loose sight of it again in the same was as you can be sure that the sun in the sky on the British Isles is going to be chased away by clouds of rain as unexpectedly as it has appeared.
Therefore, even in the periods when you are personally feeling, receiving and apparently living in love, you do not relax into trust.
However, love can only truly happen to you if you let go and stop seeking, battling, striving to gain it from the external world and from other beings or to fight against losing it or to hold expectations of how it is meant to be.
True love is an ongoing and as such an absolutely reliable reality that can only really be discovered inside the self. And once this has happened you are living in a state of love that is allowing you to realize and experience it also in your exterior life. This is enabling you to understand that even though love in your personal life might at times appear to be hidden behind grey clouds, it is still living on undiminished in its radiance and power beyond your immediate sight.


Your individual spiritual development is a process of growth that is happening by your increasingly deepening self-realisation. Thereby you are moving forever closer to the ultimate truth. Since it is via the confrontation with the exterior world and other individuals that this is being enabled, the people you are in direct personal contact with can help you considerably in this quest after the vision of your inner light.
On this path the people who are loyally and undoubtedly giving you their love, understanding and compassion while at the same time are questioning you in a unprejudiced manner prove to be the most effective and inspiring support.
And the best support you are giving your self is by never doubting in your worth nor in your right of existence nor in your worthiness to be loved. While simultaneously to never cease questioning your self and life with an open mind and heart. And to never take anything for certain or constant apart from the reality of love and consciousness. You have to remain flexible, fluid and open to the changes of life. Because truth(God) is a living thing and as such never exactly the same from one moment to the next.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Numbers are the groundwork of the universe and as such they are concrete realities. However, since the Divine manifestation of life is split up into different levels of consciousness their reality is simultaneously relative because each sphere has its ow laws and as such its own reality of numbers.
Usually the reality of a number in one particular sphere can be explained and a personal understanding of it made possible in the context of their reality in the sphere just below it. And the numbers as such are direct correspondences of the different spheres of existence starting with the 1 or with the zero, depending upon ones understanding of God and life.
For example:
God is nothing, the primordial zero. Yet since there is only this, he is only the primordial 1. Then again his oneness can be understood in terms of the 2, because he is manifesting both in a passive/female and in an active/male way. ...
If you look upon it from the perspective of an incarnated human being, then usually the material reality existing on earth is usually viewed as the real reality. But since we are multi-dimensional beings even apparently obvious material facts must remain a relative reality.
3 is equal 3 from a purely material point of view. But 3 can also be a 4. How? Out of four days you can spend three mornings watching the sunrise with another person and still actually spend 4 of them together even though on one of the days both are watching the sunrise physically in a different place. Because in thoughts each one of them is with the other and depending upon their sensitivity might actually even experience the physical presence of the other in the seemingly empty space by their side.
Therefore the question of how real numbers are to you in what way you are aware of their inherent reality entirely depends upon your state of consciousness. The more levels of awareness that are accessible to you the more relative the numbers are to you while at the same time becoming more concrete because you are able to understand and see them from different levels simultaneously.

Saturday, 24 January 2015


The higher the inherent vibrational frequency of an living atom, sphere, being or entity the less it is appearing to be real, substantial and visible if looked upon from a material perspective and a matter-bound personal point of view.
This explains why once you begin transforming your personal consciousness your awareness is suddenly opening up to heretofore unimaginable realities of life.

Friday, 23 January 2015


God is eternal. Divine consciousness is timeless. Ego consciousness on the other hand is conditioned and bound to time and space reality. Therefore, when you have transcended your personal consciousness, when you are living from the heart and in the awareness of your higher Self your frequency of vibration changes and you are entering a new dimension of time. Since you have risen above the conditionings of time-space reality you are able to experience what has before appeared as past, present and future to you all at the same. As well as being in touch with the different levels of manifestations at the same time so that souls which so far to you have appeared to be on another level of manifestation or of another time period are suddenly here-now present in your life.

Monday, 19 January 2015


Knowing and loving your true Self is rendering you free to be living according to your true nature. However, to be living thus requires great trust on your part both in your Self (in what you are perceiving as truth) and in life in general. Because your heart via the voice of intuition is leading you mostly along unpredictable paths forever further into new experiences and further away from what you already know and have heretofore believed. Therefore, if you wish to always remain true to your Self you have to cultivate and deepen your capacity to unconditionally trust in the reality of the present moment continuously. Because the path of spiritual consciousness is like an eternal quest which is becoming more intricately demanding as you are progressing. If you fail to deepen your faith and trust as you are moving along you will come to a point in your development where you can get no further and you are forced to forsake your chance for still greater freedom.
The more you trust the freer you are to follow your intuition.


Enter the space within your heart and you are at home in your true Self. In this sacred place you are at one with love, aligned with God and in harmony with all life and all living things visible and invisible. here, at the centre of your being you find unconditional silence, peace and bliss. In the space within your heart you are perfect as you are and being valued, accepted and cared for no matter what is taking place in your personal life.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015


At the core of all externally visible forms of life there is existing an invisible, unchanging and eternal spark of Divine force.
This also applies to human beings.
Fatigue and exhaustion only exist in external states of life. On a spiritual level the amount of energy never varies, never disappears.
The personality self is an external form of life until a state of self-enlightened has been reached. Henceforth personal consciousness is united to the spiritual awareness of the higher Self and thus connected to the reality of eternal life.
Therefore, the more you come to live in your inner reality of light and love the less you are experiencing fatigue and tiredness caused by the changes your are moving through in external life. You become like a feather that is weightlessly floating in the air in harmony with the winds of change.


Peace is an inner state that radiates outwards and enlightens, harmonizes your surroundings. A sense of peace can only take place in your self, if you have given up being unhappy and dissatisfied with who you are and how your life is. Peace and bliss begin and end with your inner attitude, your personal reality. If you are not able to experience contentment in your own self here and now you can never feel at peace and live in harmony with your self and life. Therefore, if you long for peace and happiness (and who does not?) teach yourself to say "Yes" to your self here and now.

Sunday, 4 January 2015


There is a way of knowing yourself (and God  and other people) that transcends mental conceptions and knowledge. It is deeper and more subtle than anything that can ever be put into words. It is a profound inner recognition and intuitive knowing of the true nature, the essence of Light and Love that is lying dormant at the heart of your being.


If you are longing for unfaltering self-esteem you have to base it upon your positive acceptance and acknowledgement of what you are here and now. And neither build it upon what you know yourself to have achieved or been in the past. Nor upon what you are going to be or do in the future. True self-esteem must be unconditional and unprejudiced. Otherwise it is fluctuating with the changes of life. By coming to esteem your own self in this simple manner you automatically begin to esteem and accept other people's individual way of being, too.