Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Your individual spiritual development is a process of growth that is happening by your increasingly deepening self-realisation. Thereby you are moving forever closer to the ultimate truth. Since it is via the confrontation with the exterior world and other individuals that this is being enabled, the people you are in direct personal contact with can help you considerably in this quest after the vision of your inner light.
On this path the people who are loyally and undoubtedly giving you their love, understanding and compassion while at the same time are questioning you in a unprejudiced manner prove to be the most effective and inspiring support.
And the best support you are giving your self is by never doubting in your worth nor in your right of existence nor in your worthiness to be loved. While simultaneously to never cease questioning your self and life with an open mind and heart. And to never take anything for certain or constant apart from the reality of love and consciousness. You have to remain flexible, fluid and open to the changes of life. Because truth(God) is a living thing and as such never exactly the same from one moment to the next.

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