Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Numbers are the groundwork of the universe and as such they are concrete realities. However, since the Divine manifestation of life is split up into different levels of consciousness their reality is simultaneously relative because each sphere has its ow laws and as such its own reality of numbers.
Usually the reality of a number in one particular sphere can be explained and a personal understanding of it made possible in the context of their reality in the sphere just below it. And the numbers as such are direct correspondences of the different spheres of existence starting with the 1 or with the zero, depending upon ones understanding of God and life.
For example:
God is nothing, the primordial zero. Yet since there is only this, he is only the primordial 1. Then again his oneness can be understood in terms of the 2, because he is manifesting both in a passive/female and in an active/male way. ...
If you look upon it from the perspective of an incarnated human being, then usually the material reality existing on earth is usually viewed as the real reality. But since we are multi-dimensional beings even apparently obvious material facts must remain a relative reality.
3 is equal 3 from a purely material point of view. But 3 can also be a 4. How? Out of four days you can spend three mornings watching the sunrise with another person and still actually spend 4 of them together even though on one of the days both are watching the sunrise physically in a different place. Because in thoughts each one of them is with the other and depending upon their sensitivity might actually even experience the physical presence of the other in the seemingly empty space by their side.
Therefore the question of how real numbers are to you in what way you are aware of their inherent reality entirely depends upon your state of consciousness. The more levels of awareness that are accessible to you the more relative the numbers are to you while at the same time becoming more concrete because you are able to understand and see them from different levels simultaneously.

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