Tuesday, 30 July 2013


God is the greatest paradox - for He is and yet He is not. He is no-where exclusively and still He is everywhere! Therefore everything Divine in nature shares in this paradox. And so it is with love. Love arises unconditionally and requires no particular reason in order to be. However where there is love, there is also reason because love is the law and the highest order.
If, on the other hand, your love appears to be creating chaos and leading you on to disrespect the law of decency and charity or to act against plain common sense, it is fear that is hiding itself as a fancy, an infatuation of the senses, feelings and/or mind.

Sunday, 28 July 2013


True love is pure, is innocent and is free. For it knows neither past nor future but is an unconditional experience of consciousness in the eternal and all-encompassing here-now.

Monday, 15 July 2013


All adjectives have a personal, subjective connotation and are generally being used judgementally. Moreover, their individual usage is throwing a reaveling light upon your personal attitude towards life in general - a fact which few people are aware of.
While you are still living life unconsciously caught in your Egos perspective, of course, your application of adjectives is limited and conditioned by your personal reality and thus measured by purely subjective and "general" values. Because by existing wholly identified with your Ego, you are unaware of the fact that reality is a purely subjective experience and therefore cannot be measured and evaluated by your own and "general" standard values alone.
Notwithstanding, adjectives are a valuable part of the language - probably exactly because they are leaving so much room open for personal speculation and imagination.
However, especially in interpersonal relation-ships it is conducive to a common understanding if adjectives are being used in the awareness of the other's differentness and not to judge others exclusively in the light of ones personal reality.
Here is a classical example:
Personal reality is an expression of your individual level of consciousness, which in turn is responsible for your own frequency of vibration. Therefore, someone with a high vibration of consciousness is naturally thinking faster, acts and reacts more quickly than someone of a lower personal frequency of consciousness vibration. So it often happens that people are calling each other "impatient". Whereas the swift (re-)actions not necessarily need to be symptoms of impatience but may just as well be caused by quick thought movements. Because true impatience is born out of an inner agitation, which is more of a sign of personal disharmony and has nothing whatsoever in common with fast thinking.
So the next time you are categorizing someone as impatient, try to be aware of yourself and to recognize whether you are using this adjective because your vis-à-vis is really acting/reacting/speaking/thinking from a feeling of inner discontentment or if it the disbalance is rather on your own side and you are feeling overtaxed by the other one's swiftness of action/reaction/speech/thought.

Sunday, 14 July 2013


To be successful is, just like all other personal experiences in life, a wholly subjective evaluation. Because what one is seeing as success, another one is seeing as a defeat. Generally, someone is judged successful if he masters a challenge and reaps worldly recognition for it. Your own Ego, too, can judge it-self successful without requiring direct worldly recognition thereto. However in this, it is dependent upon reference values which in themselves are conditioned by the outside world. This kind of outward, personal success is usually only of short duration and is bringing its shadow along with it as soon as the situation in question has passed away and the memories thereof are losing their poignancy. Moreover, this kind of success generally creates unhappiness for others.
Whereas true success is not a mere experience but a continual state of being. It  is born out of joy over your current occupation, creates a sensation of inner harmony and obtains a similar resonance from the exterior world. Just like a shining flame of candle, which is standing in front of a mirror that is reflecting its enlightening light. Therefore, to be truly successful is to joyously master your life and to thus bring joy to your personal environment, too.


All life is consciousness and its degree of purity, i.e. spirituality and proximity to the Universal God-source is deciding over its inherent vibrational frequency.
Upon a personal level this means, that the less you are attaching your-self to material things, emotions and ready-made thought structures and the more you focus upon self-less love and awareness, the higher the vibrational frequency of your personal consciousness. And the higher it is, the faster and easier you are moving through experiences within the boundaries of time and space. Also, the faster appears the passage of time in vertical reality to you because the speed of your consciousness defines your perception of time in space. Whereas personal experiences are often causing grave upheavals and reverberations in individuals with a low vibrational frequency, endowed with a high one, you are able to move lightly and freely through quickly changing experiences. Because as soon as you have made them, you are recognizing their essence within your own being and thus you are holding on to them for no longer than it is necessary in order for you to reach this self-recognition.
Therefore, practising non-attachment renders you free and light in passing through personal situations and even so-called difficult ones cannot tie you down and encumber you with sorrows.
All individualized consciousness is moving towards union with the God-source and in this process the vibrational frequency is constantly changing and developing. Although everyone is moving at a different speed towards this shared goal and is furthermore based upon his own current level of consciousness, it is possible to change ones frequency at will for a period of time. Meditation, for example, is one way of raising it temporarily above ones current average. Whereas harbouring malicious thoughts or base desires is rendering it lower.
Because everyone has his own individual frequency of vibration, when two people meet and wish to relate to each other, they have to find a common denominator in order to do so. It is easier for those of a higher consciousness to lower theirs to their partners level than for the other one to raise his to unused heights. So if you are not remaining consciously aware of yourself in a personal meeting with someone of a radically lower vibrational frequency, you will most probably lower yours in your desire to reach your opposite. But, of course, ideally, a common compromise is intuitively established between two parties. You can tell from you personal energy level after having related to another person whether you have stayed true to your own vibrational reality. If you are feeling happy and peaceful you will have met on common ground. If you are feeling tired and depleted, you have drastically lowered your own frequency. And if you are feeling lifted above your usual self, you have either been a guest to the higher realms of consciousness your opposite is used to experience or your shared connection has lifted you both beyond your usual scope of consciousness.

Thursday, 11 July 2013


It is admirable to know the wise sayings of others, but only your ability to live by their maxims with joyous ease day by day is a reflection of true greatness and wisdom.


I am and yet I am not, because the "I" which is saying "I am" is not that which is but a mere creation of that part of "me" which truly is.
You are you and yet you are not, because the "you", which I am perceiving is actually a mirror-image of the "me" which is thinking of itself as "I".
And so are we neither the "you" nor the "I", but both a creation of the One, which has differentiated into parts in order to consciously experience and know His self.


The inherent habit of the Ego-mind to think in clearly defined shapes and to perceive life in concrete forms alone, is endowing it with the valuable faculty of being able to differentiate between different shapes and forms. However, only once you have consciously recognized and resolved the fear in your Ego are you able to make observations concerning the differences in forms without simultaneously being judgemental about them and to see yourself either as inferior or superior in relation to the object of your attention. Someone living still identified with his Ego cannot perceive a difference between these two differing methods of approach because being caught in the fear-conditioned way of thinking all comparisons appear judging to him.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013


Words can be very powerful things because in their essence they are pure, undiluted force. The degree in which this force is being transmitted by a speaker/writer/thinker and felt by a reading/listening/thinking recipient solely depends upon how consciously and clearly the words in question are being formulated. But even if this be done in a highly unconscious state their force remains an undeniable and unavoidable fact, which creates an energetic reaction in some way. Whether this effect is of a positive or a negative kind depends upon the intent of purpose on part of the sender and whether it is registered as a positive or a negative influence depends upon the current personal state of the recipient.
Words are existing upon the mental level and thus generally travel via the rational thinking mind. Close attention must be paid to their contents, if the desired effect is to be of a positive kind, because only a wholly positive formula can produce a positive reaction and a negation in any shape or form is invariably perceived as a negative stimulus and therefore also creates such a reaction in the one experiencing the impact of the formulated words.
All negations are speaking directly to the Ego and its inherent fear. Whereas positive word-contents stimulate the Soul and love aspect of beings.

In view of the above mentioned it is no wonder that all the legislative scriptures are helping little to prevent wrongs from happening amongst the human population.
If symptoms of fear are to be eradicated from individual minds and the human collective, it must be done by love and positivity. Because these two qualities are bringing understanding and acceptance in their wake, which in turn are creating an unifying atmosphere.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Freedom is a natural by-product of unconditional love and everyone's birthright. No-one can give or take freedom from you alone are holding the power to become free here and now - forever. The only thing you have to do to attain personal freedom, is to let go of your fears, which are barring your way like a relentless, blood-thirsty hunting dog.


To question life is one of the Ego-minds essential functions. It has a positive and a negative way of functioning. Asking one-self questions and queering life and love are necessary to secure personal growth and expansion of consciousness, is to use it constructively. Whereas to doubt yourself, love and life is its destructive use and occurs in individuals who are hampered by fear. Although, of course, to a certain degree everyone, who has not yet reached an enlightened state, is afflicted by fear and thus in the danger of falling prey to moments of doubting. However in healthy individuals the will to survive and to reach the Light in the end always override their dark doubting side. The moment you stop being curious to learn still more about yourself, love and life, you start growing dead.
Have you ever observed how little children, who are in the process of learning to use the questioning function of their Ego-mind, lightly and joyously ask any question that crosses their m
To question life is one of the Ego-minds essential functions. However, like any other part of life in duality it has a positive and a negative way of functioning. Asking your-self questions and queering life and love are necessary to secure personal growth and expansion of consciousness, is to use it constructively. Whereas to doubt yourself, love and life is its destructive use and occurs in individuals who are hampered by strong personal fears. Of course, to a certain degree everyone, who has not yet reached an enlightened state, is afflicted by fear and thus in the danger of falling prey to moments of doubting. However in healthy individuals the will to survive and to reach the Light in the end always override their dark doubting side, while those in the grip of severe fear are spending most of their time on the dark side of their personal reality. But there is also another way of loosing your zest for life, which originates in fear, too, but one which is much less tangible. Namely prejudices, preconceived ideas etc. because they are also preventing you from questioning the moments of life that are happening to you.
Have you ever observed, how little children, who are still in the process of learning to use the questioning function of their Ego-mind and have not yet learned to react to the subtle, fear-inducing propaganda pervading modern society, lightly and joyously ask any question that crosses their mind? The more loving and the less critically minded their immediate environment is, the longer this innocent quality remains theirs. But most of them are losing the whole positive use of their Ego-mind once they have started school because there, they are being taught that some questions are "stupid". And, of course, no-one wants to be thought of as dumb... Moreover, by the time they are able to read they will most probably have begun to catch news head-lines etc.
The Ego's habit to be curious and to be always eager to learn still more about itself, love and life is, what keeps you growing and expanding your inherent potential.The moment you stop this habit, life looses its flavour.
So try to be aware of the nature of your thoughts and to intervene whenever you are coming across hindering ones standing in your way of expansion of consciousness.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


The reality of the physical plane and of personal life is created by thoughts which are being enlivened by emotions. Hence only clear motives produce clear results. And clear decisions are mostly products of the intuition because the Ego-mind riddled by instinctive fear of change is commonly unable to be clear on anything, save when it is trusting the voice of intuition and follows its instructions. Generally, the clearer you are in your decisions concerning changes in your personal life, the quicker and more easily they are coming into being. Even though at times from a rational view-point the aims of your intuitive decisions might appear far fetched and difficult to achieve, the necessary steps to turn them into factual reality simply arise as you move along your way in life. However, there are times when you are clear in the course upon you intend to take and still the reality of your exterior life appears to be reluctant to help you in manifesting your decisions of change because sometimes intuition can be ahead of horizontal time. In such times it is needful that you keep on trusting in your initial intuitive incentive and bide your time. Simply wait, try using your time productively in the meantime by looking upon it as a kind of holiday and do not let yourself be shaken in face of all the apparent difficulties barring your way.
Intuitive impulses which are leading you to take clear decisions and actions usually arise spontaneously and promote personal changes, growth and development. And unless you are in the habit of doubting your intuitive impulses, they are simple and clear in their objectives. If you are in the habit of following them trustingly you move through life's situations at an enormous speed and with a lightness of step.  Whereas if you are prone to doubt in your intuitive ideas for certain actions, you are spending a lot of your time dithering between options, constantly changing your intended course of action and generally spend a lot of time thinking over possible ways to act.The Ego being inherently suspicious of any intended changes, which are not its own thoroughly thought-over ideas, is apt to question/doubt your intuitive incentives and to put up a front against them if their possible results are found to be too threateningly unpredictable in its estimation. And doubting thoughts bring controversial emotions in their wake and thus obscure your once clear-cut intuitive perceptions and ideas.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013


In the chamber of the heart are reigning freedom, lightness of being and joy. There is a shining light, which is similar to that of the sun, but requires no physical eyes to be perceived. And still, it is lightening up the eyes of its beholder. The chamber of the heart is filled with pure love, which needs no senses to be witnessed. However it touches and brings fulfilment to the senses. In the heart there is peaceful silence and the words, which are speaking to you therefrom are of a crystalline clarity and are leaving you free, although they are passing through your mind like your personal thoughts do.

Monday, 1 July 2013


Personal enlightenment renders you consciously aware of the greater "you" existing behind the you of the Ego-mind. It is making you realize, that you are neither your thoughts, nor emotions nor your body, but the one experiencing these different levels of awareness. It lightens up your mind and changes its mode of functioning by bringing in a second stream of consciousness, one which is not identified with the thinking "I".
However, while this new state of consciousness is still new to you quite probably a little effort is required on your part to maintain it. Consciousness forever exists in the here-now making each moment of life is new, so to uphold your state of personal conscious awareness requires your continuous attention from each moment to the next. Until you have taught your mind to habitually stay attuned to your higher level of consciousness, the one of the unattached observer, instead of habitually switching back to the the "I"-identification. Once having achieved to centre your consciousness upon the higher level, you are free to use the "I"-mode of thinking at will and just as easily switch back again to its higher state.


Conscious awareness of something beautiful which exists unconnected to the desire of possessor-ship is rendering the beholder happy. So one of the innumerable ways of attaining to a personal state of unconditional happiness and bliss is to teach your-self to see the Divine beauty lying dormant within all living things and in each moment of life.