Sunday, 14 July 2013


All life is consciousness and its degree of purity, i.e. spirituality and proximity to the Universal God-source is deciding over its inherent vibrational frequency.
Upon a personal level this means, that the less you are attaching your-self to material things, emotions and ready-made thought structures and the more you focus upon self-less love and awareness, the higher the vibrational frequency of your personal consciousness. And the higher it is, the faster and easier you are moving through experiences within the boundaries of time and space. Also, the faster appears the passage of time in vertical reality to you because the speed of your consciousness defines your perception of time in space. Whereas personal experiences are often causing grave upheavals and reverberations in individuals with a low vibrational frequency, endowed with a high one, you are able to move lightly and freely through quickly changing experiences. Because as soon as you have made them, you are recognizing their essence within your own being and thus you are holding on to them for no longer than it is necessary in order for you to reach this self-recognition.
Therefore, practising non-attachment renders you free and light in passing through personal situations and even so-called difficult ones cannot tie you down and encumber you with sorrows.
All individualized consciousness is moving towards union with the God-source and in this process the vibrational frequency is constantly changing and developing. Although everyone is moving at a different speed towards this shared goal and is furthermore based upon his own current level of consciousness, it is possible to change ones frequency at will for a period of time. Meditation, for example, is one way of raising it temporarily above ones current average. Whereas harbouring malicious thoughts or base desires is rendering it lower.
Because everyone has his own individual frequency of vibration, when two people meet and wish to relate to each other, they have to find a common denominator in order to do so. It is easier for those of a higher consciousness to lower theirs to their partners level than for the other one to raise his to unused heights. So if you are not remaining consciously aware of yourself in a personal meeting with someone of a radically lower vibrational frequency, you will most probably lower yours in your desire to reach your opposite. But, of course, ideally, a common compromise is intuitively established between two parties. You can tell from you personal energy level after having related to another person whether you have stayed true to your own vibrational reality. If you are feeling happy and peaceful you will have met on common ground. If you are feeling tired and depleted, you have drastically lowered your own frequency. And if you are feeling lifted above your usual self, you have either been a guest to the higher realms of consciousness your opposite is used to experience or your shared connection has lifted you both beyond your usual scope of consciousness.

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