Tuesday, 9 January 2018


There is always a way out of any situation in life. If at times you feel there is none it is because you are staring straight ahead believing to be infallibly sure of your next step. Instead of allowing yourself the possibility to turn around a walk back a few steps from whence you came from and simply observe your prior position from this little distance. Or to look left and right instead of believing there is only one possible direction in which it is possible to walk on - or that you must go that way and no other for some reason.

Monday, 14 November 2016


We are all part of an integrated whole and as such share our unconscious as well as our conscious aspects of self.
To be blissfully living with our self and in the world transforms us to channels of love, peace and freedom. Therefore, in being consciously aware of the moment and its beauty we are naturally and effortlessly sharing with everyone that, which is most precious in life - love.

Saturday, 27 August 2016


By loving your self you grow more perfect with every day because your love endows you with the strength to face your imperfections and fears and it gives you the power to enlighten them by surrender.

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


If life and your existence for you is a kind of battle instead of a playful joyful dance, it means you have not yet learned to love your self and that you are still afraid to embrace your whole being. There is still the fear in you of being and expressing your self in love.
And if you believe you have found love in your self and wish to dance with it and yet experience the need to fight in any way to live according to your true being, it is because your trust in the love you have begun to experience in your self is not yet deep/real enough to you.


Your knowledge and wisdom are real and true if you are able to practically and consciously manifest them in your daily existence. To be truly wise is to be living in concious awareness of the reality of love and light here-now. Past experiences of fear no longer condition you and your inner freedom is refected in the fluidity and harmony of your movements in your self and in life.
For as long as knowledge and wisdom remain theoretical, they are only masks you wear and fear is what you actually know and live by.

Sunday, 7 August 2016


What does it mean to be truly respectful of another living being? It is to be aware of their way of being in the moment and allowing them to be this way without demanding or expecting of them anything else. You acknowledge their way of being and find your own way with it by being your self truthfully.
If you demand or desire respect of an other it is because you are afraid to accept their reality of the moment - and your own.
Also, you can seemingly respect each other from fear of facing the truth of who you both are and are together.
To be truly respectful is to be existing no longer in the reality in which respect or no respect exist. You are simply aware in your self and of life and beings around you and move in accordance and in a state of inner harmony with the reality of the energy of the present moment.

Friday, 5 August 2016


There is a kind of love which unifies and unites and one that renders us poignantly - at times even painfully - aware of boundaries, limitations and our separateness. The mastership of true loving is to attain the awareness of the first and to henceforth exist in this state even whilst passing through personal experiences of the love that separates.