Saturday, 29 June 2013


If the term "true" is being defined by stating, that it refers to something of everlasting worth, something which does not lose or change its value and if we furthermore remember, that upon the physical level of manifestation external appearances and situations are continually changing and our own personality(body/emotions/mind) , too, it ought to be clearly obvious, that  nothing is of true value, which is exclusively externally experienced/lived/realized/known.
Therefore knowledge and wisdom are only true, if they are actually being lived in the present moment. Whereas all theoretical knowledge and intellectual/ideological pursuit of wisdom theories by great masters are remaining purely superficial and ego-centred occupations, unless they are taken personally and are being put into actual practise and thus turned into interior truths.


There are two ways of loving - the one is making you feel whole and the other one incomplete. If you love with your heart, it is a fulfilling experience which is unconditional and knows no end. To love from the heart is lifting you out of your Ego-perspective and enables you to share in the Universal love which is connecting all forms of life. Whereas to love from the Ego you love from a purely personal level and thus your love usually depends upon another person and/or requires certain conditions in order to be pleasurable. Furthermore it is sure to end some day.

So if you long to find eternal love, teach yourself to love from the heart. Having learnt this and henceforth living your personal love in the light of the transcendental love will give you a sense of fulfilment and the times of feeling torn in half and unhappy by loving will be over.


Your daily occupation ought not be a necessary evil, an unavoidable drudgery performed for the sole reason to secure your living or a useful means to pass your time. On the contrary, your daily work tasks are a perfect way to express your individual gifts, to share them with your fellow beings and in the process to pay a valuable contribution to the sum total of created life. Work should be a conscious act of love and expression of your joy for life. In this way your daily occupation is lifting you up.
On the other hand, if you are working because you feel you have to because otherwise you would be unable to survive or because you are deriving your self-worth from it or because without it you would feel useless/bored/lost, your work is motivated by a fear in some way. Most probably you will feel drained by it, bogged down,  dissatisfied with your lot in life and you are hoping/believing, that if only you could do something else, you would find happiness... And of course, your inward resistance towards the actual facts of your present personal situation is not making it easier for you but only serves to strengthen your opposing feelings.
There are two possible ways to get out of such a dilemma. Either change your personal attitude towards your current occupation and try filling it with conscious awareness and gratitude that you are in a position to have a job at all. Or simply exchange whatever it is you are doing for the work you truly wish to do from the bottom of your heart. And if this is not so easily accomplished make at least a beginning of actually moving towards such an goal by taking the necessary action, instead of only dreaming about it.
But either way, most probably, change will not occur over night. However the deciding factor is to turn around and start walking consciously towards the light of love instead of continuing further in the direction of unhappiness and frustration. Because this act of self-awareness alone can ultimately bring you to a state of being in which you are able to joyously work in love. Once you have achieved to such a state it no longer really matters to you what is you are actually doing because all your actions have the power to fulfil you.

Friday, 28 June 2013


It is interesting to observe, that although in theory living a peaceful, happy and fulfilled life is extremely simple - requiring nothing on your part save to live in love and respect towards yourself and your fellow beings - in actual practise this can be quite difficult to achieve.
Of course, the hindering part is the Ego-mind with its fear based reactions towards the life it is encountering and its preconceptions and theories of how it should be.
Love, happiness, peace and fulfilment can only be found and lived in the present moment which in itself is very simple. Complications only arise when the Ego-mind with its irrational fears is brought into play.
So the less fear you are (unconsciously) harbouring within you the simpler your personal life is becoming because the better you are able to remain in conscious awareness of the here-now with neither thoughts of the past and future nor preconceived notions of how it should rather be instead of accepting how it actually is.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013


If you truly love all your problems and personal difficulties disappear because all so-called problems arise from the belief in separateness. Love is a uniting force and naturally and effortlessly simplifies your personal existence. Thus to truly love makes you blissfully aware of the all-encompassing unity of all forms of life and makes you feel entirely at one with it. If, on the other hand, your love should render your life more complicated it is not love but misplaced desire caused by unresolved feelings. Therefore any desire, besides the craving after union with God, is invariably connected to your past and hints at personal issues to be resolved within the self.
Even in cases where your desire is projected onto another person, making you believe that you are unable to resolve it on your own and that the other person is actually responsible for the way you are feeling. Although the present desire might indeed be caused by a shared past incarnation, which has served to intertwine the destinies of your souls, it is still your own unresolved feelings, which are causing your instinctual reactions. Reaction is only where there is a personal attachment of some sort. And, of course, no one but yourself can provoke any changes in the way your feelings are behaving, i.e., what you attach yourself to. The only way to rid yourself of a hindering/an unwanted desire, is to resist the temptation to fulfil it and instead to enlighten it with your conscious awareness until it loses its power over you. Whereas giving in to emotional or physical lusts and to indulge in them only serves to ad to the power they are exerting over you. Even though, by giving in to certain desires they appear to be satisfied and gone afterwards. But this is misleading for whatever you are paying attention to gains more force because your personal attachment is being strengthened by it.

Monday, 10 June 2013


While there are several factors of both a personal and social character, which are promoting the (sub-)conscious desire for a steady relation-ship and belief in peoples minds, that to have a partner for "keeps" is the ultimate solution to all of their life's difficulties. The main one appears to be the idea, that to be happily matched in a love relation-ship would act as a safe-guard from life's haphazardly occurring changes and also from personal insecurities and doubts. Certainly, a well-balanced partner-ship which is built upon mutual feelings of love and respect and similar interests can indeed absorb blows of fate and assimilate material losses and even pass the test of time and last through personal changes. Whereas those individuals, who are passing through life without steady partner because they have not found their "perfect" mate may indeed be buffeted about more by life's fluctuations. But anyone believing that the love of another living being would give them automatically and unfailingly security in themselves and stability in life will have to wake up some day to find that this is not true. For only the unconditional love to be found and cultivated within your own heart towards your own multi-dimensional being can ultimately bring you this desired security. However not in the shape you have imagined it to be because while you thought that love would shield you from life's inevitable changes and personal losses, it does no such thing. But if you have discovered your Divine essence within your own heart and rest in this state of love, haphazard strokes of fate and material incertitudes cease to seem threatening to your inherent sense of security and deep-founded trust towards yourself and your own existence. This way of loving is turning your heart into the safe port you have been hopelessly longing after to be given by others and been futilely looking to find in your relation-ships.

Sunday, 9 June 2013


Love Is. If a love fades away it has not been true love but only a preconceived notion of love.
Love is life it-self.
Life Is. And if on the physical level seemingly dies, it is merely the death/disintegration of its outward appearance. Life it-self continues to exist - it has simply withdrawn to the spiritual levels of manifestation.

Friday, 7 June 2013


Everyone, who has ever consciously watched a flower evolve from a small bud into a resplendent blossom, knows that in the course of its development it is growing more beautiful, more colourful and brilliant by each passing day. It is the flower's experience of the refreshing rain, the warming rays of sunshine, the nourishing soil and the enlivening air, which is rendering this beauteous miracle of life possible.
The life of human individuals who have balanced out their personal existence in the sphere of dense matter by conscious awareness of its spiritual counterpart and origin, resembles the development of a blossoming flower. The awareness of the spiritual reality and greater laws of life is allowing them to accept each moment as it comes and are thus capable of passing through their personal experiences with a loving "yes" in their heart and mind. And even though their bodies are growing old and finally wither away, through their acceptance of all of their experiences each passing day their personality is growing forever more brilliant, colourful and sparkling until their last day on earth.
Whereas those, who are fighting against the reality of their life are like flowers who carry all the potential to grow big and beautiful, but are refusing to absorb the falling rain, hide away from the caring sun, pull in their roots and are holding their breath....


Fixed expectation of a certain thing or happening gives you the impression, that both time is standing still and that the moments until the desired thing finally comes seem tiresome, pointless or even downright dreary. Because waiting and expectation as such are causing an inner tenseness, which spreads and thus affects its surroundings. There is a positive and a negative kind of tension but in many peoples lives the negative kind appears to occur more frequently. And even if you yourself have resolved all tendencies towards actively experiencing negative tensions in your thoughts and emotions, you can hardly help coming into touch with other peoples energy fields. Just think of a queue in a supermarket or traffic jams... So in everyday life there are inevitably situations occurring in which you are being forced to wait - possibility surrounded by others who are tensed up about it or even yourself feeling stressed by it. However what you are doing with the tension you are sensing in yourself and/or the one in your environment is entirely up to you.
Either way, there is a very simple and powerful way to turn such tensed up situations from stressful moments into up-liftig experiences. Joy and especially joy, which is being shared has a transforming power. If joy, which in itself has a releasing effect on tension, is being brought to act upon tension it is dissolved into a sparkling firework of happiness. Moreover is joy making you forgetful of time and the fact that you are actually awaiting something. So the choice is yours, whether you wish to turn your life into a pleasurable experience by employing each situation of tension to create positivity.

To illustrate this - take a crowded platform at a train station, where the train is due late for an uncertain period of time and everyone is irritated and impatient about this. And in addition they are also silently antagonistic towards the other waiting travellers because they are imagining them taking away their coveted seat on the train to arrive.
In such moments, time seems to be standing still and even if the delayed train does finally arrive, no one can feel gladness at this because they are too deeply immersed in their negative emotions and thoughts. In fact their irritation would probably even be increased because now they are no longer able to breathe fresh air, which has a calming effect of the nerves, but are instead shut in and in even closer proximity to their fellow passengers than before.
But how different can such a situation turn out, if one of the waiting passengers on the platform suddenly starts laughing for him-self at the whole scenario? Or if two of them get talking to each other making fun about it and laughing to together or about any other shared joy? Joy and amusement would spread amongst the waiting crowd and all of them could momentarily forget their unpleasant situation. And once the train finally arrives, they would all board it as a group, all happily relieved  and peacefully inclined towards their fellow passengers, even towards those who are "taking away" their seat.