Friday, 7 June 2013


Fixed expectation of a certain thing or happening gives you the impression, that both time is standing still and that the moments until the desired thing finally comes seem tiresome, pointless or even downright dreary. Because waiting and expectation as such are causing an inner tenseness, which spreads and thus affects its surroundings. There is a positive and a negative kind of tension but in many peoples lives the negative kind appears to occur more frequently. And even if you yourself have resolved all tendencies towards actively experiencing negative tensions in your thoughts and emotions, you can hardly help coming into touch with other peoples energy fields. Just think of a queue in a supermarket or traffic jams... So in everyday life there are inevitably situations occurring in which you are being forced to wait - possibility surrounded by others who are tensed up about it or even yourself feeling stressed by it. However what you are doing with the tension you are sensing in yourself and/or the one in your environment is entirely up to you.
Either way, there is a very simple and powerful way to turn such tensed up situations from stressful moments into up-liftig experiences. Joy and especially joy, which is being shared has a transforming power. If joy, which in itself has a releasing effect on tension, is being brought to act upon tension it is dissolved into a sparkling firework of happiness. Moreover is joy making you forgetful of time and the fact that you are actually awaiting something. So the choice is yours, whether you wish to turn your life into a pleasurable experience by employing each situation of tension to create positivity.

To illustrate this - take a crowded platform at a train station, where the train is due late for an uncertain period of time and everyone is irritated and impatient about this. And in addition they are also silently antagonistic towards the other waiting travellers because they are imagining them taking away their coveted seat on the train to arrive.
In such moments, time seems to be standing still and even if the delayed train does finally arrive, no one can feel gladness at this because they are too deeply immersed in their negative emotions and thoughts. In fact their irritation would probably even be increased because now they are no longer able to breathe fresh air, which has a calming effect of the nerves, but are instead shut in and in even closer proximity to their fellow passengers than before.
But how different can such a situation turn out, if one of the waiting passengers on the platform suddenly starts laughing for him-self at the whole scenario? Or if two of them get talking to each other making fun about it and laughing to together or about any other shared joy? Joy and amusement would spread amongst the waiting crowd and all of them could momentarily forget their unpleasant situation. And once the train finally arrives, they would all board it as a group, all happily relieved  and peacefully inclined towards their fellow passengers, even towards those who are "taking away" their seat.

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