Monday, 30 July 2012


Have you ever wondered why any mountain or hill seen from a distance, for at least a short time every day, looks blue? No matter whether it is of red, grey or black stone or even covered by green trees or trees with a coloured or no foliage at all?
And have you ever noticed that the colours in stones wet from the rain become darker and more luminous whereas their white marks, or entirely white stones, actually become lighter in colour?


To believe yourself or your behaviour to be selfless is a sign of the Ego; whereas to act selflessly proves true selflessness.
Whenever you are believing yourself to be something in particular- no matter what this may be- it is your Ego speaking. However if you are something without thinking about it, it is true.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Intelligence of the mind, which is not coupled and harmoniously balanced with an intelligence of the heart is lifeless and loveless.
In an individual it tends to create loneliness, aridity and staleness. Mental intelligence, undiluted by the principle of higher love, applied upon a collective level, i.e. in the form of nuclear or genealogical sciences, becomes even life-destructive.


We are soloing pilgrims and parts of a connected collective both at the same time.
By consciously recognizing this truth within yourself, you will henceforth be feeling yourself carried and embraced by the union of creation in moments of solitude. And aware of your singular uniqueness at times spent in the company of others.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Life is not about getting anywhere but about arriving. Usually physical death is being circumscribed as a "returning home". If you achieve to find your Inner home, the place of harmony and silence, you do not need to have to wait until your decease before you may rest in peace, but will be resting henceforth within your own heart's centre in the Divine tranquillity while still living in earthly life.
So rather than to strive for material achievements and accomplishments, seek to find your Inner centre of Love and Light. Worldly goods may be coming to you and you may collect a wealth of personal accomplishments along your path there- or you might not. However regardless of your outward circumstances, you will be experiencing a fullness of Life and Love.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Indeed, the most charming aspect of life and Mother Nature lies in their capacity to show forth beauty in the most improbable places and unexpected moments. And still, generally our Ego minds prefer the predictable and rational and is afraid of changes and tends to believe itself capable to change things from the outside.
Since it is the nature of the Ego Mind to generally believe in first appearances it is hardly surprising that it needs repeated reminding that the centre of all growth lies on the inside of things and that changes likewise can only happen from within. The mind likes to rationalize and predict everything, life on the other hand is very irrational and unpredictable.
As it is written in the Bible: "In the beginning was the Word..." and thoughts are the subtle forms of words. And since you are your own world, so to speak, your thoughts are determining your world/your life.
 The following equation might make it easier for you to instil in your beliefs the fact that the key to all desired changes lies within your own self, namely your own way of thinking.
Life = change = development (growth/decay)

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Try to give each day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life so far. Not by comparing each of its moment to the one you have experienced before, but by savouring it as if you had nothing else in the world. For indeed, actually you do not posses anything else save the present moment anyway. Here-now is the only time you can truly call your own, anything else are either your subjective memories of the past or projections of a possible future.


Divine force vibrating at different levels of frequency underlie all forms of life. Each existing form has its individual inherent vibrational frequency, which is determining its appearance. Vibrations are created by the experiences each Spiritual atom of consciousness is passing though upon its journey through the different levels of existence in the Divine consciousness. The more experiences it makes, the more intricate are becoming its patterns of kinetic stresses and energetic inter-relation-ships and thus also its capacity for reactions. The more individualized, the greater the personal choice of action/reaction and the greater the personal responsibility.
In the light of this fact, viewing what scientific researchers are telling us, namely that our appearances are determined by our genes and the DNA, one has to add that the DNA is only a product of our accumulated experiences and therefore not really the root, the determining factor. Also so-called family resemblances accordingly are not so much created by a shared gene pool but are rather a product of a similar history of individual experiences. Which aids to throw light on the phenomenon of striking family resemblances between two seemingly completely unrelated individuals.


"Accept the things you can not change, change the things you can and recognize the difference" has once been said by some wise person.
Applying this practically to everyday life one could say. "Shape yourself and consequently you own life, too, according to your personal ideals and let your fellow men/women do likewise for themselves. Do not interfere with their ideals, actions, ways of behaviour etc. For one thing because you cannot change their ways anyhow and for another because by finding fault with them in any way, either openly or just covertly to yourself, you are not only giving away valuable energy which you ought rather use for your own progress through life but are also causing disharmony within yourself and for whoever/whichever situation it is you might be criticizing.
True change can only be evoked from within and from there reach outwards. Therefore no amount of trying to rectify other people's ways by actions or accusations on your part is going to bring about any changes.
So your focus should lie in differentiating between your own responsibilities and those of your fellow men/women and to aim at increasing your capacity to give and receive Love selflessly.


Are you in the habit of feeling pressurized by other people/your job/your family/financial circumstances etc.?
Well, stop letting yourself be pressurized by them by ceasing to put yourself under pressure. Instead relax more and go after your daily business in more tranquillity of mind. No one and nothing has the power to put you under pressure save yourself. All stress and hurry are self-created.
To illustrate this I am giving you one example. Bearing in mind that the axiom:  "As above- so below" is applicable to all levels of existence, let us look at the physical level because it usually shows things most transparently.
No-one can tense your bodily muscles for you- you have to tighten them yourself. And the same applies to the emotional/mental levels of your being, where stress is usually felt the most. Of course, the latter two are much more subtle and intangible than the physical level, thus making them harder to consciously be aware of and more difficult to control and command. However you might be feeling


Innocence is a word which is being frequently used. Yet have you ever wondered what its true sense might be? Innocence seems to be best described as a state of being in which one's state of mind is unaffected by either past experiences or ideas about how things should/could be. Instead one takes life at its face value and reacts unprejudiced to whatever one meets with therein.
Mother Nature and little children are naturally innocent. The first because She does not posses a mind capable of remembrance and thinking, the latter because they have not yet learned how to consciously employ theirs.
That which is of innocence is also of truth, beauty, love and light. If you can re-become like a little child you will re-discover the beauty of life, which is really just another word for love and light.

Friday, 13 July 2012


To live in a healthy love-relationship and to maintain it thus, is difficult enough. And  throughout your time together- not only in the first few heady weeks- you should be loving and accepting your partner just the way he/she is- without any "buts" and "ifs". Due to the individual differences unavoidably existing between your different personalities soon enough you will discover the issues between you that require especial compromises from both sides. However even when these required compromises and sacrifices are many, your love and respect for the other party ought to remain intact and unblemished by them. Never should you say -or just even think to yourself: " I would love you still, but..." or: "I would love you better if only..."
Should you ever be catching yourself voicing words along these lines it is better to either let go of the relationship in question or work at your attitude to ameliorate it because to condition your love thus will only bring unhappiness and disillusionment to one or both of you ere long. This kind of loving is not True Love but living out the ego's idea of love, which at best its is self-gratification and destructive to the True Love that truly can exist between two individuals.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Giving up all your beliefs and convictions about who and what think you are is going to set you free to become who and what you truly are; a Divine Child of Love and Light.


Any unresolved regret you may be harbouring will be weighing you down when your time comes to leave this present incarnation. Which is one of the reasons why you should always try doing your utmost at seizing each opportunity life presents you with to manifest love and to live each moment as if it were you last in every respect.
The more fully your are achieving this, the freer you will become with each passing day, because you are no longer accumulating additional regrets about chances of love left to pass unrealized. Also because unspent emotions, unspoken words and undone actions are acting like dead weights upon the Soul, hindering its growth and progress through life.


Since our mind draws its very life force from its capacity to memorize and remember things it is inevitable that we will time and time again be confronted by recollections of our so-called past and foregone experiences.
However there are two fundamentally different ways to deal with the power of memory and ability to remember one's past. The one is to view ones prior experiences as a life-restricting weight one has to carry, one that gets heavier by each passing day. The other is to see your past experiences as a wealth of treasures, which are adding to your beauty, rendering your life richer and fuller by each passing moment.
If each experience you make in life is likened to a sea-shell containing a pearl hidden inside, I would say onto you:
Turn yourself into a pearl-seeker and collector, who discards the empty shells once he has found and extracted its hidden treasure. Do not hold on to the emptied shell for even though some of them might look enticingly beautiful and appear light weighing, eventually they will make you feel their load and in occupying your hands hinder you from picking up new ones that are still bearing a pearl. And the pearls you are finding inside the shells of experiences may differ greatly in size, colour and hue, may prove difficult at times to extract from their encumbering shells but in all instances they are always going to constitute a lesson of (self-)love and (self-)awareness.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012


Selflessness is being preached by many and yet a few only are actually truly practising it. However there are again many who are believing and calling themselves selfless, whereas they are in fact self-denying- which is another matter altogether. True selflessness is only possible once you have attained a personal state of enlightened existence in which you are no longer living out your Ego's idea of reality but are in the awareness of the principle of love underlying all aspects life. The Ego only knows self-denial or self-gratification, even though it might call either of them selflessness to itself and the world. True selflessness arises from the recognition and understanding of the Greater Picture and inter-connectedness of all life, whereas the latter is caused by the Ego's belief in separation. The conscious self-recognition which includes the awareness of your Ego, allows you to rise above it and to act selflessly from this higher perspective. While being still caught up in the belief that you are what your Ego is telling you all acts of so-called selflessness invariably bring repercussions of regret or accusation either directed at yourself/life/others in their wake.


There are two ways of being self-critical. The first one is deconstructive and weakening, the second one constructive and to the effect of fortifying your self-acceptance. The first one has its roots in the Ego and arises from a lack of love and compassion towards yourself. Therefore it causes you to doubt in yourself/your abilities/other people/the reason for living etc. It serves to undermine your trust in life as a whole, filling you with despair and hopelessness, while at the same time actually strengthening your Ego's initial inferiority complex.
Whereas the second way of being critical of yourself is motivated by the Higher Self. It is loving and compassionate despite its aim to lay bare to the light of your awareness your own possible short-comings and weaknesses. It is an attempt of rising above your Lower Self in order to widen your self-knowledge and to gain more objectivity. It requires  a certain amount of love and acceptance of yourself to start with. However the honest seeker is rewarded by an increase in those two qualities through the deepened understanding of the Self and life.

Monday, 9 July 2012


Although the quality of a product partly depends upon its purity of origin, the more important factor for its distinction is the particular care and attention it has received in the course of its production and handling.
The same applies to personal experiences. Although in part the kind of experience one makes in life is undoubtedly a deciding factor in the formation of one's character, what is even more decisive is the attitude and the degree of conscious awareness in which they are being lived through.


One of the many advantages a regular Hatha Yoga practice affords you with, is its potential to teach you how to attain to a state of inner harmony regardless of your exterior circumstances in life.
It teaches you to learn how to find the balance between activity and passivity, thus rendering them into a complete whole.
Its foundation are the conscious breath patterns and breathing techniques upon which the physical exercises are built. Actively inhaling fully and deeply, while maintaining physical receptivity, is complimented by the exhalation which is of passive nature, a letting go while simultaneously a state of physical alertness is being maintained. This way of breathing could be called an active surrender to the flow of life and breath passing through you.
The Asana (physical poses) afford the opportunity to practice this same principle upon yet a different level. And although you should strive to stretch your personal physical boundaries in the various poses, which naturally require conscious mental participation, simultaneously you are to remain soft, passive and receptive towards their positive effects on the physiological, mental and emotional levels.
Plus, in a class situation despite having to follow the teacher's instructions your practice ought to be in accordance with the guidelines your inner teacher(intuition) is giving you at the same time, which are of a much more subtle nature and define your personal ideal of any given exercise.
This kind of harmonious balance between the inner and outer life, activity and receptivity will through repeated practice by and by turn into your natural state of being, accompanying your every step and action in life. Thus living your life in an attitude of active surrender and servitude towards the Divine guidance speaking through the voice of your intuition, you are becoming a creative participant in the creation and unfoldment of your Divine Self.