Sunday, 24 June 2012


There are numerous ways to define Personal Enlightenment. One possible way besides describing it as a state in which you are consciously and effortlessly aware of the Divine essence lying hidden within all parts of life, would be to say that you have woken up to the fact that you are the creator of your own reality, hence your own life. Meaning that you always have the choice of whether you want to let your awareness rest upon the dark or the light side of the life happening within you and outside of you. And because you have largely eradicated the darkness from your own nature you are naturally letting it rest rather on the bright side. Putting it differently, you have realized your choice between looking at life with the eyes of the Heart or the ones of the Ego-Mind. And although at times you might still chose to experience latter, it is now done in the awareness that it was your own choice to do so. You have assumed utter responsibility for your own state of being upon all levels of existence.


In an earlier post I wrote about heart and star-shapes regularly occurring in Nature. Even more frequently you can find forms of circles and triangles.
An equal sided triangle within a circle is the pictorial image of the first concrete form that has been built in the course of Creation. Therefore it is little surprising that these two shapes should be visibly present in nature almost everywhere one turns its eyes to. The actual meaning of these two shapes, which man has endowed them with, echo their significance. Circle stands for the Whole and triangle for Fire. Spirit is being equalled to Fire and the circle to Creation. The Eternal Spiritual Fire living within Creation is the original Creator of all successive forms.


Deducing the definition of the word “romance” from the way this expression is habitually employed by most people, one could define it as an active recognition and appreciation of the beauty and light side to life and in Mother Nature on part of the romantically minded beholder.
Therefore by awakening to the Divine Truth underlying all created things you are turned into a natural romantic.


Once you have awoken to the Divine Essence responsible for all forms of life, you cannot but help loving each single moment it affords you with and to be grateful even, or especially, for its personally challenging times. Because you have recognized their inherent potential to unlock hidden potential for growth within you and through it to heighten your capacity to love.


In linguistic expressions often hide a wealth of wisdom. So it is with the following words: “By force of habit”.
By consciously forming personal constructive habits, you are unlocking a powerful force within your own nature that enhances your capacity for self-realization, enlightenment and love.


Change is beautiful because life is equal to change.
Human nature is exceedingly contradictory. Although it fears changes, in many ways it is also dependent upon them and even desires them at times.
The human mind can only appreciate things, which are new to it, and because it quickly gets habituated to what it regularly comes into touch with, it soon fails to actively register its surroundings. Meaning it does not notice the changes taking place therein and therefore becomes mostly blind to the changes actually happening.
Therefore to see the beauty in life one has to remain aware of life’s continuous changes.
Upon entering into the constant awareness of the Divine behind and within all forms of life, you naturally come to notice life’s incessant changes and therefore perceive the beauty everywhere - even in the things your rational-thinking mind likes to find faults with.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


To miss or to lose things/situations/people/places etc. exists exclusively in the reality of the Ego. They arise from the belief that life is finite.
Therefore to miss/lose a chance, which will not present it-self to you again, is only possible in the dimension of space and time to which your physical body is bound to, however even there this is relative because if you do not limit yourself in your own thinking you might get another opportunity after all. Although the aging of your physical body is a reality, which of course does present limits to a certain degree, even there you can do certain things to maintain its youthfulness (- and I am not talking about facial lifting and anti-wrinkle cream;-) But more along the lines of yoga practices, healthy diet etc.).
 Upon the emotional and mental level the passage of time is determined by your personal beliefs and attitude of thinking and provided you are keeping a young and flexible mind you might feel the same whether in an old or young body. Therefore you can get another chance at any anything and any time to experience something in particular if you missed it the first time round. And upon the Spiritual level chances are never lost and every single moment you are getting another one.
And yet- how often are you telling/thinking to yourself. “I have lost the chance to…” or: “This was my only chance and I missed it!”
All the marketing strategies are working upon this false belief and are actually strengthening it in people’s way of thinking by their campaigns which are almost exclusively based along the lines of “Now or never” and: “tomorrow will be too late”.
If you change your own way of thinking and cease to identify yourself exclusively with your physical body, you will be feeling a lot more relaxed in many situations which formerly made you regretful/disappointed/sad/hurried due to a so-called “missed chance”.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


When you have found your inner home the outer one ceases to matter the way it used to do, because you are now resting in an inward sanctuary. Residing within this inward place of peace and harmony, possible chaos and storms in your outward life do no longer trouble you, nor disturb you serene tranquillity. In your newly found position you are able to view them with an uninvolved detachment of Mind, Emotions and Senses, which enables you to recognize the deeper reason for their occurence in your life.
Living in this way, others might judge you cold or unfeeling and some might even try to get you involved by provoking you with verbal attacks and extreme actions. However because you have ceased to be rooted in your personality, having shifted your consciousness up to the individuality level, with you their attempts fall upon barren ground and eventually they give up.
Functioning upon the identity level what formerly seemed like provocations to you now represent challenges, which serve to strengthen rather than weaken your position at the heart centre of your being.


All forms of life are created by repetitious movements in space, which in turn give rise to forms upon its levels of existence. Development and growth occur when these patterns evolve within themselves and are thus becoming more intricate.
The expression: “To get rid of a habit” is very misleading because it makes you believe that it is indeed possible to do so, whereas in actual fact it is not. Habit can only be overcome by habit. And unless your new habit is formed out of a more enlightened awareness than the old one was, the replacement will not constitute a step forward in personal consciousness development but only a treading on the spot causing the existing rut to become deeper.

Monday, 18 June 2012


I have often heard it being said and indeed I have had the thought myself upon occasion, that it is easy for us Westerners living in an affluent and protected environment, in which there is neither life-threatening suffering and hardships nor elemental catastrophes on a large scale to be endured, to be grateful for the abundance of life’s riches. Easy for us to enjoy the various amenities and pleasures it affords us. However to this I would reply: all the more reason that we should appreciate and make the most of it in a grateful attitude of mind. Due to the natural, all-pervading law that like calls forth like, it is actually our duty to enjoy and appreciate these easy-going conditions we were born in order to create as much joy in the collective as possible. This is the surest and indeed the only way to relieve the suffering of the masses. To suffer with them in empathy or to rail against the injustice of it and to condemn the apparently responsible parties for the misery in the world only serves to multiply the existing darkness. Whereas loving compassion towards the suffering, prayer and a mindful attitude towards oneself, Mother Nature and ones immediate fellow beings, are effective remedies to alleviate suffering and to bring light and love into the darkness in this world of ours.


Our true nature is Light and our natural state of being is Love. In the spheres of duality in which we exist while in human incarnation, conscious recognition through personal experience in one way or another is necessary in order for us to realize the opposite side to anything. Life moves in cycles and like a pendulum swings from one extreme to the other until through conscious awareness it comes to a standstill at the centre in which the opposing sides are united.
Freedom and Liberty are states of Mind. They exist independent of whether they are being directly reciprocated by ones personal environment or not.
It appears as if the suffering taking place in the world is/was necessary to the humanity as a collective in order for its single units to wake up to their true states of being, which is Light and Love. Upon a national level this can best be observed in the nations that have in earlier epochs enjoyed the greatest amount of outward freedom and liberty. This has called forth a contrary reaction in the collective, which is to be resolved and can only be transformed by the awakening of each of its individuals.


Spiritual growth and expansion can only happen through love. Love is food for the soul, it creates a nurturing and stabilizing environment in which it can take root and expand. Spirituality can be likened to a flower, which requires the warm rays of loving attention in order to be able to prosper and blossom. If the love it receives is mainly bestowed from outward sources it might hesitatingly unfurl its petals for short moments in time. However, if the love is flowing from the inward source centred in the heart, it turns into a uniquely delightful, eternal flower, whose beauty, intricacy and magnificence increase with time passing.

Saturday, 16 June 2012


 Love and Light permeate the whole of the Divine Creation. Appearing in manifold shapes and forms, which are determined by the level of density of their existence. Upon the densest one- the earthly sphere- Love is expressed by heart-shapes, Light by star-shapes.
If you know how to look you will find them re-occurring everywhere in your life, in almost all living/growing things that is (stones included!). Seeing life in this awareness of manifested Love and Light has the power to turn your everyday surroundings into a magical world full of wonders.
To give you a few hints: observe the lines inside a tomato- depending upon how you are cutting it there are hidden stars as well as hearts. The same goes for apples. There are stars inside carrots, hearts in the stems of fennel, hearts in the leaves of clover and lime trees, etc.
Only the other day I discovered a tiny white heart- instead of another of its usual dots,- on the skin of a green cucumber...

However the reason for my talking about the visual presence of the Divine expressions lies deeper.
I believe that in times of emotional upheaval/doubts/physical suffering you can gain comfort and reassurance from these small manifestations of God's Love for you and use them as reminders of the underlying truth, which is all-pervading Light.


We are nothing but sojourners upon this planet who for the duration of our visitation have been lent a physical body in order to be able to experience its sphere of life. Our souls are pilgrims travelling through space and time, aquiring Divine knowledge along their passage through the different spheres of Light. They have been sent forth by their Divine Spark in order to be ultimately reunited with it after they have completed their cycle of evolution and involution.
Because most souls, who are currently incarnated in a human body, have forgotten that in truth they are a complete unit in them-selves, they are vainly searching for their complimentary other halves. However enlightened individuals know that all they can ever hope to find is someone of polarizing energy who physically represents their as yet hdden, because still unrealized, other side. The fact that in their partner they are able to daily witness their own latent potential manifested, can faciliate personal expansion of consciousness, provided one does not get lost and tangled upon the lower levels of being.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


Life's moments are like butterflies. Beautiful, colourful, entrancingly fascinating and their ways exceedingly unpredictable. However their magic lasts only for as long as you leave them to flutter from flower to flower the way they please. Anyone who has ever tried capturing one and succeeding in it, pinned it down, knows that they lose their vibrant colours and their power to fascinate quickly. In doing so you are soon left with a withering piece of dust that falls to pieces between your hands if you attempt to recapture or hold on to its passing splendour and unique liveliness.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


In order to reach Spiritual Heights and to safely remain there without falling back into darkness after the sojourn in the regions of the Light, you have to be well grounded in matter and master of the elements within your own nature. Because climbing Spiritual Heights is raising your vibration and increasing the force flowing through you. It is of vital importance therefore that you clear up your personal blockages in the emotional, physical and mental set-up prior to Spiritual mountaineering or else take it slow and release your "weights" while going along. You should ensure that the passage is clear -otherwise the situation may turn out quite contrary to what you expected. Heightened vibrations can cause devastating havoc in a personality who has still unresolved emotional, mental and physical issues.


All life can be reduced to vibration. Vibration in one of its parts calls forth a similar vibration in the ones surrounding it.
In expecting something in particular your are limiting your personal vibration to a limited pitch and thus effectively narrow down the field of possibilities.
By living in a state of constant expectations towards yourself, others and life in general you are likely to experience more disappointment than fulfilment. Because inward limitation inevitably calls forth limitation externally.
Furthermore, in expecting definite things you are blinding yourself to the reality that is actually happening to you.
And even though you might be given riches you do not recognize them not as such because they are not presenting themselves to you in the exact shape you expected them to appear.


If you do not love yourself as you are you cannot love anyone else either. If you are feeling uncertain of yourself and in doubt of your own worth, the world will appear a threatening place to you. However, the world just IS and it is only you who is turning it into something of a particular kind by your personal beliefs, attitudes and expectations concerning it. To give you a metaphor:
Colours simply are colours. It is your personal awareness of them and the associations you are drawing, which is turning them into something definite to you.
Parts of life, which your mind has not yet associated with anything it already knows or believes to know is free to express itself and shine with its individuality.


The more pure your mind and senses and the more self-less your motives in life, the more direct and unambiguous become your actions. And the more transparent will be your outward circumstances and the more balanced your state of mind.
Having attained to such a state of being, although you might still be hearing about  darkness and fear from others and occasionally meet with it, it will no longer get a grip on you and affect you subconsciously.
But rather, because it has now become part of your wealth of personal experiences through conscious recognition and acceptance of its presence in your past, you are now in a position to view it from a safe distance and offer your light to others upon their path.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


If your love is making you feel lonely, isolated or frustrated it is not love that you are experiencing but only an illusion of love. Whereas true love is an experience of a connecting quality, causing a sensation of fulfilled happiness arising from the heart centre enveloping your whole being with a warm glow.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


Cynicism is an impenetrable façade created by the Ego behind which an initially sensitive person has locked himself up in the futile attempt of trying to avoid further disappointment and emotional pain. However instead of granting protection for the little (self-)love there is left, it is actually destroying even this because the poisoning arrows shot from cynicism are hitting both ways- outwardly and inwardly. Which is why cynics usually grow harder and more bitter with each passing day. The only chance for them to return to life and love is to let down their shield of cynicism and to allow themselves to become soft and vulnerable again.