Saturday, 22 September 2012


The ability to be able to laugh at your own follies and weaknesses, is rendering you perfectly loveable in spite of these personal imperfections.

Friday, 21 September 2012


By losing your fear of death you are becoming alive. The willingness to let go your hold of everything renders you strong to lovingly and trustingly embrace and overcome any lesson life may be bringing you.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


If you are one with the Love, conscious of the in Light and trusting towards and within yourself, silence and aloneness are your friends. They are a kind of sanctuary to you in which your love expands still further, your light grows brighter, your trust and understanding deepen.
Whereas if you are lacking in love and self-awareness, doubting in yourself, you are feeling lonely and believe silence to be fiendish. They appear like a kind of hell in which you have to fight for love, neither understanding life nor feeling understood yourself in fear to be left alone.


Through you
I am seeing me
Through me
you can see you
In each of us
and together
we find Love
You and me are we
who are both parts
of the One
who lies beyond
you and me
slumbering in everyone
the One who is Love.

Monday, 10 September 2012


To question yourself/your words/actions/thoughts/beliefs etc., other people or any other part of life is motivated by a curiosity and openness towards life. Showing itself in whoever or whatever it is you are questioning. Its effect is usually an enhanced understanding of the nature of life, extended love of it through yourself and a widened perspective. Thus leading to personal growth and development of conscious awareness.
Whereas to doubt in yourself/life/others in any way is rooted in a fear of the Ego and a lack of self-love. It only serves to further undermine your faith and love in yourself and whatever/whoever it is you are doubting. To doubt narrows down your conscious awareness, cuts yourself off from the natural flow of life and love, rigidifies your already existing fear-based prejudices and generally ends in accusation and condemnation -either directed at yourself or projected upon something/someone else.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Personal future can only happen if you are surrendering yourself to the present moment free from expectations. Future is synonymous with making new experiences, which are creating development and unfoldment of consciousness by deepening your self-awareness. Whereas by holding on to expectations you personal experiences keep repeating themselves- if you  are realizing this or not because this time they are appearing in a slightly different shape and colour.
So-called progress in life is equivalent with growing further upwards towards God and deeper inwards towards you True Self. Unfoldment of consciousness raises your personal vibrational frequency, bringing more Light and Love into your existence thereby causing the movements of your life to become faster, lighter and more free.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Anything is possible- in consciousness, because consciousness is of Divine origin and as such boundless.
In consciousness you are limitless free, provided you are not limiting yourself by preconceived ideas, set beliefs and thought patterns, which are all fear-based and created by your Ego-mind.
Consciousness is the basis for the visible life. Your personal consciousness is creating your existence.
You can reach so-called impossible things if you are able to overcome you fears and to transform them in the light of your awareness to love.
This will set you free to manifest your true and shining Self, to live in it harmoniously and to achieve now and in every moment of time whatever you are sincerely wishing to. Only the sky will be your limit, which in itself is limitless.

Sunday, 2 September 2012


If you are predisposed to doubt you will always find plenty of followers and supporters, because the world is still largely ruled by the Ego-mind. How much more difficult it is to be trusting and faithful towards yourself and life and how much stronger you need to be in order to stay true to this course in face of all the opposition of which your own Ego is forming a part of.
However in remaining faithful and strong to your belief in the Good existing not only within yourself but also in your fellow-men and the world at large, you are highly rewarded by a growing sensation of love and joy filling your heart and encompassing your whole existence.


What is perfection? Perfection is a transitory state. The attainment of the Highest possible good in a moment in time, which in the next is already changed, different and still further perfected. God is perfect. And because God Himself is constantly evolving and further diversifying, so is our world in being part of God's Creation perfect, despite its still many imperfections. And thus are you possessing the capacity to be perfect because you are part of God and His Creation. What is keeping you from realizing and actively manifesting this, is your Ego. The moment you achieve to step out of your Ego-identification, you are becoming at one with the Divine perfection of the moment. And with this you are also receiving the key to unlock your potential to be a true child of God in the Love and Light of your awareness.
Therefore it can justly be said that potentially everyone is perfect because we are all part of God and thus carrying the Divine Light within our hearts. You are becoming a perfect human being by acknowledging the imperfection of your personality due to its inherent Ego, and in henceforth surrendering it to the Heart, your Divine centre.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Although it may appear like a controversy, but in surrendering yourself, making yourself a humble servant to the Divine Cause, you are attaining Divine Freedom of existence because you have moved beyond the limitations of your Ego-mind.
In achieving a state of Inner Freedom and living your life therefrom, you are becoming a natural servant to the Divine Cause, devoting yourself to the love and will of the Highest, whose aim is to create a state of harmony upon all levels of existence. In this state of Being you are surrendering willingly your Lower Self to the service of your Higher Self. Living henceforth with your Ego-Mind as the servant of your Divine Intuition, in grateful awareness of the beauty of life.


To think you know much, it to know little. To know that you know but little, although you think much, is to know much.