Wednesday, 30 April 2014


One way to understand and to measure someone's degree of success in life is to see how well they are adapted to life's continuous changes and how happy they can remain in face of ongoing uncertain personal conditions. Success is defined by your fitness to cope with changes that are ultimately all leading you to the realisation of the Light in life. Therefore, to be successful is not to make a fortune in the world of perishable goods.


Unconscious (fear-conditioned) life is characterized by automatic and instinctive repetition of dull and narrow pre-defined patterns of behaviour. In contrast to life that is imbued with Divine consciousness, which sparkles and shines in its forever new and varying forms and movements (just think of Mother Nature).
If you are living unconsciously identified with your Ego-self, every moment of your personal existence is an involuntary repetition of your past (re-)actions. Accordingly you are re-living your past over and over again. In order to move into the present and from there also into your future, you must cease identifying yourself with your Ego. Instead you have to learn to become consciously aware of the changes, that are continually happening within and around you and to (re-)act to them in new ways.
A bright future only belongs to those who are leading a personal existence in conscious awareness. And the "bridge" that is taking you away from your past and into the future is the here-now, that is being experienced consciously. Those who fail to find this "bridge" remain living perpetually in their shadowy past.

Sunday, 27 April 2014


There are some people with whom no amount of talking to and explaining yourself ever gets you to a place of mutual understanding. Although you are seemingly speaking the same language and are even employing the same words. While there are others with whom you only have to exchange a glance or a smile and everything is crystal clear between you and you both know that you are understanding each other perfectly.
Of course, the latter kind of exchange is much more satisfactory and pleasing than the first can ever be, even if you enjoy talking much and for a long time. However, both situations hold the potential to teach you more about yourself and your current state of mind and being. The one in making you realize what you are not, the other in giving you a momentary reflection of you own personal self. And since the purpose of personal life is to learn to love unconditionally, both kind of encounter also offer you the possibility to come to love more. If you feel understood or feel you understand someone of course loving is much easier than if you feel misunderstood or estranged by your vis-a-vis. However, a love that has been achieved by overcoming initial personal resistance is of more worth and more endurable that one that which requires no personal effort on your part. Therefore,  confront someone entirely different from you can prove to be a very enriching experience if you face the situation in the right state of mind.
And once you have transcended you "I" (Ego), you come to realize that it ultimately does not matter if you are being verbally and personally understood by the people around you or if you personally understand them for as long as you are meeting them in a loving attitude.


Are you living with your awareness centred in the reality of effects or the world of causes? Do you judge people, situations and occurrences by their outward appearance and by rational reasoning? Or do you rather see their invisible aspects, their potential and that, which has caused them to be as they seem to be? 
If you are living in the reality of effects you will invariably err, feel confused and even disconcerted at times by the seeming outward appearances. Whereas if your consciousness is trained upon the cause behind outward appearances, even though you might not always understand and feel mystified by what you are experiencing and by those you are encountering in life, you will always feel inwardly at peace in the certainty that there is a good reason for why things/situations/people are as they are.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


There are two kinds of close relationships. The one is existing upon the level of Soul and requires neither words, nor touch nor even physical companionship in order to be consummated and enjoyed. It does not even require a personal liking between the two parties involved and neither do they both have to be living in a human body at the same time. This kind of intimacy is a fulfilling and inspiring experience with the potential of deepening your realization and understanding of your True Self. It does not matter what gender the partners are although depending upon whether they are of the same or different sex the inner experience can be slightly different. In the first instance the proximity and the presence of the other is making you feel like a mother/daughter/sister or like a father/son/brother. If your opposite is of the other sex you may feel their presence in the same way or you will feel that their proximity is quickening your heartbeat and making your skin finely tingle with a sensation of pulsating life.
The second kind of close relationship is a personal closeness and as such requires physical proximity, regular meetings and exchanges in thought, word and depending upon the sexes involved, it cannot exist satisfactorily without physical touch. But in any case it is a temporary experience, tainted by changes and periodical uncertainty. And it is ultimately a cause for sorrow unless it is backed up and thus rendered complete, by the kind of intimacy of Soul that has been mentioned first.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


The sun cannot help calling forth shadows wherever it is shining.
Your spiritual essence is of the same nature as the celestial sun is even though at present it is clothed and hidden in a dense material body. Still, its inborn light is shining forth undeterred and in so doing it is inevitably casting shadows.
The shadows in this context are the "dark" side of personal existence on earth, which are mainly showing themselves in your Ego.
If you are afraid of them you tend to either hide away from your personal shadows, chase them or even try fighting them. All of these tactics are blinding your view to your reality of light because whatever you focus on determines your view of reality. However, once you are consciously realizing that your are caught up in the game of shadow-chasing and fighting, you are given the choice to stop it and to start moving the other way instead. There are two methods of achieving realisation of the/your Light.
The one lies in studying the shadows you are currently seeing to the end of detecting the object/source that is responsible for them. This is like finding the fitting photographic positive to a known negative. In this instance you are teaching yourself to see the bright side of things that you are instinctively perceiving as being dark.
The other is not to bother about the forms and personal level at all but rather to use them as stepping stones in your endeavour to aspire to the source of light. Whenever you are catching yourself struggling with shadows you immediately change your inner attitude into one of devoted prayer and surrender to the Highest Source of Wisdom in supplication to be made to see and understand the real.
Shadows are like a host of hostile guards that have taken prisoner your real self, your Light. If you wish to free the latter you have to make friends with the former in some way. This act will make you realize that although they may seem threatening and insurmountable from afar and in your imagination, they are really quite harmless once you are getting close to them.

Sunday, 20 April 2014


Believing in the theory of repeated individual incarnation on earth, I feel it is important to bear in mind, that anything we remember from our apparent past is being personalized by our inherent Ego. The thinking "I" in us cannot help making everything it likes well its own.
Knowing the Ego's fondness for drama and being aware of the fact that the reality of life is much more than its outward appearances, we should be wise enough to realize that what we are believing to have been the circumstances of our prior incarnations on earth are but shells for the realities of true importance.
The historical facts and personal circumstances in this context are representing only the visible framework and they are but mirroring our Soul's current psychological state. Therefore, it is no use clinging to romantic ideas of past incarnations or to get hung up on memories of irredeemable past deeds and sorrows. The pictures and sequences our brain is showing us in the shape of personal memories are to be treated like clues to our as yet unconscious and unsolved individual dynamic structures and behaviour patterns. They must not be viewed as final explanations or even as an excuse for our current state of personal affairs. Rather they ought to be recognized as reflections of our Soul's current status quo and as such used as signposts on our road to selfenlightenment.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Love melts down personal boundaries that have been erected by the Ego in fear. Therefore, love has a unifying and integrating effect both internally within the Self as well as externally between your Self and other individuals and between yourself and aspects of your personal life. When you come to love unconditionally you are entering into a state of wholeness and Divine Union. Since your inner boundaries disappear, your personal consciousness is becoming complemented by your higher awareness and by the same token you are also gaining access to hitherto hidden aspects of your unconscious self.
However, to love unconditionally does not render you unfit for everyday down-to-earth existence. On the contrary - you are still able to perceive fixed forms and personal boundaries but whereas before you have believed them to be the whole of reality you are now in a position to recognize that they are but fragments of it. And because your view is now open to the whole you are also able to see the subtle relationships existing between them and yourself.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


There appear to be a great number of reasons why people are communicating with each other whereas in fact there are basically only two. The one is to indulge in your Ego and to promote your personal motives. The other one is to the end of achieving a mutual understanding (of each others personalities). This can be either through trying to understand your vis-a-vis better or to explain yourself so that the other may understand you better. Whether you are able to consciously cultivate the second motive in your communications with other depends both upon your personal state of awareness and detachment from your Ego and your attitude towards you vis-a-vis. Because if your verbal intercourse is accompanied by disinterested love for the other you are striving for an understanding of the other's nature - even though only unconsciously so. If you are still unconscious in your communications you are likely to misconstrue the things which your opposite is telling you in order so that you might better see and comprehend their actual personal reality - instead of the one which you like to believe of them.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


God is the ultimate truth. However, since God is Life and Life is eternal change, truth is also forever changing and shifting. Truth is not a fixed value, it has many faces, is many-sided because it is a reality born of the here-now. Therefore, if you wish to comprehend the Divine aspect of truth you have to remain open-minded in practising conscious awareness of love in life in the continuous here-now.

Monday, 14 April 2014


If you are looking at the human population living on earth you cannot help wondering how everyone can possibly be equal when there are obviously existing such vast differences in fortune, rank, possibilities and abilities between its diverse members. And yet, despite these seemingly contradictory appearances, universal human equality is a fact. However, this equality cannot be detected if you are looking at life with the eyes of the world, that are only able to see superficial appearances and your personal point of view. In order to become aware of its truth you have to view life with the eyes of your heart that are able to glimpse at the Divine structures underlying outward realities. If you are able to see life from this perspective you will recognize that the law of equality concerns the basic conditions each person is born under. Although individual spiritual heritage may vary, everyone has been born of a set of physical parents into a physical body, endowed with emotions and mental faculties. And although personal fates and functions are manifold and at variance with each other in the world, everyone is destined to become a true servant to the Divine cause. Ultimately, we are all here for the same reason - to learn to love unconditionally and to see the Light of God in every moment and part of life.

Sunday, 13 April 2014


God is alive. He is living through His creation and within each of its parts. The personal experience of God, which can also be called love consciousness is an ongoing process, which is renewing itself with every passing moment of life.
A religious teaching must be alive in order to be of any practical use to the seeker of God. If a spiritual doctrine, religious belief or theory is to be more than intellectual speculation, it must be teaching its followers how to perceive Love and Light in every instance of life. Also it must be universally intelligible like a city-map because God's children are diverse. If a religious creed is losing its followers it is a sure sign that it has lost its spark of life and that its representatives have lost touch with love. However, it is just as easy to find fault with others and their approach to religion as it is difficult to keep your own spiritual belief alive by continuously seeking new and deeper answers and experiences of God.

Friday, 11 April 2014


Love is simple and straightforward, contrary to fear, which is complicated and evasive. If love could speak for itself and you would ask it, why it is loving its answer would be: “Because I am”. Whereas fear would be giving you a thousand reasons, explanations and excuses, why it cannot help being there. Likewise, a person who is truly loving requires no words to advertise their love. While someone who is beset by fear will have a lot so say about it, even though they might not actually be mentioning the fear in itself. And because love on the level of the Ego has fear for its counterpart, a lover who is only loving with their Ego will be feeling the need to talk about their love a great deal.


That, which we are ultimately here on earth for, is to learn is to love unconditionally and to understand the Divine laws of life well enough to be able to lead a thoroughly harmonious personal existence in adhering to these truths. There are many teachers and masters in existence to be chosen from and many people are perplexed by the question which of them is the "best". Does it matter? Are not all comparisons a waste of time and energy? Is it not much more productive to focus on that, which ought to be learned by trying to detect and understand the master's different ways of manifesting this Divine love and truth? Therefore, in the choice of your spiritual master look for someone who is living love and frankness with as open a heart and mind as possible. A teacher, whose teaching is of universal truth, one, who is tolerating towards followers of other creeds of faith. Because the veracity of a spiritual doctrine and its representatives can be measured by the degree of their comprehension and tolerance towards other spiritual approaches.


Mother Nature is a pure expression of Divine Love and God's laws. Unlike human beings She is unhampered by a personal Ego. Mother Nature is possibly the greatest teacher of Love in existence. If you wish to learn how to love truly and unselfishly turn to Her wisdom. She is simply there for everyone at all times just like a wise mother, compassionately giving love, listening and supporting without ever demanding anything in return, nor ever expecting you to be better or different from what you are.
Therefore, if you are attuned to Her wisdom you will never feel yourself to be unloved in life.

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


The common purpose shared by all living creatures is unconditional love. 
Because human kind has been endowed with free will, they are in a position to deviate from the path of perfect love either from ignorance/unconsciousness or from malice, which is but another form of unconsciousness. Therefore, human beings have to enlighten themselves in order to be able to willingly serve the cause of love. By enlightenment is meant they have to become consciously aware of their lower self and its instinctual, emotional and mental behaviour patterns. Up until then your love is conditional, dualistic and as such dependent upon its contrary opposite, in the form of unhappiness, fear, dissatisfaction, hatred, evil, injustice etc.
The level upon which your consciousness is mainly focussed in your everyday life is the deciding factor in the question of whether you are a slave, servant or priest of love. Whether your love is free or conditioned.
Leading a mainly unconscious personal existence your life is being ruled by your instincts. Hence your loving, too, is a matter of instinctual reactions rather than something you are aware of and free to bestow or withhold. Instincts are domineering and unpredictable masters, leaving no space for free will.
If you are living your life guided by your emotions, you are like a low servant who is equally at the disposal of its master’s whims and fancies. But at least you are theoretically possessing the right of free will even though you are too dependent to be actually acting by it.
If you are a person who is mainly living upon the mental level, your love is bound to be principally lived in this sphere of existence, too. Here you are like a higher servant who is to some degree free to act according to your own decisions. You are in a position to command your feelings and instincts to a certain degree but you are still serving someone else’s interests and are conditioned thereby.
Whereas to be living in full awareness of your lower self and from the heart, you are like a priest who has freely and lovingly submitted himself to the service of God. You have given up yourself in order to dedicate your existence to the cause of love.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


When you are waking up in the Light of Love you come to realize that the "me" and "you" are ultimately the same thing. They are both shapes of reality created by the human mind in order to facilitate the realization and comprehension of that which we truly are. Because the Ego-Mind can only perceive concrete forms.
Therefore, since "me" and "you" are really the same thing, the effort of observing your personal habit of thinking/speaking of others proves very revealing regarding your true relationship towards yourself. However, self-observation should be practised in a compassionate and loving frame of mind towards yourself and the personal shortcomings which might reveal themselves to you ought not be a cause for further self-accusation but rather a reason to make you humble and more tolerant towards your own and other peoples failings.

Thursday, 3 April 2014


You are an oyster. Life is an oyster. The world is an oyster. All three are having a brilliant pearl in common - Love. You can detect glimpses of its shining magnificence by letting your conscious awareness rest at the core of your being, your spiritual heart centre. You can detect it by being consciously aware of each moment of the here-now and by looking beyond the superficial appearance of things, thus perceiving their true nature.