Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Basically, there are only two directions in which we can turn our attention. Either inside towards our true/inner self or to the outside at the world consisting of external circumstances and other people. True answers, true in the sense that they are bringing us closer to an understanding of the self and God, can ultimately only ever be found inside and must thus be arrived at by yourself.
Therefore, in the desire to advance closer towards your true self and God, it is vital that you look inside and try to understand your self.
In fear you are listening to the world telling you what is right/wrong, good/bad about yourself. And you are looking in external circumstances and other people for reasons why you are as you are. All of these external sources will confirm your worst fears and lead you further astray.
On the other hand, in a state of loving trust you may likewise look into external experiences and listens to other people in your search form inner illumination. However, you are doing this only in order to take what you have learnt there inside and use it gain a deeper understanding of the still unrecognised aspects of your self.
Of course, wherever there are two things as closely related to each other like fear/doubt and self-query/love and also involving the ego, you will always get people, who in fear of facing their own darker side, are desperately trying to get you back into fear, too. Therefore, do not believe in the words of those who are accusing you of self-delusion and blindness. Rather allow their attacks to give rise to still deeper self-inquiry and affirmation of love and trust in your own estimation of your capacity to know yourself better than they ever can since you are living inside your own truth.


The only way to realize and appreciate what you are and have got is to give up your obsession about wanting something else, wishing to be different than you are or to posses other/more/different things than what you have got. So say "yes" to your self and your current state of reality and by embracing these temporary values you are setting yourself free to become a more loving you and to discover a brighter reality.


If you foster any doubts about your personal merits, your worthiness, your abilities, your professional competences and your natural birthright to be loved, respected and taken for full, no one else will ever give you these things. And even if they tried to love and respect you, to take you for full, to acknowledge your abilities and admire you for your merits, you would not be able to realize it and to feel what you are being given.
Believe in your self and the world sees you who you are - a worthy human being of positive potential both visible and still to be discovered.

Sunday, 29 March 2015


There is never a "right" and a "wrong" side in any kind of relationship. Neither is ever in the "right" or more worthy to be seen as superior. There are simply two sides to any argument and two different views of reality in any situation. If you are wise you realize this and try to incorporate the other's view of facts into your own. This will bring you to feel peace with others and peace with your self, too. Whereas to claim  that you are right and the other wrong, or even vice versa, will bring you needless anger, frustration, inner restlessness and a sense of inferiority/superiority. While all the time causing the difference in your way of perceiving reality to the one of the other's to grow still wider.
The only way to reach an understanding of something or someone your are experiencing to exist outside of your self is being initially saying "yes" to both their existence and their individual way of being/appearing. Only out of acceptance can understanding grow. Whereas prejudices, denial and fear of what they are incorporating in your eyes are precluding you from gaining any real insight into their way of being.
However, since the things/people you are fighting against accepting are generally indirect reflections of aspects in your self that you are unconsciously afraid to accept/understand and come to terms with, it can prove very rewarding to practise self-awareness in your daily life and dealing with other people and situations therein. And to take the time and trouble to question your self rather that to condemn/accuse others for their way of being or deny their existence in your personal life or to blame and rage at your personal circumstances in life.

Sunday, 22 March 2015


Life, which is not being conditioned by the Ego, is an endless series of unexpected happenings and magical surprises. Therefore, if you wish to have a life and relationships that do not bore you, you must remain open-minded, open-hearted and consciously aware at all times. Otherwise you miss their beauteous changes and developments.
The personal Ego is constantly and habitually relating to its surroundings, and to objects and other living beings. So in a way your personal life is mainly characterized by relationships of all sorts.
If you wish your personal relationships to stay alive with love - any kind of relationship, including the one you have with your own self - you must never believe that you know what the other is like, what they are going to do, say, think or be like next. Because by set expectations you are hindering life from following its natural course and other beings from being their true selves and objects from revealing to you an aspect which you have not noticed before.


Intentions are powerful forces that can carry you far in life. Either into utter egoistical selfishness or into love and light and thus closer towards God.
If you have the intention to change something about your self or you way of living that will render them more positive, more conscious and free - do it now. Because tomorrow never comes for as long as you are putting things off to be realized at another time.


There is a way of living which is expressive of love and one which is directed by fear. To be living in love is to be living in God. To be living in fear is to be living in your limited Ego’s perspective of reality. In order to be living freely you have to realize via conscious personal experience that life is born of love and that your fears are making you blind to this reality. Only by surrendering your Ego and its inherent fears to the higher power of God it is possible to live your life in the light of love. Whereas by holding on to your Ego-identification you remain caught in a life full of fears.

Saturday, 21 March 2015


To love is to understand. If you are truly understanding your self/other beings/life you cannot possibly dislike, negate, hate or condemn them in any way. To be understanding makes you accept all things and beings as they are and thus it enables you to see their inherent light or their potential for light. Therefore, to attain an inner state of (self-)consciousness is rendering you capable of recognizing the positive/light aspects of life even whilst being shown and confronted with its dark side.


Silence is a space in which you can be your true self. Pure, free and eternal.
To become aware of your inner centre of silence is to enter a reality of being in which you are floating, flying, dancing, smiling inwardly throughout all your personal existence on earth. To be living in this awareness is to be be truly alive and truly loving.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015


Love is boundless and it is the source of all life forms. The true self is part of the reality of love and as such much greater than the personality self that is existing in a human body on earth. Therefore, the less personal conditionings you are imposing upon yourself the more love can flow through you and thus the more fully is your true self able to manifest through your personality.
The personality exists in a world of forms. The true self has its existence beyond forms and is free to recognize all things and beings as part of God, as part of the self despite their segregate appearance.

Sunday, 1 March 2015


To be able to love yourself unconditionally from the heart renders you resilient against all external influences that might otherwise cause you harm or distress in your personal life.
Therefore, to be strong is to be in an state of inner love. To be lacking in love is leaving you weak and prone to suffering.
There are different ways of relating on a personal level. Depending upon how much unconditional love you are experiencing in your own self you are relating to the exterior world differently. Unable to love yourself you are seeking the company of persons who flatter and admire you(your Ego) directly or indirectly. However, since everything has two sides, on this level you will also meet those who criticise and denounce you. Or you are doing it yourself whenever you are not being given the "love and acknowledgement" which your Ego needs  in order to feel happy with itself and life from external sources.
If, on the other hand, you are loving yourself from the inside you are associating with people who are challenging you to grow still deeper into love by causing you to question yourself or by questioning you in your way of being directly. On this level there is no "dark" side. When you are inwardly in state of tolerance, acceptance and compassion you are no longer moving in a world of personal "war-faring" and superficial "love-making". And even in times when you have temporarily lost your clear picture of your "you" due to an intense phase of personal growth you are remaining strong in your attitude of trust towards who/how you are.