Thursday, 23 June 2011


What Mother Earth needs, is its Human population to revert to a more mindful and natural way of treating Her and Her resources in order to regain Her health and equilibrium is a common fact, which nowadays even the most intellectual, logical, and scientific thinking person cannot disagree with anymore. But despite the severe and shocking warnings we have been given by the Elements playing havoc and causing much devastation upon Her surface and its inhabitants, reaction is slow in setting in. Because saving the planet is not a lucrative venture- on the contrary. Seemingly for too long the human population has been in the habit of thinking and acting purely upon economical considerations and financial gain- in order to always making the biggest profit in the shortest time possible and at the least cost. Thus, although realisation has dawned on mankind and a minority has begun acting differently, the old systems are very difficult to be relinquished. Because there are still so many people thinking and functioning in the old way- despite knowing better! It actually is a kind of schizophrenic behaviour, which is rather common and difficult to avoid. Because even the most mindful person in regard to Mother Nature, living in a Western society, cannot help trespassing the boundary between constructive and deconstructive for the environment on a regular basis, simply because it is seemingly the only possible option- until this day. Accusing the people, who have the saying or blaming the out-dated system is no good, does not help at all- on the contrary; it causes the rift to become even greater. Hate and rebellion never produce love and understanding. Also, even if the system was to be changed over-night. For as long as the egoistical, profit-oriented way of thinking has not been eradicated from everyone's Mind- there is no hope for real change in the laws according to which economy and society function. Has it ever helped to change someone's behaviour simply by giving him a set of new clothes? Yes, maybe for a second, yes and to a looker-on maybe at first glance. But in the long run: No. Impossible. The invisible, the inside is what is important and is the part, which defines and causes the visible, the exterior to exist. Therefore all effort in the outside is in vain for as long as the inside is not changed first. Once the essence is renewed the rest follows suit almost immediately and magically swift and easy. Mankind has been used to having to physically labour in order to achieve results- but this is only because it have been working against the natural laws. Only because it has separated it-self from the Unity of Creation with its inhering Divine principles of Love and Light, by following the dictates of their Ego-Minds instead of the Voice of the Heart through which the Divine Will is audible, His Love perceptible to mankind. So in order to re-connect to the Divine Source of Love and Wisdom so as to best fulfil His Will, which is Universal Peace, Harmony and Prosperity we have to learn to listen to the voice of our Hearts again and act accordingly.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Although the whole of Creation, inside this Solar System we are living in, originates from the same God source every single part of it is unique. Therefore every Soul is different from the next one beside. This being the case, in truth all comparisons are false. They are nothing but a by-product of Man's Ego-Mind Thinking and arise from the original Fear  of standing Alone and excluded from the group. Because by drawing up a comparison one can gain power over others by making them "out-siders" and by the same token put the Self in the "right". It is always a subtle form of manipulation, either of the Self and/or of others. But since everything in this world of duality has an opposing aspect to it, the other side, the "negative" one so to speak, is the one which not enhances the personal sense of power but diminishes it. Because if comparing one-self to others and at the same time being of a nature who suffers from a minority complex the result is invariably one of feeling even worse after a comparision has been drawn up. But both kinds are of a destructive nature because they both have a strengthening effect on the Ego-Mind- either to the fear aspect or the power aspect of it. But since comparisions are so common and usually take place on subconsciuos  and very subtle levels, detecting them and destroying their roots within the individual way of thinking is usually a complex and difficult task. Not only because the fear-oriented Ego-Mind is a reluctant-to-learn component of ones Personality-Self but also, and especially so, because society at large still teaches and makes on believe that comparisions are the norm and necessary in order to make one being accepted and allowed to exist at all. Comparisions take you away from your initial Self and thus from the natural flow of life also. The always have negative by-products- unless they are conducted with a true and loving heart and with the intent of wanting to learn more about one-self- in which case they serve for the development and growth of the True Self. Because by looking at others neutrally, we can learn more about and of our own subconsciuos parts. All that we meet within the exterior world reflects aspects of our-self and by comparing them with what we already consciously know/see/feel/possess for our-selves, we are able to un-earth the hidden treasures- or obstacles within the Self.

Sunday, 19 June 2011


Just as our lives and enviroment can be said to be a mirror of ourselves so can it be said that the general situation the World, Mother Nature and its inhabitants are in, represents the colletive subconscious. The same applies to the relationships between countries and amongst its popluation. On all levels of exterior existance- be it in the small or the large context- we always meet with a materialisation of our individual or collective interiors. And since, not only according to the Bible, first there was the Word and the World only secondly- the way to change the World is to change the Words- or Thoughts, because they are at least as powerful as Words can be. And since God can only speak through His creation it is us Human-beings, - we being the only parts of His creation able to think and speak,- the power and responsibility to change lies in our hands. But although all Humanity is connected with each other by invisible ties and thus form a tightly-knit unit- since each one has been given personal Free Will also, the way to make universal change possible to manifest in the exterior world is to change each Human part of it. In other words; every indiviual has to surrender his own Free Will to the one of the Highest, the Divine Creator. By aligning our own Will to God's we become active parts in the process of Creation and become thus enpowered to initiate and further positive changes on a collective level. Whereas otherwise we are causing more often than not hindrances and obstacles for ourselves, and the Divine Creation as a whole, to develop and manifest in Earth the way it is meant to be which is in peace, harmony and joy.

Friday, 17 June 2011


By surpassing the fears and desires of our Ego-Minds within our-selves, thus ceasing to let our actions be directed by them and rather following the voice of Intuition, our existance becomes increasingly aligned with the Divine plan and with God's will and love for us. Therefore it could be said, that human free will, is the freedom of choice which lies with each one of us of whether we want to listen to, and give preference to, the Divine voice speaking within our hearts or to heed the directions of the Ego-Mind. The first one being governed by Love, the second one by Fear- and God being synonymous to Love- it is not a difficult task to know which is the right one to chose if the result is wished to be unconditional bliss, harmony and peace within the Self and the world without.
By the degree that we achieve to free ourselves from all the darkness within the Ego-Mind and personality part of our-selves, dissolving it by letting our love and light of consciousness rest upon it, the stronger we become connected to the Divine voice, our Intuition. And following the wisdom of the heart becoming natural to us, we gain positive power and control over our-selves and our lives because we no longer involuntarily and unconciously put up barriers within and around us, acting from (subconscious) fear of imagined evils and enemies. Indeed the only evil and the only enemies there are, spring from our own pre-conditioned thinking! So by acting according to our Intuition, the voice of the heart, we harmonize our own will to the Divine and become thus creator of our own lives and destiny. Simultaneously we recognize that we are always protected and guided by the Hightest and everything happens for our own good. This does not anihilate the laws of karma de facto but it renders them harmless and without the power to harm in the sense that they are no longer felt as something negative or difficult- even though to a purely materialistic and rational observer they might probably still appear thus. Complete acceptance and surrender to the will and love of God also includes saying yes to the karma. But as you no longer hinder your own life-energy from flowing freely, your consciuosness being fed from the source of Love and Light within the heart and your whole existance resting upon this Truth, realizing and learning the lessons of personal karma now only takes instances instead of years or even lives.


In Consciuosness there is no time because it is Divine.
By verticalistation of personal consciuosness and inner harmony on all levels of your being, your own consciousness becomes synchronized to the all-encompassing Divine and universal one. The effect being that to the mind, which exists in horizontal reality, things increasingly happen seemingly at the same time. The sensation of knowing in advance what will take place the next moment, the next hour, the next day etc becomes an ordinary occurence. Also the boundary between nocturn dreams and day-light consciousness fades by the degree you become one with the neutral observer within, who exist on all levels, of your and the universal consciuosness, simultaneously.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Live for human souls in Earth is a Divine and eternal game of call and answer, taking place on manifold levels of consciousness. By the degree a soul becomes enlightened, realization of the truth and principles behind and understanding of its intricate patterns and laws, dawns.


The more you become consciously aware of your Personality Self with its thoughts, desires, fears and feelings etc and the more you know of your subconscious, the more distinclty you will come to recognize the movements of life around you and all the people you meet with as mirrored aspects of yourself or some part of yourself.
And the more you become centred within your Spiritual Heart of Light Centre and the stronger you are rooted in your position of the neutral observer, the less you will be shaken and tossed about by what you encounter in the without. Because your focal point has shifted to the spiritual essence, the Divine Spark of Light-Love, lying hidden within each Being and in all of Nature. And although your senses will still register the outward and superficial appearences of things, Beings and circumstances -the hidden structures and motivations will be apparent to you at the same time- endowing you with a deep sense of trust, understanding and compassion.


Beyond fear lies trust;
Beyond criticism lies compassion;

Beyond anger - understanding;
Beyond rebellion - surrender;

Beyond loneliness-

Beyond love of the individual-
A sense of fellowship with all Beings;

Beyond place and time-
Eternal BEing;

Within each darkness lies-
Hidden the LIGHT

Saturday, 11 June 2011


The better you learn to be silent within your own thoughts and emotions and to effortlessly up-hold this state of still centred-ness within your own being, the clearer you will come to hear the voice of God. The Divine sound lies at the centre of all things created and the better your inner ear becomes attuned to the still core, the Divine harmony, within all life, the clearer you will be able to perceive it and understand what it is telling you. Love, Light and Truth.


By the degree that you come to realize your own Divinity and come to experience the One-ness of all there IS, the need to seek outward consolation, attraction and diversion diminishes. Because the latter arises from a lack of love and light within the self and from a feeling of emptiness and seperateness. Therefore by opening your consciousness to God, the Universal Source of Life, inner harmony and peace flow to you naturally and abundantly. Gradually, instead of finding yourself shaken and tossed about by life, you come to reside in your Divine centre from whence all movement can be observed.

Friday, 10 June 2011


All life happens for a reason- not one single moment of existance is without its higher purpose in the Divine order of things. The whole of creation runs in perfect harmony- it is only us human-beings who  interfere with this heavenly melody by acting according to the will of our Ego-Minds instead of after God's Will and Love for us.
But the more we become centred within our own Christ Consciousness, which has its seat in the Spiritual Heart Centre and which connects us to the Source, and the more we grow conscious of our-selves, of our thoughts, desires, fears etc. and aware of the movements of life around us, the clearer becomes our perception of the hidden structures, connections and reasons for outward appearences and occurences.
Once you have learnt to acknowledge the invisible and have sensitised your awareness to the realms of the Spirit Worlds and the Divine core of light energy within all things created, realization will dawns on you that not only are you connected to all things created but also that all life is eternal and death does not really exist- save in the human mind and perception. For each seeming death on one plane of existance is simultaneously a birth on a higher or lower one. Therefore "death" and "birth" could be said to be synonyms and "transformation of energy" a more appropriate term.
When you start realizing within your own being the One-ness of all things, slowly your awareness opens up to these higher truths. This opening in the Mind has a relaxing and reassuring effect on daily existance because the fear of death gradually fades away and leaves you free to live in and enjoy the here-now. Also, by attuning yourself consciously to the higher rythm and harmonies of existance your own energy-level increases and you become much more effective and present in that which is, instead of losing yourself in thoughts of what might be in the future. Because if every single moment has a meaning, every second of life may be accepted and is worth to be lived and enjoyed.

Monday, 6 June 2011


Unless every single human-being finds light, love, freedom and harmony within his own self and learns to manifest these principles in his/her life, universal harmony and awakening, healing of Mother Nature and world peace will remain unattainable visions, while chaos, disaster and unjustice continue to rule.
Therefore we all must take on the responsibility of every single moment of our existance and learn to live in accordance to the law of God's Will and Love for us. Learn to listen to the voice of our hearts and live therefrom.