Thursday, 27 October 2011


The Mind is very inconsistant- it cannot help it, because it is caught in the reality of duality. It wants freedom, yet clings on to everything within its grasp. It wishes for the future yet simultaneaously holds on to past memories. Therefore, for as long as you are identifying your-self with the Mind, you will be fluctuating between extreemes, too, and in difficult moments actually feel lost or even torn in half. However, the way out of this state of identification with your Mind is not by fighting against it. All attempts to fight against it- even the subtlest ones like for example actively striving for a state of "No-Mind" will have exactly the reverse effect. Much like having a hurting knee, which you are trying to cure by thumping it, shouting at it to stop aching.
The way out of the identification is by applying your awareness. To become conscious of your Mind's process by watching the stream of thoughts running through it and their attendant feelings and physical sensations from a neutral perspective- as if you were an non-involved by-stander. Learn to be still, passive inside- throughout all storms of toughts, feelings and physical sensations that might rage upon the surface of your being. The personality part of you, which lives encorporated in a physical body, having to function in a world of duality. By way of non-identification with your Mind's process you gain the power to consciuosly influence your thoughts. By transforming them into Light and Love, your Mind will lose its influence upon you attention, making it easier for you to immerse your-self in the here-now- without the conflicting thoughts hindering your every step and confusing you by constantly calling you into different directions.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


"There's a danger in loving somebody too much..." runs the catch-phrase of a once popular pop-song This statement only applies in the case of love rooted in the Ego. For this kind of loving is bi-polar and can give you as much as take away from you, build as much as destroy, love as much as hate, can cause as much exhilaration as despair. And because it is projected onto another being with a mind of its own, the danger of the falling dagger is indeed a reality lurking within each moment this frenzy lasts. Since the Mind is such an unrealiable authority continuously fluctuating between extreemes, moreover riddled with deep-seated fears, loving somebody is a doubly dangerous undertaking because it also involves the mind of someone else. However, more-often than not, each mind wreaks the destruction of the apparently shared love by it-self, yet putting the blame on the other party involved.
The ego-oriented Mind, if beset by a fixation upon another being, as it is the case when it is "in love" is even more powerful than a Mind functioning in everyday-mode. Identifying your-self with it, your whole being reacts to its movements and your body and feelings get out hand, too, developing a life of their own. The three of them together playing mad have the effect of either lifting you up high, pulling you apart or throwing you into pits of darkness. The stronger you identify your-self with your mind, body and emotions the greater is the danger you are in. Heart-ache and -break, loss of interest in life and in the worst case even physical death can be the possible out-comes of a love that turned against you. A love rooted in mind and inadvertly falling victim to one of its Fears.
Love that arises from the Heart, on the other hand, a love that is not necessarily directed at another being in particular but rather springs from the love of the self and from there flows on to another and all life is never dangerous, never destructive. It stems from an understanding of the one-ness and equality of all life and therefore is unable to hate, blame and exclude. How can a drop of water feel  endangered by it-self or another drop of water, in the safe knowledge that every singly drop is part of the same sea? How can one drop of water love only one other drop, knowing that there are so many others equally beautiful and unique, equally worthy of the love? Impossible. This kind of love is all-encompassing and unconditional extended towards all forms of life, flowing in equal measures towards every part of the Unity- the self included. And because the external life is a reflection of the inward life, the more you love, the more love comes back at you - and the only danger in loving too much in this case is, that you might not be able to stop your-self from smiling or skipping along the road or dancing or singing or hugging people:-)


The noun "project" is applied whenever a venture one undertakes has not been fully predefined and every detail mapped out and decided beforehand. In calling it a project, therefore, one allows the possibility of failure or rather; of not achieving the exact visionary ideal. Still aiming at the highest but simultaneously, leaving the out-come open. Participants of a project are usually regretful when it draws to an end, because even though during the time it lasted, they might have had a hard time of it and a great workload to deal with, at the same time it had given them a feeling of being acutely alive and endlessly energetic. As if, during those times, life had somehow lost its habituary weight and become rather like a light-hearted game one is set on winning. Also, in projects the team-spirit is often all-encompassing and friends are made easily.
Conclusion: Life should be regarded as a project. An experiment in which everyone involved is giving his/her best for the benefit of the joint venture. Always keeping in mind, that only a team in which everyone is prepared and knows how to work together harmoniously can aim at the Highest and stands a chance to actually achieve it.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Every part of Nature possesses an inborn beauty and is existing by innocently rejoicing in its own uniqueness.
Unfortunately most of humankind, save for little children and those who have re-become like them, are unable to take part in this natural dance of love due to their fixation upon their Egos.
For, an individual living purely in the world of Mind, thus caught up in comparisons and set ideals of beauty, will not recognize the magnificence of e.g. an unremarkable wild-flower. In the same way as he would not see any beauty in an old, bent woman with eyes brimming over with love for life.
True beauty shines from within and can seldom be either pin-pointed or sufficiently expressed in words.
Loving your-self in every aspect of your being from within, there is no way you cannot love your fellow beings and your life, too, because they are all reflections of what you are. Hence radiating beauty and giving love freely, you will invariably get the same in return.
You do not have to be young and/or attractive in order to be able to love your-self all-encompassingly. Of course, viewed from a wholly superficial stand-point, it might help you to love your-self, and be loved, more easily on the physical level. However, this kind of loving is usually shallow and misleading because it gets you trapped in exterior appearances, which are always transitory and doomed to wither away all too soon, taking your self-esteem and happiness with them. Unless, having detected the trapping temptation, you achieved to circumnavigate it by turning around and simultaneously proceed also inwardly.
The only thing, lasting through all times is the inner Truth. Gaining an understanding and realising this Truth will endow you with an unspeakable beauty, which, transpiring through your whole being carries the potential to affect and infect those around you, too.


Living with all your senses immersed in the here-now and in full consciousness of your multi-dimensional self, your entire reality is contained in each single moment. This endows you with the insight by way of direct experience, that every part of life moves at its own perticular speed, the sum total of existance being directed by the Highest intelligence and that the only way for you to come close to an understanding of it is by surrendering your-self to its beat in Faith and Love. In this knowledge, any feeling of impatience on your part disappears because impatience is always a symptom of Fear. A fear which has become foreign to you, having now attained to this state of complete trust in life.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


To trust in the Divine/God, is safe, because for as long as you are there, the Divine, expressed in life, will be there, too. Whereas trusting and relying irretrievably in other people or material objects is a very dangerous undertaking because they, just like you, are subject to change and thus also to death/disintegration/decay. However, this does not imply you should not trust in loved ones, simply remain aware of the fact throughout, that ultimately you can only rely upon God and your link with it by way of your spirit. Therefore, trust and rely upon people and objects only for moments in time without clinging onto them for any longer.
To live in trust of life is not the same as being naïve, altough to people still living in the reality of the Ego-Mind with its fearful nature, it might appear thus because you are not worried about your future and are not constantly trying to plan ahead. To be trustful towards life stems from the safe knowledge perceived by the Heart, that whatever might happen to you in the course of it, will be for your best. Also, that the people you meet therein are chosen in order to teach you valuable lessons about your-self. For as long as you apply the right kind of vision in looking at it, by trusting your own perception of the truth and listening to the wisdom of the Heart, you come out of even the most difficult and dangerous situations unscathed. Not weakend but enriched by a deepened and enhanced knowledge of life by way of the self.
Naïvete, on the other hand, is a kind of trust born out of self-induced illusions and dreams produced by the mind. Inevitably, they will have the effect of causing you to stumble and fall along your path in life and you will often feel dissapointed and deceived in/by other people. By being naïve you render your-self the victim of your own illusions. Whereas in true trust you have risen above those, having aquired the ability to hear and follow the voice of your Heart instead of the one of your Mind. Thus your perception of life is no longer marred by the distortions the Ego-mind imposes upon it, instead you are aware of the natural flow of life, enabling you to follow intuitevly its course.


Teach your-self to see the potential of growth and self-enlightenment within every situation of your life, especially those in which you are not getting what you believed you needed. Realize the root cause of any confrontation you meet with by silent colloquy, analyizing it in a detached way to find out what kind of role-playing has been going on on your part. Seek also to recognize the opposite side and go backwards in your memory, trying to find the moments in your life in which you played that part your-self. Dive deep into the feelings and thoughts that were caused by those disharmonious moments and locate their origin within you. Which kind of Fear has induced you to those particular reactions in aswer to the situation in question? Bestow loving awareness and compassionate love liberally onto your-self and whoever else was involved. Look upon your-self and the other party/parties as harmless children who solely acted out of fear of an imagined threat, a ghost. All fears are nothing but ghosts of the Ego-Mind. Yet, the same as with imagined ghosts, they become actual realities if you believe in them too fervently, clinging to their existence.


Unconditional Love is compassionate towards all forms of life, starting with the self. It flows freely to all, heedless of any conditionings your mind or senses might try to impose on you. It never demands either physical or mental affirmations of love from another because it simply IS. Living in this state of BEing, neither negation nor recognition of its existance on part of the external world can have any influence upon it- not even your personal thoughts and feelings can touch it. Because their reality reaches only as far up as the third chakra level, whereas Unconditional/Compassionate Love is a phenomenon of a consciousness rooted in the fourth, the Heart chakra. In this state you no longer expect certain things of people/the world in return of your love. Hence you can no longer be disappointed by the world if your personal wishes are not met the way you would like them to be best. In your compassionate affection, you are accepting of what is, unmarred by personal feelings and emotions. Of course, you may at times still ask people to do you favours, for "those who ask shall be given" - but whether they act upon it or not makes not difference in your appreciation of them as unique beings living according to their own truth. Knowing your own truth and guessing at the Divine Truth underlying all life, your senses are sharpened and refined enough to fathom other peoples, too.


Living faithfully in the Light of Love, always following the voice of your Heart, will get you through any situation in life. Because Love cures Fear, Light dissipates Darkness and Faith drives you onwards and upwards.
Love towards your-self, melts down the barriers of Fear within, enabling the Light of Consciousness seep into the remotest corner, revealing your diversity, sparkling in its unique beauty.
In this state of loving compassion and awareness of your-self, you will automatically recognize every one around you, too, as what they truly are. Eyes that are no longer blinded by Fear of Darkness cannot help but see the Love and Light wherever they turn.


True healing can ultimately only happen from within the self by re-connecting to the fount of all life, the Divine source, Hightest intelligence, God, Love, Light- by whatever name you want to call It. All suffering being caused by a lack of Love and Light, opening up your mind and senses to the reality of Love and Light beyond the perceived Darkness invariably has the effect of healing.


To remain soft and bendable like a young reed within your Mind, cultivating the ability to recognize and to admit to failures on your part, without making your-self a victim, is not an easy task in this world of ours, which is still largely ruled by the Ego-Mind and thus caught up in an exclusively dualistic reality. The latter, up to a certain degree, always necessitating two opposing roles in any situation. Yet it can be achieved, if you know how to remain consciuosly aware of the non-dualistic Truth underlying all dualistic appearence and by not indentifying with the current part you are enacting. Thus you have the power to enfuse any situation with the greater Truth, which in turn dissolves duality and renders apparent opponents as equals.


Picture the Divine creation we are living in as an immensely big mosaïque, made up of uncountable and minutely intricate colourful pieces, each one unique in it-self and all of them together forming a perfect whole which is constatly changing its appearence. The Mind in its limited form can only see one tiny fragment of it at a time, because its view is shaded by preconceived ideas and restricted by what it believes to be true. Rather like looking through a peep-hole while wearing darkened glasses as well. The Heart, on the other hand, being in direct contact with the Creator, thus having the abilitity to sense the complete picture, is endowed with Faith in its perception of the apparently invisible Truth. The wise Mind knows how to listen to the Heart. The Heart, over-flowing with Love, has the power to melt down the restrictions within the Mind, opening it up to allow the limitless and inconceiveable. In this new state of consciuosness the Light of the Divine shines through it and radiates beneficiently upon its surrounding pieces in the mosaïque.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


There is a general trend in the Western world to want to reach a state of No-Mind. The striving for this state more often than not is an undertaking which actually causes exactly the opposite effect in the aspirant because the mind starts fighting against its own existance and thus the whole mission becomes a internal fight. Also, there is the fact that unless you abdictate the world and become a hermit, yogi or monk living in seclusion, you actually need the practical thinking mind in order to survive and cope with everyday life in a society mainly based on mind structures. The ideal state therefore is to be able to use your mind consciously as a tool whenever it is needed and for the rest of the time live according to the wisdom and qualities of the Heart.
A possible path to achieve this state is to first become fully aware of all your thoughts at all times, teaching your-self to observe them without letting your-self be involved by them. Having mastered this step, proceeding on to think consciously and filling your thoughts with Light and Love, until this becomes their natural state and does no longer require any effort on your part. In addition, discipline your-self to feed it with pure/beautiful/simple words and spend your time in contemplation of them. Meditate upon life around you, observing it from your still centre within the heart. The natural effect of all these endeavors will bring you moments of complete stillness "No-Mind" in which time and place dissapear, plunging you into eternity. However, since the Mind is part of our human set-up it will always remain with you. But by its transformation and enlightenment it looses the power to hinder you from living in vertical reality at the same time as the horizontal one, with the effect of suffusing you with unconditional bliss and lightness of being regardless of any out-ward circumstances. Putting it differently; in the state of No-Mind your mind is vibrating in correlation and harmony with the Divine Mind which is expressing It-self through life. Yours thus becomes a vehicle for it by actively living and perfoming His Will and Love.


For as long as your consciousness is still rooted in, identified with, the reality your Mind presents you with, living in the here-now is an impossibility. Instead, you will be fluctuating between past and future and depending on your psychological/mental/physical state of being this will be a reality coming in varying shades from utterly joyful to raging with anger, heavy depression, paralizing fears etc.
Especially in difficult or depressing situations many tend to become obsessed with the fervent wish to know what the future might hold for them. Either out of the fear that it may be worse than the present moment or the hope it may be much improved. Yet unless you are willing to truly recognize your present circumstances and to accept your own part in it as what it is, the "future" is never going to be any different from the here-now. Even though there will be times where you are believing it has changed, simply because its outward appearence has varied. Life is an wheel endlessly turning in exactly the same spot confronting you with the same obstacles over and over again unless you wake up. And by showing the willingness to learn, thus growing in consciousness, surmount your own limitations. In which case the wheel is transformed into an upward-spinning spiral, endowing you with the possibility to unfurl your full potential.


In letting your-self be guided by the voice of your Divine intuition it becomes ever new and exciting, revealing beauty and manifestations of Love and Light in unexpected places and moments. Because although by diligent practise and working on purifying your mind and senses more and more, enables you to catch glimpses, endows you with fore-sight and premontions of what is to come and of where your path is going to take you next, the actual life is still going to surprise you. However, your Mind will be asking you a lot of questions of why you are doing such and such and more often than not it will want to disagree with the voice of the heart accopmanied by the inherent sensation, which is assertaining you:"Yes, this is right because it feels right to me". And of course, for as long as your own Mind is still rebelling, inevitably there will be people in your life around you, questioning your altered way of living. Answereing their "whys" is not going to be an easy task, because how to describe an unspeakable sensation arising from the core of the heart and encompassing the whole body with the effect of endowing you with a joyful lightness of being and harmony? Trust in your own Truth and a complete devotion to Love and Light will prove to be the only effective cures to any kind of doubt you are faced with.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


"The Future takes care of it-self" goes a popular saying, which is pronounced in times when worries and doubts of what the future might hold are becoming too over-whelming, in the hope of thus gaining a little peace of mind. Indeed, the future does take care of it-self, in fact there is no other possible option for it to be. Yet unless you learn to live in the awareness of the present the "future" will never actually come to pass. To be living fully conscious in the here-now teaches you to realize that both past and future are only projections of you mind and that the present moment is all that you can ever possess. Yet by clinging to memories of the past and losing your-self in phantasies of what the future might bring, you are missing even that. And maybe at the end of your life you will look back in regret of all the time wasted with vain dreaming and worrying. The only moments remaining imprinted within your consciousness wil bee those in which you experienced happiness and sorrow greater than your-self. For those two are the opposing sides of Love. The conditionless and compassionate Love of Divine origin, which rejoices in life, yet because it is all-knowing, simultaneously grieves in the knowledge that its death is inevitable. Life and Death being irrevocably tied together, like day and night, light and darkness.


The Truth, Life and Love are so simple that there are no words to accurately express their full meaning. The only way to know them, is by living each moment in the full awareness of your beautiful wholeness and to consciously participate in the great wheeling dance of existance.

Monday, 10 October 2011


All life happens for a reason and serves a higher purpose in the Divine order of creation. Nothing you ever do is pointless or superfluous- unless you your-self are judging it to be so. But even then, although you might see it that way and by so doing are causing inner disharmony, it still remains meaningful to the unity. The more you come to recognize the Truth, Love and Light hidden within all levels of your own being and the life around you, the less your view will be obstructed by the limiting perspective induced by your mind and the clearer you will see your-self not only as an indiviual but as a part of the Divine unity, too. This, in turn, will make you come to understand and realize the power and responsibility you are actually holding.


The Mind as such is a wonderful intelligence, able to endow us with great wisdom, magical powers and helping us to attain evolutionary heights- if it is being used untainted by the motives of the Ego. Unfortunately, the greater part of humanity, especially those living in modern society, is still under the dominion of the ego-driven Mind, which mainly lives on fear and constantly fights for its survival.
One of its favourite occupations is doubting. Making you doubt in your-self, in the future, in others, in life, etc. In times of doubting the feeling of separation is enhanced, hence there is a greater danger of getting lost in the maze of thoughts and figments of the mind, than in times of a mind at peace. Doubts can deplete your strentgh by leading you away from your own truth. Away also, from the still centre of silence within from where all movements of life can be observed and into a wild chaos of circling thoughts and feelings, unsettling your emotions by touching hidden fears.
Yet there is a seond type of doubting, which has the opposite effect- it empowers you further by stengthening your resolve to walk on along your chosen path in faith and trust in your own perception of truth. This kind of doubting actually only appears as such to by-standers, for to your-self it is much more like reconsidering all the pro's and con's of the next step you have already given your consent to but now are suddenly feeling hestitant in taking. Therefore you call a halt before proceeding any further and take the time to scrutinize the decision in question. Although just like in the first scenario, thoughts and feelings are arising, they are not haphazard. Because you your-self are remaining unidentifyied with them, remaining in charge and chosing them in awareness you are holding the power over them. Moving into them, like swimming in deep waters, in order to return to the safety of the shore with the sought answers. The answers being "what has induced me to decide upon taking that step?" and "why am I hesitating now?".  In other words, you are moving away from the here-now into the past and the reality of your thoughts and feelings, in order to return to the here-now and your neutral persepective with an enhanced understanding of your own subconsciuos reactions which had had a chance to act and lead you into that situation because for a single moment in the past you had been inattentive. You are using your mind as a tool in order to return to your initial trust and faith with added insights into your self and your chosen path. Whereas in the first instance, what is commomly known as doubting, you are loosing you real self and are drowning in the avalanche of conflicting thoughts and feelings, vainly running after the figments of your mind. 

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Everyone strives for harmony, be it on a conscious or subconsciuos level, because harmony is the natural state of all life- or rather was, and still would be, if the human Mind had not interfered with it at some stage in evolution. The natural state of the Divine creation is an expression of complete harmony, in which even to the human mind apparent chaos and disruptions have their place in serving a particular purpose. The Mind believing it-self to be seperated from the rest of the Unity is forever afraid of its extiction and therefore continuously fighting for its survival and thus causing disharmony on all levels of our being and the Unity's. Yet at the same time the Divine spark in us endows us with the inherent urge to strive for a state of inner and outer harmony. However, while the Mind is still in charge of our lives, reaching a state of harmony is quite impossible. For even if there might be moments of peace- we would not be able to recognize them as such due to the distorted and limited view of the mind. Or if we actually achieve a temporary state of harmony the inherent fear of the ego-oriented mind would distroy it as soon as it has been realized by its deep-rooted fear. In order for there to reign inner harmony, we first have to learn to have Faith in the Divine order of things, to surrender our personal will to Love and to live in the Light of Truth. Living in this way, it is no longer the Mind directing our lives, but the voice of our Divine intuition, which is connected to the Divine source and therefore knows neither fear nor darkness. The inner harmony thus created and thus causing our lives to be outwardly harmonious, too, will automatically be condusive to the sum total of harmony of life on all levels.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


For as long as you still identify your-self with the senses, emotions and/or the mind, your love is a one-way street. This kind of love is bound to time and place. Being rooted in duality it is subject to fluctuation between the two extremes, either generating exhilaration or causing you to feel dissappointed/angry/hurt/lost. Love originating from, and taking place in the senses, the emotions and the mind are generally of an active kind, though with a tendency to passivity by causing stagnation in the flow of life. Because by actively striving for and clinging to an ideal state lying either in the future or past, they inevitably necessitate a negation of the status quo. Even in receiving, they remain partly active, always expecting/craving/wanting/taking/demanding more of the same or something else. However, this kind of loving is usually mistaken for the True Love, because they have the capacity to take possession of your entire being. It also has the power to temporarily fullfill all your dreams and wishes- as well as to cause your heart to ache or break.
True Love on the other hand, being a state of BEing, lies beyond horizontal time and duality. Hence it exists in vertical reality and is both active and passive at the same time. It knows no conditions and because it neither involves the mind nor the physical body, the heart is not in the danger of being ever broken. True Love is rooted and flows from the Spiritual Heart. Its main quality being an all-encompassing Compassion towards all life, it leaves no room for personal feelings, thoughts or emotions of frustration/disappointment/hate etc. Neither does it prefer one form of life, one individual over the other in its Love. Although personal preferences are still being registred by the mind and the senses,  they do no longer have the power to dominate and possess your mind and senses. Residing in a state of conditionless love, you are living in a reality which lies beyond them.
Therefore, falling in love with someone is no longer possible. The former being an obsession, a kind of fever, of the senses and the mind.


In the process of personal transformation you are moving beyond what you have hithero believed your-self and life to be. However, transformation of consciousness necessitates the willingness to recognize and lovingly accept and embrace whatever it meets in the self at any given moment in time- without "buts" and "ifs". Because how else could you move beyond what you are, if your starting point is a distortion of the Mind, instead of the truth of the moment?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


All things and circumstances in the outward world are transitory, destined to change, vanish or die. The only riches that endure all time are the fruits of consciousness found and accumulated within the self.


Life is very simple. Love is very simple, Truth is very simple. The one who renders them complicated for us is the Mind driven by Fear of change, its set idea of its separateness and its conviction to know it all best.


The whole universe is a manifestation of Divine Light-Love Energy, vibrating at different frequencies and thus creating different planes, spheres of consciuosness and density. The amount of Energy contained in this universe can neither be diminisehd nor increased, only transformed to a higher level of consciousness and less density or locked up to appear on a lower level of consciousness of higher density. Hence nothing we ever do, think, say, feel or believe is ever lost, but actually only changes form, and will invariably return to us in one way or another and at some time or other. We might not necessarily recognize is as the answer to our own being- yet it always is. One could say that the world around us is a mirror of all that we are indiviually and collectively. But different from the mirrors made of glass in which the physical forms are easily recognizable as our bodily selfs, the world reflects our consciuosness and subconsciuosness. Therefore, the more consciously aware of your-self you grow, the easier you will recognize your own reflection in the life and people around you. The same way that it is impossible to change your reflection in a mirror of glass without first changing your physical appearence, it is equally impossible to change your life and perception of the world without transforming your consciuosness. Even though at times it may seem it to be possible because outward appearences of your life can indeed be altered by change of place/set of friends/increase or decrease in fortune etc. But since the physical plane is but a manifestation of the Energy it contains, outward appearences are decieving. By trying to change your life outwardly only, as soon as the excitment over the ew has worn off, you will find your-self in a same postition as before- if not worse because of the disappointment over the failure.


Freedom is a word loaded with different and differing meanings to it, for every individual has a personal definition for it. However, at least in the Western world, there is a general meaning to it, too, which has been generated by the film industry, where "freedom" has become a synonym for the image of an individual rinding/walking/driving/flying into the sunset/sunrise in an open and beautiful countryside. Also the words "holidays" and "vacation" generally imply a kind of freedom. One could say that to the majority of people freedom is understood in the sense of having lots of spare time and the means to spend it as one pleases best. Yet, this is freedom on a very superficial level only, for if you dig deeper you will realize that few are able to actually feel freedom at any given time n their life- be it at work or on holiday. Again, there are others who do not get any free time to them-selves ever and believing that they would be able to feel free then, are longing all there life for some time off. And others again, having all the time in the world at their disposal are longing for work because they are feeling "tied down" and lost in their apparent freedom. And some believe if they were wealthier they could feel free...
Yet no outward situation can guarantee you freedom -unless you first liberate your-self from false beliefs and fears. By limiting your-self and conditioning your sense of freedom to outward circumstances, whatever you will get - the longed for state of freedom will never be achieved.

Everyone's first right in this world should be the freedom to be him/her-self and to live his/her own ideal. Then there would be no-one hankering after illusionary freedom.


Imagine your life in Earth to be like a wide ocean with your-self as a sailing boat upon its endless surface engaged in a life-long sea-voyage. Your physical birth constituting the place you set out from, death your final destination and in-between them various ports of call. The continuously blowing winds of change representing your destiny and deciding the routes by which you travel from one station to the next. Let your-self be navigated by listening to the voice of your Divine intuition and you will instinctively set your sails correctly and are thus able to travel at the speed of light in a state of inner joy and tranquility- even in times of calamities and heavy storms, never once failing to reach your next port of call, where there is the opportunity for you to rest awhile and regain your bearings. Although it might not always be the same port you expected to get to next on your route. And in the wohle of your journey, your Faith in a higher purpose is guiding you onwards and your Love for the sea and your attitude of surrender to the Heavenly winds of change, are rendering the voyage pleasurable and are creating a bright light at the stern, which has the power to enlighten your path even at night.