Saturday, 21 April 2012


True friend-ship lasts through differences of opinion/personal bliefs and survives separation as well as a change in your wordly circumstances.
The very fact that a so-called friend-ship has broken off due to one of the above mentioned reasons proves that it can have been little more than a liason of the Egos involved.
True friend-ship is a connecting bond that lies deeper than the Personality Self and transcends time and place.
The inter-connecting thread between true friends can be picked up and persued at any time just where it has been left off the last time in which the previous communion in Spirit has conicided with an actual meeting in person. It does not matter if this has been either in the current life time or in one that has gone before.
When such a meeting occurs, conversation might be exchanged, however it is not really necessary in order to make each other understood. Although  in all probability thought-transference will be part of this wordless understanding, what I am talking about here, is a shared silence that lies deeper than words can ever reach.

Sunday, 15 April 2012


Love can take place upon four different levels of your being. Yet it is commonly lived and acknowledged but on two or three at the most.
The lowest level of love constitutes the attraction of the physical instincts. The second one up is the emotional reaction towards another being and the third a mental infatuation with another living creature. These reactions either take place singly in varying degree of strength or in any possible combination of the three. There is nothing wrong with them in themselves. What is making them - more often than not - harmful and life-hindering in the long term, or even short term, is the fact, that they are but rarely in accord with each other and usually subject to fluctuations. To the effect that not only the bestower but the receipient, too, are becoming victims of these unpredictable changes in the love that is being lived out. Although, really, the fluctuating changes are part and parcel of the love of the three lower levels, which are strongly dominated by the laws of duality and as such they are quite harmless. They gain potential to wreak devastation with an individual if he holds the expectation for the love to remain unvaryingly the same always. Or by the act of willfully trying to suppress the occuring changes because upon another level of being they appeare inappropriate or are being forbidden by society.
The loves of the three lower levels of your being will never at peace amongst each other unless the fourth dimension is added to them and thus effectively renders them parts of a complete whole. The highest level of your personality self is the spiritual part, the inhering soul. Only the soul is capable of truly loving another being, because it is aware of the connection between all forms of life. Whereas the senses chemically and instictively react or remain passive. The Emotions are stirred by the presence of others either in an agreeable or disagreeable fashion and the Mind has its own likes and dislikes, too. Whereas the soul is able to love compassionately, all-encompassingly- independent of the initial reactions of your lower levels.


The choice which attitude you wish to adopt towards any given experience you meet with in the course of your life is yours. Always. Generalizing the three options available to chose from are: the part of the victim, the perpetrator or the uninvolved, neutral observer.
In the matter of physical illness and suffering the general reaction in people is to see themselves as the victim and thus effectively making themselves one, too. It is very difficult to hold against the inclination to do so, because the commom belief of seeing illness as a fiend to be fought, is deeply rooted in society's way of behaviour and thinking -even the language mirrors this passive, victimized attitude.
And yet, the choice is lying with you, whether you accept the periods of physical suffering in your life, to accredit them their proper value and in so doing transcend them. Or wether you prefer to rail against the injustice of "having been taken ill"/"have been made to suffer"/"fell victim to the flu/an accident", whereby cutting yourself off the natural flow of life in addition to the pain the ill causes you anyway.
Of course, if you are the victim of an accident or find yourself seriously ill, you might justly be called a victim from a purely superficial perspective and have to be treated thus. Yet still, you can chose your own mental/emotional/spiritual attitude towards the situation. The more non-ambiguous the outward circumstances appear to cast you for a certain role, the more difficult it is to remain uninvolved, unidentified. Therefore it can justly be said that all suffering is self incured.
Bodily illness and suffering, just like happy, carefree days are path-stones upon the road to the bliss-state. Only by remaining uninvolved can you rise above your Lower Self which is inflicted by the suffering. Only in a state of non-identification are you able to see the Greater Picture in which every moment of your life has its proper place, makes perfect sense and cannot be dispensed with if the picture is to become perfect one day.

Friday, 13 April 2012


To condem another is a sign of weakness, whereas understanding another, despite the differences existing between you, requires strength of character. Condemnation is superficial and an action of the Ego-mind. True understanding is an act of love and takes place in the heart. To condem is narrowing down your horizon. It cuts you off the natural flow of life. To understand with your heart enhances personal development and increases the life force flowing through you. However, often the Mind needs to grasp resemblace of understanding first, before it can sicker any deeper and finally touch the heart. Which is why to deliberately practice open-mindedness and tolerance towards others are vital accoplishments upon the road to a true and unequivocal understanding of life and the people around you.


True giving flows from the heart and never expects anything in return. He who gives in purity of intent, collects ample rewards for his gifts. More than he has given out, for in addition to the joy the giving produces in his own heart and in the one of the recipient,  he will receive the fruits of his positive actions returning to him in due course from an unexpected source in life.
However he who gives demanding rewards for his actions of grace or is even just silently expecting them, will suffer losses all around and experience weariness in reward. For a dark shadow will be cast upon the whole transaction, remaining with the ungraceful giver henceforth. Until such an unlikely day as he will forget and forgive that he has not received the expected in return. So it is better not to give at all than to give ungracefully, because to give in expectations of rewards is sure to cause disappointment.

Monday, 9 April 2012


Choose to spend your time in the company of those, who make you feel good about your-self and inspire you to appreciate the beauty of each moment of life. This coming about not because they are flattering your Ego and tell you lies concerning your future, but because they like and appreciate you the way you are, enable you to take your-self and your so-called problems less seriously by making you laugh at them from time to time.


To compare your own spiritual development and achievements to those of others is not only futile but actually shows that you are still very much living in a reality dominated by the Ego. In doing so, inevitably you will find it either lacking or superior to the other's and both conclusions are equally misleading. For the Heart knows no comparisons. It recognizes the equality and simultaneous uniqueness of each human being. The Ego-Mind alone needs to compare it-self, because this secures its existance and validity. However there is a second kind of comparison which, working on the presumption of everyone's worthy uniqueness, respects the differences in everyone and actually draws inspiration for further personal growth from them.
The same open-hearted approach should be taken upon listening to teachers talking or of reading religious doctrines and spiritual theories. This secures that you are neither developing a spiritual inferiority/superiority comlex, nor getting caught in rigid belief-systems.

Saturday, 7 April 2012


True spirituality is a 24/7 task and not a weekend occupation to be enjoyed at leisure. Contrary to the view the purely materialistically minded individuals take, to be spiritual does not imply one dodges life's responsibilities. In fact, the opposite is the case. To turn one's steps towards the spiritual pathway in life is a sign of inner strength and means that one is finally willing to grow up and accept one's responsibilites. However atuning your-self to the Divine Light and reaching out to the spiritual heights does not have the immediate effect of instilling eternal light-heartedness and blissfulness in your heart and mind (- although the media are doing their best to promote this idea). In order to attain to such a state of Being, fortitude, endurance and faith are required, because along this pathway there are personal shadows to be faced and many a dark wilderness of the soul to be traversed. Especially at the onset of the spiritual path of Light it may appear to you rather like a path of chaotic darkness. But it is only natural, that with the increased quotient of conscious awareness within the self, your personal dark shadows loom up and stand out more distinctly and threateningly than they did formerly. Another testing difficulty appertaining to the spiritual path is the fact, that in most cases you cannot acutally prove to the world your spiritual achievements and victories because they take place in the inner worlds. The only way to measure your attainments is by the degree you are able to unequivocally love your-self, those around you and to enjoy everyday life irrespective of your outward conditions.