Monday, 20 June 2016


Each moment that you are living in conscious awareness in the here-now renders that, which you think of as 'future' more bright. Because conscious awareness is a magical force that enables you to see the light even in the darkest of your nights.


In the same way that sunlight brings forth the colours in their full radiant splendour in Mother Nature, so does conscious awareness of love in each moment lighten up your self and turn your individuality into a beautiful flower that never stops unfolding itself in beauty and harmony.


In times where you feel harmony is lacking around you in some way it is usually - if not always - an indication that your inner state of harmony requires some of your attention and effort in order to be re-established or fortified by your conscious awareness.

Sunday, 19 June 2016


Depending upon how afraid you are to face to the true cause of your anger, frustrated or disappointed expectations, you either get more angry/accusing/aggressive/defensive if others don't join in your drama or you start calming down, begin to find peace in yourself the moment after the outburst and stop blaming others or circumstances for your conflicting emotions.
One way to realise and measure how much you still hold on to expectations be this either of yourself, people or life in general is to obeserve how often you still experience emotions like disappointment, anger, frustration, dissillusionment or even sorrow.


With gratitude filling your heart your lungs breathe love, your eyes perceive light, your mind is in prayer and your movements turn into a dance. Gratitude renders your personal existence into a living worship of love-light in motion.

Sunday, 12 June 2016


In seeking dialogue we are either consciously or unconsciously led by the intention to bring more light (self-understanding) into our inner monologue or to obscure it (distract ourselves from its reality).


Teach your self to live in the awareness of love and you help the human collective manifesting world-peace.
War and strife are expressions of hatred. Hatred is caused by an inner tension that has its roots in fear. In human beings fear is an unconscious reaction on part of the ego. It causes disharmony in the individual self and with disharmony comes tension. Collectively shared fears and tensions create war and strife in the exterior world.
On the other hand, peace is an expression of harmony and harmony is a by-product of love awareness.
Love awareness brings understanding, acceptance. Where there is understanding and acceptance there is effortless harmony and thus also the absence of tensions.