Sunday, 30 December 2012


Where there is Love, justice reigns peacefully and naturally amongst the living creatures involved. Whereas in places and situations in life, where love is lacking a so-called justice has to be fought for with brutal force. In fact, all fights and wars are ultimately caused by the idea of wanting to install justice and to get ones proper due. But of course, this renders an atmosphere of love and true justice difficult -if not actually impossible. Therefore the only way to install justice in the world, which will not one day backfire into another war/fight/revolution, is to love and to forthwith cease from strife in the name of justice, both in the personal and national name.
Why? To love brings you into alignment with God, who Himself incorporates justice absolute.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012


At all times and in any situation you always have all the time in the world at your disposal. Provided that you are personally allowing yourself the time and space, which might be momentarily necessary to you. Follow the example of God, who Himself is infinite patience. He gives you as many chances and as much time as you require for consciously recognizing your various personal imperfections, which need correcting by your loving awareness. He never hurries you, never reprimands you for being tardy- He simply presents you with a same situation once more so that maybe this time round you will be ready to look at the truth about yourself instead of dodging out of its way by holding on to your Ego-tinted perspective.
Do not compare yourself to others because by doing so you will either feed your pride by being faster than them, or believe yourself to be inferior due to your comparative slowness. Everyone has his own way of understanding, recognizing and doing things, as well as a unique inborn rhythm, which defines his personal sense of time. Therefore all comparisons are impossible and in vain because how can you compare two beings that are unique and thus incomparable in themselves?


Although we can learn and deduce a lot about God’s laws of life and about our own human nature from observing and understanding the ways of Mother Nature, there are certain aspects of Her, which can lead to wrong conclusions about humankind. For example any apple is an apple and thus will in most cases taste like one, too. Meaning, its outward appearance allows a direct conclusion of its inner life. Whereas the inner and the outer lives of human beings generally are quite different from each other to a superficial observer. There is an inner and an outer reality to every person. And although in human beings the outer is conditioned by and created by the inner reality, the two might often appear to be complete opposites if viewed solely with the eyes of the world. However if you care to look beyond someone’s outward appearance and situation in life and instead recognize the intentions and motives behind their acts and words and their attitude towards themselves and their fate in life, you will gain a ore accurate insight into their inner life. And in returning to the example of the apple: in so doing you might suddenly realize that a perfect appearance might reveal stale and tasteless flesh, whereas on the other hand a crumply and browned little apple can taste rich and sweet.


For as long as there are moments in your life, which are making you feel sad/angry/frustrated/misunderstood etc. you are not fully at one within yourself and not fully loving/accepting/understanding towards all that you are. Meaning, you are still fighting against yourself in some way, still trying to hide away from your fear instead of confronting it. In other words you are still trying to dominate life by your free will instead of surrendering it to the loving will of the Highest which is in fact only waiting to take care of you and to bear you up through your life and its possible difficulties.
Whereas complete, loving and accepting surrender of your own free will to the one of the Highest, is leaving you joyously happy and at peace with all that you are and are encountering in any situation of your personal life.
Many are giving it a try to surrender and as soon lose heart again because the obstacles in their lives do not disappear over-night. Instead of realizing that they are in fact created by Divine providence especially, in order to teach them to experience love more fully and to deepen their trust towards it. Even just the simple realization and acceptance of this truth can prove immensely empowering upon a personal level because it effectively puts an end to your conviction to be a victim of bad fate. Instead it makes you recognize that the only reason for the existence of your various “problems” is your own lack of love and understanding. And because the latter two are attainable personal qualities you now know the way to resolve the hindering issues.


The universe consists of dual opposites. In order to be able to consciously recognize one side you have to know its opposite side too. So the one conditions as well as precludes the other side -and vice versa. Therefore if you wish to receive love you have to cultivate your ability to give and to feel love. Because the depth of your capacity to love decides how much love and what kind of love you are receiving from the world. And since your love, which is ultimately coming from the Divine Source, is passing through your heart, thus begins and ends with yourself, the place to start loving is your own self and you way of being. However this love of self should be self-less and unconditional, otherwise you will wait in vain to be truly loved and rather meet its opposite in the world. Also, unless you are feeling love within, all the love you believe to be receiving from the world will vanish one day and leave you with empty hands. Or if your love has been of the ego instead the heart, your love will bring hate in its wake.

True Love makes you feel connected with everything and everyone, whereas love of the ego-mind ultimately causes you to experience separation from the whole world -even though for a while it might keep you in the belief of being connected to your loved one. True Love is
eternal whereas ego-love withers and fades with the passing of time. True Love makes you grow and shine forever stronger. Ego-love weakens, rigidifies and empties you. True Love is for life and thus at one with change. Ego-love on the other hand fights changes and is deadly afraid of it.
Therefore unless your relation-ships are founded upon True Love, they will one day break apart and end in hate and misunderstanding, frustration, deception etc. However even though a relation-ship might be founded upon true love it is possible that one day it will end, Simply because the individual way of passing through life’s changes happens at a different speeds and in different directions. But in such cases the break-up happens in common understanding and respect for the other party.

Friday, 23 November 2012


When you reach a state of true peace within your heart, body and mind, you cease to have cause for being unfriendly/angry/impatient towards others and their way of being. And if they are showing you anger and impatience or if they are being unkind to you, you simply allow them to do so without reacting to their negativity. In this way eventually they will become peaceful too. Or else, if they are unwilling to let go of their negativity, they will soon tire of you and turn upon a more willing participant in their game of causing more unhappiness out of unhappiness, which is motivated by the unconscious fear of their Ego .


Life is not about winning and making personal gains and profits, but rather about collecting variegated experiences. True winning means finding the love lying hidden in them. And to truly profit is to gain a deeper understanding and awareness of the Divine Truth underlying each moment of existence in the great and in the small.


The Divine Creator is the highest Truth and the only Absolute in existence. His Being encompasses all life which in each of its parts represents an expressive aspect of Him.
Anything of true quality you can personally achieve, shares in His Truth and therefore is an all-encompassing state of being. Leaving no room for personal exceptions, exclusions and conditional codes. When you truly love/understand/accept/respect etc yourself and other beings you no longer think or say: "but" "if".  Metaphorically speaking; you are inwardly and outwardly embracing life in any shape and form it might come your way. You are simply recognizing each passing moment and each occurrence as a further step towards the commonly shared goal of personally and universally acquiring Divine perfection in manifestation. And having truly understood your own relative existence, you are aware that your personal faults are relative likewise and that your personal truth is equal to the truth in others around you. In knowing and accepting this you become silent in view of the truth and faults in yourself as well as in those around you.

Thursday, 22 November 2012


Have you ever wondered why the first pop/rock songs that were recorded an thus became famously well-known worldwide, are keeping their popularity even after decades and are literally "evergreens". Whereas contemporary pieces of music just seems to come and go without leaving a trace behind them like clouds passing in the sky?

You might explain this away by the facts that nowadays there are more musicians and that the technical side to the recording and publicising has become a lot faster and easier. Or that the people who used to listen to the so-called oldies in their young days still do so today.
These might be valid explanations from a materialistic point of view.
However there is also a Spiritual way of explaining it.

Bearing in mind that everything consists of Divine energy or in other words Love, it seems absolutely logical that the generality of modern-day music simply vanishes after its swift appearance in the charts. Why? To the greatest part these pieces of music do not contain any Love but are purely commercial. Commercial in their intention of production and as well as in their performance. Hardly ever there is a true musician or song-writer involved. No-one who is doing it for pure joy and love of the musical art. The lyrics as well as the music are usually copied or even stolen and variegated from someone else's. Voices are being digitally tampered with to make them sound better and if there are any real instruments involved in the act at all the same applies to their sounds. In other words, it is all artificially produced in order to allow its producer and those co-operating in the project to make as much money from it as possible.

Whereas in the early and earlier days of pop/rock records, the musicians used to be real people. Real in the sense that they were devoted to their art, devoted to their gift of writing lyrics, playing an instrument, singing, composing music... They put their heart-blood into their productions and thus their audience was touched at heart in listening to their music. The sound of the voices and instruments on the records were generally only optimized in quality but not changed in their originality. Of course, also back then some of the musicians eventually became fame/money-hunters and lost their truth of expression just like the modern day performers.

What is of importance in life is Love and Truth. These two qualities provoke positive changes in those who come into touch with it. Love and Truth have a nourishing effect on the Soul and thus ultimately bring peace to the mind upon a personal level. Whereas commercial music posses neither of them and therefore is at best leaving the consumer untouched and at worst is leaving him unhappier than he was before.

Sunday, 18 November 2012


True missionaries of God's Love do not try to convert others by preaching doctrines and by using verbal tactics of persuasion and insinuation. Their way to bring others to find Faith in Love for themselves, is by their sheer presence. They inspire the wish to see beyond the superficial appearances of life in those who come into touch with them by their silent ways of conscious living in the awareness of God every day. They have a patient willingness to share in what they have found and to answer questions to those who ask. But they do not force their faith unto you nor do they condemn other belief-systems nor put their faith above all others. True missionaries are missionaries of Love. A Love which is seen and felt by those who are ready to detect it in their silent actions of conditionless kindness and patient compassion towards life in all its shapes and appearances.


It does not matter by what name you are calling your Divine Creator, nor does it matter how you are praying to Him and how you are praising Him. Just as long as you acknowledge that your Heavenly Father/Mother/Creator is the same as everyone else's. Remembering that God is the universal source of the Highest Good and the purest Love and Light and Truth. He loves all His children equally well and is treating you with the same patience and gentle kindness as them. The position to judge and do justice to those who fail Him in falling from love and truth by acting in an unconscious, egoistical manner, is only His. Yours it is to love and accept yourself as well as you can and to strive to do likewise with your brothers and sisters and all the rest of His Creation.

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Your Spiritual path is a challenge. However not one which you are playing against others but solely for yourself. Heart against Ego-mind so to speak. And by scoring, meaning letting your heart win in a personal decision, you are simultaneously helping others to listen to their own hearts more. Because higher consciousness always has a positive impact upon consciousness of a lower rank. Just like a candle in a dark room which has the effect of lightening up much more space than just the place where the flame is. Every single moment of your life contains the opportunity to heed the voice of you heart instead of your Ego's.
You are a Spiritual being- just like everyone else and if you are finding yourself drawing comparisons between the quality of your own Spirituality and that of others you are being very non-spiritual indeed, because comparisons are an Ego-game. Everyone has his own unique way of living Spiritual awareness thus making it difficult to evaluate other's people's state of consciousness anyway. However an unmistakeable sign of someone's Spiritual advancement is their ability to love unconditionally and to respect others just the way they are without feeling personally offended by their ways. Such individuals are unconditionally and quietly at peace with themselves, their lives and their fellow-men.


Living in a world and a society still largely ruled by Ego and its appertaining symptoms of fear, hate, etc., your inward state of personal freedom is not always easy to maintain. You will be meeting many people you are challenging you by words and acts, trying to involve you in a personal fight. The only way to remain in your inward kingdom of peaceful freedom is not to react to their offences. Neither directly or indirectly. Meaning neither in outwardly verbalized words and open actions, nor in a hidden, inward fashion in your own thoughts and feelings. In order to achieve this you have to stay detached from your personality self, which might be trying to defend or excuse itself or to launch into a counter-attack. Let their hits fall upon empty ground and leave their words unanswered to echo into empty space. Simply keep detached from all personal reactions, yours and theirs. Remain in your position of love and light in which you are recognizing the reason for their attacking you (namely their own fear and lack of love). By your compassionate understanding of the game of Ego-negativity they are trying to play with, you will be born through the situation and your sense of freedom will deepen instead of diminish. This way you might even feel gratitude towards your offenders because their negative opposition is offering you a metaphorical thrust block against which your own positivity can grow even stronger.


This must be one of the most frequently asked questions in the world. And most of the time, the inquirer is asking it only in order to be polite or to talk about himself. In either case he is believing himself to be a helpless victim of life's circumstances and his personal physical, emotional and mental level of existence.
However once you no longer believe yourself to be your Ego-Self, this question ceases to be relevant (unless, of course, you are a therapist who is there to help other people with their ailments and illnesses, in which case it is part of your job to inquire into peoples states of well-being). By no longer identifying with your Lower Self you are hence forth living in the realization, that your state of well-being lies entirely under your own responsibility. Yes, from time to time your body might still be suffering, your emotions may be disturbed and thoughts in a turmoil. Or you path through life might occasionally be more challenging than it usually is. But because you are now in a position of neutral observer over your personal level of existence, such circumstances are no longer affecting you negatively, they are no longer keeping you from enjoying life and being happy with your lot.

Monday, 12 November 2012


Mother Earth and Her Nature is the Mother to all of us in the same way as God is the Universal Father. She is providing the physical bodies for Him to ensoul with His life-endowing Love and Light.
In order to lead a life in complete harmony upon all levels of your existence you have to acknowledge, honour and respect both your parents. If you only live in the awareness of one side of your original nature, you will mostly probably have to pay for it by severe suffering along your soul's journey. Suffering in all its forms is always and expression of disharmony of some sort. Its appendant pain has the effect of halting you in your tracks in order to look for its origin motivated by the intent of finding relief from it. However searching for it outside of you and blaming it upon some exterior aspect of life, only has the effect of adding to your unconscious painful suffering. Whereas turning around at yourself and looking for its roots in your own being invariably lightens it, although not always bringing instantaneous freedom from it.


There is not one aspect of Mother Earth and Her Nature that does not hint at, if not actually openly display the splendour and beauty of Her begetter, God Himself. Her vegetation and Her lowly creatures are revealing His Truth and His Love in uncountable ways and diversified fashions in its minute details as well as on large scale through their uniqueness of expression. Visible to all the eyes of those who know how to look.
The principle of Duality for example is to be found in the rhythm of day and night, of summer and winter etc. She also teaches us, that life is a never-ending process by the simple fact that while on one side of Her it is autumn, the other half is enjoying springtime and thus there are birds singing all year round all around the planet in joyous anticipation of the rising sun, the approaching Light of His loving, life-giving warmth.


The extent of your personal responsibility is far reaching and reveals forever new aspects, because it is part of life which in itself appears to be endlessly intricate and varied.
You might not always be aware of it, but what you chose to look at, the way and the set of mind in which you are viewing that which you have chosen to observe is an entirely personal choice. Your view of the world, of yourself and of your life, is a reflection of your personal set of mind. However in order to be able to claim this power and the appendent responsibility, you have to first become consciously aware of your personality self, its thoughts, feelings and sensations. Because until you have reached this stage in your personal development of consciousness, your reactions and actions in life and to life happen mostly unconsciously and thus you are unable to direct your gaze and your reactions to what it is meeting. In this way you are often believing yourself to be a helpless victim of your personal perceptions, whereas in a conscious state the power is all yours.
I personally see the time of late autumn in Mother Nature an especially suitable time to practise personal awareness of one's exterior world. If you succeed in it, it is most rewarding because it makes you see the beauty and the light in a time of the year when viewed superficially only, the beauty and the life in Mother Nature is fading and disappearing.
Do you wish to see the low grey skies, the dying leaves on the ground, bemoan the chilly, rainy days and the weakening, sinking sun on the horizon? Or would you rather admire the meadows glittering in silvery hues from the raindrops and first freeze, the warmly glowing colours of the last leaves on the trees and cherish the early nightfall in order to enjoy early restful nights in the cosy warmth of your bed?
In autumn, Mother Nature is exploding for the last time in joyous colours in order to remind us that to seemingly die to the world is actually a time to celebrate. Also, the reds, orange, browns and golden yellows are reflecting the colours of our lower chakras and thus acting as a reminder that in the coming months it is the time of the year to work on one's foundation, roots and purpose of self in life. The time for family and home-coming to the light and the love glowing at the centre of your being. Just like the sap in the tree, which is receding into the innermost heart of the trunk.

Sunday, 11 November 2012


One of the possible definitions of the word "experience" is: "observation as the source of knowledge; actual observation; an event which has affected one" , which evidently shows, that in life personal knowledge comes from living through it.

To be knowledgeable does not mean to be rich in theoretical knowledge. It means to be rich in personal experiences and to be consciously aware of them, or rather the lessons of love and life they taught you and the understanding they brought to you.
You are wise if you know yourself through consciously experiencing life and finding the love therein.
All theories, especially those about love, life, truth and God are worthless, and often prove life hindering rather than promotional, in times of crisis- unless you are able to put them into practise and thus make them your own by gaining conscious experience of them.


On the path to self-enlightenment you have to come to learn to not only see but also lovingly accept yourself in everything you are and do, you were and did, you will be and will do.
Self-enlightenment puts you into the position of all-knowingness towards your Lower Self, which is comparable to the one God holds over His Creation. And knowing of God that He loves and accepts all that He has created, you have to do likewise towards yourself.
Self-enlightenment does not make you holy, but it renders you whole by bringing into the light of your conscious awareness the full reality of your Lower Self, which hitherto has been living in the dark, believing itself to be the centre of gravitation.


In order to be able to align your Lower Self to your Higher Self/Holy Guardian Angel it is necessary that you first achieve a state of perfect harmony amongst your lower levels of being, namely the emotional, mental and physical. Your consciousness forms the connecting link between the two and only once a personal state of balance has been achieved, your spirit is left free to rise upwards towards your Higher Self and thus become aligned to it. Your Holy Guardian Angel shares in the Divine harmony and love of existence. Therefore it appears quite obvious that you can only connect to it in a state of personal peace which has been attained by practising conscious awareness of the love-aspect within yourself.

Saturday, 10 November 2012


How to know whether the love you are experiencing towards yourself is of the true kind or an illusion of your Ego-mind? If it is selfless self-love or egoistical love of the self?
If it is making you feel so full of love that you could hug the whole world and everybody in it- even those people you thought you disliked once,- your love is of the heart. If the centre of your love lies with God and thus has and illuminating effect upon all forms of life you are encountering, it is true love you are filled with. And if the feeling of love within you, extends your mind's capacities, making you unable to name a finite reason for your blissful exuberance (which might also make itself felt to you in silent serenity)  it is true also. And if it passes the test of time and even survives personal storms of emotions/thoughts or physical pain you can be sure it is true love for yourself which is filling your heart.
However, if on the other hand your love only reaches as far as your Ego-mind, you will be able to give finite reasons for it and put it into words. It will make you wish to exclude certain people or personal past experiences from your love. Or it may be dependent upon certain outward factors or your personal emotional/mental/physical conditions. If it fluctuates with your mood-swings and outward situation in life and if you are afraid it might be taken away from you or suddenly vanish, again you are loving with your Ego-mind.
True selfless self-love does not advertise itself to the world and it does not cling on to certain conditions. It simply IS and in BEing, it conquers your personal existence and by this also the world through and around you.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Conscious awareness endows you with power by enabling you to achieve control over yourself. This power is a positive force because it enlightens your own existence as well as those around you. It is acting always in service to Love and Light. This kind of power exists independent from matter and is thus timeless. The power of consciousness is pure and trust endowing.
In contrast to the power which the Ego calls its own and believes to be master of, which is born out of fear. This power is a destructive, egoistic force and always needs direct or indirect opponents in order to secure its existence.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


God is Love is Life.
A life lived in the awareness of love and filled with loving intention, is a life in God.


To live your life in non-duality in a world that is built upon the law of polarity is to be aware of your duality and its appertaining polarities but to be no longer personally identified with it.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


True Faith is not a thing that can be given to you. It is something to be found within your own heart. It is a state of being and has to be acquired by yourself through experience of God in your personal life. Having said this however, it can be inspired to take root in you by someone else, either by his/her words or by watching this person moving through his/her life guided by it.
True Faith can be described as an unshakeable belief in unconditional love, the Love of God. And because God Himself lies beyond words and can only be found by each and everyone for himself at the heart of Silence so it is with the faith in His Love. Although everyone's faith shares the same object, namely God and His Love, the way to come to this faith is different for each person. Everyone has his own unique way to come by it and once found it will never leave you and cannot be taken away from you either.
On the other hand, the kind of faith that is rooted in the mind and can be taught or given to you by foreign authority is temporary only, because certain experiences of life or contrary beliefs you come across can as easily up-rooted in your mind as it has been planted there.
Therefore if you believe that you have found True Faith for yourself put it to the test, inquire into yourself day after day, hour after hour of your daily life. And if it stays with you and is being strengthened by your experiences it is of the true kind. Whereas on the other hand if it weakly fluctuates with the currents in your life, with your mental/emotional/physical constitution and worldly circumstances it has been a mental belief only.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Contrary to the general belief happiness, just like Love is not be found in any outward thing or happening. Neither can any other person render you happy. However things, situations or people met with in the outside world might make you belief that you are happy but sure enough you will know from experience that this kind of happiness usually won't last. True happiness can neither be lost, nor taken away from you, nor given to you. It is already part of what you are. Pure blissful happiness in the shape of Divine consciousness lives at your very core and literally arises out of no-thing. It simply Is, condition-less and timeless. It is lying there waiting for you to be discovered. In order to realize this you have to let go of the belief that it is to be found outside of you and instead turn inwards and search for it within your own heart. You have to rise above your Ego because Ego-Happiness is temporary, True Happiness Eternal. Ego-Happiness can be lost, True Happiness, once discovered, never leaves you. The first is making you dependent upon others and in the long run leaves you unfulfilled, the latter renders you self-sufficient and free, endowing you with a sense of completeness and wealth.
And if you look beyond the wish to be made happy, there is the desire wanting to be loved.
The sensation of happiness makes you believe that you are being loved, which is why hunting for happiness really is just another expression of the hunger for love. So whether it is love or happiness you are trying to find in the external world, they both arise form the same need in you and both of them you already got. And they will only be found once you stop moving away from them by your outward search.
In the reality of the Heart there exists only love and happiness, in Ego-reality the opposites are experienced, too. Unhappiness arises from the idea that you are not being loved (enough) and the belief that you are not being loved renders you unhappy. Therefore should you be feeling unhappy or unloved, do not look for the culprit in the world but rather ask yourself why you are denying yourself the love you need in order to feel happy?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Your life's happiness stands and falls with what you are. Even though you will not always have a choice of the outward situations you have to cope with, you are always free to view them either in black or white, to either identify yourself with your possibly suffering body and psyche, or to let go, to step back and to breathe in conscious awareness of your true self which is timeless and deathless and made of pure love.
Your point of view is all that counts in the evaluation of your life's destiny- there is something good to be found in any situation, it cannot be otherwise because in the sphere of duality there are always existing two opposing sides to any of its parts.

Monday, 8 October 2012


The love of your life can neither be missed nor lost. The only thing you might lose is the illusion of this so-called love. However it is quite common to overlook the True Love, the love of your life, which is living at the core of every atom of your being, because you are too busy looking for this love elsewhere, outside of you. You are the love of your life yourself and God, your most intimate lover, is keeping you alive by his eternally giving and life-endowing, nurturing love.


Love is joy, trust, connectedness, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, etc.
Fear is doubting, accusation, anger, painful sorrow, mistrust, misgivig, rejection, etc.
If you are accusing someone and simultaneously believe to be loving him, or if you are claiming to love but are still harbouring anger inside you or if you are saying that you are trusting yet are actually suspicious, you are deceiving yourself. However in a a subconscious way because your fearing ego, which is believing to be loving, is standing between you and your conscious (self-)love, which loves condition-less for all eternity.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


To take on the responsibility for your life with all that it contains without simultaneously feeling guilty for those things which are (not yet) perfect is equal to the art of loving life from the heart.

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Paradise is a term descriptive of a place on earth where human-beings are closest to God. Eternal Paradise is to be found inside you own heart because at the innermost core of your being is the place where you are with Him constantly. Your Ego in its ceaseless fighting for survival has obliterated this true state. Staying in paradisiac places in the exterior world can be helpful in your search to find this spot inside of you once more. In their serene beauty such places are putting you at ease physically, mentally and emotionally, thus relaxing your Ego and rendering it penetrable for the realization of the Truth, enabling you to see the paradise inside yourself. And having found your inner paradise, you will henceforth be living in paradise wherever you may be staying.

Saturday, 22 September 2012


The ability to be able to laugh at your own follies and weaknesses, is rendering you perfectly loveable in spite of these personal imperfections.

Friday, 21 September 2012


By losing your fear of death you are becoming alive. The willingness to let go your hold of everything renders you strong to lovingly and trustingly embrace and overcome any lesson life may be bringing you.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


If you are one with the Love, conscious of the in Light and trusting towards and within yourself, silence and aloneness are your friends. They are a kind of sanctuary to you in which your love expands still further, your light grows brighter, your trust and understanding deepen.
Whereas if you are lacking in love and self-awareness, doubting in yourself, you are feeling lonely and believe silence to be fiendish. They appear like a kind of hell in which you have to fight for love, neither understanding life nor feeling understood yourself in fear to be left alone.


Through you
I am seeing me
Through me
you can see you
In each of us
and together
we find Love
You and me are we
who are both parts
of the One
who lies beyond
you and me
slumbering in everyone
the One who is Love.

Monday, 10 September 2012


To question yourself/your words/actions/thoughts/beliefs etc., other people or any other part of life is motivated by a curiosity and openness towards life. Showing itself in whoever or whatever it is you are questioning. Its effect is usually an enhanced understanding of the nature of life, extended love of it through yourself and a widened perspective. Thus leading to personal growth and development of conscious awareness.
Whereas to doubt in yourself/life/others in any way is rooted in a fear of the Ego and a lack of self-love. It only serves to further undermine your faith and love in yourself and whatever/whoever it is you are doubting. To doubt narrows down your conscious awareness, cuts yourself off from the natural flow of life and love, rigidifies your already existing fear-based prejudices and generally ends in accusation and condemnation -either directed at yourself or projected upon something/someone else.

Saturday, 8 September 2012


Personal future can only happen if you are surrendering yourself to the present moment free from expectations. Future is synonymous with making new experiences, which are creating development and unfoldment of consciousness by deepening your self-awareness. Whereas by holding on to expectations you personal experiences keep repeating themselves- if you  are realizing this or not because this time they are appearing in a slightly different shape and colour.
So-called progress in life is equivalent with growing further upwards towards God and deeper inwards towards you True Self. Unfoldment of consciousness raises your personal vibrational frequency, bringing more Light and Love into your existence thereby causing the movements of your life to become faster, lighter and more free.

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Anything is possible- in consciousness, because consciousness is of Divine origin and as such boundless.
In consciousness you are limitless free, provided you are not limiting yourself by preconceived ideas, set beliefs and thought patterns, which are all fear-based and created by your Ego-mind.
Consciousness is the basis for the visible life. Your personal consciousness is creating your existence.
You can reach so-called impossible things if you are able to overcome you fears and to transform them in the light of your awareness to love.
This will set you free to manifest your true and shining Self, to live in it harmoniously and to achieve now and in every moment of time whatever you are sincerely wishing to. Only the sky will be your limit, which in itself is limitless.

Sunday, 2 September 2012


If you are predisposed to doubt you will always find plenty of followers and supporters, because the world is still largely ruled by the Ego-mind. How much more difficult it is to be trusting and faithful towards yourself and life and how much stronger you need to be in order to stay true to this course in face of all the opposition of which your own Ego is forming a part of.
However in remaining faithful and strong to your belief in the Good existing not only within yourself but also in your fellow-men and the world at large, you are highly rewarded by a growing sensation of love and joy filling your heart and encompassing your whole existence.


What is perfection? Perfection is a transitory state. The attainment of the Highest possible good in a moment in time, which in the next is already changed, different and still further perfected. God is perfect. And because God Himself is constantly evolving and further diversifying, so is our world in being part of God's Creation perfect, despite its still many imperfections. And thus are you possessing the capacity to be perfect because you are part of God and His Creation. What is keeping you from realizing and actively manifesting this, is your Ego. The moment you achieve to step out of your Ego-identification, you are becoming at one with the Divine perfection of the moment. And with this you are also receiving the key to unlock your potential to be a true child of God in the Love and Light of your awareness.
Therefore it can justly be said that potentially everyone is perfect because we are all part of God and thus carrying the Divine Light within our hearts. You are becoming a perfect human being by acknowledging the imperfection of your personality due to its inherent Ego, and in henceforth surrendering it to the Heart, your Divine centre.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Although it may appear like a controversy, but in surrendering yourself, making yourself a humble servant to the Divine Cause, you are attaining Divine Freedom of existence because you have moved beyond the limitations of your Ego-mind.
In achieving a state of Inner Freedom and living your life therefrom, you are becoming a natural servant to the Divine Cause, devoting yourself to the love and will of the Highest, whose aim is to create a state of harmony upon all levels of existence. In this state of Being you are surrendering willingly your Lower Self to the service of your Higher Self. Living henceforth with your Ego-Mind as the servant of your Divine Intuition, in grateful awareness of the beauty of life.


To think you know much, it to know little. To know that you know but little, although you think much, is to know much.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


If you are feeling angry/disappointed/frustrated/lonely/unloved/nervous/exhausted/confused/misunderstood/misused etc. it is your Ego.
If, on the other hand, you are happy/joyful/contented for no apparent reason at all it is your Heart, your True Self.
The moment you are letting go of your Ego there are no more problems to vex you. Henceforth the former "problems" to you will just be situations which are different from what you expected them to be and therefore are calling for a different solution than the one you had initially foreseen.


Due to the fact that memories are always purely subjective and therefore fallible to your own Ego's shortcomings and complexes, to make use of them and involve them in a personal argument is de-constructive and moreover utterly pointless. The best achievable result hereby is, that both parties concede to their personal short-comings, coming to the agreement that neither of them is right but simply different from the other.
In situations where there is a personal issue to be resolved between two individuals it is therefore necessary to stay and deal with the facts at hand and not to fall into the trap of bringing in subjective memories of the past or personal expectations of any kind. Otherwise you are bound to bet lost in fight in which the two Egos involved are simultaneously trying to prove the other one wrong/bad/mistaken etc.
The ever-present here-now there are no arguments, no problems. There exist only differences in being and consciousness, which at times require compromises made in mutual respect and understanding of the other one's differences from your own.


Mediation is usually descriptive of a state in which you are experiencing an inward tranquillity, peace of mind and emotions, lightness of being or even blissful happiness. To be able to find a few moments each day to be spent in silent solitude and mediation is wonderful. However it should be your aim to make them an integral part of your being and thus effectively turn your whole life into a kind of mediation.Teach yourself to be inwardly at peace in times of outward trial and prosecution, to feel lightness of being in moments of worldly sorrow and weariness and learn to experience silence of thoughts and emotions when being personally challenged and attacked.
To be in a meditative state simply means to remain detached from your Lower Self with its Ego-induced thoughts and emotions. And to practise non-identification with your physical body and outward circumstances in life.


A good personal teacher is someone who keeps on challenging you to grow and to further expand you personal boundaries through enhanced self-realization, acceptance and love.
In this, anyone and anything can be your teacher; your parents, your siblings, your friends, your pets, your work etc.
However it is for you to decide whether you accept the challenges they are offering you (and which you have unconsciously chosen yourself) or if you rather opt out in avoiding their company and save the lessons they are presenting you with for another time.
Also, it is important to keep in mind that the terms "teacher" and "pupil" are not judgemental only descriptive of a personal situation. All human beings are both teachers and pupils alike, even though their levels of learning and teaching greatly vary in parts.


To be silent, as well as personally at peace and in a state of loving acceptance towards yourself and those around you, in times when you are in company, requires trust in who you are. If you know how to be truly silent within yourself you do no longer care what the others might be thinking of you or saying about you because you know that you, just like them, are all right just the way you are. This does not mean that you as a person are perfect. But this knowledge is no longer hindering you knowledge you from liking and accepting yourself and those around you in the here-now.


A personal inferiority complex in which you are believing yourself less worthy than those around you and consequently feel uncertain of yourself, or in which you are accusing others of superior behaviour, as well as a personal superiority complex in which you are believing yourself better than others either secretly or overtly, are both rooted in the Ego-Mind. The world and those around you are what you are making them and what you are believing them to be. If you are loving yourself and living in acceptance of your own short comings, detached from your Ego-Mind, you are able to see the world the way it is without feeling personally offended by outward happenings, actions and words from others. If not you are having a hard time because you will be feeling buffeted around by the fluctuations in life and your fellow men.

Monday, 27 August 2012


Drop all your expectations, the ones you are harbouring towards yourself, your fellow men and life in general, and all kind of disappointment and frustration will instantaneously vanish from your daily life. Most misunderstandings, too, will disappear from your life, because very often they are rooted in preconceptions you are holding of those you are in contact with. Instead accept each moment of life, and each part of it, as it is presenting itself to you and meet it the way it is and not as you are believing/wishing/hoping it to be. Living in this way you are free to react to reality and in so doing will transform it into enhanced self-realization and expansion of love.


Do no ever stop inquiring and questioning yourself and life. The day you cease being curious about your existence your eyes will lose their spark. The wish to always learn more about yourself and life is what is driving you on to accumulate forever more experiences upon the various levels of your existence because in personally experiencing life you are receiving the sought for answers. However if you feel that someone else can offer you answers and explanations to some of your questions, ask them. But never accept their answers and explanations at their face value without having first tested them for yourself. Every person, every soul is different from all the others and therefore everyone's answers and understanding is unique. Thus it is, that answers and theories given by others or found in books can only point you in the direction of your own answers and self-made theories but never actually provide them. And throughout keep your mind and heart open towards yourself and life, whatever it is you might be experiencing. Because if you don't, you will miss the real answers and instead accumulate prejudices and ready-made beliefs which will hide away the magic from yourself and life.

Sunday, 26 August 2012


The sum total of energy/God-Force/life contained in our universe is a constant. Although to limited human perception it might often seem that energy appears out of no-where or disappears without a trace- this is not the case. It only changes it vibrational frequency and therefore its level of existence. It is forever fluctuating and re-shaping itself, building new forms, breaking up old forms, re-grouping existing forms etc. Another word for God-force would be to call it Divine Love.This Love is the life-giver to everything and everyone. In truly loving someone, surrendering you Lower Self, you are becoming at one with it.
Love on its lowest arch of manifestation, the material world, is money. Because humanity has forgotten how to love themselves in a selfless way, money has lost its original worth and turned from being a gift and love token into a sinful possession speaking of deceit, abuse, misused power.
In order to re-establish a personal healthy attitude with money it is necessary for you to learn to love yourself selflessly, which involves transcending your Ego. Why? Because the Ego never feels loved enough an therefore will always lust after more love/money.
Recalling that the quantity of Love in existence never varies, let us look at so-called "special bargains" our present day and age is full of. Even though the consumer believes that he is saving money, in actual fact he is manifesting his lack of love upon the personal level, and at the same time is harming another part in the cycle of life. If one party is not paying the real worth of a product, someone else/Mother Nature has to pay for it instead. If one side is getting too much, the other must be getting too little.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012


God is the Ultimate Truth. The true nature of God lies far beyond the reach of human comprehension. All you are capable of, even in your fully awakened state of consciousness, is to see a fragment of His magnificence because you are only one of his fragments and a fragment can never comprehend the whole. However by consciously connecting in awareness to the God Source, you enter into a state of At-one-ness with the  rest of His Creation, in which the whole can be experienced rendering an approximate understanding possible . The closer something approaches to the Divine Truth, the less fully it can be described by words because words are always limiting and the Divine is the Limitless. Therefore wherever there is talk of God, like in the Holy Scriptures for example, the words only serve as pointers towards the Truth, which only reveals itself to you once you have left the words and their literal sense far behind you.

Sunday, 19 August 2012


In any kind of relationship the parties concerned are connected so that they are to relate to each other in one way or another. Provided that those who are involved are truly relating to each other, their relationship grows steadily and is ultimately transformed into unconditional love in the light of self-consciousness. Yet in most cases the parties concerned are not truly relating to their counterpart as it is in the here-now but rather to their own personal picture of it. A picture which is built upon subjective memories of the past, prejudices and expectations coloured by unfulfilled personal emotions, thoughts, ideas etc. In other words, all they are relating to is their Ego's idea of the other person and therefore the relationship remains a one-way street. So unless one or both parties involved have moved beyond their Lower Self and are able to view the other, while remaining emotionally/physically/ mentally detached, disappointment, disagreement and misunderstandings are inevitable. In order to truly recognize and relate to your counterpart you have to practise conscious awareness and be willing to withdraw from you Lower Self, let bygones be bygones and leave your personal expectations and wishes concerning the other aside. Only in so doing will you be able to truly recognize yourself in the other. Otherwise you are only seeing your own limited Ego. Moreover, recognition is most vital in a relationship. Unless it is there, relating to someone, or something, else is made impossible because you can only relate to things you recognize and know in some way -or at least are keeping an open mind towards. Therefore, in relating to another party, conscious recognition of the self reflected back at you takes place, which in turn creates the opportunity for personal transformation and growth.

Saturday, 18 August 2012


The world is full of "me" who, in their unconscious quest for the "I am" that lies hidden within themselves and which is Love itself, are searching for a "you" to love.
If a "me" finds a "you", it often happens, that in spite of the "you", it remains in its "me" state. But now a "me" that is soon loving the "me" better than the "you" and thus remains alone with a sensation of unfulfilled love despite the actual "we" state. Or else the two "me" turn into a "we" that ultimately serves the same function as the "me" did before. However, in rare cases the quest is actually fulfilled and the "we" created out of the two "me" is transformed by true love into a mirrored and shared "I am". The moment a "me" recognizes the "I am" within its own love it enters into a state of Love in whose light all the "you" are recognized as aspects of the "me" and are simultaneously transformed into "I am", too.

Friday, 17 August 2012


God is in everything, everything lives in God. Everything therefore carries the potential to make you recognize Him. In other words enlightenment and self-recognition lies hidden within each moment of life. This being the case, whatever you have been taught or told, whatever you have experienced so far, held the potential to bring you closer to God by making you realize and recognize yourself better.
In your quest for (self-)enlightenment you have two option open to you: Either you let the past rest and seek for the Light and Love in the ever new here-now or else, if you chose to ponder on your past, try to see it with different eyes. Take a step backwards and view it with a wider perspective and most of all, dare to prove your first assumptions and preclusions about it to have been wrong. Especially in religious teachings it serves well take another look at. The people who taught you about them probably fell under the error to force their own understanding and conclusions about them on you along with the Holy doctrine. However the source where they derived it from are of a lasting truth and universal validity. Therefore likely to yield you deeper insights, provided you are now looking at them with the desire to see beyond the surface and prepared to relate your personal experiences and understanding to them.


Go after your daily occupations and work for joy of living and love. Do whatever it is you may be doing because it fills you with a sense of contentment, wholeness and harmony. Do it because it is making you feel at peace with yourself and the world, your immediate environment. Let this be enough for this is all that truly matters. If, on the other hand, you are going after your daily labours in seeking recognition from the world for what you are doing, you are very likely to be disappointed rather than praised. Even if you may reap immediate reward for it from the world, it is likely to swiftly pass away again and leave you as empty-handed as you were before. Only those things which are recognized and acknowledged within your own self are of endurance and real worth. Moreover in fighting for worldly recognition you are wasting precious love energy. You are wasting your love because the world, concerned with its own battle for recognition and reward will be reluctant in giving you what you are hoping to receive and so is more likely to cause you doubts than affirmations. This being the case therefore it will only serve to undermine your own trust in yourself and thus diminish your love.


To some life may appear like a money game or a legal battle or a quest after desires and a love idolized.No matter in what context you are seeing it, life should be an adventure, an active exchange of love and joy taking place within and through you, as well as all around you. One, in which receiving and giving are naturally and harmoniously balanced and need no thinking about. It is a journey taking place within the sphere of matter and it is filled with beautiful surprises and unique experiences, which are serving to continuously widen your perspective and understanding of God living through yourself.


Although there are undoubtedly those who you feel are closer to you than others because you may have experiences of the past, ideas, interests in common, in fact the whole world has the potential to your friend provided you yourself are your own friend.
A friend is someone who makes you love yourself and life better, someone with whom you are able to share moments of truth, love, joy and lightness of being. However, these things can be found in every single moment of life irrespective of whether you are finding yourself alone or in company,- provided you are at peace with yourself and contented with your own existence. In this state of being you are walking through life with a smile upon your face that will be reflected back at you from everyone you are encountering. Living in this way you are surrounded by nothing but friends that are sharing the beauty and love of the moment with you.

Thursday, 16 August 2012


Mistrust is a symptom of fear and occurs when you have, or believe to have done something wrong/unlawful. Mistrust is a foreign feeling to you if you truly trust in yourself, always acting according to your personal truth and what you are perceiving to be the the best as well as with the best interest in mind towards your environment. In other words, when you are at peace with yourself and your own actions you have no cause to be mistrusting life in any way. 


Life in manifestation is a balance between Light an Darkness, In the sphere of human personality they are expressed in Love and Fear. Fear is fighting for its ongoing existence against Love, which simply IS. The soul of mankind is the expression of Love, his doubting Ego-mind represents the aspect of fear. The soul is of the nature of the Divine and thus part of Eternity. Fear on the other hand is of subjective reality only. Therefore in the end Love always wins.


Due to the nature of the Ego-mind to always construct itself so-called securities, it is instinctively clinging on to anything within its reach. Thus each single instant of life offers you the opportunity to practise how to let go. Finally even the belief that you have to let go is to be released from your mind. Because not seldom the idea that you have to let go in order to be free and fully present in the here-now turns into a fixation of the mind. You only have really let go, once you are living from one moment to the next at one with the consciousness of the presence, which is steadily changing, renewing and further unfolding itself.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


BEing in the Light
No more yesterday or tomorrow
Presence in freedom

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


The denser manifestation becomes as the Divine force descends down the planes until it is finally concreted into matter, having taken on definite forms, the greater its surrounding resistance, the slower its vibrational frequency. Resistance and opposition bring time into existence. In other words, the less conscious of the Divine God Force the weaker is its connection to the eternal qualities. The more restrictive the limitations it meets with, the greater its proneness to fall victim to the effects of time. Unconscious physical shapes of life thus offer the greatest possible resistance which is why they are invariably prey to the process of ageing and disintegration more explicitly than insouled forms. This explains why intelligent animals like for example apes and elephants grow much older than so-called
 mindless ones. Human individuals who are living in an elevated state of personal consciousness usually grow to a much greater age than those who are living their life in Ego-mind reality because the Ego-mind in its usual form is deeply unconscious and offers much resistance and opposition to the natural flow of the God force. Whereas in a true meditative state all sense of time disappears, leaving you utterly submerged in the everlasting here-now and harmoniously at one with the God force.


There is a "No" which takes you away from your personal truth and one, that brings you closer to it or even actually expresses it.
Although you should strive to free yourself as much as possible from hindering limitations by living in the affirmative towards yourself and life rather than the opposite, at times it is still necessary to say "no". In order to keep to your truth and not giving too much by exceeding your personal capacity of energy. The same applies to the "yes". There are those who say "yes" when actually meaning "no" because they are afraid to speak their own truth and for the same reason there are those who say "no" instead of "yes". Some people have the tendency to always take or ask too much of their fellow men and some with the tendency to to give too much.
Life in harmony is a exchange of giving and taking in which the two sides are naturally balanced.
It can be observed in people who want to be all "good, giving and helpful" towards their fellow men, that in so doing they are often depleting their own resources because they do not keep to their personal limitations. The same outward symptom can have also another reason, namely that the individual in question acts thus out of fear/uncertainty/minority complex. In both cases to say "no" at times would be helping them to have more energy to themselves but would also demand the willingness to tackle and transform personal issues because the root to the reaction upon the surface has roots that reach deep into the Self.
However there is a way to be always giving without overstepping your own boundaries. In this way of being both saying "yes" and "no" come naturally to you and are invariably expressions of your own truth. In any situation, saying neither the one nor the other, causes you to feel guilty/afraid nor causes you to take too much of your share or to give too much. This becomes possible once you have risen above your Lower Self in consciousness and are no longer identifying with it, instead directing its actions from your Higher Self. In this state even your "no" is spoken in love and therefore is a kind of giving all the same.
When you know how to respect your own personal limitations, your environment will automatically adjust itself to your change in behaviour and cease to demand or take too much of you either. It never works the other way round and simply no amount of accusing and complaining about the demands put upon you on part of your environment is going to bring about any changes for the better.
The key to an equal balance between giving and taking lies within you and therefore can only be adjusted by yourself.
The Lower Self with its inherent Ego and finite physical form is inevitably limited and thus personal capacity has boundaries. Your individual character is determining how much you are able to share of yourself without losing yourself in the process. However its is nonetheless possible for you to aim at stretching your own boundaries in order to increase your original capacities, while all the while keeping to your own truth and staying within your own power.


When you have truly let go of something (object/situation/person/feeling/idea etc.) you are free from any negative reactions towards it and the things connected to it. Meaning, to come into touch with the the thing you have purportedly let go of, does no longer either cause you to feel anxiety/guilt/anger or make you form accusations/excuses in any shape or form. Nor do you wish to rather make the past in connection with it undone or wish it had been different. In short; if you have really let go of something all you are now feeling is either complete neutrality towards it or if you have risen above it in consciousness what is left in you is joy an gratitude for the personal insights and experience(s) it brought to you.

Sunday, 12 August 2012


If the meaning of the term "miracle" is deduced from how it is generally employed, its definition would be to describe it as something which suddenly appears or happens without giving prior notice.
 However, all visible forms of life are the result, the end-product so to say, of an  invisible process of development which has preceded its apparition in matter.
Therefore even if something does appear seemingly out of no-where, it has passed through its due phase of preparation beforehand.
The more conscious you are becoming, the finer tuned your higher senses are, the more distinct you will be aware of the periods of preparation for the so called miracles appearing in your life.
They are like flowers that have grown our of tiny seeds that have been planted in the receptive soil.
In unconsciousness your seeds are uncontrollably strewn hither and thither in often barren soil and usually forgotten about. Whereas living in personal consciousness you are in a position to plant them with clear intention in fertile soil and knowing where you put them down you can help their germinating process by bestowing loving care upon them.


Although the uncountable multitude of different forms and structures of life are ranging from being very simple consisting of a single cell body only, to unspeakably complex systems of interdependent parts held together by stresses and inter-relationships, they are all moved by the same Spirit of God. The Divine Breath, expressing itself in a instinctual movement of expansion and contraction. An unfaltering, unalterable rhythm. A life-endowing flow of Energy joining all parts of Creation together and making them into One.
Therefore it can justly be said that Life is very simple. It is just this regular process of inflowing and out-flowing breath.
Whenever it appears to be otherwise and you are finding life complicated and confusing, you can be sure, that it is not Life you are seeing but rather your Ego's idea of it. If life seems difficult in any way to you, it is a sure proof that you are identifying either with your emotions/thoughts/body or all of them. The Ego cannot help finding life complicated because it is caught up in its own limited beliefs.
The easiest and quickest and also most efficient way to get out of Ego- identification, in order to find back to simplicity and clarity of Mind, is by focussing on your breath. Because the process of your body breathing is your link to the God Source and the equivalent to the Divine Breath, which is holding together the Universe and makes the planets circle around the sun.
By concentrating upon your breathing you are harmonizing your different levels of your being and bring them back into alignment with the Divine Life Force. Thereby you  are effectually clearing away the obstacles your Ego-mind has piled up within yourself and all around you .

Friday, 10 August 2012


One possible definition of drama would be to call it a state, a personal attitude of mind/emotion, in which one is fervently clinging on to a former state of affairs, one which is believed to be better, more desirable or even ideal. In a refusal to accept the actual current situation one is in.
Drama is purely personal and thus subjective, what may seem like one to some, often is not recognized as such by others. Only the Lower Self with its Ego-mind, identifying itself with emotions/thoughts/body is capable of experiencing drama. Whereas the Higher Self views it with detachment and even understanding because it can see its context, its reason and just place in the Greater Picture of your personal life.


Your existence is an eternal dance, an endless interplaying game between birth, life, death and decay, which you are taking deadly-serious until you are awakening to your Divinity. This realization allows you to henceforth live in the awareness of your  immortality. Now enjoying its different, perishable phases in lightness of being, freedom and joy.

Friday, 3 August 2012


If you are feeling that life is a burdensome drudge, something to be got through and to be put up with, rather than to be enjoyed because it is bad/difficult/cumbersome, it is not life you are seeing but a poor caricature of it. Only a distorted picture of life, that has been created by your Ego-mind. One that has developed out of fear and false ideas, beliefs, prejudices of all kinds- either of your own making or acquired from external sources like the media, friends etc.
Life, untainted by your Ego's realities, is beautiful, colourful and full of magic. Every instant of it is new, unique and full of opportunities to manifest love and joy.
Yes, it does have its personally challenging moments, too. Not all experiences upon the level of the Lower Self are easy. However, since they are all self-created, you are holding the key to dissolve them in the light of your awareness and love. Therefore there is no reason for you to be afraid of even those experiences, whose outcome you feel you cannot fore-tell. Be adventurous and dare venturing into unknown territory in the choice of your experiences. Especially valuable are those, which you are undertaking in a state of mental surrender. Because it is in the moments where the mind actively surrenders to life as it actually is, contrary to what it is expecting it to be, gravitational experiences are made, that have the power to transform your existence.
Take young children for your teachers, or re-call like you yourself in your earliest childhood saw everything, very experience you made as something special and of importance. This is because little children have not yet formed ideas of life in their minds but are still experiencing its true, beautiful reality.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


Every aspect of Creation which appears in the spheres of duality has two opposing sides to its nature.
It is left to you whether you wish to see and focus your attention upon the bright or the dark side of things and occurences.
Even those things which might appear mainly in the negative, revealing their destructive aspects to the common observer first and foremost, contain bright and constructive elements.
Lets take, for example, the increasing ratio of air travel and the trend of people voyaging to far flung places for their holiday, which from an environmental point of view is definitely damaging to life upon our home planet. Now, its positive aspect is the increasing globalization of Nations. Even though there might be a minority of tourists who do not make an effort to understand and respect their host country and its inhabitants. On the whole it promotes the understanding and tolerance between different cultures and their usages. Every single new friendship which is being formed, especially those between individuals of different nationalities, adds to and strengthens the growing union of humanity, whose ideal for the future is to become an amalgamous whole. A collective, in which every individualized part is at peace and in harmony within itself and with the other parts simultaneously.
You might also chose to look upon wars, unrest and catastrophes happing in various places around the world in a new and different light. (Please take note that: I am not saying that they are good and to be supported or promoted. Not at all. I am simply pointing out, that they are not all bad and destructive.)
In times of calamities, people usually draw nearer to each other and formerly existing boundaries thus disappear. In times of crises super-human forces are activated, enabling mankind to rise above their habitual limitations and calling into life the unifying element of compassionate love between individuals, groups, or even between nations.

Monday, 30 July 2012


Have you ever wondered why any mountain or hill seen from a distance, for at least a short time every day, looks blue? No matter whether it is of red, grey or black stone or even covered by green trees or trees with a coloured or no foliage at all?
And have you ever noticed that the colours in stones wet from the rain become darker and more luminous whereas their white marks, or entirely white stones, actually become lighter in colour?


To believe yourself or your behaviour to be selfless is a sign of the Ego; whereas to act selflessly proves true selflessness.
Whenever you are believing yourself to be something in particular- no matter what this may be- it is your Ego speaking. However if you are something without thinking about it, it is true.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


Intelligence of the mind, which is not coupled and harmoniously balanced with an intelligence of the heart is lifeless and loveless.
In an individual it tends to create loneliness, aridity and staleness. Mental intelligence, undiluted by the principle of higher love, applied upon a collective level, i.e. in the form of nuclear or genealogical sciences, becomes even life-destructive.


We are soloing pilgrims and parts of a connected collective both at the same time.
By consciously recognizing this truth within yourself, you will henceforth be feeling yourself carried and embraced by the union of creation in moments of solitude. And aware of your singular uniqueness at times spent in the company of others.

Thursday, 19 July 2012


Life is not about getting anywhere but about arriving. Usually physical death is being circumscribed as a "returning home". If you achieve to find your Inner home, the place of harmony and silence, you do not need to have to wait until your decease before you may rest in peace, but will be resting henceforth within your own heart's centre in the Divine tranquillity while still living in earthly life.
So rather than to strive for material achievements and accomplishments, seek to find your Inner centre of Love and Light. Worldly goods may be coming to you and you may collect a wealth of personal accomplishments along your path there- or you might not. However regardless of your outward circumstances, you will be experiencing a fullness of Life and Love.

Monday, 16 July 2012


Indeed, the most charming aspect of life and Mother Nature lies in their capacity to show forth beauty in the most improbable places and unexpected moments. And still, generally our Ego minds prefer the predictable and rational and is afraid of changes and tends to believe itself capable to change things from the outside.
Since it is the nature of the Ego Mind to generally believe in first appearances it is hardly surprising that it needs repeated reminding that the centre of all growth lies on the inside of things and that changes likewise can only happen from within. The mind likes to rationalize and predict everything, life on the other hand is very irrational and unpredictable.
As it is written in the Bible: "In the beginning was the Word..." and thoughts are the subtle forms of words. And since you are your own world, so to speak, your thoughts are determining your world/your life.
 The following equation might make it easier for you to instil in your beliefs the fact that the key to all desired changes lies within your own self, namely your own way of thinking.
Life = change = development (growth/decay)

Sunday, 15 July 2012


Try to give each day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life so far. Not by comparing each of its moment to the one you have experienced before, but by savouring it as if you had nothing else in the world. For indeed, actually you do not posses anything else save the present moment anyway. Here-now is the only time you can truly call your own, anything else are either your subjective memories of the past or projections of a possible future.


Divine force vibrating at different levels of frequency underlie all forms of life. Each existing form has its individual inherent vibrational frequency, which is determining its appearance. Vibrations are created by the experiences each Spiritual atom of consciousness is passing though upon its journey through the different levels of existence in the Divine consciousness. The more experiences it makes, the more intricate are becoming its patterns of kinetic stresses and energetic inter-relation-ships and thus also its capacity for reactions. The more individualized, the greater the personal choice of action/reaction and the greater the personal responsibility.
In the light of this fact, viewing what scientific researchers are telling us, namely that our appearances are determined by our genes and the DNA, one has to add that the DNA is only a product of our accumulated experiences and therefore not really the root, the determining factor. Also so-called family resemblances accordingly are not so much created by a shared gene pool but are rather a product of a similar history of individual experiences. Which aids to throw light on the phenomenon of striking family resemblances between two seemingly completely unrelated individuals.


"Accept the things you can not change, change the things you can and recognize the difference" has once been said by some wise person.
Applying this practically to everyday life one could say. "Shape yourself and consequently you own life, too, according to your personal ideals and let your fellow men/women do likewise for themselves. Do not interfere with their ideals, actions, ways of behaviour etc. For one thing because you cannot change their ways anyhow and for another because by finding fault with them in any way, either openly or just covertly to yourself, you are not only giving away valuable energy which you ought rather use for your own progress through life but are also causing disharmony within yourself and for whoever/whichever situation it is you might be criticizing.
True change can only be evoked from within and from there reach outwards. Therefore no amount of trying to rectify other people's ways by actions or accusations on your part is going to bring about any changes.
So your focus should lie in differentiating between your own responsibilities and those of your fellow men/women and to aim at increasing your capacity to give and receive Love selflessly.


Are you in the habit of feeling pressurized by other people/your job/your family/financial circumstances etc.?
Well, stop letting yourself be pressurized by them by ceasing to put yourself under pressure. Instead relax more and go after your daily business in more tranquillity of mind. No one and nothing has the power to put you under pressure save yourself. All stress and hurry are self-created.
To illustrate this I am giving you one example. Bearing in mind that the axiom:  "As above- so below" is applicable to all levels of existence, let us look at the physical level because it usually shows things most transparently.
No-one can tense your bodily muscles for you- you have to tighten them yourself. And the same applies to the emotional/mental levels of your being, where stress is usually felt the most. Of course, the latter two are much more subtle and intangible than the physical level, thus making them harder to consciously be aware of and more difficult to control and command. However you might be feeling


Innocence is a word which is being frequently used. Yet have you ever wondered what its true sense might be? Innocence seems to be best described as a state of being in which one's state of mind is unaffected by either past experiences or ideas about how things should/could be. Instead one takes life at its face value and reacts unprejudiced to whatever one meets with therein.
Mother Nature and little children are naturally innocent. The first because She does not posses a mind capable of remembrance and thinking, the latter because they have not yet learned how to consciously employ theirs.
That which is of innocence is also of truth, beauty, love and light. If you can re-become like a little child you will re-discover the beauty of life, which is really just another word for love and light.

Friday, 13 July 2012


To live in a healthy love-relationship and to maintain it thus, is difficult enough. And  throughout your time together- not only in the first few heady weeks- you should be loving and accepting your partner just the way he/she is- without any "buts" and "ifs". Due to the individual differences unavoidably existing between your different personalities soon enough you will discover the issues between you that require especial compromises from both sides. However even when these required compromises and sacrifices are many, your love and respect for the other party ought to remain intact and unblemished by them. Never should you say -or just even think to yourself: " I would love you still, but..." or: "I would love you better if only..."
Should you ever be catching yourself voicing words along these lines it is better to either let go of the relationship in question or work at your attitude to ameliorate it because to condition your love thus will only bring unhappiness and disillusionment to one or both of you ere long. This kind of loving is not True Love but living out the ego's idea of love, which at best its is self-gratification and destructive to the True Love that truly can exist between two individuals.

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Giving up all your beliefs and convictions about who and what think you are is going to set you free to become who and what you truly are; a Divine Child of Love and Light.


Any unresolved regret you may be harbouring will be weighing you down when your time comes to leave this present incarnation. Which is one of the reasons why you should always try doing your utmost at seizing each opportunity life presents you with to manifest love and to live each moment as if it were you last in every respect.
The more fully your are achieving this, the freer you will become with each passing day, because you are no longer accumulating additional regrets about chances of love left to pass unrealized. Also because unspent emotions, unspoken words and undone actions are acting like dead weights upon the Soul, hindering its growth and progress through life.


Since our mind draws its very life force from its capacity to memorize and remember things it is inevitable that we will time and time again be confronted by recollections of our so-called past and foregone experiences.
However there are two fundamentally different ways to deal with the power of memory and ability to remember one's past. The one is to view ones prior experiences as a life-restricting weight one has to carry, one that gets heavier by each passing day. The other is to see your past experiences as a wealth of treasures, which are adding to your beauty, rendering your life richer and fuller by each passing moment.
If each experience you make in life is likened to a sea-shell containing a pearl hidden inside, I would say onto you:
Turn yourself into a pearl-seeker and collector, who discards the empty shells once he has found and extracted its hidden treasure. Do not hold on to the emptied shell for even though some of them might look enticingly beautiful and appear light weighing, eventually they will make you feel their load and in occupying your hands hinder you from picking up new ones that are still bearing a pearl. And the pearls you are finding inside the shells of experiences may differ greatly in size, colour and hue, may prove difficult at times to extract from their encumbering shells but in all instances they are always going to constitute a lesson of (self-)love and (self-)awareness.