Sunday, 26 May 2013


Reality as such cannot be ultimately defined because it is forever changing and also dependent upon individual perception of life. This perception depends upon one's degree of consciousness. Furthermore can reality be subdivided into an objective and a subjective kind. Within the bounds of this Universe God alone is in a position to perceive the whole of the objective reality, whose essence is of all-pervading love-consciousness. While the perception of each individual part in manifestation is either being wholly taken up by the belief in its subjective reality and thus limited in its awareness of the greater reality - if not even completely blind to it. Or, if the individual part of the Universe has caught a glimpse of the Divine reality and thus its view of reality encompasses besides its own, part of the objective one.

So upon the personal level, reality is defined by the scope of individual awareness. It is the sum total of the experienced consciousness. Therefore what you are seeing as reality is a reflection of your state of consciousness. However unless you have freed your consciousness from its identification with your lower self and its appertaining Ego, your reality will be largely or even completely over-shadowed by its inherent fears and set beliefs.
Because the less your conscious awareness of life is taken up by personal thoughts/emotions/sensations, the more fully you are able to understand the omnipresent Divine reality of Love and Light. In moments, in which you are living with your consciousness resting in the here-now, your individual awareness is attuned to the objective reality of God, making the limiting boundaries of your subjective reality temporarily disappear. This attunement beween your individual awareness of of life and the Divine reality can also be brought about intentionally by focussing your personal awareness upon the bright side of life instead of concentration upon its shadows. And unconsciously this fusion of reality-levely is occurring in moments, in which unconditional joy and love are being experienced.

Saturday, 25 May 2013


It is interesting to take note of the fact that the Ego-mind should be described as a rational thinking authority, when most of the time its is incapable to think rationally due to being under the influence of instinctive fears, feelings and emotions. Therefore true rational thinking only becomes possible once you have gained a fair understanding of your subconscious reactions and once you have achieved conscious control over your instinctive emotions and feelings. Whereby you will have freed your faculty of thought from their influence.
In view of this one might wonder if not the intuitive knowing of the heart should rather be called rational instead because the intuition is unfettered by fear and personal instincts and thus naturally capable to clearly evaluate a situation.

Friday, 24 May 2013


Art is a creative expression of inspiration, one, which is rendering the inherent beauty and joy of life tangible.
Those, who know how to creatively express their inspiration, are being called artists by the world.
And those, who are experiencing inspiration in every moment of life and know how to express it directly in simple joy of living, are masters of the art of living.
So theoretically everyone is an artist because via the heart we are all connected to the Universal Source, which is endlessly creative and continuously bringing new life into being. The key to being a master of the art of living lies is in learning to trust both your own expression and the inner source of creative inspiration.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Although the Universe is based upon definite laws and simple numerical values, its structure is interminably complex. The sphere of physical manifestations is the ultimate end-product of the entire process of creation. Hence on earth is every occurrence, every phenomenon, simply every single instance of life of a multi-dimensional reality. Therefore any answers you might find for yourself or learn from others or read about in books concerning the explanation of particular parts of life are never the final and the only possible answers thereto. One single option for a correct and final answer/explanation to a given question only exists in the world of the Ego-mind concerning theories, timetables and the like and in algebraic/mathematical/grammatical matters. But in cases concerning real life the answer one might find depends upon the angle and the level from which one is viewing the aspect in question. Hence, reducing your focus exclusively to one level in your search for a possible explanation, will invariably and surely blind your vision in your endeavour to gain an understanding the matter. Especially, if you are restricting you view to the physical level because the manifested world is the lowest one showing only the end products of more subtle truths. Moreover, as human beings endowed with an Ego-mind we are limited from seeing an approximation of the whole truth about life anyway, so it is even more important for us to remain open-minded and willing to continuously keep on learning more and more.

Having mentioned this, there is the fact that the skies stretching across (big) cities is increasingly more often grey and overhung with high clouds than they used to be only some years ago. (Of course, this also applies to other areas, but as it seems most pronounced across big cities I have chosen this example) The climatologists will tell you, that this is due to condensed CO2 emissions in these areas, the global change in climate etc. In their own field they are certainly right in their theories. And yet, in their evaluations and explanations they are only taking account of the superficial causes and reasons for this phenomenon. However, actual life is not theoretical issue but a practical, living whole, which is created from the centre outwards to the circumference. Every outward circumstance has its roots in an inner state of consciousness. Therefore any given explanation which only concentrates upon external causes and reasons cannot be entirely true.

Looking at the aforementioned phenomenon from a deeper level, a possible answer could be that the increasing absence of the visibility of sun in the sky above cities is related to how the city dwellers are living their lives. Especially in this modern day and age of highly developed electronic devices more and more people are seeking external distractions and are caught up in lives, where there is hardly any time left for introspection, rest and periods of simple pleasures, like i.e. taking a walk in the park - without mobile internet device or listening to music over earphones... So a great part of the people are living outside of themselves and are completely unconscious of their inner reality. Hence their inner awareness of their true self and the real centre of their being and existence, namely their spiritual heart, is practically non-existent and apparently unattainably far away. Symbolically speaking: hidden behind thick grey clouds.
The spiritual heart centre stands symbolically for the celestial sun, which is incessantly radiating light, love and healing energies to its surrounding universe. If there are grey clouds over-shadowing the sun in the sky (as seen from the earth perspective) we might non always be consciously aware of this reality, but it does not alter the fact of the sun's presence. And the same applies to the reality of the heart centre and spiritual reality of each individual. No amount of grey skies can make the sun disappear from the sky and no amount of seeking and focussing upon outward distractions or personal unhappiness can make your heart and true self go away. They are only momentarily invisible, waiting to be acknowledged and remembered.
So the exterior circumstances of regular grey skies are really simply reflecting the truth about the lives of the urban population. While at the same time offering those concerned the opportunity to realize, that focussing upon exterior realities alone will not bring them lasting happiness and fulfilment, because it will not open their awareness to their inner sun.
This situation is in fact the perfect opportunity to stop making one's personal well-being dependant upon outward apparitions and the weather and instead to make use of these circumstances for personal development. The absence of the blue sunshiny days are the best time for self-searching awareness of one's inner reality.
 And of course, since we are of Divine origin this inner reality is of pure light and love. If your consciousness is attuned to the reality of your true self and your heart centre you will be able to be aware of the exterior sun even in grey weather.
Saying this, I am not refuting that to see the sun shine brightly in the blue sky and to feel its beneficent warmth upon your face, is a beautiful experience and at first glance generally more agreeable than a leaden grey expanse of sky. But it is equally true to say, that if you are aware of your own inner light and the one enlightening every other part of life, too, it is no longer crucial to your personal state of happiness whether the sun is currently shining visibly in the sky - or not... 
And who's to tell? Maybe once the greater part of the population has awakened to their inner truth of light and love and are living in this consciousness, all the climatologists will be proved wrong in their theories for the future of climatic development because the cloud-inducing and harming particles of dust will have suddenly vanished and the weather thus return to its natural balance between rainy and sunshiny days...

Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The elements in Mother Nature are a more condensed version of the same elements human-beings are made of. To some extent the weather and the conditions the planet earth is in are reflecting the state of the human collective. However they also possess a life-dynamism of their own and they are thus able to influence the total balance of the physical world from their side.
Water stands symbolically for love and also for healing.
Therefore rain can be equalled to a healing influence with the power to promote harmony.
Mother Nature is naturally attuned to the Unity of Creation and thus visibly profits from the falling rain. She blossoms, greens and grows thanks to the falling waters of heaven. Animals do not mind the rain and birds even rejoice and break out in song at its coming!
Many people, living in a modern society and far removed from the natural rythms of Mother Nature, are dreading rainy weather and are seeing it as an enemy to their happiness and health. They hold the belief, that getting wet through in the rain is making them ill. And that the grey skies usually accompanying the falling of rain, is destroying their happy mood.
But this can only happen if you are putting up a personal front against the rainy and grey weather in your own mind. If you wish to profit from the cleansing and harmonizing powers of rain, attune yourself to the natural flow of life, which is bringing along a spell of rainy weather. Change your way of thinking and teach yourself to love the rain and its grey clouds as much as you do the sun and blue skies. This will allow you to take part in its purifying and revitalizing powers just as much as the green grass and trees do in their own way.

Of course, just now our planet is out of tune and in the course of readjustment of harmony. Therefore water is bound to continue to occur in apparent superfluity for a while to come yet.
But again, it is your personal perspective towards this fact, which is deciding over your state of well-being in view of this situation. It is entirely your own choice, if you are seeing the regular rainy weather - instead of the preferred many sunshiny days - as a personal tragedy or, if you rather accept it and use it to promote your own development and growth of consciousness. Likewise does it lie within your own hands, if you are seeing it as a world-wide tragedy because of the occurring catastrophes due to abundant masses of water, which are causing destruction. Or if you rather view it in a wider context and recognize it as an equalizing of the balance, which has been lost due to the human free will exploiting the planet. And, of course, your personal attitude and the collective state of (dis-)harmony are closely connected. If you wish to promote the healing of the planet and the return of a natural balance of its elements, the most effective thing you can do, is to bring harmony to yourself and your way of living with the elements in Mother Nature. The growing numbers of people in the world, who are getting back into touch with their shared, elemental Mother - Nature - are speeding up the process of global readjustment. In this universal mission of love, every single person counts.

HEALTH, part I

Natural health is a question of attitude and inner harmony. Although physicians and scientists might be making you believe, that your health is something they can give to you and also maintain for you. Superficially this might appear to be the truth because thanks to the invention of allopathic medicine and to scientific progress they do indeed seem to be in a position to "hand out" health at their will. But this kind of health does not last and has eventually to be paid for by you, in the sense that you have to rebalance it physically and/or emotionally if not in some cases even spiritually.
Health is created inwardly by right thinking, feeling and acting. Of course, the more conscious/self-aware you are, the better you are able to influence your personal state of health. You have to take full responsibility for your well-being and completely abandon your idea of being a victim of your outward circumstances in any way whatsoever and also to stop making excuses for your inflictions. No-one and nothing but yourself can decide over your state of health, unless you are empowering them to do so by identifying yourself with the part of the victim.
Since it is the mental level which is influencing the emotional and physical ones, the place to start creating and maintaining your personal health is your own mind. However it might take a while, weeks, years, if not even lives, to enlighten all of your subconscious reactions and instinctive tendencies inclining towards your identification with the part of the victim. Also it is quite possible that due to the Karmic law you are meant to predominantly suffer in this life and despite all your positive efforts and your conscious positive attitude you are only reaping more suffering for your honest and faithful endeavours - for the time being, anyway. But no conscious thought or action is lost in the Divine record of life and so to keep up your faith and trust in the good that you are sowing even in face of apparently insurmountable suffering, will bear you fruits sometime.
So, even though we can influence and maintain our well-being by ways of conscious awareness, ultimately it is God alone, who knows best and ordains the amount of personal suffering to be borne accordingly.
Now the question lies at hand: what about grave illnesses like cancer? Personally I am seeing this kind of extreme suffering, similar to other kinds of sudden death cases, as major adjustments taking place upon the soul-level. Both for the directly afflicted person and those who are indirectly suffering by it like the closest of kin and friends.

Monday, 20 May 2013


Whereas estimates of averages can be calculated of any given category of the created Universe, there is no such thing as "normalcy" because very single living part of the Universe is unique in itself.
So everyone and everything is as "normal" or "abnormal", as the person, thing or happening next to it.
So called "normality" is an invention of the human Ego-mind.
Of course, some of the invented and institutionalized common norms regarding clothes, shoe sizes etc. can be very useful but upon a personal level and regarding other aspects of life, which are alive, clinging rigorously to the idea of "normality" is proving hindering, crippling, if not downright killing to the actual living facts.
The invention of "normalcy" renders some smug, because they are seeing themselves as the epitomes of "normality", while others are being made unhappy by it, because either others are telling them, that they do not belong or because they are honest with themselves and realize that they differ from the "norm". But either way, it is putting an unnatural pressure and restraint upon everyone concerned because even those who are seeing themselves as "normal" are catching glimpses of their real truth, which is revealing to them, that they are by no means as thoroughly "normal" as they are telling themselves and the world they are.
And there are some, who are doing there utmost to prove to themselves and the world, that they are different from the masses, because they have realized that wanting to be "normal", is like falling into a trap without exit. But then again, so is to be obsessed with proving how exceptional you are, to fight against "normalcy" and to reject those whom you are believing to be "normal".
A great many people are spending nearly their whole lives being unhappy with themselves or to be outraged at others, whom they are seeing as acting "abnormally", because of their belief in "normality".
The solution to this question is to consciously recognize the fact, that although averages exist, "normality" does not. It has been invented in fear and it is being kept alive by fear. To get rid of this idea in your thinking, will set you free to be who you truly are and to naturally express your uniqueness in everyday life. The realization, that you are your own norm is allowing you, to listen to the voice of your heart - which has been there all along, telling you, what is right for you - but which you did not dare heed for fear to be not "normal"...

Sunday, 19 May 2013


Any chaos will be transformed into structured order, just like any darkness will dissipate, if unprejudiced consciousness is observing it for long enough.
So, if you feel that your thoughts or emotions are in a turmoil or that a shadow is hanging over your life, simply become still, turn your gaze inward and contemplate the matter in question. Just be there in conscious awareness of the movements taking place within yourself and practise detachment with the aim of reaching an understanding of their origin.
The created Universe is in being because there is a source of pure consciousness (God) watching the movements of space. In the expanses of space, where there is no consciousness overlooking it, darkness and chaos reign.
An enlightened human mind, or one which is temporarily clear, one that does no longer actively identify with the "I" of the Ego but instead act as its impartial observer, is a channel for the Universal consciousness. Thus, by being a simple observer, you can effectuate positive, life enhancing changes in chaotic and darkened surroundings.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


I am not "I" and you are not "you" for I AM and your ARE. And yet, the "me" just like the "you" are part of what we ARE. However they are only temporal realities which are disappearing with the passing of time, whereas the "I" and the "you, who ARE, are part of Infinity, which is pure consciousness.
So if you are thinking you are only the "you" of the you and thus not really existing. Whereas in moments which are free from personal thoughts and emotions, instances in which you simply ARE you ARE truly existing.


If you wish to get rid of the fear living within your Ego, you have to first be consciously aware of it in the actual moment it is influencing you in life, secondly there and then, accept it as part of you and also accept yourself despite of this „blemish“ to your desired perfection.  Only then, are you in a position to do anything about it. And the thing to do, of course, is to fill it with your love and understanding until it is no longer there. Metaphorically speaking is „yes“ equal to love and light, „no“ equal to fear and darkness. And we know, because the sun is demonstrating this truth to us every day anew, light is stronger than darkness. Now, if you are saying „no“ to the „no“ of your fear, you are feeding its strength, whereas saying „yes“ to the „no“ of your fear is weakening it. You have to keep on saying „yes“ until the „yes“ has overcome your instinctual „no“ and even longer, until you no longer know how to say „no“. (For your understanding: please, do not mix up these metaphorical expressions of the example above with the actual „yes“ and „no“ of personal life.)

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Do you wish to remain youthful? Shed your worries and sorrows and get happy and cultivate peace of mind, body and heart. In this manner you shall keep your youthful playfulness and flexibility in disposition. And even though your face might grow wrinkles with time passing the people you meet will not take note of them but rather admire and enjoy your catching laughter and be aware the light, enlivening atmosphere of your aura.
Even tough the aging process of the physical body is partly predestined by the inherited genes, you are also partly self dependent and thus left free to create your own bodily reality. Obviously the choice of food and the amount/quality of sleep are playing into it of how quickly it is ageing but even more pivotal is your inner state of being. Society induces the idea that having wrinkles and grey hair are turning you into an aged person. But really it is an inner lack of life and deadening stiffness which are causing old age in the body, its organs and tissues. Happiness has an invigorating effect upon all levels of your being and peace a relaxing one. Whereas emotional stress causes stiffness and contraction. The physical cells and organs are naturally functioning much better under a harmonious stimulus and in a relaxed state than they are doing under stress and tenseness.
Although, of course, it is ultimately your inner reality which determines how you are personally experiencing each moment of life and it is also generally responsible for your outward circumstances, the external reality exerts a certain influence over your inner state, and it can either have a conductive or a detrimental effect. Especially the place you are calling your home and where you are eating and sleeping ought to be pleasant and peaceful. Because these are the places, where your body and senses recuperate. There is an old saying (from the times, when wives still spent most of their lives tending their homes), stating the fact, that if a wife is looking much younger than her years, she is living in a happy home and if the opposite is the case, then her home is an unhappy one. And to me this really sums up the whole issue of the relativity of physical age and youth.

The essence of life are love and joy, which in themselves are eternal and of objective reality. If you are consciously living in the here-now therefore, you are part of timelessness, which is never ages or dies but simply changes its form. So in moments, in which you are experiencing joy, you are at one with this reality instead of identified with your Ego and thus beyond time. Whereas negative emotions and thoughts are subjective experiences, which arise from the Ego’s belief of an existing past and future, which, of course, are bound to the physical ageing process.

Monday, 13 May 2013


Economists are puzzled by the phenomenon that at the news of extreme financial crises, marketing sales rates usually go up as the willingness to spend money on part of the population increases - instead of decreasing as one would rather think.
However knowing how the Ego-mind functions this in not to be wondered at.
Because in moments, when the Ego is feeling threatened, i.e. is actively experiencing fear instead of only passively the way it is part of its inherent nature, it knows two different modes of action. Either it is jumping into active fighting mode or passive defence. The latter is characterized by the tendency to cling to false securities and fervently holding on to personal hopes and dreams in face of threatening circumstances. And the acquisition of material goods is providing exactly this kind of apparent security. However because nowadays credit cards, which are allowing for buying more than one's bank account actually contains, are commonly used to pay for one's shopping sprees, these mad shopping frenzies in face of financial crises can prove disastrous to personal existence. A similar reaction is also observable in moments, where an emotional upheaval of a different kind strikes. Really anything, which is increasing uncertainty of self and one's personal situation can act as a reason to spend money. Therefore it is advisable to be aware of one's instinctual reaction to bad news and personal disappointments - and to find a different outlet for the urge to acquire new things. There is one thing to do, which not only soothes the need to get hold of something new, but also possesses a soothing effect upon the upset emotions. And it is very simple: just go out into Mother Nature and pick flowers, herbs or pick up stones lying upon the foot-path...

Sunday, 12 May 2013


The reason for our incarnating in a human body time after time is for us to learn how to become masters of the physical plane. We are here, to attain mastership over the lower nature of our own selves by means of love-consciousness. Although by looking at the world today and its history so far one might come to think that our goal was rather to gain mastership over others through force of will... However only those who are not (yet) masters over their own selves have need to put themselves above others and to rule them forcefully. Those who have enlightened themselves with love, are masters in the true sense, because by being a shining example, they are inspiring others to follow after them and to do likewise.
Self-mastery compromises the three qualities of love, wisdom and strength of will. All three are needed in equal measures thereto and must be kept in their right balance. However life upon all its levels of manifestation is constantly fluctuating, so to maintain this balance requires watchful attention even after personal self-mastership has once been consciously achieved. Because: wisdom without love grows stale in losing its connection to actual life. Likewise strength of will loses its life-touch and thus becomes harmful and cruel. While love lacking in wisdom becomes mindless folly and will without wisdom misapplied force.
That, which is making an individual truly and lastingly powerful, in a thoroughly positive sense, is personal adherence(strength of will) to the Divine law of love(love and wisdom) ruling upon all levels of existence.
Every living thing is inwardly connected to the Universal source of love, which is the basis to this law. However in the earthly sphere human beings alone are capable of consciously linking themselves up with this force. Some attain to the aforementioned state of self-mastery by focussing their endeavours mainly upon forging this link, some do it the other way round by getting the right balance between love, wisdom and will, while yet others work from both ends simultaneously.

Thursday, 9 May 2013


Mind reigns both over matter and emotions and thus determines your personal reality. Therefore if you wish to change your life in any way, the place to start is your mind. Because your emotions and your physical sensations are merely following and reflecting the train of your thoughts. Of course, in order to be able to wreak any changes in the way your mind is working, you must first become consciously aware of its movements. Watch your thoughts and the way they are behaving in certain situations. Once you are conscious of your mind’s workings, you can then proceed to change their habitual instinctive patterns of behaviour. However this requires your constant watchful attention, because apart from the ago-old instinctive thought structures to be broken through by establishing new tracks for them to follow, there are your emotions as well as your body, which might be trying to keep you in your old rut by showing alarming symptoms or feel heavy and disturbed. It takes a while before the new thought-patterns are strong enough to effect renewal upon your emotional and physical levels, too. It is obvious, that a mind in a calm state is easier to observe and to influence than one in a worried or excited state. So your second object should be to bring tranquillity to your mind.
Life in itself is constant movement and the mind likes nothing better than to follow it. In addition there are the fluctuations taking place within your personal Ego. Thus to achieve moments of inner silence and clarity is no easy task in every-day life. The only sure way to bring serenity and calmness to the mind is by teaching yourself to look beyond appearances and to concentrate upon their still centre instead. And likewise within your own self to focus less upon your thoughts and instead become more aware of the flow of your breath.
Heaven lives in the heart and it is there within your reach at all times – to attain to its peace and tranquillity, all you have to do is to shift your consciousness away from the fluctuations in your mind and emotions. And once your main focus of attention is resting upon your heart centre and its inherent serenity, getting rid of hindering behavioural thought patterns and creating new ones suddenly becomes a very easy task.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013


The Heart does not think, it Is. True Love is rooted in the Heart and its existence is based upon its simple Being. Whereas the Ego-mind requires thoughts in order to secure its continuance. True love is liberating, bestows freedom and connects. Illusionary love conditions, constricts and binds. True Love is fearless because this kind of love shines in the Divine Light of the eternal present. In the here-now shadows of fear have no existence because fear arises from memories of the past. Thus it is, that the love of the Ego-mind lives with shadows of fear because it is deriving its existence from thoughts, which in turn are conditioned by past experiences.


I believe that everyone is openly or covertly, consciously or subconsciously looking for the love of their life. However only few are able to "find" it and many of those who have "found" it experience disillusionment at some stage because for some reason or other this "love" breaks/gets lost/ends etc. Only those are able to keep hold of the love of their life, who have used it as a means to awaken to the fount of love existing within their own selves and in life itself.
The love of your life is existing within your own self and the place to find it is your spiritual heart centre. Once you have discovered it there you will henceforth be living in the reality of love and thus be able to recognize the love of life within the whole of your daily existence. And possibly you might meet this love in form of another person into the bargain. But now you are in a position to live this love- relation-ship freely because your feeling of love is flowing from your heart and is living inside of you. Instead of whereas before you would have wanted to cling onto your partner in fear of "losing" your love in some way because you are believing to be dependent upon an external source.
So should you be feeling alone and be longing to find the love of your life, turn around upon your own self and look into your heart to find the source of endless love existing therein filling you relentlessly with new life.
Your outward reality is determined and conditioned by your inner awareness. Thus it is, that whatever you might be wishing to meet with in your life, you have to first create/find it within your own being and secondly cultivate it within yourself via conscious awareness.

Saturday, 4 May 2013


To be able to heartily laugh at your personal weaknesses and flaws, is leaving you free to love and to accept yourself even in moments in which your failings are most prominent. And because laughter has a relaxing effect upon a personal level, in this attitude you are more likely to be able to bring about positive change in yourself than if you get angry or impatient at the way you are.