Wednesday, 15 May 2013


Do you wish to remain youthful? Shed your worries and sorrows and get happy and cultivate peace of mind, body and heart. In this manner you shall keep your youthful playfulness and flexibility in disposition. And even though your face might grow wrinkles with time passing the people you meet will not take note of them but rather admire and enjoy your catching laughter and be aware the light, enlivening atmosphere of your aura.
Even tough the aging process of the physical body is partly predestined by the inherited genes, you are also partly self dependent and thus left free to create your own bodily reality. Obviously the choice of food and the amount/quality of sleep are playing into it of how quickly it is ageing but even more pivotal is your inner state of being. Society induces the idea that having wrinkles and grey hair are turning you into an aged person. But really it is an inner lack of life and deadening stiffness which are causing old age in the body, its organs and tissues. Happiness has an invigorating effect upon all levels of your being and peace a relaxing one. Whereas emotional stress causes stiffness and contraction. The physical cells and organs are naturally functioning much better under a harmonious stimulus and in a relaxed state than they are doing under stress and tenseness.
Although, of course, it is ultimately your inner reality which determines how you are personally experiencing each moment of life and it is also generally responsible for your outward circumstances, the external reality exerts a certain influence over your inner state, and it can either have a conductive or a detrimental effect. Especially the place you are calling your home and where you are eating and sleeping ought to be pleasant and peaceful. Because these are the places, where your body and senses recuperate. There is an old saying (from the times, when wives still spent most of their lives tending their homes), stating the fact, that if a wife is looking much younger than her years, she is living in a happy home and if the opposite is the case, then her home is an unhappy one. And to me this really sums up the whole issue of the relativity of physical age and youth.

The essence of life are love and joy, which in themselves are eternal and of objective reality. If you are consciously living in the here-now therefore, you are part of timelessness, which is never ages or dies but simply changes its form. So in moments, in which you are experiencing joy, you are at one with this reality instead of identified with your Ego and thus beyond time. Whereas negative emotions and thoughts are subjective experiences, which arise from the Ego’s belief of an existing past and future, which, of course, are bound to the physical ageing process.

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