Friday, 30 December 2011


Since the world is peopled by imperfect human-beings, of whom only a few have already aquired a state of inner harmony upon all levels of their being, I suppose it is only natural, that there should arise disharmounious situations. In those moments the usual habit is to put the blame either on one party, the other, both or the situation in general. Whereas the truth is really that the various frequencies of vibration involved do not fit together and the resultant crash has the effect of causing further disharmony with the individual(s). Which in turn, of course, renders a meshing of the personal vibrations involved even more impossible. Now instead of blaming the other for his/her/its seeming inadequacy, let go your hold on the one-sided perspective of the Ego-Mind and turn your attention to the fact that everyone and every situation is unique and in this, different from everyone else. If everyone vibrated at their original frequency in alignment with the the True Self, there would be no more discordant moments- no matter how many different virbrations met. Because in a state of inner harmony you are automatically at one with the Divine Unity of Creation, which of course, includes everyone and everything in it.


Life is a Divine expression of Love and Light. Because Love/Life simply IS, fighting for it always takes you away from its reality. Life is not a fight but a harmonious dance of change.
While you are still under the belief that you have to fight in order to be able to live, you remain hostage to your Mind and Body. Life will indeed be a continuous battle to you -and the moments of harmony only few and short in between.
In human-beings it is only the Ego-part of the Mind which feels the necessity to fight for its existance. Being afraid of change/death it knows only resistance and wishful thinking and fervently clings on to its set believes. In resisting the flow of change, the reality of the here-now, obstacles and difficulties are created -and if already existing- increased. Living this way, lost in the Ego-created world of illusions you are actually missing the true purpose of your being here. Fighting binds you to matter and thus hinders your Spiritual growth.
Even if at times your outward circumstances seem to force you into fighting- you always have a choice of action. If not outwardly so, then inwardly, because at any time, you are ALWAYS free to chose your own attitude. So should a situation arise in which you deem it necessary to fight for your rights, aim at remaining passive inwardly. Take the required steps and actions outwardly but do not get involved with your emotions and thoughts. This way you are dealing with the reality in a diect way, without unnecessary confusion and exaggeration created by the Ego.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


The Soul is limitless and free. Naturally, by being born into a human body it becomes very much limited. Especially, because it has been thaught to identify with this body, which as such, of course, does not leave much room for expansion. Unless its inborn consciousness is being transformed, thus becoming a gateway to Eternity.
Your live ist conditioned by your believes and expectations. Opening-up your mind creates the possibility for new experiences to enter your sphere. Or put differently: it enables you to move on upon you evolitionary path-way by the expansion of self-knowledge. Fear on the other hand, makes you cling on to the "security" of the Mind's conditionings and the things you believe you know, while simultaneously falsifying the picture, making you believe that you are actually getting on in life. Inevtitably, this leads to occasional pitfalls and seemingly inexplicable disasters along your way. In truth they are nothing more but a reflection of an inward darkness, which has been hidden by the glossy veneer created by the Ego.

Thursday, 22 December 2011


The truer a message, the less words are necessary to express it. Putting it differently: the clearer the perception of the truth in the speaker/writer/teacher, the more direct he/she will be able to convey it to others.
In everyday life, more often than not the truth gets lost amongst masses of superfluous sentences, and/or burried beneath Ego-motivated thoughts and emotions. And in many relationships the moments of shared silence are the most truthful, even truer if eye-contact is being maintained simultaneaously.
Getting lost, losing your own truth in words happens very easily, especially so, if you are still harbouring unspent emotions hidden somewhere in your subconscious. By practising silence to your-self, - a silence in which you also cease to identify with the arising thoughts,- can help you to become more aware in situations you are spending in conversation or in the presence of others.

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Harmony radiates with an inborn beauty. God being the source of all life, Divine harmony is found at the core of its manifold expressions. 
It could be said that our life is a continual search for a state of complete harmony, or in other words: an on-going quest for beauty. The majority of people are hunting for it outwardly and not seldom have to give up in dispair because it appears an impossible venture. Even if fleeting moments of beauty/harmonious balance might be attained, they vanish as soon as they are being grasped. In striving for external harmony/beauty, while neglecting your own inward truth, all ressemblance of it in the outward world is lost. The only kind which is of duration is the one found within your heart. Having found it and living in the realization of it, renders you unspeakably beautiful. A beauty which might not be immediately apparent to a superficial observer, but all the same has a transforming effect upon him/her, due to its harmonizing effect.
Also, in speaking from your personal truth, thinking and acting in accordance with it at all times, creates a field of harmonious beauty within and around you, which has the power to transform and touch anything and anyone within its reach.


True gratitude pours from the heart, thus opening it and letting its light shine forth. A grateful attitude towards whatever life presents you with, renders you soft and humbly accepting of its inherent beauty, which can be found in everything and at all times- if you are willing to let go of your Ego-tinted perspective. Gratitude flowing from the heart is equal to a surrender to God/Love.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


A traceable proof to the Mind that the essence of life is always on the inside of things visible, is by watching nature grow. By consciously observing that all living things are growing from the inside out can positively help the Mind to accustom it-self to the idea that, altough it usually believes it to be the contrary, the whole of manifestation has its roots in the Spiritual and that visual matter comes at the very end of life's evolvement. Realizing this truth may help it to open up its perspective on life, to become less rigidly focused on the superficial appearances of it and less caught up in the purely personal view-point of it.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


In view of the facts that each single part of the Divine Creation is not only unique but also subjugate to the universal law of continuous change, it should be clear that all results of generalization and attempts at classification of any sort must be very far away from the actual truth. Therefore, look at life not with a Mind preconditioned by prior experience and knowledge acquired from books- but with an open Heart, eager to learn and see new things.


Finding fault with the behavior of others or accusing them because they do not live up to your expectations of them, or blaming your current circumstances for things which do not work out the way you wish them to, or formulating excuses due to your current restricted conditions in life/state of health in order to explain why you are unable to live up to other people's demands of you (which of course are nothing but a reflection of the ones you put onto your-self) are all escapes from facing the Truth and dodging responsibility. That is: the truth bout your-self and taking the responsibility for all that you are, think and do. By accusing others, be this verbally directed at them or even just in your own thoughts, you are diverting the attetion(your won and the other's) from the fact that it is actually your-self, your own attitude and behaviour you should rather be looking at instead of looking for the stumbling-block on the out-side. Fighting against the truth renders it seemingly invisible and softens its cutting edges, as if you were embosoming it in a grey, indefiable mist. However, each situation offers you the chance to turn around and to recognize your true self behind the fake façade. By your honest desire to see your-self as you truly are, without the Ego-created embellishments and excuses, you can pierce the fog of superficial reasonings and accusations. This may not always be easy, but will get lighter each time, because through experience your certainty grows that what you used to be afraid of and hide from is always worse than its actual impact if met with directly.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Whereas there is no such thing as eternal darkness, there certainly exists Eternal Light. The first one being a nomenal reality of man-kind, the second the phenomenal  reality of Divine Consciousness. Therefore, any amount of darkness, no matter how deep/dense/unsurmountable it may appear, can be dispersed and dissolved if you bring your loving awareness to it. Love and Light possess the power to conquer any Darkness/Fear by simply BEing.


The future will be much the same as today unless you are willing to accept the continual changes, which is life, and to face the challenges along the way. All challenges/difficulties/obstacles are in fact steps that will take you up-wards and on-wards in your personal development- if you are willing to deal with them in awareness of your-self and your current circumstances in life. Holding on to false/illusionary images of your-self and your situation, relation-ships, is hindering you from recognizing your life-path clearly. Fear of what you might find is holding you back from looking at the reality of who you are and where you are currently standing. However, the sincere wish to grow, to move on, to change your life's situation endows you with the courage to actually take the necessary steps, which, by taking you through the darkness initiate a higher level of consciousness.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Life has its source in God. God is Love. All Life is an expression of God/Love. You are alive, hence you must be loved. If you were not loved at any moment of your existance, be this in body or spirit,  you would be no-where. You are carrying this Love within your own Heart. Therefore it is impossible to lose your Love. However, it may be forgotten about or burried beneath hurt feelings and disillusioned dreams of romance. But it is always there for you to be found again.


True forgiveness towards another being, or your own life, is only possible if you have eradicated all sense of guilt from within your-self and risen in consciousness above the level of duality. Otherwise all forgiveness you show in the outside world will necessitate that you take on the role of either the victim or the perpetrator. Therefore, forgiving your-self in every respect sets you free to forgive everyone else, too.


Acting from the Light of your Love and conscious awareness, all regrets cease, because you recognize the value hidden within each single experience. Independent from the evaluation your Ego-Mind is imposing upon it, due to its inherent desire to always categorize everything into "good" and "bad".


Basically, there are two ways to live life. The first one is to follow the instructions of your ego-oriented mind, which mainly gets its impulses from its fear-based reactions towards life's continual changes which are inevitable and secondly, from the extrenally imposed limitations, laws and directions of conduct. Although of course, the source of all the outward conditionings really lies in the personal way of thinking. Hence they are only perceived for as long as they exist within you own thoughts and instinctual reactions towards life.
Living in this way, whichever way destiny is going to treat you, sooner or later you will probably reach  a point where you feel lost/frustrated/tied dow? n/confused by life as it is. Asking your-self questions like: why am I never peace? What is all this fighting for? What is it I keep running after? Does this circling pathway never end? Or you may develop sufferings of an emotional/physical/psychological kind which appear to be irremediable. All of those symptoms are calls of the Heart which is reminding you to listen to its voice, heedless of the fearful Mind imposing reasons why changing your ways might be threatening your security.
Now the other way is to follow the voice of your Heart, letting all your steps be guided by your Divine intuition. This does not imply that you will suddenly go all airy-fairy, and have to stop going to work, or travel to India, or wear sandals all the time, or anything of the sort. No. You simply learn to recognize your own worth and the beauty hidden within each passing moment of life and your existance. Instead of constantly striving for wordly things and recognition from other people, you turn inwardly instead and teach your-self to be at peace in the silence of your own company without any further distrations. Look for the fount of love and acceptance hidden within your own heart and give your-self what you need in order to remain in balance upon all levels of your being- irrespective of your outward circumstances and realtion-ships. Find the source within of everlasting contentment and happiness.
Maybe,- or rather; most probably,- this change of focus will lead you to the realization that the life you have been living up to that moment is not really your own and thus no longer agrees with who you are now. It is inevitable that inward growth and development carry in their wake necessary changes in outward life, due to the latter being a reflection of the first. In this case, have confidence in your own perceptions of you new reality and initiate the required changes in order to be able to live your newly found joy and lightness. Have the courage to manifest your full potential and to let the Light of your Love shine forth through your actions and words so that it may inspire others to do likewise.

Saturday, 19 November 2011


At certain times in your life you will feel your-self standing at partings of the ways or crossroads from whence there appear to be several path-ways to chose from. You might puzzle at  the different options at hand, or even question your-self which might be the right one for you. But always know this- whichever path you decide upon- it will be the right one for you. Because they are all yours, all equally right and ultimately all taking you to the same place. Where exactly this place is going to be, or rather; which level of consciousness you will attain to at the end of this incarnation, depends entirely upon your committment towards the quest and willingness to learn and accept changes along your life-path. Even though you might believe that your decisions have the power to influence your personal circumstances in life- they do not really. Maybe your outward circumstances temporarily appear changed by them. However this perception is illusionary, unless you develop consciousness alongside it. Only the Mind is aware of decisions because it is unable to see the Whole and feels it-self seperated from it.
The Heart always knows where to go or what to do next because it simply IS. Knowing only the here-now, connected to the God-source, it lives in complete Faith and Trust towards all life and never errs. Taking decisions is only necessary if the Mind is involved in the process. Since we are human-beings, endowed with a thinking, inquistive Mind, inevitably taking decisions is part and parcel of our everyday lives. However, instead of puzzling over the various options along your path and questioning the ones to take, or already taken, you should rather be aware of your instinctive reaction towards each of the choices you are presented with. And be wise enough to let your Heart decide upon the right one for you, by distinguishing the voice of your Divine intuition among the clamouring voices of your Ego and unquestioningly heed its directions.

Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Believing you have to fight in your life in order to survive or get the things you want is a certain indicator that you are still living on the sphere of the Mind and Ego. Existance with a consciuosness rooted in the reality of the Heart feels like a river. Flowing along with it may not always be easy and relaxing because at times there are strong currents to be navigated through and maybe even occasional rocks of stone to be circumnavigated. However, for as long as you remain in unvarying Faith and Devotion towards the Divine Wisdom over-seeing it all, you can neither drown nor capsize.

Friday, 11 November 2011


A love that can be taken away from you has not been true love, but a projection of a phantasy love-story of which you have been cast for the idolized protagonist. And because the passage of time has revealed you not to be the exact replica of the wished and longed for character, you were discarded. In most cases, this applies to both parties involved in a love-story. Since hardly ever both partners dream exactly the same dream, of course, most so-called love relationships inevitably flounder after the first rush of emotions has died down and end with a crisis in mutual, or one-sided, disillusionment and frustration. This is, unless  in the passage of time the two parties involved achieve to gradually adopt their initial idealized idea of the other to the actual reality and learn to love the other dispite his/her imperfect personality. This process is a transformation of love from the level of the Emotions, Senses and Mind into on one of the Heart.
Of course, for as long as you are still identifying your-self with you Mind, Body and Emotions you will be chasing after idealized love-stories, which, since they stem from and are lived-out in a world of duality, inevitably will turn bitter some day.
Realizing that your personality has its limitations and is only one part of you, enables you to live a love relationship in mutual understanding and respect- regardless of what the other one does or if you decide to go separate ways after a while.


Love is the only prayer. Doing everything in your life out of love, empowers you to fulfill your soul's destiny with sunshine in your heart- even in difficult times,-  rendering every moment of your existance whole and holy.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


Live your life NOW, for else all your tomorrowos will be nothing but a succession of todays, while your body is qietly aging, growing stiffer by the day and your mind becoming more rigid in its self-chosen conditionings and limitations.
By living in the awareness of your multi-dimensional self and the Divine Truth, Love and Light behind an within all life, your consciousness expands and develops. And you actually travel at the speed of Light through existance. Whereas by clinging on to the material world in fear of the unknown, and unknowable, lost in the sphere of the Ego-Mind, your soul's progress is slow, heavy-going and not seldom confusing and painful. Of course, there will also be happy moments in between the suffering, but they are but short-lived and will never remain with you for long. Unless you learn how to transform your experiences, the dark and the light ones, by application of conscious awareness, reaching beyond their apparent surface and realizing their root cause and Divine essence.
Now is the time to wake up and to realize that the world about you is nothing but a reflection of your-self. NOW is the moment to change what you do not like in your life at its roots, which lie within your own self. Recognize NOW your own Light and expand it in Love until it encompasses all aspecs of your being. NOW is the time to live transform your Fears into Love and to manifest your Divine potential.


Life in the reality of the Ego-Mind is a greedy taking of Love and reluctant giving, both riddled with disappointed expectances and hurt feelings. Whereas in an existance in the sphere of the Heart, Love is a steady flow of abundant receiving and joyous passing on.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Divest your-self of all your fears and are as free as the air you are breathing. If you are afraid your body is hardly breathing. Life and breath(Prana) are closely linked and interdependent- one could actually say, synonymous. To be alive means to be breathing freely. Fear is their opponent because it makes you cling on to parts of life in search of false security. In truth, the only security there is, lies in surrendering willingly to the changes the flow of life perpetually and inevitably provokes. Conscious breathing is the key to the awareness of the present moment as it IS. Breath links you to your physical body, provoking changes therein, thus rendering it alive. The physical body is the part of you which has its reality in the world and it reacts subconsciously not only to Prana but also the Ego-Mind, which in turn is directed by Fear. However, centering your awareness in breathing, the flow of life moving your body, frees you from the conditionings of the mind, enabling you to exist in the reality of the here/now. Conscious breathing in the full awareness of your-self as you truly are in the here-now, endows you with the power to transform your Fears into LightLove and in turn enlighten your whole life, too.
Breath/Prana is the eternal beat of life. It creates changes, causes life to be, not only on a subconscious level within the physical body, but in consciousness, too, if you learn how to utilize it to this purpose.  Every intake of breath is an opening up in a greeting of life, every out-flowing breath is its death. In between lie the instants of stillness, of eternity, in which the foregone action is absorbed and the new one prepared.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


The Mind is very inconsistant- it cannot help it, because it is caught in the reality of duality. It wants freedom, yet clings on to everything within its grasp. It wishes for the future yet simultaneaously holds on to past memories. Therefore, for as long as you are identifying your-self with the Mind, you will be fluctuating between extreemes, too, and in difficult moments actually feel lost or even torn in half. However, the way out of this state of identification with your Mind is not by fighting against it. All attempts to fight against it- even the subtlest ones like for example actively striving for a state of "No-Mind" will have exactly the reverse effect. Much like having a hurting knee, which you are trying to cure by thumping it, shouting at it to stop aching.
The way out of the identification is by applying your awareness. To become conscious of your Mind's process by watching the stream of thoughts running through it and their attendant feelings and physical sensations from a neutral perspective- as if you were an non-involved by-stander. Learn to be still, passive inside- throughout all storms of toughts, feelings and physical sensations that might rage upon the surface of your being. The personality part of you, which lives encorporated in a physical body, having to function in a world of duality. By way of non-identification with your Mind's process you gain the power to consciuosly influence your thoughts. By transforming them into Light and Love, your Mind will lose its influence upon you attention, making it easier for you to immerse your-self in the here-now- without the conflicting thoughts hindering your every step and confusing you by constantly calling you into different directions.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


"There's a danger in loving somebody too much..." runs the catch-phrase of a once popular pop-song This statement only applies in the case of love rooted in the Ego. For this kind of loving is bi-polar and can give you as much as take away from you, build as much as destroy, love as much as hate, can cause as much exhilaration as despair. And because it is projected onto another being with a mind of its own, the danger of the falling dagger is indeed a reality lurking within each moment this frenzy lasts. Since the Mind is such an unrealiable authority continuously fluctuating between extreemes, moreover riddled with deep-seated fears, loving somebody is a doubly dangerous undertaking because it also involves the mind of someone else. However, more-often than not, each mind wreaks the destruction of the apparently shared love by it-self, yet putting the blame on the other party involved.
The ego-oriented Mind, if beset by a fixation upon another being, as it is the case when it is "in love" is even more powerful than a Mind functioning in everyday-mode. Identifying your-self with it, your whole being reacts to its movements and your body and feelings get out hand, too, developing a life of their own. The three of them together playing mad have the effect of either lifting you up high, pulling you apart or throwing you into pits of darkness. The stronger you identify your-self with your mind, body and emotions the greater is the danger you are in. Heart-ache and -break, loss of interest in life and in the worst case even physical death can be the possible out-comes of a love that turned against you. A love rooted in mind and inadvertly falling victim to one of its Fears.
Love that arises from the Heart, on the other hand, a love that is not necessarily directed at another being in particular but rather springs from the love of the self and from there flows on to another and all life is never dangerous, never destructive. It stems from an understanding of the one-ness and equality of all life and therefore is unable to hate, blame and exclude. How can a drop of water feel  endangered by it-self or another drop of water, in the safe knowledge that every singly drop is part of the same sea? How can one drop of water love only one other drop, knowing that there are so many others equally beautiful and unique, equally worthy of the love? Impossible. This kind of love is all-encompassing and unconditional extended towards all forms of life, flowing in equal measures towards every part of the Unity- the self included. And because the external life is a reflection of the inward life, the more you love, the more love comes back at you - and the only danger in loving too much in this case is, that you might not be able to stop your-self from smiling or skipping along the road or dancing or singing or hugging people:-)


The noun "project" is applied whenever a venture one undertakes has not been fully predefined and every detail mapped out and decided beforehand. In calling it a project, therefore, one allows the possibility of failure or rather; of not achieving the exact visionary ideal. Still aiming at the highest but simultaneously, leaving the out-come open. Participants of a project are usually regretful when it draws to an end, because even though during the time it lasted, they might have had a hard time of it and a great workload to deal with, at the same time it had given them a feeling of being acutely alive and endlessly energetic. As if, during those times, life had somehow lost its habituary weight and become rather like a light-hearted game one is set on winning. Also, in projects the team-spirit is often all-encompassing and friends are made easily.
Conclusion: Life should be regarded as a project. An experiment in which everyone involved is giving his/her best for the benefit of the joint venture. Always keeping in mind, that only a team in which everyone is prepared and knows how to work together harmoniously can aim at the Highest and stands a chance to actually achieve it.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


Every part of Nature possesses an inborn beauty and is existing by innocently rejoicing in its own uniqueness.
Unfortunately most of humankind, save for little children and those who have re-become like them, are unable to take part in this natural dance of love due to their fixation upon their Egos.
For, an individual living purely in the world of Mind, thus caught up in comparisons and set ideals of beauty, will not recognize the magnificence of e.g. an unremarkable wild-flower. In the same way as he would not see any beauty in an old, bent woman with eyes brimming over with love for life.
True beauty shines from within and can seldom be either pin-pointed or sufficiently expressed in words.
Loving your-self in every aspect of your being from within, there is no way you cannot love your fellow beings and your life, too, because they are all reflections of what you are. Hence radiating beauty and giving love freely, you will invariably get the same in return.
You do not have to be young and/or attractive in order to be able to love your-self all-encompassingly. Of course, viewed from a wholly superficial stand-point, it might help you to love your-self, and be loved, more easily on the physical level. However, this kind of loving is usually shallow and misleading because it gets you trapped in exterior appearances, which are always transitory and doomed to wither away all too soon, taking your self-esteem and happiness with them. Unless, having detected the trapping temptation, you achieved to circumnavigate it by turning around and simultaneously proceed also inwardly.
The only thing, lasting through all times is the inner Truth. Gaining an understanding and realising this Truth will endow you with an unspeakable beauty, which, transpiring through your whole being carries the potential to affect and infect those around you, too.


Living with all your senses immersed in the here-now and in full consciousness of your multi-dimensional self, your entire reality is contained in each single moment. This endows you with the insight by way of direct experience, that every part of life moves at its own perticular speed, the sum total of existance being directed by the Highest intelligence and that the only way for you to come close to an understanding of it is by surrendering your-self to its beat in Faith and Love. In this knowledge, any feeling of impatience on your part disappears because impatience is always a symptom of Fear. A fear which has become foreign to you, having now attained to this state of complete trust in life.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


To trust in the Divine/God, is safe, because for as long as you are there, the Divine, expressed in life, will be there, too. Whereas trusting and relying irretrievably in other people or material objects is a very dangerous undertaking because they, just like you, are subject to change and thus also to death/disintegration/decay. However, this does not imply you should not trust in loved ones, simply remain aware of the fact throughout, that ultimately you can only rely upon God and your link with it by way of your spirit. Therefore, trust and rely upon people and objects only for moments in time without clinging onto them for any longer.
To live in trust of life is not the same as being naïve, altough to people still living in the reality of the Ego-Mind with its fearful nature, it might appear thus because you are not worried about your future and are not constantly trying to plan ahead. To be trustful towards life stems from the safe knowledge perceived by the Heart, that whatever might happen to you in the course of it, will be for your best. Also, that the people you meet therein are chosen in order to teach you valuable lessons about your-self. For as long as you apply the right kind of vision in looking at it, by trusting your own perception of the truth and listening to the wisdom of the Heart, you come out of even the most difficult and dangerous situations unscathed. Not weakend but enriched by a deepened and enhanced knowledge of life by way of the self.
Naïvete, on the other hand, is a kind of trust born out of self-induced illusions and dreams produced by the mind. Inevitably, they will have the effect of causing you to stumble and fall along your path in life and you will often feel dissapointed and deceived in/by other people. By being naïve you render your-self the victim of your own illusions. Whereas in true trust you have risen above those, having aquired the ability to hear and follow the voice of your Heart instead of the one of your Mind. Thus your perception of life is no longer marred by the distortions the Ego-mind imposes upon it, instead you are aware of the natural flow of life, enabling you to follow intuitevly its course.


Teach your-self to see the potential of growth and self-enlightenment within every situation of your life, especially those in which you are not getting what you believed you needed. Realize the root cause of any confrontation you meet with by silent colloquy, analyizing it in a detached way to find out what kind of role-playing has been going on on your part. Seek also to recognize the opposite side and go backwards in your memory, trying to find the moments in your life in which you played that part your-self. Dive deep into the feelings and thoughts that were caused by those disharmonious moments and locate their origin within you. Which kind of Fear has induced you to those particular reactions in aswer to the situation in question? Bestow loving awareness and compassionate love liberally onto your-self and whoever else was involved. Look upon your-self and the other party/parties as harmless children who solely acted out of fear of an imagined threat, a ghost. All fears are nothing but ghosts of the Ego-Mind. Yet, the same as with imagined ghosts, they become actual realities if you believe in them too fervently, clinging to their existence.


Unconditional Love is compassionate towards all forms of life, starting with the self. It flows freely to all, heedless of any conditionings your mind or senses might try to impose on you. It never demands either physical or mental affirmations of love from another because it simply IS. Living in this state of BEing, neither negation nor recognition of its existance on part of the external world can have any influence upon it- not even your personal thoughts and feelings can touch it. Because their reality reaches only as far up as the third chakra level, whereas Unconditional/Compassionate Love is a phenomenon of a consciousness rooted in the fourth, the Heart chakra. In this state you no longer expect certain things of people/the world in return of your love. Hence you can no longer be disappointed by the world if your personal wishes are not met the way you would like them to be best. In your compassionate affection, you are accepting of what is, unmarred by personal feelings and emotions. Of course, you may at times still ask people to do you favours, for "those who ask shall be given" - but whether they act upon it or not makes not difference in your appreciation of them as unique beings living according to their own truth. Knowing your own truth and guessing at the Divine Truth underlying all life, your senses are sharpened and refined enough to fathom other peoples, too.


Living faithfully in the Light of Love, always following the voice of your Heart, will get you through any situation in life. Because Love cures Fear, Light dissipates Darkness and Faith drives you onwards and upwards.
Love towards your-self, melts down the barriers of Fear within, enabling the Light of Consciousness seep into the remotest corner, revealing your diversity, sparkling in its unique beauty.
In this state of loving compassion and awareness of your-self, you will automatically recognize every one around you, too, as what they truly are. Eyes that are no longer blinded by Fear of Darkness cannot help but see the Love and Light wherever they turn.


True healing can ultimately only happen from within the self by re-connecting to the fount of all life, the Divine source, Hightest intelligence, God, Love, Light- by whatever name you want to call It. All suffering being caused by a lack of Love and Light, opening up your mind and senses to the reality of Love and Light beyond the perceived Darkness invariably has the effect of healing.


To remain soft and bendable like a young reed within your Mind, cultivating the ability to recognize and to admit to failures on your part, without making your-self a victim, is not an easy task in this world of ours, which is still largely ruled by the Ego-Mind and thus caught up in an exclusively dualistic reality. The latter, up to a certain degree, always necessitating two opposing roles in any situation. Yet it can be achieved, if you know how to remain consciuosly aware of the non-dualistic Truth underlying all dualistic appearence and by not indentifying with the current part you are enacting. Thus you have the power to enfuse any situation with the greater Truth, which in turn dissolves duality and renders apparent opponents as equals.


Picture the Divine creation we are living in as an immensely big mosaïque, made up of uncountable and minutely intricate colourful pieces, each one unique in it-self and all of them together forming a perfect whole which is constatly changing its appearence. The Mind in its limited form can only see one tiny fragment of it at a time, because its view is shaded by preconceived ideas and restricted by what it believes to be true. Rather like looking through a peep-hole while wearing darkened glasses as well. The Heart, on the other hand, being in direct contact with the Creator, thus having the abilitity to sense the complete picture, is endowed with Faith in its perception of the apparently invisible Truth. The wise Mind knows how to listen to the Heart. The Heart, over-flowing with Love, has the power to melt down the restrictions within the Mind, opening it up to allow the limitless and inconceiveable. In this new state of consciuosness the Light of the Divine shines through it and radiates beneficiently upon its surrounding pieces in the mosaïque.

Sunday, 16 October 2011


There is a general trend in the Western world to want to reach a state of No-Mind. The striving for this state more often than not is an undertaking which actually causes exactly the opposite effect in the aspirant because the mind starts fighting against its own existance and thus the whole mission becomes a internal fight. Also, there is the fact that unless you abdictate the world and become a hermit, yogi or monk living in seclusion, you actually need the practical thinking mind in order to survive and cope with everyday life in a society mainly based on mind structures. The ideal state therefore is to be able to use your mind consciously as a tool whenever it is needed and for the rest of the time live according to the wisdom and qualities of the Heart.
A possible path to achieve this state is to first become fully aware of all your thoughts at all times, teaching your-self to observe them without letting your-self be involved by them. Having mastered this step, proceeding on to think consciously and filling your thoughts with Light and Love, until this becomes their natural state and does no longer require any effort on your part. In addition, discipline your-self to feed it with pure/beautiful/simple words and spend your time in contemplation of them. Meditate upon life around you, observing it from your still centre within the heart. The natural effect of all these endeavors will bring you moments of complete stillness "No-Mind" in which time and place dissapear, plunging you into eternity. However, since the Mind is part of our human set-up it will always remain with you. But by its transformation and enlightenment it looses the power to hinder you from living in vertical reality at the same time as the horizontal one, with the effect of suffusing you with unconditional bliss and lightness of being regardless of any out-ward circumstances. Putting it differently; in the state of No-Mind your mind is vibrating in correlation and harmony with the Divine Mind which is expressing It-self through life. Yours thus becomes a vehicle for it by actively living and perfoming His Will and Love.


For as long as your consciousness is still rooted in, identified with, the reality your Mind presents you with, living in the here-now is an impossibility. Instead, you will be fluctuating between past and future and depending on your psychological/mental/physical state of being this will be a reality coming in varying shades from utterly joyful to raging with anger, heavy depression, paralizing fears etc.
Especially in difficult or depressing situations many tend to become obsessed with the fervent wish to know what the future might hold for them. Either out of the fear that it may be worse than the present moment or the hope it may be much improved. Yet unless you are willing to truly recognize your present circumstances and to accept your own part in it as what it is, the "future" is never going to be any different from the here-now. Even though there will be times where you are believing it has changed, simply because its outward appearence has varied. Life is an wheel endlessly turning in exactly the same spot confronting you with the same obstacles over and over again unless you wake up. And by showing the willingness to learn, thus growing in consciousness, surmount your own limitations. In which case the wheel is transformed into an upward-spinning spiral, endowing you with the possibility to unfurl your full potential.


In letting your-self be guided by the voice of your Divine intuition it becomes ever new and exciting, revealing beauty and manifestations of Love and Light in unexpected places and moments. Because although by diligent practise and working on purifying your mind and senses more and more, enables you to catch glimpses, endows you with fore-sight and premontions of what is to come and of where your path is going to take you next, the actual life is still going to surprise you. However, your Mind will be asking you a lot of questions of why you are doing such and such and more often than not it will want to disagree with the voice of the heart accopmanied by the inherent sensation, which is assertaining you:"Yes, this is right because it feels right to me". And of course, for as long as your own Mind is still rebelling, inevitably there will be people in your life around you, questioning your altered way of living. Answereing their "whys" is not going to be an easy task, because how to describe an unspeakable sensation arising from the core of the heart and encompassing the whole body with the effect of endowing you with a joyful lightness of being and harmony? Trust in your own Truth and a complete devotion to Love and Light will prove to be the only effective cures to any kind of doubt you are faced with.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011


"The Future takes care of it-self" goes a popular saying, which is pronounced in times when worries and doubts of what the future might hold are becoming too over-whelming, in the hope of thus gaining a little peace of mind. Indeed, the future does take care of it-self, in fact there is no other possible option for it to be. Yet unless you learn to live in the awareness of the present the "future" will never actually come to pass. To be living fully conscious in the here-now teaches you to realize that both past and future are only projections of you mind and that the present moment is all that you can ever possess. Yet by clinging to memories of the past and losing your-self in phantasies of what the future might bring, you are missing even that. And maybe at the end of your life you will look back in regret of all the time wasted with vain dreaming and worrying. The only moments remaining imprinted within your consciousness wil bee those in which you experienced happiness and sorrow greater than your-self. For those two are the opposing sides of Love. The conditionless and compassionate Love of Divine origin, which rejoices in life, yet because it is all-knowing, simultaneously grieves in the knowledge that its death is inevitable. Life and Death being irrevocably tied together, like day and night, light and darkness.


The Truth, Life and Love are so simple that there are no words to accurately express their full meaning. The only way to know them, is by living each moment in the full awareness of your beautiful wholeness and to consciously participate in the great wheeling dance of existance.

Monday, 10 October 2011


All life happens for a reason and serves a higher purpose in the Divine order of creation. Nothing you ever do is pointless or superfluous- unless you your-self are judging it to be so. But even then, although you might see it that way and by so doing are causing inner disharmony, it still remains meaningful to the unity. The more you come to recognize the Truth, Love and Light hidden within all levels of your own being and the life around you, the less your view will be obstructed by the limiting perspective induced by your mind and the clearer you will see your-self not only as an indiviual but as a part of the Divine unity, too. This, in turn, will make you come to understand and realize the power and responsibility you are actually holding.


The Mind as such is a wonderful intelligence, able to endow us with great wisdom, magical powers and helping us to attain evolutionary heights- if it is being used untainted by the motives of the Ego. Unfortunately, the greater part of humanity, especially those living in modern society, is still under the dominion of the ego-driven Mind, which mainly lives on fear and constantly fights for its survival.
One of its favourite occupations is doubting. Making you doubt in your-self, in the future, in others, in life, etc. In times of doubting the feeling of separation is enhanced, hence there is a greater danger of getting lost in the maze of thoughts and figments of the mind, than in times of a mind at peace. Doubts can deplete your strentgh by leading you away from your own truth. Away also, from the still centre of silence within from where all movements of life can be observed and into a wild chaos of circling thoughts and feelings, unsettling your emotions by touching hidden fears.
Yet there is a seond type of doubting, which has the opposite effect- it empowers you further by stengthening your resolve to walk on along your chosen path in faith and trust in your own perception of truth. This kind of doubting actually only appears as such to by-standers, for to your-self it is much more like reconsidering all the pro's and con's of the next step you have already given your consent to but now are suddenly feeling hestitant in taking. Therefore you call a halt before proceeding any further and take the time to scrutinize the decision in question. Although just like in the first scenario, thoughts and feelings are arising, they are not haphazard. Because you your-self are remaining unidentifyied with them, remaining in charge and chosing them in awareness you are holding the power over them. Moving into them, like swimming in deep waters, in order to return to the safety of the shore with the sought answers. The answers being "what has induced me to decide upon taking that step?" and "why am I hesitating now?".  In other words, you are moving away from the here-now into the past and the reality of your thoughts and feelings, in order to return to the here-now and your neutral persepective with an enhanced understanding of your own subconsciuos reactions which had had a chance to act and lead you into that situation because for a single moment in the past you had been inattentive. You are using your mind as a tool in order to return to your initial trust and faith with added insights into your self and your chosen path. Whereas in the first instance, what is commomly known as doubting, you are loosing you real self and are drowning in the avalanche of conflicting thoughts and feelings, vainly running after the figments of your mind. 

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Everyone strives for harmony, be it on a conscious or subconsciuos level, because harmony is the natural state of all life- or rather was, and still would be, if the human Mind had not interfered with it at some stage in evolution. The natural state of the Divine creation is an expression of complete harmony, in which even to the human mind apparent chaos and disruptions have their place in serving a particular purpose. The Mind believing it-self to be seperated from the rest of the Unity is forever afraid of its extiction and therefore continuously fighting for its survival and thus causing disharmony on all levels of our being and the Unity's. Yet at the same time the Divine spark in us endows us with the inherent urge to strive for a state of inner and outer harmony. However, while the Mind is still in charge of our lives, reaching a state of harmony is quite impossible. For even if there might be moments of peace- we would not be able to recognize them as such due to the distorted and limited view of the mind. Or if we actually achieve a temporary state of harmony the inherent fear of the ego-oriented mind would distroy it as soon as it has been realized by its deep-rooted fear. In order for there to reign inner harmony, we first have to learn to have Faith in the Divine order of things, to surrender our personal will to Love and to live in the Light of Truth. Living in this way, it is no longer the Mind directing our lives, but the voice of our Divine intuition, which is connected to the Divine source and therefore knows neither fear nor darkness. The inner harmony thus created and thus causing our lives to be outwardly harmonious, too, will automatically be condusive to the sum total of harmony of life on all levels.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


For as long as you still identify your-self with the senses, emotions and/or the mind, your love is a one-way street. This kind of love is bound to time and place. Being rooted in duality it is subject to fluctuation between the two extremes, either generating exhilaration or causing you to feel dissappointed/angry/hurt/lost. Love originating from, and taking place in the senses, the emotions and the mind are generally of an active kind, though with a tendency to passivity by causing stagnation in the flow of life. Because by actively striving for and clinging to an ideal state lying either in the future or past, they inevitably necessitate a negation of the status quo. Even in receiving, they remain partly active, always expecting/craving/wanting/taking/demanding more of the same or something else. However, this kind of loving is usually mistaken for the True Love, because they have the capacity to take possession of your entire being. It also has the power to temporarily fullfill all your dreams and wishes- as well as to cause your heart to ache or break.
True Love on the other hand, being a state of BEing, lies beyond horizontal time and duality. Hence it exists in vertical reality and is both active and passive at the same time. It knows no conditions and because it neither involves the mind nor the physical body, the heart is not in the danger of being ever broken. True Love is rooted and flows from the Spiritual Heart. Its main quality being an all-encompassing Compassion towards all life, it leaves no room for personal feelings, thoughts or emotions of frustration/disappointment/hate etc. Neither does it prefer one form of life, one individual over the other in its Love. Although personal preferences are still being registred by the mind and the senses,  they do no longer have the power to dominate and possess your mind and senses. Residing in a state of conditionless love, you are living in a reality which lies beyond them.
Therefore, falling in love with someone is no longer possible. The former being an obsession, a kind of fever, of the senses and the mind.


In the process of personal transformation you are moving beyond what you have hithero believed your-self and life to be. However, transformation of consciousness necessitates the willingness to recognize and lovingly accept and embrace whatever it meets in the self at any given moment in time- without "buts" and "ifs". Because how else could you move beyond what you are, if your starting point is a distortion of the Mind, instead of the truth of the moment?

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


All things and circumstances in the outward world are transitory, destined to change, vanish or die. The only riches that endure all time are the fruits of consciousness found and accumulated within the self.


Life is very simple. Love is very simple, Truth is very simple. The one who renders them complicated for us is the Mind driven by Fear of change, its set idea of its separateness and its conviction to know it all best.


The whole universe is a manifestation of Divine Light-Love Energy, vibrating at different frequencies and thus creating different planes, spheres of consciuosness and density. The amount of Energy contained in this universe can neither be diminisehd nor increased, only transformed to a higher level of consciousness and less density or locked up to appear on a lower level of consciousness of higher density. Hence nothing we ever do, think, say, feel or believe is ever lost, but actually only changes form, and will invariably return to us in one way or another and at some time or other. We might not necessarily recognize is as the answer to our own being- yet it always is. One could say that the world around us is a mirror of all that we are indiviually and collectively. But different from the mirrors made of glass in which the physical forms are easily recognizable as our bodily selfs, the world reflects our consciuosness and subconsciuosness. Therefore, the more consciously aware of your-self you grow, the easier you will recognize your own reflection in the life and people around you. The same way that it is impossible to change your reflection in a mirror of glass without first changing your physical appearence, it is equally impossible to change your life and perception of the world without transforming your consciuosness. Even though at times it may seem it to be possible because outward appearences of your life can indeed be altered by change of place/set of friends/increase or decrease in fortune etc. But since the physical plane is but a manifestation of the Energy it contains, outward appearences are decieving. By trying to change your life outwardly only, as soon as the excitment over the ew has worn off, you will find your-self in a same postition as before- if not worse because of the disappointment over the failure.


Freedom is a word loaded with different and differing meanings to it, for every individual has a personal definition for it. However, at least in the Western world, there is a general meaning to it, too, which has been generated by the film industry, where "freedom" has become a synonym for the image of an individual rinding/walking/driving/flying into the sunset/sunrise in an open and beautiful countryside. Also the words "holidays" and "vacation" generally imply a kind of freedom. One could say that to the majority of people freedom is understood in the sense of having lots of spare time and the means to spend it as one pleases best. Yet, this is freedom on a very superficial level only, for if you dig deeper you will realize that few are able to actually feel freedom at any given time n their life- be it at work or on holiday. Again, there are others who do not get any free time to them-selves ever and believing that they would be able to feel free then, are longing all there life for some time off. And others again, having all the time in the world at their disposal are longing for work because they are feeling "tied down" and lost in their apparent freedom. And some believe if they were wealthier they could feel free...
Yet no outward situation can guarantee you freedom -unless you first liberate your-self from false beliefs and fears. By limiting your-self and conditioning your sense of freedom to outward circumstances, whatever you will get - the longed for state of freedom will never be achieved.

Everyone's first right in this world should be the freedom to be him/her-self and to live his/her own ideal. Then there would be no-one hankering after illusionary freedom.


Imagine your life in Earth to be like a wide ocean with your-self as a sailing boat upon its endless surface engaged in a life-long sea-voyage. Your physical birth constituting the place you set out from, death your final destination and in-between them various ports of call. The continuously blowing winds of change representing your destiny and deciding the routes by which you travel from one station to the next. Let your-self be navigated by listening to the voice of your Divine intuition and you will instinctively set your sails correctly and are thus able to travel at the speed of light in a state of inner joy and tranquility- even in times of calamities and heavy storms, never once failing to reach your next port of call, where there is the opportunity for you to rest awhile and regain your bearings. Although it might not always be the same port you expected to get to next on your route. And in the wohle of your journey, your Faith in a higher purpose is guiding you onwards and your Love for the sea and your attitude of surrender to the Heavenly winds of change, are rendering the voyage pleasurable and are creating a bright light at the stern, which has the power to enlighten your path even at night.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Transformation can only happen from within. This is why no amount of reading and studying wise books and literature has a further effect than to temporarily give you the illusion of knowing. Yet it does enhance the mind and render it more open, given you are of a dispostion willing to learn and grow. True growth of consciousness demands the willingness to venture forth into the unknown and unknowable, solely on Faith that the experiences you make along that path have valitity, although to the world they might appear non-existant and even you your-self might doubt them at times.


For as long as you are identifying your-self with your mind, emotions and body, the "I" is a very unpredictable authority, because for one thing your thoughts are constantly changing and fluctuating between two extremes. Secondly they are hardly ever in correlation with your emotions and body. As often as not, the three of them all have their own way and even if in harmony at times, you are never sure when one of them might break out again. The over-all effect being that "you" are in turn happy/sad/certain/confused etc. Plus, there is life and the people you are sharing it with, to be taken into the account too, which in this state of (un-)consciousness rarely appear rarely reliable and constantly peaceful either.
Upon becoming conscious of your lower self including its thoughts, emotions and body, realization dawns on you, that you are in fact neither your mind, nor body nor emotions, but the neutral spectator, witnessing all that is going on in the within and without. This gives you the power to view all that you are thinking, feeling and doing from your still centre within where tranquillity and freedom reign, while simultaneously taking active participation in the game of life. However with a sensation of detachment, because Life has become rather like film in which you are not only the protagonist but at the same time the spectator and the director, too. And maybe you will even come to remember that you are also the original playwright. And you begin seeing your own drama playing alongside the ones of the people surrounding you and at times your story-lines intermingling or simply touching each other's. And maybe one day you have become proficient enough to recognize that although the topics and tasks to be fulfilled in your personal film have been decided upon beforehand, you are actually free to improvise the scenes that take you there. Taking into account, too, that your story is one of a million of others which together are all forming yet another story and are as such part of the immensely great picture called Divine Unity of Creation.

Monday, 26 September 2011


The only way to move forward in life, is to accept the change it invariably confronts you with.
The only way to be happy in life, is to embrace unconditionally all this might entail. Overcoming all Fears and instead to use the fluctuating changes to expand your love, to widen your understanding and to deepen your consciousness.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


Being at one with all there IS, the illusion of separateness disappears. Or rather, you recognize your Mind constantly occupied with creating divisions all around and within you, but no longer believing in them. Your awareness of the Unity, and your-self being an integral part of it, has become more dominant, filling you with a sensation of unconditional Bliss. Even the stars high up in heaven, which had always seemed so far away before, suddenly feel as close to you as your own Self.  And the axiom "as above so below" is no longer a theory to you but a reality because you can actually sense every cell of your physical body being a universe in it-self.

Friday, 23 September 2011


All sense of time disappears when you truly ARE in the here-now. This state is different from the periods of mental concentration, whereby the forgetting of the time is induced by your Mind being targeted upon and lost in a particular task, while your body is doing something else with you being mostly unconscious of it. The disappearence of vertical time in your consciuosness of life, on the other hand, happens because you are linked up with vertical reality. In which you are not only fully aware of your-self on every level, physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally but also of the life taking place around you. Although at this point of your spiritual development the external life will most probably have begun to merge with the reality perceived within.


Giving and receiving Love is our natural state of being- or should be according to the Divine will foreseen for us. Because it is in this state, that we are simultaneously at one within our-selves, as well as in perfect alignment and synchronisity with His will, - and hence also with the Unity of Creation we are part of.


One way of looking at life, which might help to render it easier for you to accept what it is dealing you with, especiallyn difficult times, is to see it as one long, big adventure story. A fabulous journey through a world of physical form in planet Earth. An adventure whose outlines and set challenges you once gave your assent to, although you have most probably forgotten all about it through the process of your physical birth. Like in a adventure story, you never know what awaits you around the next turning or the next moment. To look the situation plainly in the face, to accept the challenge it is offering you and to work your way through it, is much the easier choice than  either to try and avoid it and as a result finding your-self time and time again faced by like circumstances in various succeeding situations. Because each time you refuse to meet it, it gains gravity and import is added to it, rendering in more unsurmountable. However, this is only true on a subjective level due to your initial fear growing. Or than realizing it, half-heartedly accepting to deal with it, but all the way wishing you had not or thinking of a million options out or listening to other people's instructions and opinions with the effect of confusing you. However, turning to others when being at a loss on how to proceed on you own for inspiration with the end of finding out more about your-self can be helpful.
Unlike in a serious adventure however, you always have the opportunity to take time out in which to recover and recuperate- even though you might not yet be aware of this. It is achieved by mentally and emotionally extracting your-self from the situation at hand, taking a step back and viewing your-self and your life objectively. As if you were only a neutral spectator, watching a screen hero/heroine battling his/her way through a film with a happy ending. A happy ending made possible because the protagonist has currageously faced all the apparently unsurmountable challenges and difficulties on the way and thus proved him-/her-self to be more resistant and wiser than you, and he/she had believed to be at the out-set of the story.
However, remember always: In life to be weak and bendable out-wardly proves inner strength and wisdom.
In this image of life being an adventurous journey, imagine every single person having his/her own personal story to live and full-fill in the same place as you are. On your way, you will always meet those who find them-selves currently in an identical situation or challenge as you, although this is might not be outwardly obvious and recognizable. And you will pass your time with them for as long as your inner/outer paths correspond with each other. Once this period is over each should let go and let the other go his/her way because clinging on further only hinders both your own and the others progress in life. The same obviously applying to locations and occupations. Unless you achieve to transform them along and in harmony with your own personal development.
Another option to view your life would be to compare it to a endless succession of modern fantasy computer games. One in which you are both the player and the hero/heroine of the games. At the beginning of each you get to chose beforehand the type of advenure quest, along with it set task. Selecting a seemingly appropriate character from the choice offer and deciding upon its appertaining assets and props, the setting where you want to start out from and its degree of difficulty. It is also up to you to decide which other players you want on your own team and with whom else you wish to play with. However, different from the digital world, it is not the computer, but you your-self who totes up the scores at the end. The score total of each game deciding the beginning level of the succeeding round. Just like its similae on screen, you can always take a break from the game by detaching your-self by way of the above-mentioned method.


Learn to become like a tree. Firmly rooted in Mother Earth, with a solid trunk of a soft, ever expanding heart centre and a resistant exterior, able to face all storms. With branches and twigs agile and bendable, though resilient to the constantly blowing winds of change. A crown high enough to oversee all that is happening to you below from a bird's perspective, and at the same time connecting you to the higher realms of existance, drawing energy therefrom, as well as through your roots plated deeply in the nurturing soil.

Sunday, 18 September 2011


The whole of this Divine Creation is inter-connected by an invisible grid of Light, that is: invisible to the physical human eyes at least. The human species has largely lost the ability to move along these lines of power, which the ancient races still knew about and understood how to utilize. Birds travel along those lines, indeed all instinctual beings do.
The universe is like an orchestra producing heavenly melodies consisting of innoumerous different voices all joined together and directed by one conductor, God, over-seeing all. In this, every sphere and every single part, moving at a particular rate of vibration creates a unique sound. The harmonies thus created are destined to render all parties involved, conscious of the others, in order to lift them all up to even greater heights. The mind of human-kind has been, and still is, standing in the way of this unified harmony. Instead of joining in joyfully, the mind is either still completely ignorant of the will and Love of Divine conductor, or cognisant but strongly in doubt, susceptible to fear and mistrust. Only few recognize the important role the human kind is playing in this harmony of Unity and are them-selves willing participants, surrendering to the guidance of the loving conductor- in spite of all the difficulties on both personal and communal level with which they are being faced in the course of this path.


Residing in the silence of your heart you are whole, at home and as one with the Divine. In that place you can feel that although you are a unique being apparently existing seperate from the rest of this Creation, you are also at one with all that IS.

Saturday, 17 September 2011


If you know how to let Life be what it truly is, it becomes like a magic treasure box full of surprises, presenting you with uniquelly special moments. All experiences you witness will turn into an endless string of pearls, each one shining in a different hue. Little children are still tuned to this truth, seeing the world with eyes full of wonderment. Therefore they are very easy to make surprises to becaus they are literally expecting the unexpected and are ready to be amazed and enratured by the seemingly smallest things and happenings. Whereas few adults let them-selves be surpprised becaus ethey have become conditioned by their minds, believing they know everything and for the greatest part, too wrapped up in thoughts of past experiences and their set expectaions of the future to truly notice and be aware of the Here-Now.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Whenever you leave a person/relation-ship/place/job behind, you should look back and try to see what lessons about life and your-self you have been taught by them. Because there is invariably one- else you would not be feeling the urge to move on. Unless the leaving/changing/departing happens because you feel you cannot bear it any longer, in which case it is a kind of flight. But even then- these situations give you ample material for rumination and help you in finding the root cause within you. Maybe you will unearth in the process of searching inwardly a deeply hidden fear, which instinctively makes you do things in life that hurt not only your own feelings but other people's, too?
Whatever it is that you may find within your own personality- treat it with respect, compassion and loving acceptance. Nothing is too terrible to be faced and looked at in broad day-light, given that it is  viewed objectively and free from distortion and exaggeration caused by the fear- driven Ego-Mind.


To recognize that we are all children of God, born out of Mother Earth not only makes us remember that we are all equals, deriving from the same source but also brings us into touch with our Essential Self, the part in us, which is of Truth, Innocence and Purity


When your Mind is restless, wanting to know where to direct the feet,  listen to your Heart, it is telling you: Be still. Devote your-self to the present tasks. Have Faith, that when the time is right, you will inevitably know, because I will guide your feet intuitively where they need to go.


Time and time again, for as long as we are living in this body, Life presents us with opportunities to overcome the barriers our Mind tries to put up around us and to pay no heed to the clamourings of our fear-based thoughts calling for attention. Instead to immerse our-selves fully in the Here-Now in an attitude of Conditionless Love and in the Light of our Consciousness. With each time we succeed in this, we become firmer rooted in the Truth and our Inner Centre of Harmony, Love and Light expands further.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Although God is high above everything, he is also at the centre of all that He hath created. Our own link to the Divine Source is to be found within our own hearts. We can develop and open our higher senses to try and perceive Him in the world that sorrounds us. We can reach out with our minds to lift us up towards Him -but ultimately He can only truly be found by turning around and looking within our-selves and to find the place of connection there. Once having discovered it, you will be automatically able to see it in everyone end everything else around you, too. It is like having walked through life seeing only black and white, yet believing they are the real colours. And one day closing you eyes, turning your gaze inwards and seeing a beautiful, multi-coloured rainbow there. Upon re-opening your eyes you are suddenly able to see colours there, too. Realizing that they have always been there waiting for you to notice them, yet because you had held on so steadfastly to your conviction of black and white actually being the colours, you had missed the real ones.


Nothing you ever do in life is wrong or should better have been left undone. Unless you your-self judge and believe it to be wrong or superfluous and therby are rendering it so. Because every moment of your existance you are creating your own reality and you always have the free will and choice. However, if you feel that you made a mistake, try to do it better next time. Maybe there are situations where you feel that if you had chosen differently you might have reached your goal sooner and saved your-self some trouble? But this seems only superficially so, because whatever you are here for to experience and learn in this life, you will have to go through in one way or another and ultimately it makes no difference if you take the apparently longer routes or the short ones. The only thing that truly matters in the end, is the quality you give to every moment of living by your inherent attitude and intent. Love, Light and Truth should guide your every step. Therfore, strive for conscious awareness at all times, which endows you with an objective perspective of all that you are and do.


Whatever you do in life-
let it be done with conditionless Love
Whatever you see-
view it in the Light of Compassion
Whenever you talk-
speak from the Truth of your Heart.

Sunday, 4 September 2011


There is no way of knowing what the next day- or even hour- may bring. Altough you would like to know and are living in the set believe that you actually do know and are even able to plan and decide upon you future, long- and short-term. Yet the so called "future" is in reality nothing more than a figment of your Mind. The Mind needs the future- as well as the past, which is in truth nothing more but subjective memories- in order to secure its existance. Without Mind there is only the here-now, free from either past or future. The Mind needs these two in order to build a kind of net in which it feels comparatively secure. However in a individual prone to worrying, fearing, doubting this safety net is rather like a deadly trap or dark labyrinth or set of heavy chains. But in any case, the belief in past and future is holding you back from being free, from living your full potential and from enjoying every minute of this presciuos and unique life in Earth. All Life is change and change is never predictable. By blieving it to be so, you are losing touch with it and are taking away its beauty and magic. Also, wanting always to know and plan what happens next, believing in predictions of all sorts, you become afraid of life's inherent change and unpredictability. Change not only meaning renewal of some sort but simultaneously death as well, thus becomes a constant threat, especially in its death aspect. Death as such is feared by most because they are living their lives largely governed by their Ego-Minds. The latter striving to survive at any cost. Thus frantically holding on to the past and future, mortally afraid of the unknown and unpredictable you are actually hindering your-self from experiencing the here-now, which is equivalent with freedom, happiness and peace of Mind and Heart- independent of outward circumstances in life.


The Truth is so simple it needs no words to express it-self. Yet the human mind is rendering it interminably complex and in the process of doing so loses its essence and becomes an artificial product. All Life being an expression of this Divine Truth is also very simple- yet eternally intricate and wonderously unique in its diversity. And the human mind, again not understanding, does not respect this. Instead it tries to unify this richness as much as possible in order to adapt it better to the scopes of its understanding- which is still very limited in the generality of man-kind. Thus Life becomes like a factory-made product out of a box, having lost its vitality and magic. Nature, the animal kingdom and litte children- where they have not been too greatly interfered with by the human mind, - are still in touch with the Truth, are still able to manifest it in their pure and innocent expression of Life and by simply Being. Therefore human-kind has to turn to these sources of Wisdom in order to learn afresh to be entranced by the beauty and magic of Life in its intricate simplicity and uniqueness.

Friday, 2 September 2011


You can know your fellow men only as far as you are aware of your-self, because whoever you meet with represents aspects of you. The law of attraction applies to all realms of our existance. "Like attracts like", even if at times it might seem to us rather "like attracts the opposite". But since the opposity being the invisible other half of the same coin, it still is the same, although for most it might not appear thus.
For as long as you hold on to false ideas and illusionary truths of your-self and others, time and time again you will find your-alf disappointed, hurt and deceived in your expectations of other people and circumstances.
Therefore it is an impossibility to change other people or your circumstances in life for the better without first changing, transforming your-self. "Change" in this context encompassing personal growth and development.  In doing so you might at times believe that you had understood your "mistake" the previous time, yet before you know it you are caught up in the same scenario again. This will happen for as long as you only become aware of your-self once you are already in the situation. It will cease to re-occur once you are conscious of your own truth before the situation actually arises because then you will have the choice in direction of your actions.
The outward world and the people we meet with being all reflections of our-selves and what we believe in, therefore nothing but reflections of our expectations and beliefs, the power is all yours- and only yours- to change your own world and by so doing the bearing an influence in the development of the sum total of all existance.
Once you have come to know your own Truth and learnt to hear and listen to the voice of your heart/Divine inutition, you will find your-self in a position from which you have a choice always. The choice to act either in conformity with the ideals and beliefs of the majority of people or to follow and live according  to your own Truth. The latter requiring courage, strength and Faith makes it very difficult to ahere to and linve up to. How much easier it is to simply  live in a make-believe world of phantasies instead, even though it has its short-somings and unpleasant moments. Because at first, until your enviroment and the people you associate with have become adapted to the "new" - or rather the "true" you, you will mett with many an awkward situation. Living according to your own Truth may seem to make ou out-sider in the eyes of the world and the society at large. But this only for as long as you, your-self still care about their opinions. Once you have freed your-self even from that, this will no longer impinge on your consciuosness and automatically you will meet with people who are like you on the path of purfication of the Mind. For indeed thinking, speaking and acting always in alignment with your own Truth not only brings you into your own power and thus in synchronisity with the Divine flow of life but also has the effect of purifying your whole being progressively. This again affects your surroundings and fellow beings. It is like lightening a torch which then passes in the illuminating fire to all other torches it comes into contact with. Some might be more difficult to enflame and most reluctant to shine than other, but in the end they cannot help it - unless they have turned away and left beforehand. For this too will invariably happen when you change and grow in your awareness. People you believed for years to have been your close friends will suddenly disappear from your life, whereas others are coming into focus you never noticed before.
Negating and fighting against circustances and not accepting the people surrounding you is like looking into the mirror telling your-self that the reflection you are seeing is someone else. For as long as you adhere to this false belief you and your life cannot change. In so doing you hinder your-self from growing in awareness because you are too afraid of looking at the Truth and the actual facts. Facing them and accepting them as part of you, however, is the first step required in order to be able to move forward  and onwards in life, which can be equalled with recognition and enlightenment of the self. How cann you change a picture you are in the progress of painting if you refuse to look at the canvas to see what you have painted so far? In the full knowledge that you are its creator and therefore responsible for whatever you see there?
However, when you overcome this barrier of Fear, created by you Ego-Mind, and become fully aware of your-self and turn to the Truth of which yours is a part, you will exceed your own expectations of your-self. Because the Truth will make you shine radiantly, it will enable you to grow into your full potential and make you see the world as the wonderful and magic place it truly is.


Looking directly into someone else's eyey from the purity and innocence of your heart, created instants of Truth from which Love and Light are born. When two gazes inter-lock, even if for split seconds only, the here-now becomes one with eternity. The eyes are the mirror of our souls and trough them the heart speaks, instead of the mind as is usually the case. Therefore those moments, happening out of what is universally perceived as time and place, are devoid of any Ego. Gazing diecrtly into the eyes of someone requires courage, because doing so there remains no more place to hide your-self in, as there is when talking to someone from the mind. This is why most people in their everyday life hardly ever meet somebody else's eyes directly- not even their own when looking into a mirror. Because doing the latter, you fall into a void where thoughts cease and you catch a glimpse of the Truth which has no definite form other than the one we believe in and want to see.
All that is of Truth and Love is also of Beauty and only very few are willing to accept their own uniqueness and beauty. However, if you, suddenly everone else around you becomes also unique and beautiful and who would you then be able to blame for all the things in your life and the world which are not as you would like them to be? You would have to accept that all human-beings actualy are equally good and powerful and in doing so, the inherent fear of the ego-mind had no more ground in which to grow and prosper. All life happens for a reason. All life is essentially innocent and pure. It is only the Ego which renders it "wrong", "bad", "evil".
Truly looking into someone's eyes makes the Mind fall silent. At first maybe emotions and feelings might still arise and storm inside, but after a while even those will die and you become pure and free to be the wonderful being you have always been afraid to be. Two pairs of eyes meeting, the owner's  hearts converse and bond in recognition of their equality and respective Divinity.


Although we, -that is to say: our inherent Ego,- would wish to be liked and understod by all and sunder, this is, of course, as little the case as the fact that we our-selves like and understand everyone else around us. The beauty of life lies in its diversity and and although once we have attained to a state of counsciuosness, which encompasses the feeling unconditional love towards all that IS, this does not include liking everyone, nor does it render us likeable to everybody. For the personality part in us has its limitations and becoming illuminated does not make us super-humans for as long as we still live in Earth. Even in Nature there are not affinities everywhere. For example there are ceratin plants which will not prosper next to another variety, whereas planted next to a different one they flourish.
However, not liking everyone and everything we meet with- and vice versa- does not have to hinder us from accepting them, from recognizing their uniqueness and equality and respecting their being different from us. The key hereto lies in the awareness of our reactions and thoughts at all times. Observing them without attaching further importance to them, that is to say; identifying with them, frees us from getting caught up in our natural likes and dislikes. Also from our inherent wish to always please in order to be liked universaly our-selves. If we follow the latter instinct of the Ego, we deny our own truth and thus become seperated from our own reality. It requires strength of character, however, to fully accept that our personality is not always pleasing to and understood by all. Also, that by simply not liking everyone we encounter does not make us a bad or selfish person. Of course, this does not imply we need unnecessarily go around telling people we do not like them, nor care about being liked and understood by them. The Truth is usually silent- yet always distinct. The Ego-parts in those who come into touch with it might react offended and hurt at times, yet this must not concern you nor shake your trust in your own reality of being.


The biggest part of you lies hidden in the realms of your unconscious and subconscious. Knowing and being aware of your thoughts during the day and the dreams of the night gives you the key to enter into these otherwise hidden dimensions. The unconsious and subconsciuos part of your being are the dominating factors in the creation of the reality we are experiencing. Therefore by becoming fully conscious of your-self, i.e. your own thoughts, emotions and physical body at all times in merging with the neutrally observing part of your-self, you become master of your destiny. It hands you the power to transform your personal darknesses into Light and Love. By so doing, you will slowly but persistently bring forth what has been lying hidden in th elayer of your subconscious and unconscious part of the mind into conscious awareness. Thereby disolving it in the light of self-recognition and love.

Monday, 29 August 2011


True religion is a natural by-product of faith. A faith that has its origins in the spiritual heart centre and not the mind. Hence it cannot be taught by preaching. It reveals it-self to the devoted seeker only in right thinking and right living. Living a religiuos life does not make you a prisoner of restrictions and limitations but rather sets you free to ful-fill your Divine destiny. having recognized the Divine within all life surrounding you, respecting its inherent laws and keeping to its boundaries comes to you easily and effortlessly. Faith and religion should unite all human-kind but because up to this present day and age only but very few have understood their true sense, they have been causing unspeakable pain and suffering instead.  One's faith can be based upon any of the holy scriptures in existance but once having discovered its true source, which lies at the heart of each one of us, and learnt to live accordingly, they become unnecessary for ones daily religious practices. They are way-showers and means to an end, rather than the end it-self. For God is never found in words- only in life. All holy scriptures are attempts at expressing and describing the unspeakable. They represent different approaches towards an understanding of the Divine principles and natural laws inherent in His Creation. They offer indications and guide-lines for right thinking and right living, which in turn should aid the individual in discovering the Divine within the Self and in all living things. They have been intended to enhance the understanding amongst the different races and cultures and to unite all human-kind, yet so far they seem to have been doing nothing but causing separation, war and oppression.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


If EVERYONE ceased from accusing and blaming others and instead turned his attention around to look at his own heart, not only would there be instant WORLD PEACE but also supreme SILENCE reigning troughout the world.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Understanding that all is Light not only with your mind but with your senses, too, you come to realize that truly there is no empty space and no real darkness either- neither at night nor behind closed eye-lids. Because you can atually see the Light everywhere and at all times.

Sunday, 14 August 2011


Life is much more than what we commonly are aware of. By awakening to your own multi-dimensionality of Divine origin your out-look and perception of life changes radically and allows you glimpses of its complex structure, which lies hidden to the eyes of the world. Although you still continue to live in the vertical reality outwardly, your consciuosness is now rooted and existing in the vertical simultaneaously- Its effect being that of not taking every day life purely at its face value anymore but seeing beyond and behind it recognizing its higher purpose. Viewing life solely with  eyes and senses trained on the superficially apparent it is usually little more than a series of mundane circumstances in shades varying from seemingly utterly pointless, frustraiting through to extremely  meaningful and up-lifting. Your evaluation depending on your attitude towards it, strongly influenced by your feelings and mood-swings. Moving beyond and above outward appearances, however, every moment of love reveals its hidden meaning and thus gains an unspeakable importance and beauty.


There is a place where everyone of us is at home, cherished, protected and loved. This place is to be found within our-sleves- at the centre of our hearts. Having discovered this sacred place, you can go anywhere in outward life and will still feel safe and sheltered. And only once you have found this place of Love and Harmony within, will you be able to pass these qualities on to others, for how can you give something you do not truly know and possess your-self? Therefore, instead of constantly trying to pass on your love to others or demanding it of them- turn inside and look for the source of eternal Love within your own heart. Having found it, you become one with Love and will pass it on naturally to others by simply being you, living in this world now.

Saturday, 13 August 2011


We should prepare our-selves for our physical death by imagining it occuring while we are still fully alive and healthy. Not to the end of indulging in morbid phantasies but rather of making our actual passing-over to the Spirit World easier when our time comes to leave. This not only teaches us not to identify our-selves with our body, but instills in us a gratitude towards the gift of physical existance as such. For indeed, having a sentient body to experience life to the full is something very special and unique.
But not until you have really been confronted with the actual possibility of losing your physical body, will you know whether you have truly achieved to let go your hold of it and your attachment to your current life, while still living in the flesh.
Only the other night, I have come to realize the truth of this myself, upon finding that I might actually have partaken of a deadly poisoning wild herb. I had recently taken to picking and eating wild herbs and flowers. I choose them by listening to my intuition and the little I could remember from biology classes at school- and so far had never eaten anything that made me ill. Knowing more than me in this field, my father got worried when I told him about this and went to buy a book on wild plants and peruse it immediately. In an e-mail he warned me about one particular herb which had two very similar looking sub-varieties of a poisonous kind- one of them literally deadly. The plant in question being a rather common one, I had often eaten its blossoms on my morning strolls through nature. Only that very morning in fact, I had come upon one of those and now remembered having particularly noticed and admired its leaves because they seemed especially intricate. And true to my habit- but after a moment's hesitation  -heedless of the voice of my intuition venturing that since the leaves were different it might not be he same plant as usual, instead listening to my mind countering in apparent logic that as the blossoms looked the same as what could be the harm? So I picked off and eaten one of its blossoms finding them rather stronger in taste than usual and still able to taste them in my mouth half an hour later. Reading my father's warning e-mail that evening, I got quite a shock because in the biological drawing of the deadly poisonous plant I recognized the one I had eaten that very morning, because being endowed with a photographic memory I could still picture the leaves of the plant I has partaken of before my mind's eye. Disquietend and intrigued, I read up the details and about the sequence of death and its appertaining symptoms on the internet. This taking place just prior to going to bed, I found my-self lying there with my mind circling about the possibility of my passing away in the hours to come. I could actually feel the symptoms in my body, although I kept telling my-self that I was only imagining it. My mind kept going over the incidents of the morning, trying to recapitulate the crucial moments. I played with the option of getting up again and going back to the place where I had found the plant but then decided against it on the grounds that it would not change the facts, as it was too late for any action of prevention. Having drawn that conclusion, I focussed my mind on the present instead, facing the possibility of my dying that night. I felt surprisingly serene and contented in view of my possible imminent death, because I knew there was nothing I would rather have done differently in my life up to that moment and that my last day had been a very happy one, filled with lighness and joy. However, personally, I did not find that it was quite time for me to leave this incarnation as yet because to me it seemed my soul's mission had not yet been completed. However, I might be wrong about that for no mortal being ever knows God's ways. And thus I crossed my hands on my chest, looked up to the one visible star between the clouds above me trough the roof-window, then closed my eyes and sank into the arms of the Universe. Thanking God for the beautiful day he had given unto me. Then using my mind's imagination employed it to fill every atom of my body with Divine Light and re-iterating the words: every cell of my system is complete and functioning perfectly.
To my immense amazement and joy I woke up the next morning in my bed. Finding, that I was still in the body and fully alive and healthy.
However, I could not let the matter lie to rest, my mind kept wondering whether my memory of the wild herb had been wrong or if I had really survived its deadly-poisoning effect. Thus, I went back to the exact spot of the incident two days later. And found that my memory had been functioning perfectly and that I had truly been the recipient of God's Grace- teaching me a lesson I would not ever forget.


All comparisions of God created things and beings are unnatural because they all work from the presumption that the objects of comparison ought either be the same or one better than the other. Yet, how can one thing or being of Divine origin be superior to another? How can they both be the same, when every part of God's creation is unique? Of course, looking at the divers manifestations of life superficially only they might appear to be the same but looking closely they never truly are- even the tiniest flower is not exactly like the one next to it. And yet- although all forms of life are unique, the whole of creation is in its essence the same, being made up of the same elements and atoms under the same law. What differentiates them are their density and state of consciousness.
In a way, one could say that human beings need to constantly compare them-selves in order to grow and develop their consciousness. Actually, we can hardly help comparing because it is one of our ego-minds favourite past-times to draw up comparisions. But there are two categories of comparisons- a constructive and a deconstructive one. Comparisions of the first category take into account the natural differences of one's own qualities from all the others. These comparisons are to the end of looking at qualities in others in order to turn inside and take a closer look at one-self, fine-tuning the perception of the intricacies of one's uniqueness. The latter work one-dimensionally only and therefore cause life to loose its vibrancy and beauty. Those who constantly compary according to the second category are either hopelessly conceited and deluded of their own false grandeur or forever unhappy and dissatisfied with their lot. And one symptom never comes without the other- both representing sides of the same coin.
Generalizations, too, fall under the heading of comparisons, although they are often less obvious.
Wanting to compare one's life, for example, to what is generally believed to be the right way to live it cannot but cause dissatisfaction in the indiviual aiming for it, because the general ideals- being mind-made, is unattinable by any living human being. Striving to full-fill general ideals always leads away from the real, the actual. Whereas looking for and following the personal ideal takes you closer to your true nature and identity and thus can even bring you into touch with the Divine essence. 

Sunday, 7 August 2011


It often appears beyond our comprehension why the life we lead and our own existance is being called illusionary and instubstantial. And yet they are, because they are only a fragment of the Truth, which is God, and usually a distorted one at that. Our perception is limited and therefore we are quite simply unable to be aware of the Divine Reality which is all encompassing and lies beyond the conception of our human minds. However, if we have become fully aware of our own Divine centre within and are able to live consciously in that reality from moment to moment there is a possibility for us to gain glimpses of the Truth. But once you have caught sight of it, there is no way back to what you have been before. It is like being an actor who has realized that the play he was acting in and taking for real is in fact only a masquerade put up by a director who is completely unconcerned about its plot and uninterested in your own proficiency but really only caring for your inner values and the intention behind your inter-actions on stage.


The deeper you dive into your centre of Inner Silence, the less you feel the inclination to talk, realizing that all words seperate you from this Divine Union in the Truth of the moment. One might argue that since we are human-beings with the ability to speak, we are meant to talk. But those who argue are the ones who have not yet had the experience of this Reality. Those who do not know that there is a means to communicate that requires no words. Once you have come to rest in the Divine Silence, you know that words are most often the means to distract your-self from facing the Truth of the moments because unconsciuosly you are being governed by the Ego-Mind who is afraid to die, to lose its dominion over you. Because when you let go of the Ego-Mind and come to rest and live from within your Divine centre, you are surrendering your own will to that of the Highest. This seeming letting-go of control is, of course, deemed highly unsafe and dangerous from the limited view-point of the Mind because what it relishes most is the sense of being always in command. But when you do surrender your Ego-Mind to the Divine, you are highly rewarded by a sensation of unspeakable Trust, Peace and Love up-welling from you heart's centre and submerging your whole being. With it comes the knowledge that you are protected and guided wherever you are and that no matter what happens to you is for your best.
The more you come to rest in this place of Inner Silence, the clearer you come to distinguish the out-lines of your-self and your life. The sharper you hear all sounds and the more vivid become the colours in the world around you. And yet at the same time- the simpler and purer become your own words, toughts, feelings and actions.