Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Conscious awareness endows you with power by enabling you to achieve control over yourself. This power is a positive force because it enlightens your own existence as well as those around you. It is acting always in service to Love and Light. This kind of power exists independent from matter and is thus timeless. The power of consciousness is pure and trust endowing.
In contrast to the power which the Ego calls its own and believes to be master of, which is born out of fear. This power is a destructive, egoistic force and always needs direct or indirect opponents in order to secure its existence.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


God is Love is Life.
A life lived in the awareness of love and filled with loving intention, is a life in God.


To live your life in non-duality in a world that is built upon the law of polarity is to be aware of your duality and its appertaining polarities but to be no longer personally identified with it.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


True Faith is not a thing that can be given to you. It is something to be found within your own heart. It is a state of being and has to be acquired by yourself through experience of God in your personal life. Having said this however, it can be inspired to take root in you by someone else, either by his/her words or by watching this person moving through his/her life guided by it.
True Faith can be described as an unshakeable belief in unconditional love, the Love of God. And because God Himself lies beyond words and can only be found by each and everyone for himself at the heart of Silence so it is with the faith in His Love. Although everyone's faith shares the same object, namely God and His Love, the way to come to this faith is different for each person. Everyone has his own unique way to come by it and once found it will never leave you and cannot be taken away from you either.
On the other hand, the kind of faith that is rooted in the mind and can be taught or given to you by foreign authority is temporary only, because certain experiences of life or contrary beliefs you come across can as easily up-rooted in your mind as it has been planted there.
Therefore if you believe that you have found True Faith for yourself put it to the test, inquire into yourself day after day, hour after hour of your daily life. And if it stays with you and is being strengthened by your experiences it is of the true kind. Whereas on the other hand if it weakly fluctuates with the currents in your life, with your mental/emotional/physical constitution and worldly circumstances it has been a mental belief only.

Thursday, 11 October 2012


Contrary to the general belief happiness, just like Love is not be found in any outward thing or happening. Neither can any other person render you happy. However things, situations or people met with in the outside world might make you belief that you are happy but sure enough you will know from experience that this kind of happiness usually won't last. True happiness can neither be lost, nor taken away from you, nor given to you. It is already part of what you are. Pure blissful happiness in the shape of Divine consciousness lives at your very core and literally arises out of no-thing. It simply Is, condition-less and timeless. It is lying there waiting for you to be discovered. In order to realize this you have to let go of the belief that it is to be found outside of you and instead turn inwards and search for it within your own heart. You have to rise above your Ego because Ego-Happiness is temporary, True Happiness Eternal. Ego-Happiness can be lost, True Happiness, once discovered, never leaves you. The first is making you dependent upon others and in the long run leaves you unfulfilled, the latter renders you self-sufficient and free, endowing you with a sense of completeness and wealth.
And if you look beyond the wish to be made happy, there is the desire wanting to be loved.
The sensation of happiness makes you believe that you are being loved, which is why hunting for happiness really is just another expression of the hunger for love. So whether it is love or happiness you are trying to find in the external world, they both arise form the same need in you and both of them you already got. And they will only be found once you stop moving away from them by your outward search.
In the reality of the Heart there exists only love and happiness, in Ego-reality the opposites are experienced, too. Unhappiness arises from the idea that you are not being loved (enough) and the belief that you are not being loved renders you unhappy. Therefore should you be feeling unhappy or unloved, do not look for the culprit in the world but rather ask yourself why you are denying yourself the love you need in order to feel happy?

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Your life's happiness stands and falls with what you are. Even though you will not always have a choice of the outward situations you have to cope with, you are always free to view them either in black or white, to either identify yourself with your possibly suffering body and psyche, or to let go, to step back and to breathe in conscious awareness of your true self which is timeless and deathless and made of pure love.
Your point of view is all that counts in the evaluation of your life's destiny- there is something good to be found in any situation, it cannot be otherwise because in the sphere of duality there are always existing two opposing sides to any of its parts.

Monday, 8 October 2012


The love of your life can neither be missed nor lost. The only thing you might lose is the illusion of this so-called love. However it is quite common to overlook the True Love, the love of your life, which is living at the core of every atom of your being, because you are too busy looking for this love elsewhere, outside of you. You are the love of your life yourself and God, your most intimate lover, is keeping you alive by his eternally giving and life-endowing, nurturing love.


Love is joy, trust, connectedness, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, etc.
Fear is doubting, accusation, anger, painful sorrow, mistrust, misgivig, rejection, etc.
If you are accusing someone and simultaneously believe to be loving him, or if you are claiming to love but are still harbouring anger inside you or if you are saying that you are trusting yet are actually suspicious, you are deceiving yourself. However in a a subconscious way because your fearing ego, which is believing to be loving, is standing between you and your conscious (self-)love, which loves condition-less for all eternity.

Sunday, 7 October 2012


To take on the responsibility for your life with all that it contains without simultaneously feeling guilty for those things which are (not yet) perfect is equal to the art of loving life from the heart.

Saturday, 6 October 2012


Paradise is a term descriptive of a place on earth where human-beings are closest to God. Eternal Paradise is to be found inside you own heart because at the innermost core of your being is the place where you are with Him constantly. Your Ego in its ceaseless fighting for survival has obliterated this true state. Staying in paradisiac places in the exterior world can be helpful in your search to find this spot inside of you once more. In their serene beauty such places are putting you at ease physically, mentally and emotionally, thus relaxing your Ego and rendering it penetrable for the realization of the Truth, enabling you to see the paradise inside yourself. And having found your inner paradise, you will henceforth be living in paradise wherever you may be staying.