Friday, 17 February 2012


A fear that you are carrying around with you, which instead of facing it, you are trying to negate by turning the other way or keep on making excuses for your-self or blaming others in order to detract from it, is like having an ache in your body, which you studiously ignore. However, it does not go away by it-self but rather grows worse because the rest of your body is having to compensate with the effect of getting more and more distorted and the morginal cause getting hidden amongst the ensuing symptoms. Until the day comes where you are deciding to recognize and acknowledge that there is something not right, you will be caught in this cramped style of living. The willingness to look it in the face puts you into the power to make actual changes and to work towards solving the real problem. Maybe, as it has been going on for so long you will need someone to help you unravel the bonds of ignorance you have wound around you because you for your-self are incapable to see where to start, distinguishing neither its end nor its origin- or maybe you can do it on your own. Either way, it will have to be your-self who does the actual work of disentangling, forgiving and letting go of your old habits.

Monday, 13 February 2012


Everything you have been given, serves a higher purpose and is not an end in it-self. Mistaking it for one, you are not only limiting your-self unnecessarily but also hindering your souls progress. Experiences are meant to unfold you rpersonal potential and uniqueness and to teach you to develop your gifts and to combine them so as to enhance their beauty and usefulness.
Taking this up to a higher level, the humanity as a whole, it is the same. Every cognition, every revelation, every discovery made in the world, in society, reveals a further aspect of the whole, is yet another brick in the Divine creation. In the history of the unfoldment of humankind it is the Mind, inspired by the Spirit, that plays the leading role. Yet being still regularly mistaken for the end it-self and distruction, distortion and suffering are caused as by-products.
The Mind in its right place is an inspiring incentive to the development of life with an inherent potential for genius.


Whereas in the physical reality it is generally achnowledged that in order to get to the other side of a dark tunnel you have to walk straight into and through it, in the emotional/mental sphere this is not the case. Here, the commom behaviour is to dodge dark corners, to run away or hide from them in the vain hope they might disappear on their own account- which of course they do not. On the contrary, ignoring them usually only serves to increase their gravity because your inner resistance against them grows. The longer you detain from facing troubles, the heavier they seem to become. I am certain, that just as often as not, you will find that if you tackle seemingly difficult situations right away, they are not unpleasant at all. Whatever is in the light, is what it is, things lying hidden in the dark, on the other hand, often appear worse than they actually are because your fear of the unknown distorts them.
Therefore next time you are catching your-self in turning away from a feeling or an occurence you had rather not have to meet; stand still, open you consciousness and your heart to whatever it is and pass through it by accepting it as it is. And I am sure the light of the day on the other side will seem brighter to you.

Sunday, 12 February 2012


Every single part in the Divine Union of Creation, must be active and passive in equal measures in order to remain in existance. Only in the Divine Source itself the two opposites are united.
Upon every level of life, the parts in being created, receive life-force from above by being receptive, and in turn acting actively them-selves, they give rise to creation upon a lower arch of manifestation. With each new level thus created, life becomes more intricately complex, due to the preceeding steps that are being built upon. The physical world lies at the very bottom of this evolutionary line. Yet "line" is not the most accurate term really, because evolution moves not in lines but in endless cycles.
Although our being is extremely complex, it can be split up into four major levels, namely, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Whereby the more obvious nature of the first and second is passive, versus the other two that are predominantly active. However within each one, the opposite aspect is there, too. To give you a couple of examples: the thoughts give rise to the emotions, the emotions in turn stimulate certain reactions in the physical body, the latter influencing the process of thoughts. Our spiritual part ist receptive towards the influence of the Divine Source, yet acts actively in regards to our personality etc.
A harmoniouos existance in Earth is only possible if you are active and passive, giving and receiving in equal measures upon all levels of your being. In every other form of life, save the human-beings, the active and passive tendencies are naturally co-existing in harmony. The factor that is causing the unbalance in human-beings, -with the exception of those few who are living in perfect surrender to the Divine Love and Light,-  is their freewill, because instead of following the path foreseen for them in the Divine plan like the rest of the Creation is doing, their Ego-oriented Mind is directing them after its own motives, which usually work against the natural laws. Thereby in the first instance causing disharmony within them-selves and secondly in the Divine Unity of Creation, due to the interconnectedness of all life.
The cycles of active and passive that are existing upon every level of manifestaion, because "as above, so below," can be likened to the process of breathing. The intake of breath being the active side, the breathing out the passive. Life can only be, where there is this flowing interchange. The most obvious example is your physical existance, which begins with an intake of breath and ends with a last outward breath, with the continuous interchange of breathing in-between. It is your breathing that forms the most obvious cycle of the two inherent extreemes. Although strictly speaking, they are subdivided in them-selves because viewed from a different level; the intake of breath can also be likened to a receiving of life-force, which of course, is a passive action, and the breathing out, giving expression, active.
I believe, that in the present state of evolution, be it consciously or subconsciously, every human-being is striving to achieve a state of complete harmony upon all levels of being. Theoretically, in order to achieve this, it suffices to subjugate your Ego to the guidance of Divine Intuition, in other words: to align personal freewill to the one of the Divine, and consequently the other parts of your being would, in turn, naturally balance them-selves out as well. However in practise, it is seldom as easy as that, due to the layers of subconscious that have accumulated durig prior incarnations of Ego-Mind dominated existance. Upon being suddenly exposed to the increased factor of inner light, repressed tendencies surface inexpectantly, aggravating the Ego and tempting you to fall back into former habits. Thus, a high and strong resolve, and an unfailing love and faith is required to work your way through the resistance.
The most effectual "weapon" to put the Ego out of its power, while at the same time creating harmony between your mind, body and the emotions, is to breath deeply in a regular rythm. This yields the additional effect of rooting your awareness in the here-now and putting you into touch with the natural flow of life through the body. This method of deep breathing can be employed in any situation and especially in the difficult ones it will prove most beneficient and restorative.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


A true teacher does not dictate what you are to believe -and even when talking to you of his/her beliefs, he/she is leaving it up to you, whether you make them yours, too, or not. He/she does not tell you how to live your life, instead encourages you to trust more in your own way. Listening to his/her words, ought to enhance and diversify your view on life - and not narrow it down by imposing limitations and exclusions upon you. Although association with him/her, might at intevalls make your life seem more difficult than before, due to the accelerated process of consciousness development taking place within you, on the whole it should be an inspiring experience, one that puts you in touch with true your-self, one that opens your perception to the magic of life.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Life is eternal change and continuous movement. It is an endlessly circling, spiralling created by expansion of consciousness.
Living connected to the natural flow of life, gives you the impression that your personal life, too, is an upwards turning spiral. Although it is a circling movement, you are continually moving onwards, because each time you are reaching the same station again, it is an arch higher up than the last time. A sensation of boredom, therefore, has no occasion to creep in, because your life is re-newed afresh with each passing moment.
Boredom can only be, where there is stagnation in life, it is a purely personal feeling induced by your Mind. The Mind being your only faculty that is not naturally attuned to the process of life and therefore the only part in a position to stagnate. Be this felt as sensation that you are not moving from the spot at all in life, or that you are moving in a circle where sooner or later you are always back in exactly the same place, makes no actual difference. Because the latter, although giving a semblance of movement, too, marks a halt in the development of personal consciousness, since all movement is only taking place outwardly.
However, because the Mind is very closely linked up with the emotional and physical level of your being, boredom is often felt as an overall state and its root remains hidden and thus untraceable. Especially in someone who is as yet untrained in practising conscious awareness, Mind, Body and Emotions influence each other imperceptibly and differentiating between them proves impossible. To the effect, that instead of only having a Mind, that feels stuck in one place, the body feels heavy as well and on the emotional side a feeling of frustration is uppermost. If distraction from boredom is sought however, their close connection is of advantage, because stimulus working on either the sensory, mental or emotional level have the effect of creating temporarily release in all three of them. Since boredom originates from the Mind, of course, distraction of the Mind is usually the most effective remedy. Yet, unless the problem is tackled and torn up by its roots, no amount of distraction is going to get you truly out of it, but only serves to lighten the present moment. The only effective way to get out of it, closing the door upon boredom forever, is to turn your attenion to actual life taking place around, within and through you.

As a matter of fact, a great part of humanity is still living entirely in a reality created by their Minds and because modern society and technology are offering such a wide variety of distractions to induce a semblance of movement, some of them so subtle you do not even notice them, hardly anyone is noticing their actual stagnation in life/development of consciousness. To seek distraction, easily turns into an addiction because if you stopped, boredom and a sensation of stagnation would overwhelm you.
These days, television is the most common way to relieve boredom and to create the illusion of movement, for it also plays on the emotions. (A wildlife program in this case, being an amalgam of real and illusionary life.)
But maybe the morden computer games are even more trapping, because through your identification with the game-character you gain the illusion to be truly living and creating changes, whereas in actual fact it is solely taking place on the screen and in your Mind.

However, since the Mind is a part of our personality self, a certain amount of stimulus to it is not only necessary but also productive to personal development. But any surplus of attention the mental level receives, topples the balance in its favour and thus proves life-hindering.

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Life force/ Divine Energy is innocent.

The colour of white is often being called innocent because it is still complete and not yet fractured into the colours lying hidden within it.
Likewise, an expanse of snow is sometimes being termed innocent, not simly for its pristine whiteness  but also because it still is tracesless

Innocence in an individual defines an attitude of neutral openness towards life, that is unpolarized by the conditioned thinking of the Mind and unbiased by prior emotional and physical experiences. Innocence, therefore, is only possible in an individual who has freed its personality-self from all traces of either past experiences, expectations of the future or Ego-based desires. It comes as an natural by-product of inner harmony and wholeness.

Of course, living in the world of dense matter you can neither help thinking nor making emotional and physical experiences with every passing instant. However, you always have a choice, whether you want to hold on to them once they have taken place, or if you rather extract their deeper meaning only and let them go as soon. Thus using each passing moment of your life to widen your perspective, rather than to narrow it down. Experiences and thoughts now serving you to enter deeper into life and simultaneously rising higher, rather than to cause traces in your personality-self that deepen with each time they are passed and getting you stuck in the same place.


In little children the Divine is still uppermost in their being. They have not yet been taught to hide their true nature, which is Light. Life has not yet taught them to dissemble their beauty and their eyes radiate in purity and innocence, touching the hearts of all those who meet their gaze. Their limbs are still soft and bendable because they have not yet had the chance to develop the Personality inhabiting this physical body along with its Mind.
The clarity of their eyes reflect a personality, whose emotions have not yet been troubled by disappointments. The purity found in their gaze, portray a Mind still free of prejudices and beliefs. And the innocence therein, stemming from the fact that they hold no preconceived expecations regarding life but are open to marvel at anything presented to them. The Light radiating throughout their being is there, because simply being alive makes it feel accepted and loved.
However, because they are highly sensitive and receptive so all influences, the longer they are living in the world, the more their inner Light is yielding to the domineering conditionings inherent in their enviroment. Yet, Light being stronger than Darkness, the Light remains on the surface until the influence of the emotional, mental und physical education of worldy life is becoming too strong. Only then, does it withdraw it-self to the innermost centre, the heart. There it lays dormant, venturing out exclusively in moments where its appertaining personality feels it-self accepted and loved.
Therefore, the more unconditional love a child is experiencing in the course of its up-bringing, the less impenetrable the layer created by the personality covering the inner Light.
Although by looking at the world, it may seem, that the radiance of the Light inherent in every human-being's heart, has diminished in brilliance, this is not the case. Behind all the fighting, be it on a personal level or an international one, lies in truth always the personality's fear of not being accepted and not loved.
One could say, that the fighting is initially motivated by the natural desire of the inner Light to shine forth, that has become grossly distorted by the fear-conditioned personality part of human-beings, who require to feel loved and accepted in order to let it be seen. However, because the ultimate source of Love lies at the heart of all things alive, Love cannot possibly be found in the exterior world and no amount fighting is going to change this.
Therefore, ceasing to fight in the vain hope of securing and gaining love and acceptance from the world, instead turning within, finding your inner Light and recognizing its connection to the source of all Love there, causes the realization that because you are alive, hence you must also be loved and accepted.
Living in this new awareness of always being loved and accepted unconditionally, will cause your personality-self by and by, or possibliy very suddenly, to shed its accumulated layers of fear and conditionings. Enabling your true nature, to become uppermost in your being once more. And the thus re-discovered Light is going to illuminate your eyes from within and reflecting in the world around you, making it shine also.

Since your true nature is pure and innocent Light, you can revert to it at any given moment in life.

Thursday, 2 February 2012


I see snow and ice as Divine energy that has been rendered visible, by having taken on a physical form. Although, being clair-voyant, I am used to seeing the Divine life force in the form of light, when it appears in dense matter, I can fell its power even more distinctly. It is, as if my bodily cells are reacting directly to it with a sensation of hightened energy, while in its form of pure light, my consciuosnes awareness is sometimes necessary in order to feel it.
Also, to me, all the pure whiteness falling from the skies and covering the Earth calls to mind, that every part of Mother Nature- our own selves included,- are made up of these microscopic, crystaline structures, of which each one is simultaneously similar to the like ones, yet magnificantly and magically unique in it-self. And just like a big snow-flake constitutes of uncountable tiny star-structures, so is every other form of life, too, an accumulation of minuscule crystaline structures. In fact, snow-flakes could actually almost be called giants, if compared to a cell of our physical body. Yet in comparison to our whole physical appearence they seem small.


Seeing God as all-powerful and the highest Good there IS, he cannot possibly want His children to suffer and to live in darkness, hence it must be the human-beings who, having been given the gift of Free Will, have chosen this kind of existance for them-selves. Therefore, the responsibility and the power to release the Evil in the form of suffering and darkness, lies within each man and woman alone. It is a misbelief that suffering is an inescapable option in earthly life and a growing number of individuals are proving it, by living in this world of Duality in a state of inner freedom, love and peace.

However, nothing in the Divine plan is superfluous and even the suffering and darkness have their place in it, constituting the polar opposites of health and consciousness/light. The usual way of human-beings to be able to consciously recognize both sides of life in duality is by living alternately in both extremes until they decide to quit this "game of good and evil". And by ceasing to cling to either one of the two sides, they unite them within them-selves and thus rise above them both.


Believing that "God has created human-kind after His own likeness" and God, being omnipotent regarding His Creation/Universe, and bearing also in mind that each "man is a universe onto him-self", it logically follows, that this must likewise apply to every human-being. With the implication, that true change in an indiviual, can therefore only be provoked by each one for him-/her-self. And according to the universal law, which states that any form of life always grows from the centre outwards towards the periphery, this change must take place directly within the self.


The initial desire for a partner should not arise from a feeling of a personal lack of love, but rather from the feeling, that you are carrying so much love and joy within your-self, that you feel the need to share it with somebody else. The first motive for seeking a partner, that is if your search should prove succesfull, will most probably end in a one-sided or mutal disillusionment/frustration, whereas the second will effect a shared sensation of love doubled or even mulitiplied in strength.
The same applies to the motivation behind wanting to maintain a current relation-ship. Are you clinging on to your partner because you are afraid to be on your own/need someone to make you feel accepted and loved/to listen to your complaints etc? Or is it rather because you love the way you can both be with each other without having to dissemble your-selves, and this is making your mutual love and respect for the other grow even further? The first has a hindering effect in your everyday life, the second an up-lifting one.


The four desires most people seem to have in common, are the want to remedy their past, the hope for a better future, the wish to change their lives and setting the world to rights. The only effective way to achieve all four of them, is to recognize the potential of power lying hidden in the here-now and learning to use it. Realizing that the choice is always your own, if you wish to lose your-self in the figments your Mind is creating or rather to immerse your-self in the present moment and whether you want to concentrate on the good or the bad inherent therein. Changing your attitude towards your-self and your life as what they ARE, contrary to what your Mind used to make you believe of them, instantaneously creates a transformation to the better. And with each time you are chosing to the seize the opportunities inherent in the here-now, you are by and by, -or possibly even very suddenly,- changing your-self upon all levels of your being. With the additional effect of not only rendering your past deeds and future prospects irrelevant but also provoking changes in your own life and the world as a whole.