Saturday, 28 May 2011


Once you have dicovered the Divine Light within you heart and learnt to live therefrom and in this truth of Divine Unity there is no turning back. Even if you might hesitate at times in uncertainty of the unknown- and because most peolpe around you are still living accordingly to the old, unelightened way, which is mainly governed by the ego-mind- this will never be for long, the Light within you having become stronger than the darkness.
However, living in the new way requires complete faith, love and devotion. Following and relying on the voice of your Angel of Intuition you can neither plan your exact steps nor know where your path and the decisions taken thereon will take you, in the way you used to do, because by living from one moment to the next the thinking-ahead process ceases to function in the old way. Having recognized and accepted the true destiny of your soul and the special gifts you were born with, enabling you to fullfill the set tasks and thus contribute to the positive development of the sum total of all there IS, knowing this general direction will suffice for as long as you stay true to the Divine Light of your heart. On this path- whatever you may encounter- will bring you even closer to God. Given, of course,  that you always meet it with the loving consciousness of your heart, faith and the readiness to surrender to His will and love for you. The rewards thereof will be inmeasurable joy and light-heartedness arising from the center of your being- independent of you material situation and physical circumstances.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

message 4

Beloved Children of Light, 
You who reside in Earth have to experience darkness of a kind in order to learn to see its opposite. Experiencing darkness without teaches you to recognize the Light you are carrying within your heart and consciousness.
Planet Earth will, in all probability, have to be clad in complete darkness to cause the universal awakening which is so sorely needed at this moment. The population as an entity, and also each seperate individual, must learn to live within and from their inner Light of being, residing in the heart centre. Life in itself is a miracle, therefore miracles of any kind- no matter how improbable they might appear to the restricted human mind- are a possibility and can become a reality once the Divine Light residing within each human heart is being acknowledged and put in its proper place, namely above the reasoning of the indwelling ego-mind. By this act, Spirit and Matter become one and God's Love and Light are becoming manifest in the earthly plane. The human race has accumulated enough intellectual knowledge and theories on energy and also the old wisdom of Light and Love consciuosness has been revived in multiple forms. In addition, the technical means to make teachings available to everyone exist as well. (Evidently, the tribes living in remote places far away from civilasations will not be needing to be taught, as they have never lost their connection with the Divine force.) What is now asked for, are dedicated teachers to spread themselves all over the planet and to teach those methods of integrated wisdom and knowledge of heart-consciuosness to all human kind. These teachers must be true teachers in the sense that they must KNOW these teachings of Light-Love-Intelligence not solely with their minds but within their hearts and every atom of their being, by having experienced them-selves these truths!
If enough Light is being made manifest before this year has run its course gravest darkness can be prevented from happening. So, yes indeed, miracles must happen in order to save Earth and its Children experiencing even more severe lessons of darkness than they already have.


The most accurate words to choose in order to circumscribe LIFE are: eternal fluctuating change and movement.  These are the true nature of all life, holding against it, negating or ignoring it, causes unnatural hindrances, blockages and results in separation from the flow of life force which in turn causes suffering on some level of our existance.
By willingly surrendering yourself to the flow of life and positively accepting it, you gain the position of active participant and simultaneaously receive the power to decide its course to a certain degree. 
However, this act of surrender requires Faith and Trust in God and also the true believe that all life serves a higher purpose, even if we may not be able to see the big picture ouselves. The big picture being God's Creation every single part of it must be perfect because God Himself is perfect. Therefore, everything has a hidden meaning and no part of it is superfluous or wrong.


In merging with the Divine life force you stop breathing. Instead you are becoming at one with the air itself, at one with the breath that is flowing through your body in a slow, regular rhythm, leaving it finely vibrating, causing a harmonious - yet to the physical ear imperceptible - sound. The universal sound of life itself, which reverberates in every heart, in every part of God's Creation and and also in the depths of the Earth and Sea. This attuned breath that is now moving your body seems to be inter-penetrating every atom of your being. Its eternal passing through you is similar to the Sea on a calm day, where the wind stirs up soft harmonious ripples on the clear surface, whilst rendering it even more brilliantly shining beneath the rays of the sun.
Breathing this way you will be no longer able to observe your breath because the subjective "you" has vanished, leaving in its place the glorious sensation of being at One with all there IS. At One with the vibration of Divine Light and Sound.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


Like everything in this world of duality, also controll has two polar aspects to it. The positive one being in controll of yourself and keeping your thoughts, words, deeds and acts pure, loving and simple. The negative one in controlling/restricting others or any part of either yourself or nature.


Divine perfection can be found anywhere in Nature and in all of God's creatures. All life is magical and miraculous. Little children are still aware of this fact and spend most of their time in joyous rapture and amazement over the world around them. Growing up the general tendency in us is to forget and overlook the true nature and reality of the world around us. Instead we become more and more endorsed in the imagined one created by our own minds and subconscious and the ones pre-set by society and forebears. Like overlaying a beautiful and unique picture with an artificially made-up foundation of false ideas, preconceptions and subconscious reactions that hide, dissemble or distort the true image behind.
So, if you want to start seeing the magic and natural beauty of God's Creation and your life again, you have to re-become like a little child. Teach yourself to look at things anew, as if you were seeing them for the first time, not with your mind but with the heart. Learn to take nothing for granted, go about your daily routine in awareness of your body, its movements and breathing. Watch the thoughts accompaning your actions/re-actions and your words when interacting with other people but also when you find yourself alone. Not only words, thoughts too, are energy, so choose them with care. Let them be as pure and true as you are able to make them. Taste the food and drink you partake of with all your senses. Feel the objects you are touching, your skin beneath the clothes and your feet in your shoes and on the ground. Get a sense from the inside of your body- rather than constanty checking and worrying about its outward appearence and what others may think of it. These seemingly small acts are all a way to ground your consciuosness within yourself and in the here/now and the true nature of Life. They also have a relaxing effect on the mind and your whole being. However, should you still catch yourself stressed/discouraged/lonely or lost in any other negative emotion/feeling- stop for a moment, feel your breath coming and going and immerse yourself in the contemplation of an object of nature (leaf, flower, tree, landscape, apple, insect... anything at hand). Realise its variety of coulour, texture, pattern(...) This should quickly clear your mind and emotions and leave your whole being free to wonder and marvel at the intricacies of your chosen object of observation.

Monday, 23 May 2011


Living as One
Feeling complete
Within yourself
Around yourself
Part of the One
Love and Light
Stillness of the mind.

Friday, 20 May 2011


In a way one could say that the reason we are incarnating time and time again as human beings in Earth, is to learn to say "yes".  Saying "yes" without any "buts" and ifs"- to what and who we are, to our life and everything it contains- people and circumstances included. Ascenting to every single moment of our existance, in sickness and in health, in poverty and riches. A wholehearted "yes" from the bottom of our hearts and souls, expressed in every thought, action and word. Achieving this, all seeming obstacles and problems will be removed because the flow of our life would thus be allowed to run smoothly in accordance with God's will for us. If every single one of us lived in complete and positive acceptance there would be peace, harmony and an all encompassing atmosphere of love and lightness of being. Once we stop harbouring evil within ourselves in any form- be this consciously or subconsciouly- all evil will dissappear in the world around us, too. Of course, complete world-peace and harmony can only happen if EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US achieves this continuous state of humble acceptance and loving surrender to God's will. One might argue that as long as there still exists so much evil in the world and in other people there is not point in personally striving for it. Because it is surely not an always easy task- especially as long as society on the whole still functions in the old way. But with every single individual joining this movement of personal enlightenment, with every second lived in accordance with it, the positive force increases steadily and once the balance between the negative and positive, darkness and light, is reached everything will very quickly become light. Light being always stronger than darkness and love conquering all.

Thursday, 19 May 2011


We are free if we will believe and fell our-selves to be so. This kind of freedom is different from what one usually associates with the word. Generally this word makes you think of travel, holidays, abundance of money and the like. But the one I am talking about here is the freedom of self-imposed restrictions, needs and thought concepts- be they of the conscious or subconsciuos category. It is an awareness of the freedom belonging to the spirit and heart, which lies beyond words. Achieving this freedom within your consciuosness will leave you free to be fully present and aware in the here/now, free from needing, wanting or wishing for anything. Contentment and bliss becoming your natural states of BEing.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011


True Love lies beyond duality. It stems from the heart, is Divine in nature and has its source in God. Therefore it is free of conditions, ever flowing in abundance, selfless, always giving and forgiving and never demanding. It cannot be neither disappointed, nor hurt, nor lost, nor can it ever die. It attaches itself to no-one and no-thing in particular but flows freely towards all and everything. It never demands to be reciprocated for it receives and is being fed in abundance from the highest source which is limitless and omnipresent. True Love is priceless and thus can neither be bought nor sold. It arises from and is felt in the spiritual heart-centre and exists independently and is free from attachments of the mind and sensory preferences- for it is a state of BEING.
Therefore a true lover loves you with his heart and is thus able to recognizes your True Self, the invisible part of yourself which lies hidden to the eyes and the mind.

message 3

Good-day to you Beloved Friends,
We feel that you still have a lot to learn about the planet which is your home. In this task, please, let us be of assistance to you.
Not only is there a lot of important knowledge that has become lost over the centuries of evolution, but also there are new things to be learned and intergrated. Because just reviving the old Wisdom of Mother Earth is not enough, for not only you, but your planet and all of its Creatures, this includes the Animal, Feary and Elemental Kingdoms, have evoloved, too. Therefore a new integrated wisdom and knowledge of the Elements is needed in the New Age that is about to dawn upon Earth and all of its children. One that combines the old with the new.
Having said this, we will now turn our attention to the matter at hand.
We are going to teach you about the meaning and importance of stones first, for indeed, they represent the element Earth in the most obvious way. Every single stone possesses its own particular energy and meaning. And we are not talking of (semi-)prescious stones only, but indeed all kinds of stones. Even the seemingly most nondescript ones. This is not common knowledge and we expect it comes as a surprise to you even though you have surely felt and experienced their power on a subconscious level oftentimes. For exapmle when hiking in the hills/mountains, or upon resting on stone ledges and rocks, or even when visiting an old town/village with cobbled streets or a house with stone paved floors. One usualy puts down the special feeling/relaxation/fascination to the atmposphere, fresh air or the historical background of a place- and never stops considering the valuable influence of the stones whicht make up a large part of this poitive and restoring effect. Of course, the stones do not mind being overlooked, the loss is all yours by negleting to acknowledge their true value. So we would like to encourage you that from now on you pay conscious attention to them and teach yourself to be aware of their empowering presence. Like the semi-precious stones and precius stones each type has a set list of general attributes to it but it is not necessary to have any theoretical knowledge of it in order to work with their energy. The same applies to the aforementioned category of precoius stones by the way. Now, we are not saying to acquire theoretical knowledge is wrong- on the contrary, it can be very useful- especially when you are working as a counseller to others,- but unless you have absorbed theoretical knowlegde by personal experience rather than copying others and blindy following instructions, it is not worth much and will soon be lost to you because newly acquired theories will erase it from your memory and awareness. On the other hand, if you learn something by your own experience, close observation, applied effort and will, guided by the voice of your intuition whatever you learn will penetrate your higher senses and become part of you. So in a way learning without books is much easier because you cannot fall into the trap of thinking you know something without acctually knowing anything. The only true knowing is the one which has its roots in your heart and your being rather than in the brain. The same applies to wisdom, which is only true if it arises from within you because it has been made part of you trough contemplation and experience. The brain and mind are very valuable tools and aids, but only if used correctly otherwise they become a trap and hindrance to the Self. Besides, they are only transitory and when you die you are going to loose all that you have accumulated there. Sometimes you may even loose it before you die trough loss of memory of age or dementia. The qualities of the heart however and the things you have experienced with you whole being and soul will remain with you even after death.

Monday, 9 May 2011

message 2

Beloved Human-Beings of Light.
We are aware that what we are about to say to you has already been communicated to you on our behalf only very recently. But as this topic is of urgency and must not be delayed or ignored any longer, we feel that repeating it in slightly different words will do no harm- on the contrary it might serve to make you realize its importance even stronger and lend you more confidence and faith on your way.

You are bearer of the Light of Christ Consciousness- and each one of you has the potential to manifest this Light upon the earthly plane and to enlighten the world you are living in. 
It is time for the Age of Enlightenment to become universal. Some of you have already realized this and are following this call, are trying to live by this truth in their daily lives step by step. But still there is a great fear of this Duvine Power in the generality of mankind. Because it will transform everything, its strentgh lies beyond human conception- as yet.
With recognition of this Divine Light within you also receive and must accept the responsibility to act upon it -without compromises towards the indwelling Ego mind by its side.
Follow the true calls of your hearts- for it is calling you! And above all, Beloved Ones, have Faith and Trust- not only in God but also in your-selves!
With Love and Blessings.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

message 1

Beloved Angelic Beings of Mother Earth,
We are delighted to be here with you today! 
 It is of the utmost importance that we are speaking to you because in order to change the direction the situation on your planet is heading ever more rapildly, you must all change. Mother Earth needs your healing consciousness. We cannot do the work for you, but we can be there to guide and encourage you on your way. You are the only one able to influence your planet directly because you incorporate the connecting link between Earth and Sky, Matter and Spirit. Animal and Divine. Therefore, Beloved Ones, you must learn to become aware of the Divine Light within your own hearts, the place where the two spheres meet, and let this Consciousness penetrate into your Ego minds. This Divine Light Consciousness is immensely powerful and can work wonders that lay way beyond your scope of imagination. What you need, is to learn to trust this fact- against your disblieve, because your doubts diminish its force. Also, and more importantly, at times your doubts make you hesitant in living according to the Divine Light of the Heart which many of you have already recognized within them-selves. Because you either think that you are standing alone with it, or that there are too few of you to have an impact, or simply because living like the majority around you appears to be the more comfortable option. But for whatever reason you may be holding back at times from living your full Divine potential- change it! Be courageous, believe in miracles and above all: believe in the Divine God-force working through you! Also, we would like to encourage you to join forces among your own kind, to work and meditate in groups, because in number the Divine Light working through you is multiplied. And always bear in mind that not only does every single one of you count but also each single moment spent in, and lived in accordance with, Divine Light Consciuosness is of momentum, too.
Each on of you carries the potential of becoming an Angelic being of the Earth within their heart! Some of you have already realized it and surrendered their Ego oriented minds to it and by this are manifesting their Angelic nature. Others have discovered it in themselves but are still hesitant and afraid to live and act accordingly, because being like the majority appeares the easier option. And a fast increasing number of you are waking up the possibility that there may be truths that lay beyond their limited beliefs and ideas of existance- because they are beginning to feel a change within them-selves and which in turn makes them tentatively open their minds and hearts to new ideas. Even if you do not know of, or believe in this seemingly underground development of consciousness- we do! And we are here to today to encourage you in your Faith and Love. Know that we are always at your side to guide and protect you in your endeavours to manifest the Divine Light upon planet Earth in order to enable the ascent of its children as a collective whole. 
We will leave you for now with our blessings and love and stardust on your way.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Music, song and laughter arising from our hearts are the closest we can get to expressing the Divine- for it lies beyond words.

Friday, 6 May 2011


Once you are able to go beyond the limitations of the concept of time within your consciuosness, and  by so doing come to realize time is actually only an illusion rooted in the human mind, you will begin to see yourself and your life in a completely new context and from a much larger perspective.
For example, putting things off, postponing them to a date in the future is a very common occurence in most peoples way of behaviour. If you are truly awake, however, you will see that the real reason behind this is either because in some way you are afraid of the experience and the effect it might have or because you truly feel yourself not ready for it- yet. Next time you catch yourself projecting an action into the "future" or putting it off for later, try being honest with yourself and ask yourself: "WHY I am doing this?" If you find it is for reason of fear, accept it and treat yourself with love and compassion- instead of making yourself believe your descision to postpone is the right choice for you due to some exterior factor. Face up to the feeling of fear or dread by feeling it consciously, allowing it to be. In your imagination, breathe light into your solar plexus, while thinking about it and dissolve the knot it causes there in the light of your love and compassion. With each time you do this- a small transformation within your own consciousness will take place.


In reference to us as human-beings one could apply the axiom:
"As within -so without".
Therefore the world about you, your whole life and also the people around you are nothing but reflections of what you are. If you function on a mostly unconscious level and on the surmise you are what your Ego is making you believe, of course, you do not recognize yourself in what the exterior world is reflecting back to you. And not realizing the real truth behind it, you put the blame on others and the circumstances- instead of turning your attention within where the true reasons are to be found. By the same act you are simultaneously blocking off your natural flow of life-force. Acting upon false truths about yourself which are only illusory and figments of the Ego mind, your whole life can turn into a huge labyrinthian-like hurdle-race with enemies lurking behind every corner.
Once you start recognizing and accepting, however, that you are the only one to be held responsible for all of it, you turn from being a victim into the perpetrator instead and eventually you stop being either of them and simply become the creator of your own life. And once you cease to blame anyone, by and by a feeling of gratitude will arise within you for every situation and circumstance because you begin recognizing that not only is it you who holds the responsibility in the present moment but it is also you, yourself who has chosen to experience it in the first place- in order to get to know your True Self and by so doing, approach God, and become one with the Divine Light.
So the first step is to accept this responsibility and to learn and live according to this truth, meaning you have to intergrate it into your very being, meaning your consciousness, which in turn will change your way of thinking, feeling, acting and speaking. In this, perseverence and the sincere wish for change will be necessary because as the Ego mind, being afraid of this truth, will fight your pure intent all the way. By controlling your every thought, in other words by thinking consciuosly, you have the power to profoundly alter your way of thinking and by so doing, to transform all that you are- and your life and also have a positive influence upon the world, for the whole of creation is inter-connected by an invisible net of Divine light-energy. And because the sayings: "every action produces a reaction" and "light is more powerful than darkness" are profoundly truths as well, at the same time you will also hold the power to change the people about you, by simply being aware of your Inner Divine Light and arranging your whole life accordingly, it will radiate trough you and touch others.

Thursday, 5 May 2011


I can think of nothing more beautiful than watching angels. It is not only their radiance which touches me but also the sensation I get inside my heart and my whole being, which cannot really be described it words. The closest I seem to get is by comparing it to the feeling as if your heart is a rose blossom that unfurles it-self by the touch of golden sunshine.
I have always seen Angels and other Beings of Light as pure,  formations of light, usually in geometric shapes. Though not rigid ones, but instead constantly moving whithin their own forms before my eyes like a beautiful kaleidoskope and sometimes also in iridescently flashing colours and with sparks of light emanating from them. Their shapes and sizes varying in size from single sparks to huge formations in the sky. Also their movements differing, not only depending on where I am seeing them but also what people find them-selves in the vicinity.I never felt the need to identify them any further. To me it used to be enough to know they were always there for me whenever I would reach out to them from my heart and soul by means of my thoughts. However, since I have woken up to their realms and since I have started recognizing them as part of my perception and itellectual concept of reality, I have learnt to differentiate between different contacts by close obervance of the differences in my perception of them. Also by learning from what my teachers and collegues told me from their own experience and of course from reading books specializing in theories about these different Spiritual Spheres and entities. That is to say, I sharpened and trained my awareness of them by letting myself be inspired by what I read and was told and to compare them to my own, in order to help me to differenciate them more accurately and draw my own conclusions thereof.

My first childhood memories are of perceiving these shapes of Light. I remember myself always watching them entranced. I also remember that seeing them gave me a feeling of security and being protected in some unfathomable way and they also gave me a soft, almost imperceptible sensation on my skin. A bit like a down-feather stroking across it. Judging from the often open-eyed faraway look in my eyes people used to assume I was day-dreaming -but I was actually just watching these apparitions of Light. But because I started having these visions even before I knew any words or anything about the set human ideas of how Beings of Light aparently look like I never called them anything- to me, they were simply part of my usual perception of the world around me. I only knew that in an invisible and inexplicable way I did seem to see/hear/sense/know more than most people around me.
The enviroment I grew up in, however, did not acknowledge the Spiritual/Angelic realms and the realities of the Spirit Worlds and so I did not do so either. Instead I learnt to live like the "normal" people around me, thinking I was like them and wanting to be so, too. But secretly I always felt that in a sense I did not really belong. Looking back, I can now see that to someone knowing about these invisible realities it would have been blatantly obvious that I was a mediumistic child and a Sensitive judging from my way of behaviour and habits.
Growing older, I started spending more and more time on my own and "walking the paths of life" in general on my own- that is to the common human way of perception anyway. From an early age, I would be prefectly happy spending days on end alone and going places on my own. Never feeling myself to be lonely- or alone for that matter, either. although at that time I did not know about the Spirit Worlds and ceraintly did not believe in Angels and Faeries. A feeling of loneliness would only occasionally creep up if I started comparing myself to other people of the same age around me.