Saturday, 15 March 2014


If you are longing to be happy, say "yes". "Yes" to your self, "yes" to your thoughts, emotions and your body and the way they are now and have been so far.
"Yes" to your life, your family, your childhood, your life's circumstances, your relationships, your whole past, present and to what you are currently believing to be your future. And also "yes" to the world and all it contains in general.
In order to say "yes" to something it has not to be perfect. But if you wish it to become better and if you want to see its bright aspects you have to both accept it as it is here and now and the development it has gone through so far.
Happiness arises from a sensation of union, at-one-ness and correlation. Saying/thinking "yes" without "buts and ifs" is making you feel at one within your self and thus engenders the sensation of happiness. Whereas saying/thinking "no" is erecting boundaries within yourself and between you and life.
However, sometimes saying "no" to someone else necessary if you wish maintain saying "yes" to your own reality. Therefore what might appear as a "no" to the world is actually an inner "yes" to you. Likewise "no" is required at times towards your own self if it comes down to fighting bad habits. In these cases you "no" actually becomes a "yes".

Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Magic is continuously happening everywhere and all the time because life itself is a magical act of creation. Just think of the work each and every cell of your body is performing - would you not call this magical?
So if to you life seems dreary and dull or even frustrating, complicated and problematical it is because you have lost sight of reality. Instead you have gotten yourself lost in the maze of your Ego-generated thoughts and their related feelings ans physical sensations.
How to get back to reality? It is very easy. Simply pause, make yourself aware of your feet touching the ground, the top of your head reaching towards the sky and your heart beating in your chest and then take a couple of deep and conscious breaths. Allow your awareness to merge with the breathing process and try to feel the energy of life pulsating throughout your physical body.

Monday, 10 March 2014


Its is as easy to accuse others of their apparent shortcomings as it is difficult to recognize that your reason for finding fault with them is really an unresolved personal issue of your own.
Therefore, it is advisable not to rant about other people's behaviour but rather to recognize the situations which are causing your initial antagonistic reactions and to use them to delve into your as yet unconscious self by trying to find out where your reactions are really coming from.
In this way by and by all the "idiots" will disappear from you daily life...

Saturday, 8 March 2014


To be human is to have weaknesses. To be human is to be frail sometimes and to be feeling lonely upon occasion.
However, because you are human you also possess an individual consciousness and freewill and with it the capacity to overcome and to master your personal short-comings. And because you are a human-being and not an animal you are in a position to compensate your physical frailties by developing inner fortitude. Also, you are able to remedy your loneliness by recognizing your connection and your at-one-ness to God and His whole Universe within your own self.

Friday, 7 March 2014


The heart's primal instinct is to love. The Ego-mind's primal instinct is to fear. In the light of this there should be no doubt as in whom to trust and whose advice to seek in important matters of life. And yet although most people are aware of what their heart is telling them they ought to in order to be happy, they are still preferring to follow the dictates of their Ego-mind and its so-called logic reasoning. Why? Because they deem it "safer" and the more "secure" option. These very words are a clear indication that the decision in question has been decided upon by the Ego with its proneness to doubt in life...

Wednesday, 5 March 2014


If you can feel the rich blessing of the sun's rays touching your face you will never believe yourself to be poor. If you can rejoice in simple pleasures, like for example helping other people, unhappiness to you is a foreign sensation. If you are aware of the beauty in a single drop of rain, you will feel yourself surrounded by beauty wherever you go. And if you can encounter everyone you meet unfettered by prejudices and if you are aware of the good that is existing within their hearts you will meet friends in all situations of life.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Love is the common ideal of life. Yet every person is unique and thus has to find their own way of unfolding and manifesting their own personal version of this ideal.
It is the best that is existing hidden at the core of every human being and it is coming alive when personal life is being lived in the light of love and according to its laws.


What are ghosts?
Ghost are shadows cast by your Ego-mind that have taken on substance and have subsequently gained a life of their own due to  your maintained belief in their existence.
Fears are ghosts. They only exist because you are giving life to them through feeling for and thinking of them. If you stop feeding them your energy by and by they will die and leave you free to live your love and light which have been lying dormant underneath.


Life is a multi-dimensional experience. To be truly alive is to be feeling yourself at one with its pulsating rhythm of love. And knowing yourself to be a being of light whilst playing with the transient shadows cast by your Ego-mind.

Sunday, 2 March 2014


If you ask people what their reason for living is, you are getting all kinds of answers while they are really all longing for the same - to feel unconditionally loved, fulfilled and happy. When you are born into this world this is your natural state of being. Therefore, all you have to to is to consciously return to your true nature and to henceforth live in this awareness.


What is spirituality? It the awareness of the reality of what you truly are - a being of Divine Love and Light. To be truly spiritual is to be living in a state of unconditional love and in consciousness awareness of the invisible part of life.
To those who are still bound to their Ego's idea of themselves this appears to be an abstract, complicated if not actually ludicrous conception of existence. Whereas in fact it is very simple. To become spiritual you simply have to start loving and accepting your true self and your life, you only have to feel your connection to God and to the rest of Creation at heart and you only have to let go of all your fears...


Upon the physical level time is a reality which cannot possibly be denied. It is a visible fact that on earth forms of life are constantly changing, ageing, dying and being reborn. However it is still possible to become personally free of time and to enter a state of timelessness whilst continuing to live a physical life.
To the Ego-Mind the conception of timelessness is an abstract theory which it is trying to explain to itself as a state in which it is no longer bound to the conventions time imposes upon personal daily routine. Furthermore it is seeing it as the solution to all its worries and stress symptoms that are born out of the idea of never having enough time. And as the freedom from all worldly duties and demands including having to sleep, eat or drink at regular intervals.
However, true timelessness is a state of consciousness and therefore an interior reality. You can be living in timelessness without having the rest of the world noticing it. They might only be aware of the fact that you never seem to be in a rush, never worry about missing anything and that you always seem to have time for everything you wish to do. To be living in timelessness is being free of limiting mental and emotional patterns both self-made and borrowed from society. It is to be living here-now having given up identifying yourself with your past or set ideas about your future.
To be living in timelessness in the here-now is only possible if you Are and no longer believe you have been, will be or are this or that.