Saturday, 31 May 2014


Where there are no set expectations but only pure awareness of the present moment there can be no (dis)satisfaction. This is why when you are no longer living in identification with your Ego, its desires and hopes you cease to experience personal (dis)satisfaction. Instead you are suffused with a sensation of blissfully neutral peace towards the movements of life that are taking you hither and thither.


True love is selfless. Its presence is characterized by the momentary absence of the "I" in your self. Hence you are simply experiencing its existence with your whole being. This is causing you to feel joyful, light and as if you were carried by wings from one moment to the next.


Both love and fear are like secrets living in your being. However, whereas fear is like a secret that wants to hide and disguise itself, love is animated by the instinct to share and show itself in every possible manner.


Your perception of the external world and the life therein is a reflection of your internal state of being. If you have consciously integrated all aspects of your self you are at one within and thus aware of the oneness of all life. And because oneness corresponds with timelessness your awareness is now comprising the past, present and future states of things, the visible and spiritual aspects of beings in a single moment. Therefore, you are able to recognize your fellow humans simultaneously in their aspects of limited personalities and boundless spiritual entities. And in looking at Mother Nature you are able to see Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn at the same time. And in admiring a flower you are aware also of its seed, its growth, its wilting and its decay.

Thursday, 29 May 2014


Suffering is a purely subjective experience and it springs from the Ego's belief in separation. A proof for this can be found in the fact that the moment the Ego learns that someone else is apparently suffering of the same symptom or from the same cause it is feeling comforted in its suffering. However, the only way to end all your suffering is by ceasing to identify with the cause of suffering inherent in your own being. The moment you are transferring your main focus of consciousness to the level of your Higher Self you stop feeling yourself to be a victim in any way. Instead you are experiencing joy and gratitude at being alive and able to experience different states of existential orientation.

Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Mother Nature contains all the Universal Laws. By observing Her visible phenomenons we can learn everything that is to be known about life and the power of God - provided we are able to understand them in an abstracted sense and do not take them by their superficial appearences.
If life on earth is to prosper it must be in harmony. It must possess and receive both active and passive (male and female) energy in equal measures. In understanding love in the abstract sense it is something of a vivifying, nurturing and also harmonizing nature. In this manner the sunlight can be seen as a male representative of Universal love and water as its female counterpart. If they are equally present, together they are creating growth and prosperity on earth. However, because life in manifestation is built up of four components air and earth are required as well and these elements, too, must come in equal measures.
One of the lessons Mother Nature is teaching us is, that the state of duality can be outgrown and become simply love if enough loving attention is bestowed.
The flowering species morning glory is one of the plants to demonstrate this truth. Its first leaves are split in two but are growing by and by into a perfect heart shape.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014


Although the words that are being written/spoken in everyday life are usually concerned with superficial and/or personal issues, they are containing nonetheless a deeper meaning and they are hinting at hidden aspects of their author and/or life in general.
Here is an example:
Upon leaving an aircraft after a flight one is being reminded by the crew not to leave behind any personal items. The reason is obvious. Because otherwise you would miss whatever you have carelessly left behind on board.
Understanding this in a wider sense you can take this as a reminder to ensure that you are taking your whole self with you whenever you are leaving one place/relationship for another. This is only possible if you do not hold on to a place or to certain people. Otherwise you are bound to suffer of loss and longing after your departure/change of personal situation. Taking your whole self with you means that you do not allow your emotions or thoughts circle around what/whom you have left behind but rather engage them in focussing upon your current surroundings and companions. In this manner your arms are free to embrace your present surroundings and personal experiences.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Thoughts are like clouds in the sky of pure consciousness. In watching them, they are changing their form and appearance and at some stage disappear into nothingness. If you contemplate on their existence you come to realize that the reason for their visibility is because there is a source of light somewhere.


Love is the highest law. Injustice is a sign that there is love missing. Any and every injustice can be made right if it is receiving its appropriate due of love. Love brings justice to the world, whereas to judge things as being unjust, they are becoming even more so (in the sense, that the amount of love they are containing is further reduced due to the negative attention you are paying it) by your very thought because thoughts are creating reality.
Therefore, to bring justice into the world is to observe existing injustice in an attitude of loving kindness and compassion. This can be achieved more easily if, in viewing a seemingly unjust situation, you are taking a step back from your limited Ego perspective and remind yourself of the fact that in the Divine order of life injustice does not really exist and that, which appears to be unjust is only the paying up or reaping of what has been done before in disregard of the highest law.

Friday, 16 May 2014


True change, in the sense that it is of the lasting kind and not like a one-day-wonder which disappears again as suddenly as it has happened, is a gradual process that is happening step by step. Mother Nature is showing us the verification of this wisdom every day. Even those changes in Her which to our perception seem to come suddenly – like the leaves falling from the trees in autumn – have actually been long prepared. Because the dropping leaves are revealing the new buds already waiting on the branches for the next spring.
As human beings we can be seen as parts of Mother Nature and so we, too, are in the process of gradual growth and change. Provided our Ego, with its tendency to cling on to things in fear, does not get in the way hindering this natural flow of life. (On the physical level the Ego is still powerless in this respect becaus eit has not yet achieved to dominate the ageing process of the cells. Howevere, the latest discoveries both on the scientific as well as the spiritual level are working towards it. Whereas those, who will achieve eternal physical youth be means of consciousness are going to be truly liberated, the others will get there by means of giving their fear a further outlet to express itself.) Little children who are not yet dominated by their Egos are still free to live the change, which is life. However, although most adults are afraid of change they are still longing for it - unconsciously or consciously so. Because even though their personalities may be ruled by their Egos, at heart they are still connected to the real life (God).
One way to approach your dreams that are requiring you to change yourself/your life in some way, is to stop believing that you have to take radical actions and change everything all at once in one huge step. This would be asking yourself to give up all your fears in a single moments - and only very, very few people are strong enough to master such a step. Rather face your fears gradually by taking little steps at a time. And who knows, maybe one day you will feel ready to take a leap, which before used to appear dramatic to you. But because you have been preparing yourself for this big change step by step, just like the leaves falling from the trees in autumn, there will be the outlines of your new way to be ready waiting in the place where the old one has been.
Change comes about and can only happen if you turn away from the grip your fear is having on you and start walking the other way.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Provided you have everything you need for your physical comfort and social well-fare - does it matter whether you are "only" feeling yourself to be living in plenitude (because you have a heart overflowing with love) or, if you are possessing actual financial riches?


It is a good idea to remind yourself everyday that whatever you do wreaks an effect and will return to you eventually. And that everything you do with intention is even more effectual and will be returning to you with equal force. While whatever is being done with intention coupled with conscious awareness is very powerful indeed and when its effect falls back on you - depending upon the direction you sent it out to - it will either hit you down low or lift you up high.


Love is a wild rose. You can either pass it by not noticing its splendour - being too busily occupied with your personal affairs, thoughts, emotions and desires etc.
Or you can stop and take a step back from you personal preoccupations in order to admire its fragile beauty, smell its sweet odour and to share your joy over its simple existence with those who are next to you. However if you do so always remember that its blossoms are transient and can only be enjoyed in the present.

Monday, 12 May 2014


You need to have a mission in life to fill your daily existence with sense of purpose. However, having an exterior mission is not enough if you do not wish to awake one day with a jolt asking yourself what you have been doing with the time of your life. Many people are going through life in first following the mission of their parents who want them to succeed at school and at their further studies/professional training. Afterwards they are following the creed that they must be successful, make a lot of money and build "securities"(house, pension, find a partner etc.) And if they have achieved this they find their mission in having and bringing up children and wanting them to succeed. But by the latest when their children have become independent they will find themselves at a loss, asking what their life is all about. Or maybe they do not just yet because they have deferred their mission to wanting things for their grandchildren or attending to their hobbies... Which is not to say that having exterior missions in life is wrong but it is simply not enough if you wish to make your sojourn on earth worthwhile - and who does not? For this reason you must complement your exterior aspirations and efforts with an inner mission, a spiritual purpose. This is very simple in fact. You only have to make a conscious decision that henceforth all your actions are to be steps towards God, that are taken in the awareness of love and light in life.

Thursday, 8 May 2014


What was first? The chicken or the egg?
The pure human mind can be seen as the egg, that has been fertilized by Divine inspiration and is thus able to see a ahead in vertical time-space reality and has a premonition about what is going to happen in the apparent future, which stands for the chicken in this case. However, because the chicken is the inevitable outcome of the fertilized egg the question arises if premonition is not really the same as being able to recognize predetermined facts. Because the evolution, the unfolding of life is a predetermined fact and happens along logic sequences. Accordingly, all we can do by the power of our personal freewill and conscious awareness is to accelerate and to facilitate its natural process. This, by willingly, lovingly surrender to the Divine flow of energy and to thus individually make a positive contribution thereto.
Nowadays in spiritual circles everyone is talking about "manifesting" personal desires and ideas. But are we really in a position to be doing this? Or is it not rather the Ego, which is deluding itself about its scope of will-power? Because if having a premonition is simply to be aware of predetermined facts, then all apparently personally taken decisions to manifest something in particular are really nothing more than to personalize objective glimpses of predetermined occurrences...

Sunday, 4 May 2014


There are two ways of questioning yourself - your actions, your feelings, your decisions, your thoughts, your state of being. The one is self-inquiry and the second one self-doubt. These two are not at all the same thing although they might at times be confused in moments where you are not clear in yourself. Self-inquiry is motivated by unprejudiced curiosity and an eagerness to learn more about yourself and to better understand your actions/thoughts/feelings. Its basis is a certain amount of self-acceptance and love, which are  giving you a safe place to start from even though your self-inquiry might be causing you to feel temporarily uncertain, restless, doubtful of yourself. Although it is the Ego which is initiating this self-scrutiny, its aim lies beyond the Ego's self-imposed restrictions. Self-inquiry is aiming at bringing more clarity into your mind. In self-inquiry the Ego is showing willing to face and to overcome its current personal limitations. Hence the answers you find to your self-questioning are representing opportunities for personal growth and self-enlightenment.
When doubting yourself, on the other hand, it is the Ego's fears which are at work. Self-doubts arise from the presumption that the way your are must be wrong/insufficient in some way. It is the fear-beset Ego putting itself in question and because its motivation is fear in the first place, of course, the answers you are arriving at are not assuaging your fears but are actually enhancing them still further. So that afterwards you are not experiencing more clarity but quite the opposite. Therefore, if you have a lot of fear in you but harbour the desire to inquire into yourself and to grow out of your fears it is advisable to first cultivate love and acceptance towards yourself and your way of being - including your fears - because this will give your Ego a safe ground to set out from.

Friday, 2 May 2014


There are different kinds of love in your life. There is the life-giving love of your spiritual essence, the love of your soul, which is acting as a silent witness to your personality self (lower Self) and there is the love which you are personally experiencing. Until you have reached a state of self-enlightenment you are only aware of the latter kind of love. However, personal experiences of love can be used as a gateway to an awareness of the other two. Because in moments where you are personally experiencing love the nature of your lower self is likened to the one of your soul, which in itself is an expression of love. In moments of loving your heart and mind are open and thus capable to perceive aspects of your self which are commonly shut out by your Ego in its attitude of fear of the unknown.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


Are we ever to know who we are? Fact is, that the moment we believe to know to be sure who we are, we missing the truth. Because by holding on to a set idea we are becoming separated from the real life which is constantly changing. What we can know for sure about ourselves is, that we are partly pure spirit and partly dense matter - at least whilst we are leading an earthly life. The reality of who are is subject to the law of change. It lies in between these two poles of manifestation and the amount of unconditional love we are able to live in the here-now defines our individuality. Hence, the more love you are able to live from the heart the brighter shines your individual spiritual light through your body of the earth. Therefore the most accurate answer to the question of who /what we are would be to say that we are an individual living expression of Divine love.

I AM, I AM...

I am the sky
I am the sun
I am the sea
You are me
And I am you
We are part
Of the One
Love & Light