Thursday, 31 January 2013


God is love. A love so pure, that it has for its objective nothing other than to secure the life, well-fare and happiness of all its created forms. Therefore the only way to God, is through learning to love as impartially and selflessly as God in all that you are doing.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Do you wish to be free like a bird, soaring high into the skies?
Birds are able to fly because they do not doubt in the life-endowing force of God and His law of Love. They simply trust in their wings and the air, which are bearing them up.

The only way to attain true freedom and liberty of heart, mind, body and soul is by relinquishing all fears, which are keeping you from trusting in the Love of God. Realize, that you are being loved at all times and just the way you are. Why else would God bother to keep you alive? Trusting in the life, which is moving through you, stretch wide your wings of love and fly freely forever higher towards the Light.

Friday, 25 January 2013


When you have found peace within your own self you know neither cause nor desire to think or speak badly of another person.
And if you are wise, you know, that whatever you are thinking or saying of others, will reflect back on you. The world is a mirror.
When listening to someone talking to you of a third party, it is good to bear in mind, that what you are hearing is telling you at least as much- if not accutally more, of your informant as of the subject in question.
To quote a popular saying: The Truth Speaks for Itself. So if you truly wish to know more about someone, talk to them directly, while keeping your mind as open as you possibly can.

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Love opens your perception to the Divine Truth underlying all forms of life. Looking at the world and its beings with the eyes of pure and impartial love, enables you to see and appreciate the beauty of their manifold aspects and different individualities. Wherever your loving gaze may linger, beauty and Divine perfection shine forth at you. Anywhere and at all times.
If, on the other hand, you are looking at your fellow beings and your surroundings with a mind and heart riddled with prejudices and unresolved personal feelings, you will be apt to find fault and imperfections in them rather that beauty.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The Ego-Mind, in its unenlightened state, is a habitual fighter, which, like any warrior -fights even more vehemently when it is being attacked or is fearing its extinction. And while you are living an incarnated life on earth, there is no way, you can entirely get rid of it. Luckily so, because without it you could not survive- maybe living alone in a secluded hermit's cave but certainly not in a Western society. The Ego-mind is a necessary tool for solving problems and for securing your personal survival.
However, there is still a way, you can liberate yourself from its firm and destructive dominion it has over your personal existence. Namely, by taming it with your love and awareness. A transcended Ego-mind has no more irrational fears and thus no longer fights against the wisdom of your heart. Instead it is meekly following and executing the intuitive impulses it is receiving there from.
But saying that the Ego-mind cannot be dissolved is not entirely true. Because there is a way of being free from it for moments in time. In deep meditation it is no longer noticeably there. Also in the awareness of your Heart, the Light, Love and in complete absorption in life of the here-now it momentarily fades. But it always returns. Who else could tell you when you need to drink/eat/go the toilet etc.?
Therefore it is no use, wanting to get rid of your Ego-mind and fighting against its existence.
It should rather be looked upon with a kind of amused humour- similarly to how you would look upon a recalcitrant little child, whom you love and whom you are eternally patient with. Embrace it lovingly, when it is crying in fear, in pain in frustration. Just be there with your love, watching its outburst, without reacting to them, beyond saying:" yes, yes, yes" and: "I love, I love, I love". By and by it will learn, that there is no need to fight, no need to be afraid of anything. On the contrary, it will come to realize that it is secure in being cherished and loved at all times- even though it might only occasionally get to decide what has to be done and only rarely gets asked its opinion upon matters of life.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


The Ego-mind gains its understanding through words and so it keeps on asking for explanations and reasons for this or that. And yet, most of the time it still does not understand, because its perspective is pre-conditioned by its personal beliefs.
The Heart on the other hand understands fully- simply because it loves.

Saturday, 19 January 2013


Nothing in the entire God-created Universe is superfluous or wholly "bad". Everything has its use- provided, it is applied in the right quantity, at a fitting time and in its proper place. If this rule is being disregarded, even so-called "good" things turn negative, can wreak destruction and generally hinder life's natural development.
And so it is with the fear existing in the Ego-mind. You need a certain amount of instinctual fear in order to guarantee your physical survival. However any more than that is surplus.
But fear is extremely clever at disguising it-self. It knows a million disguises and is often so subtle, that you do not even consciously register it -and if you do your Ego-mind is quick to supply you with an excuse. Things like: " I am afraid of heights because when I was a child I fell of a wall." or: "If you hadn't left the light on in the kitchen, I would not have been afraid that there was a burglar in our home when I got back late last night." etc.
Fact remains, that any kind of fear which is more that your natural instinct to guarantee your physical survival, is keeping you from developing your Divine potential. Because fear eats away your love and love you need in order to grow and to prosper in joy and harmony.
It is not enough to get rid of your fear only superficially because in such cases it simply finds another outlet. For example, you cure yourself of your fear of heights and next thing you know, you are afraid of the dark. The only way to get truly rid of your fear is by unearthing its roots within your own subconscious and to replace these by your love and understanding.


Karma is that, which is binding the soul to matter. Karma exists both upon a personal as well as on a collective level. Every debt of karma a human soul dissolves in the light of love is helping to lighten the collective burden of human karma. Thereby it does not matter, if the karmic debts a soul has taken on, in order to incarnate into a human body, are initially its own or those of someone else it has decided to take personal responsibility for. There are a great many souls who are helping the human collective by taking on and living out karma for others. The stronger a soul is rooted in love and the closer to God in consciousness, the more it is able to take on both in its own name and in that of others. The most prominent example hereto is Our Lord Jesus Christ, who took it upon himself to bear the suffering for the whole of humanity in his time of incarnation.
Karmic debts are created by unconscious behaviour, which instead of being in conformity with the Divine Will and Love serves purely egoistical ends. An unenlightened Ego-Mind, whose actions and reactions are conditioned by its fear cannot help but create karmic debts, because in its believe of having to defend itself, it acts exclusively in its own interest. Only an individual, who has utterly surrendered his Ego-mind to the voice of his Heart and thus to the Will of God, is capable of leading a personal life without continuously accumulating additional karmic debts.
Karmic debts are really just lessons of love, which have been personally neglected out of fear. Therefore, the longer one is dodging out of their way and the deeper one is hiding away from one’s own fear of facing personal responsibilities, the greater the challenges are growing. Not because the lessons in themselves are becoming more difficult, but simply because one’s own resistance against them is growing stronger. The Ego-mind likes to excuse its own failure in coping with certain personal issues, by terming it “bad” karma. Karma simply is. Its grade of difficulty is solely determined by how deeply unconscious one has acted in one’s own interest and in fear against the Divine law of love.
Love transforms karma into light. Or saying it differently; conscious recognition, on part of a human individual, of the Divine reality of love behind and between all forms of life and personal adherence to its laws, is making its personal karma redundant. Ultimately, this love has to be found by each and everyone at the core of their own being. However in this process of self-recognition, personal relation-ships with other people are necessary, because only through conscious awareness of one’s reflections in the mirror of the world, enables to uncover one’s personal subconscious realities.
Love is that, which is binding souls together. Karma therefore gets in the way of the love-connections between individual souls. Therefore it logically follows that karmic debts also hinder the flow of love and consciousness connecting one’s own different levels of existence. Because one’s interior and exterior reality are one.

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Love and understanding are two inseparable qualities of the heart. You cannot understand, unless you truly love, and without love no true understanding is possible.
Although true love and understanding can only happen from the heart, also the Ego-mind is capable of love and understanding albeit of a lower rank. In relation-ships it is usually the Ego that is prominently trying to love and understand- unless one, or both, of the partners are consciously living in the reality of the heart. While the heart automatically understands, because it is loving, the Ego-mind must first be willing to truly see, accept and love the other in his way of being. Rather than to hold on to its personal prejudices concerning the other, which are blocking the way for the love. in order to enable understanding


There exist two kinds of criticism, the one is constructive and the other destructive. You can either pay criticism in a way that helps another individual (or yourself) to see beyond the personal status quo. The way to do is, is to speak in an attitude of loving understanding and in recognition/acceptance of the other's personal truth. In this manner, the attention you are paying in form of your criticism is like the rays of the sun, which give shining warmth to the little flower on the ground trying hard to unfurl its bud. Or you can criticise in a way that makes the object of your criticism close down in hurt/anger/disillusionment/frustration because what you are saying is motivated purely by your Ego, which is caught in its limited and often prejudiced perspective.
Of course, no-one wants to hear the latter kind of criticism and still, we can hardly help reaping it from time to time, simply because there are still so many unenlightened individuals living in this world, who are victims of their personal lack of love. However, there is a way to take even the worst onslaught of criticism as a means to expand your love and to rise like a phoenix from the ashes. This is achieved by facing and overcoming your initial opposition- instead of fighting against it. Therefore it is vitally important, that you do not respond in any way upon the level of your Lower Self and its Ego. Instead lift your consciousness to the level of your Higher Self, from where you are in a position to view your aggressor with a compassionate heart.


There are as many aspects of Truth as there are minds in the Universe to percieve it. All of them together make up the whole Truth. However, because every man and woman is a minor universe of his/her own, everyone also has his/her own truth, which sums up the truth of his/her diverse sub-aspects of truth. In human beings it is the voice of the heart, which knows the sum-total of personal truth - and not the Ego-mind.
Therefore if you wish to be, and to remain, happy with yourself and your life, it is vitally important that you are believing in what your heart is telling you.
If, on the other hand, you are always trying to do what your mind and the world are telling you to believe and to do, or  to try following their ideas of how they think you ought to be, you are bound to lose all sense of your own truth. To listen to anyone or anything else rather than to the voice of your heart, will get you lost in a maze of controversial thoughts, emotions, relation-ships, situations etc. Until one day you will be tired and fed up with chasing and being chased around and then wou will instead turn around at yourself in the hope of finally finding clarity there. And you will, because your heart has never left you and is always there, patiently waiting for you to acknowledge its loving presence and to heed its wisdom regarding your personal path in life.


In the world of matter it is a plain and universally acknowledged fact, that you cannot pass something on to another which you do not own yourself. This law also applies to all the other levels of existence- because "as above, so below".
Therefore it should be logically clear, that you cannot "make someone else happy", unless whatever it is that you are doing in order to achieve this, is rendering you happy at the same time. Or even better- you are doing it because you are so happy you need to share it.
The reason why people keep on forgetting how the law of life really works and thus repeatedly fall into the same trap of delusion and subsequent frustration, is their Ego's (sub-)conscious desire to be loved. The Ego believes that if it is giving happiness to another person it shall be loved in return. But of course, life does not work this way. On the contrary, if you give out of a personal deficiency, you will feel even more dissatisfied and empty afterwards- even though you might actually be receiving something in return.

Monday, 14 January 2013


Winter is not grey at all. True, colours in Mother Nature appear muted and more subtle than at other times of the year but the range of the rainbow is there all the same.
Besides, even the grey varies and to a careful observer more often than not is actually silver or shaded white.
Have you ever truly looked at a wooded hill or a copse? Or a range of fields? Or a lawn in winter? Depending on the lightning and the weather you will be able to observe in it as many different colours as in Summer time.
The colours of Mother Nature in Winter are less obvious, less flamboyant as if careful not to disturb the predominant quiet of the lands and plants, which are at rest.


Only things you are aware of, you are able to influence. That, which you are not aware of you are reacting to purely instinctively. Conscious recognition of yourself thus gives you the power to decide over your personal reality, whereas ignorance of your emotions, mind and body makes you their helpless victim.

Life is never just black or white but always black and white. Like the popular saying of the glass which is either half full or half empty- depending upon your point of view.
While you are still living in the reality of your lower self and its dominating Ego-mind, whether you perceive things black or white, if you believe the glass to be half full or empty, solely depends upon your general attitude towards life and your current emotional/physical/mental state. Therefore mainly beyond your reach of influence.
Whereas transformation of personal consciousness allows you to exist with your conscious awareness based on the level of your higher self from which both sides are visible at the same time. This enables you to chose between the two and to intentionally base your reality on the bright side of life. By so doing, the black side of course does not always disappear from your life altogether, but continually being able to see the white side, gives you the strength to cope with it in a positive way.


The Divine Creation is built upon a highly intricate and diversified hierarchical system. Therefore it is part of the natural process of life that higher consciousness is leading that of a lower order. Whereby it is important to bear in mind, that higher and lower in this context does not refer to the quality but simply describes its state of individual development, meaning its capacity to consciously experience unconditional love. Therefore, if you wish to become powerful and to rise towards the top, expand your conscious awareness of God's love permeating all forms life and henceforth live in this reality. To surrender to this love and to act in its name is the only way to come into power.
The way to achieve this, is by listening to your heart. Your Ego-mind does not know how to get there, but your heart does because God's Love is its place of origin to which it is still invisibly connected.


Forgiveness is the key to freedom because it allows you to experience love and gratitude.
Unless you can forgive everyone, including yourself, your way to experience condition-less love and gratitude is barred. You will forever come upon things, circumstances and persons stirring up your resentment at this or that. And your so-called love and gratitude will remain superficial and liable to turn back into resentment at any time.
But when you have truly forgiven and let go your hold of all resentment for good, you shall be filled with love and gratitude instead. Gratitude is the secret to a happy life because it turns everything, happening and encounter into an unique gift that is being bestowed upon you by the grace of God and for your own good...


Believing in miracles and things lying beyond your imagination is not the same as being superstitious. Every part and each moment of life is a Divine miracle of love of a kind. The comprehension of God's creations and his manifold possibilities often lie beyond the usual scope of the human mind. Therefore by allowing and acknowledging the seemingly "impossible" and "improbable" you are opening your limited view and thus come a little closer to comprehending the mystery of life. Superstition, on the other hand, is an attitude of mind, in which you remain restricted to the limited sphere of your Ego-mind, because it is a fixated belief. Even though the phenomenon you might be believing in is super-normal. The fact that you are endowing it with a certain meaning (which not seldom causes fear), is falsifying its true reality.
Therefore do not be afraid to believe in phenomenons beyond your usual range of perception and imagination, but beware to condition them to yourself.


Although the Ego spends its whole existence fighting for love, craving, wishing, hoping, desiring to be loved and in dreams of how it used to be or will be loved- it is mortally afraid of actual love. In fact all of its fears, in whichever shape or form they are presenting themselves in your personal life, arise therefrom. Why? In a state of true love all sense of separateness dissolves in the sensation of unity and thus the Ego, who derives its existence from the belief of separation, is annihilated. True love therefore is the Ego’s death.
Of course, if you are restricting your life, love and consciousness exclusively to the level of your lower self and its inherent Ego, you are bound to prevaricate forever between the two extremes. And depending upon whether your fear is stronger or your desire to love, either the one or the other is dominating your existence. The only way of bringing peace to this conflict is be transcending your love to a higher level, the one of the heart, where fear has no reality.

Sunday, 13 January 2013


True love has a unifying effect and yet at the same time is a tremendously liberating experience. It makes you feel at one with God and His Creation. And by endowing you with a sensation of utter security you cease to hold on to your personality and its material life. Thus it further enables you to enjoy the freedom of your spirit. It no longer matters to you if there is one, ten, hundred or none other being beside you to love because you simply love being alive and experiencing life around you.
If on the other hand, you are feeling bound, tied down or even crippled by your loving- or by being loved for that matter- it is desire or fear, which you have come to call love by mistake.

Thursday, 10 January 2013


The only reason for us to be alive is because of God's Love. The Divine Love is the one and only live-endowing factor in existence. His Love is the reason, the means and the destiny of each and every part in the created universe. His love therefore is the ultimate Truth.
By living your personal life in the spirit of love and according to your own truth,- in other words: according to the voice of your heart,- you are naturally attuned to the Divine love-life-force.
Of course, in order to do this, you have to first know where and how to find your own truth and then teach yourself to love it conditionlessly. To this end, you have to learn to discern between the voices of your Ego and your Heart. One way of achieving this is to find out who is motivating and directing your actions, words and your inner life. Ask yourself often: "Why am I doing/thinking/saying/feeling etc. this way?" And if the answer is: "Because I love." you are on the right track. Any other answers you might be giving yourself are coming from your Ego-mind...
Once you have aligned your whole Being to the Love and Truth of God, your reason for getting up in the morning is because you love life so much, you are happy to awaken to a whole new day, that you have been given. And the reason for being with other people is because you desire to share your joy for living with them. And the reason for eating and drinking because you are loving your physical body so much that you wish to keep it healthy and well nourished so that you might enjoy life upon this beautiful planet for as long as possible......

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


When you are living your life in the awareness of God and His Love, you are walking towards His Light. This way, you have the strength to accept the challenges along your path in trusting faith, knowing, that they are there for your own good. Thus the periods of suffering ultimately turn into gates to knowledge and understanding. By believing in something higher than yourself, namely God, Who is pure goodness, you can go on hoping for light even in the darkest of nights.
Whereas an existence lived purely in the name of your self-seeking Ego, resembles a dead-end street leading towards death only. And the suffering to be endured along its course appears worse because it strikes seemingly unjustified and devoid of any logic. And the day you are losing your believe in your own powers, you are left hopelessly lost in the darkness of your own ignorance.


In the Divine hierarchy of life, the proximity of its beings to the God Source is defined by their capacity to love. The greater their capacity for compassionate, all-embracing and condition-less love, the higher their state of consciousness- and vice versa. And the greater their love-consciousness is, the bigger is also their field of responsibility because love has a uniting effect. Therefore by loving in the awareness of God as the source of all love, you are made an active part of the Divine Creation. One, which by its simple existence is contributing to its harmonious development and expansion.
In this hierarchy, human beings, who are exclusively following their Ego's desires, are not much better than mere insects, because the only thing they are concerned about is the satisfaction of their base desires and their own survival over all the others. In fact, in some ways, they are even lower that insects, because the latter- despite their limited goals in life- are at least contributing to the regeneration of Mother Nature. While Ego-dominated human beings generally even sin against Her.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Truth, or rather the approximation of truth, which can be grasped by our limited human understanding, is always multi-dimensional and mulit-layered. Thus it is that by explaining things and occurrences away rationally only you are not only missing its most vital aspects but you are also depriving yourself of the wealth of wisdom contained in it.  The deeper you are delving into yourself in the search of the full truth, the closer you are approaching to the mystery of God and life through the understanding of your own Self.
Of course in everyday life you cannot always meditate upon each and every aspect of your personal life because there are usually to many demands made upon your time and attention. However it pays off well to mediate upon matters which appear to repeat themselves in your life. You might believe that you are making no progress in the course of it because the mind is unable to register anything tangible. But rest assured that whatever you are turning your concentration upon in the sincere wish to enlighten it by your love, is being transformed and thus solved.


Christ Consciousness is a state of being in which you live in conscious awareness of your Lower Self. And living henceforth with your awareness centred in your Higher Self, you know that you are not your fallible personality but in truth the light of your soul created by God. Therefore you cease to identify with your Ego's physical, emotional and mental fluctuations. This is leaving you free to remain in an attitude of unconditional love towards all that you are. Even the weaknesses of your personality self you are now able to view and to accept with a compassionate heart. And since the way you are seeing yourself is reflected in how you are seeing the world, you love extends to everything your mind, senses and actions touch upon.
In this state of being you are a master over your Lower Self because your love is enabling you to be consciously aware of its Ego-dominated behaviour. Rather than to be its unconscious victim as you were before, which is believing itself to be in charge, while actually being powerless. And because the Love of God, which is personified by Our Lord Jesus Chris, is all-powerful towards its created Universe, so are you, in your loving awareness all-powerful to create positive changes in your own Self.


Whatever is of true value has its roots in the Divine. And because God IS, anything true is an unconditional state of being. Whereas so-called illusionary truths created by the Ego-mind are conditional, therefore need a reason for being and thus of temporary existence only.
The Heart is happy because it is beating, because you are breathing and living here and now. Its joy is rising up from the centre of your being, making you laugh, dance and sing seemingly for no reason at all,- both interiorly and at times also exteriorly. But the Mind explains its happiness in words and usually receives it from reminiscing personal past moments or thinking of the future to come.
So if you are desirous to know whether your happiness is real or imagined, of the Heart or the Mind, simply ask yourself: “Why am I happy?”
And if the answer is: “Because…” you will know it is conditional, temporal and Ego-created. If on the other hand you cannot define its source and you are being happy “just because”, it is a happiness living inside of your heart.