Friday, 20 February 2015


Now is all we have. Everything of importance in life is now and only now. Anything you long for you have to start doing or being here and now - or it will never be happening or come to be.
Therefore, do not wait for your life to change but rather initiate the changes you wish to see here and now. Do not hope for love to happen to you one day. Start loving here and now, beginning with your own self, the moments of life that you are experiencing and the people you are surrounded with in the present moment. And if you are holding a grudge against a person, yourself, God or against your destiny in general begin forgiving now because otherwise you will never be able to love or experience positive changes in your life.

Monday, 16 February 2015


How to know if someone is truly honest/authentic/good?
If you are an honest and good person and authentic in your way of being, then you do not feel the need to talk about it, you do not think even about it, you just ARE what you are. Quietly, simply and without making a fuss about your person. If you would like to be or pretend to be or even just like to believe yourself to be a good/simple/authentic/honest person you are feeling compelled to talk about it and to advertise your virtues to the world.


God alone is absolute. Anything other is of relative reality only, including the things we know and believe to know. All knowledge is relative because its veracity and relevance depend upon the current viewpoint of its owner. Also, knowledge being an aspect of life, it is constantly changing in itself as life is developing and evolving.
Therefore, if you truly know, you are what you know in the here and now. Also, you are aware of the fact, that the moment you start believing/thinking that you know something/someone for sure, you are losing touch with true knowledge. You know, that to be knowing is to constantly let go of what you have just come to realize, understand and learn about the nature of yourself/others/life and to be keeping your mind and heart open for changes in your store of knowledge at all times.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


...may not be the best thing for someone else - and vice versa, of course.
What is good and what is bad? This is a question which has many different aspects and levels of understanding it.
However, there is one common denominator which holds true for all. Good/positive are those things which enhance the quantity and quality of light and love and are thus promoting the harmony and well-being in the unity of creation. Bad/negative are all things that are causing harm in any way. Even if their first effect appears to be of a positive nature.
Because everyone is a unique being the question of good or bad upon a personal level must be answered by everyone by themselves. And since life and your self are in a state of on-going development and progression things that have been good and right for you to today may no longer be so tomorrow. In order to know for yourself what you need in order to be your best, most energetic and healthiest self you must learn to listen to your body and also watch the fluctuations of your mind and emotions. Chose to consume and do only those things which are enhancing your inner positivity, clarity and harmony and are strengthening your physical sense of well-being in the long-term. Avoid anything that has bad after-effects on you in any way or is harmful to your environment or destructive to your fellow beings.
Growth and prosperity bot inner and outer, both individual as well as universal, require love and care and mindfulness.
Therefore, seek to do the things that are deepening your love, that you care about and make you feel cared for and things that are sharpening and refining your capacity of mind-awareness. Avoid things that are rendering you uncaring and mindless.


By being authentic in your way of acting, speaking, moving, living, thinking, feeling you may but rarely meet someone who is like you or even understands your way of being. However, you will be respected by everyone and even openly admired by some for the integrity you are living towards your own self and your honest simplicity you are showing to the world.

Saturday, 7 February 2015


Death is the shadow of life. Life being an expression of the Divine light invariably casts shadows in the sphere of forms. Therefore you cannot escape death and dying.
However, having been endowed with the gift of freewill you are in a position to decide over how you wish to live with this fact.
In being afraid of death and dying you are living your personal life in an illusion of being alive only. Because your fear is preventing you from living fully in the present moment of the here-now. Instead it is keeping you trapped in past memories, doubts and future hopes. Furthermore, your fear of the finality of your existence has an intensely limiting and conditioning effect on your mind and imagination. Thereby you are being disabled to raise your consciousness above the level of your personal existence and that of material reality.
Whereas surrendering your fear of dying and death you are made fully alive to the present moment. Releasing your fears clears you mind from its prior conditionings. Thus you are able to raise your consciousness onto higher levels of awareness of both yourself and life. From this vantage point you are in a position to realize our own immortality and the continuance of life beyond the confinements of the material plane.

Friday, 6 February 2015


When you love, your arms are open like the wings of an angel. However, your outstretched arms only enable you to continuously soar higher in consciousness and also deeper into your self through life if you do not attempt to hold on to moments and people that you are encountering along its course. Your accepting embrace of each moment of your life and the people it is holding lovingly must remain open and ready to let go of all that and those that you are meeting at the same time. In this manner your love can be reborn again and again and you are light and free to fly. If you cling to your loved moment and people your love dies and remains dead and only its shadow lingers on in your memory. And keeping a shadow alive takes a lot of energy and it is neither satisfying nor uplifting.

Thursday, 5 February 2015


In longing for a state of love you have to practise kindness first. Once you have found love you are naturally kind. However, love is a feminine quality and in order to be balanced and lasting it requires an active, masculine counterpart. Therefore love must be coupled with wisdom. Wisdom can only prosper, where justice and truthfulness are being cultivated for wisdom is only perceptible to a clear and conscious mind. When your mind is clear and you are being aware of its transparency, you are able to experience also love more fully.

Monday, 2 February 2015


True masters can be recognized by the fact that they no longer have to strain and strive in  commanding their art. Mastership is characterized by ease, lightness and effortlessness.
Therefore, when you have become master over your lower nature, your personality, you are naturally kind, loving, wise, truthful, and just.


By longing to be a loving, kind-hearted and gentle person in your life without being exploited and hurt by others that may want to take advantage of your softness and apparent weakness, you must be strong in your self. In other words, you have to learn to root your conscious awareness firmly in your quiet centre within, the spiritual part of your self, that is existing beyond your perishable personality self. Because a living organism without a strong centre is prone to be impaired by external influences.


Integration of the different levels of your being, i.e. the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, by linking them up in your consciousness, renders you aware of the multi-dimensionality of life and you own self. Your sense-perceptions are no longer phenomenons in themselves but are opening up into each other. And your thoughts are no longer occupied by egotistical and purely personal issues but become abstract concepts that are connecting you to other parts in the Creation that you are now able to recognize as correspondences of the same.
And in the same manner are people you meet with in life no longer just personalities to you but you are also aware of their soul level and the spiritual link that is uniting you. Thereby you are able to recognize other people as aspects of your own self.

Sunday, 1 February 2015


It is never too late to begin making positive changes in your self and in your life. Any time you can start following your dreams and start doing new things which you have been longing to do because you intuitively feel, that they would increase your joy and freedom in living.
If you believe that it is too late to start something new or to overcome your bad habits that are compromising your health and joy of living, you are listening to the small but very cunning voice of your hidden fears that is wanting you to stay stuck where you are.
You can talk to this voice in you. You can tell yourself, that you are free and that life is happening here and now and that whatever has been in the past can actually become the past and that you have the right to be different and more positive than you have been yesterday. Nothing bad can happen to you if you are making positive changes in yourself. On the contrary, you will become stronger, more alive and more loving and loveable.


The essence of life is Divine Light and Love. The realization of this truth transforms and transcends your individual consciousness so that henceforth you are living in a new reality of awareness. You are now able to see beauty and truth everywhere. Making you meet your self, the world and life in general with an unwavering inner smile that is radiating through your whole being and gives warmth to others..


If you wish to be strong in the strength, purity and virtue that you are living in and showing to the world you have to base them upon inner strength. Otherwise you are prone to fall victim to your own shows of strength and fall from virtue.
To be truly strong is to manifest the purity and virtues you are developing in your conscious self to the same degree in the exterior world. Only if you are strong in your own self, you are able to grow and develop. In this endeavour your actions must match your inner level of awareness. If they do not, you are like a gardener who waters his seedlings while at the same time he is trampling on them continuously.
To be strong in consciousness is rendering you different from the masses. Therefore, you are bound to be admired in your fortitude and virtue of purity by some and envied or misunderstood by others. And very often you will encounter a mixture of both. All the more important it is that you are remaining independent in your inner strength, purity, virtue and trust(in your self). Also you have to practise detachment from you personal self and its power to live pure goodness. Otherwise you may fall victim to the admiration or the criticisms of others, become vain or doubtful and thus loose your purity and strength.