Wednesday, 11 February 2015


...may not be the best thing for someone else - and vice versa, of course.
What is good and what is bad? This is a question which has many different aspects and levels of understanding it.
However, there is one common denominator which holds true for all. Good/positive are those things which enhance the quantity and quality of light and love and are thus promoting the harmony and well-being in the unity of creation. Bad/negative are all things that are causing harm in any way. Even if their first effect appears to be of a positive nature.
Because everyone is a unique being the question of good or bad upon a personal level must be answered by everyone by themselves. And since life and your self are in a state of on-going development and progression things that have been good and right for you to today may no longer be so tomorrow. In order to know for yourself what you need in order to be your best, most energetic and healthiest self you must learn to listen to your body and also watch the fluctuations of your mind and emotions. Chose to consume and do only those things which are enhancing your inner positivity, clarity and harmony and are strengthening your physical sense of well-being in the long-term. Avoid anything that has bad after-effects on you in any way or is harmful to your environment or destructive to your fellow beings.
Growth and prosperity bot inner and outer, both individual as well as universal, require love and care and mindfulness.
Therefore, seek to do the things that are deepening your love, that you care about and make you feel cared for and things that are sharpening and refining your capacity of mind-awareness. Avoid things that are rendering you uncaring and mindless.

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