Sunday, 1 February 2015


If you wish to be strong in the strength, purity and virtue that you are living in and showing to the world you have to base them upon inner strength. Otherwise you are prone to fall victim to your own shows of strength and fall from virtue.
To be truly strong is to manifest the purity and virtues you are developing in your conscious self to the same degree in the exterior world. Only if you are strong in your own self, you are able to grow and develop. In this endeavour your actions must match your inner level of awareness. If they do not, you are like a gardener who waters his seedlings while at the same time he is trampling on them continuously.
To be strong in consciousness is rendering you different from the masses. Therefore, you are bound to be admired in your fortitude and virtue of purity by some and envied or misunderstood by others. And very often you will encounter a mixture of both. All the more important it is that you are remaining independent in your inner strength, purity, virtue and trust(in your self). Also you have to practise detachment from you personal self and its power to live pure goodness. Otherwise you may fall victim to the admiration or the criticisms of others, become vain or doubtful and thus loose your purity and strength.

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