Saturday, 7 February 2015


Death is the shadow of life. Life being an expression of the Divine light invariably casts shadows in the sphere of forms. Therefore you cannot escape death and dying.
However, having been endowed with the gift of freewill you are in a position to decide over how you wish to live with this fact.
In being afraid of death and dying you are living your personal life in an illusion of being alive only. Because your fear is preventing you from living fully in the present moment of the here-now. Instead it is keeping you trapped in past memories, doubts and future hopes. Furthermore, your fear of the finality of your existence has an intensely limiting and conditioning effect on your mind and imagination. Thereby you are being disabled to raise your consciousness above the level of your personal existence and that of material reality.
Whereas surrendering your fear of dying and death you are made fully alive to the present moment. Releasing your fears clears you mind from its prior conditionings. Thus you are able to raise your consciousness onto higher levels of awareness of both yourself and life. From this vantage point you are in a position to realize our own immortality and the continuance of life beyond the confinements of the material plane.

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