Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Once you are living in the Light of Love, personal achievement ceases to matter because the continual striving for accomplishments and success are by-products of the Ego-Mind, which is constantly afraid to fail, afraid to be of no importance to the world. Not minding any longer whether one succeeds or not does not mean that one has resigned. No, not at all. You still give your best, you still try to get on in the world but because you have come to realize that you are only a tiny part in the Unity of Creation which is governed by a greater law, and that furthermore there is a right time for everything, a hidden logic behind it which you cannot always grasp with your limited Mind, you accept Life as it comes. Understanding that what might look like a failure in the light of the Mind might just as well be a personal achievement, even a great success. It usually does not matter what something looks like on the surface, but rather, what lies behind and beneath it. The invisible side of actions, words and deeds is what truly counts. If they are motivated by Love, Light and Truth, in that they are actions of Faith and Dedication to the Divine Plan and therefore contributing to the sum total of Harmony an Bliss of all there IS- even apparent failure is a success.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


It is part of the inherent nature of the Ego-Mind to always want to own everything. Objects, feelings, people, thoughts, words, places, memories... the list is endless!
The poverty talked of in the Bible and the clericals subscribe them-selves to, refers to freeing your-self from this constant want of possessing everything. Understood on a superficial level only this, of course, attracts very few- and even those not always with the correct motivation behind. It is not meant to be a poverty in which you constantly feel like a victim, left-out or dissatisfied or unlucky in your destiny. Not one in which you secretly covet and hanker after your neighbours possessions, nor one in which you dream about being rich and wealthy. True Poverty is a surrendering to the Divine, realizing that God is always providing you with what you need for living- for as long as you willingly and lovingly full-fill the tasks which you are given and for which you are here for in this present life. Knowing that things come and go, pass through your hands and Life is always a give and take- not just on the generally obviuos physical level. You can be living in Poverty even though you may actually be possesing material riches and vice versa. Material circumstances often can neither be chosen nor altered much in ones life-time but ones attitude towards it because how you regard and cope with the destiny you have been dealt with is entirely up to your own free will. Society in general only sees and recognizes the superficial level, rendering it very difficult to keep ones personal attitude towards it pure and untainted and therefore many are confused and unhappy with their lot. But now, if ever is the time to wake up and to realize that even though we may be here to learn to know our-selves, in truth we are really tiny parts of the Divine Harmony and our personal free will in the form of the Ego-Mind is only of value and influence if we willingly surrender it to the one of the Highest speaking to us through our hearts. All possessions and desires we may posses or desire for are artifical in the sense that they are of value only in the spheres of the Mind. Subscribing your-self to True Poverty therefore could be called an acknowledgment on part of the Ego-Mind towards the Divine that it not of importance what it may desire and wish for because all that really matters in earthly life and what truly counts on the day of reckoning is the amount Love and Light one has lived and expressed while living in the flesh - irrespectable of ones material circumstances. It also a represents a dedication and subjugation of ones physical existance, the flesh and its earthly desires, to the Spiritual side of Creation and God. Putting one-self at His mercy in pure Faith and Love.


Everything true is a pure expression of the Divine and therefore a state of BEing time-less, ageless and impossible to accurately describe with words nor to fully comprehend and grasp with the Mind. At least one part of it- if not wholly so, always remaining invisible because it is of the nature of Light. This is why True Love never dies and why True Art and True Wisdom surpass the ages.

Monday, 25 July 2011


The ultimate Divine Truth can only be expressed in Silence. All words- even the most accurately chosen ones by someone who has attained to the state of Inner Silence and enlightenment- can at best be a clear description hinting at the Truth. God is to be found in the Silence within. A Silence where there are no more thoughts arising in the Mind, no more emotions and feelings asking for your attention. Therefore all words take you away from the Truth- even if they are speaking of God and describing Him. Descriptions are never the real thing- not even where a mundane object is concerned. And since the Divine Truth is only present in the Here/Now,- and never in the Past nor Future because they are creations of the Ego-Mind,- it can never be truly expressed in words. The AUM are the closest you can get to it.
To human-beings talking is generally very common-place and so much a part of their lives that even short moments of Silence appear unbearable. Yet how often are your words more than just an act to satisfy and quieten your Ego-Mind? How often is what you impart to others of real value on more than just a superficial level? The urge to talk about personal matters always arises from the Ego-Mind. And for as long as you identify your-self with that part in you, which is so often disturbed with currents and cross-currents you can never attain to the state of Inner Silence and Truth. Because in moments where there is silence around you the inward noise usually appears to be even louder. But you can be touched by it all the same because the Divine is all-powerful. Everyone feels calmed and soothed by the Silence of the sort God can instill through Mother Nature- even if it may take you a while to become attuned to it. Mother Nature being a very pure expression of the Divine- where it has not been interfeered with by Ego-driven human-beings.

Sunday, 24 July 2011


"Before God there is no Evil"
Like all sayings extracted from the Bible this one bears implications to different levels of existence and understanding. I am going to expand on it from a purely subjective level in the following paragraph.
Since our reality is created by what we are, and especially by what we are thinking, we our-selves hold the key to the state of "No Evil". Once having attained to the state of consciuosness in which you are remaining constantly aware of the Divine spark within your-self and in turn, in all that He hath created, judgement automatically ceases- and of course the Evil dies with it. Therefore the way to remedy "Evil" is not negating or ignoring it but to strive for an enlightened consciousness. Because once your awareness is rooted permanently in the Christ Cosciuosness all judgment ceases, instead you learn to recognize all "Evil" as the opposite side of Love and Light. And seeming Evil will no longer resonate with you on the same base level but create loving compassion instead. And by bestowing your awareness and compassion onto whatebver or whoever is afflicted by it, will lighten the darkness by degrees or even completely remedy it- depending on its proportions.

Saturday, 23 July 2011


New structures and new forms of living, both on a personal and universal level, are what are necessary in order to save this planet and her manifold inhabitants. Great energies of change and re-newel are moving about and within us. New rules and laws of behaviour and living for the human population must be found because the old ways are in general out-dated, stale and dead - but most importantly; impossible to be made compatible with the current influx of cosmic Light-energy which is making our planet become gradually lighter. In order for the new era of the Earth establish itself in the most harmonious way, her children must move with her, for otherwise great collisions between them and her Elemental forces are inevitable. And by moving is meant to achieve personal enlightenment. But for as long as the generality is still holding on and living according to the old ways this process is greatly hindered. Pictorially spoken: you cannot hold on to a rock and still want to flow with the stream. But to let go and blindly follow the current requires immense trust and faith. These two qualities- if they are of the real and lasting kind and not the illusionary and temporary one our Ego-Mind produces - arise from our Spiritual Heart Centre, where we can also feel our connection to the Divine Unity of Creation.
Therefore, new ways of behaviour are called for - on all levels of our being and lives. Firstly, how we act towards and for our-selves (personal consciousness management), secondly towards our fellow creatures and thirdly towards Mother Nature. Although, really, the first one is the one to be concetrated upon because if this one is established all else will simply and naturally follow suit. Once we have learnt to live wholly guided by our Divine intuition - instead of under the rulership of the Ego-Mind -  in complete respect, love and truth towards our-selves, having surrendered to the Divine Will and Love, we will automatically be in harmony with our surroundings and have a healing and balancing effect upon them. Also, our mind will open up naturally to the higher Spiritual realites as well as the Elemental intelligence inherent in Nature.
Of course, while the change in society is in the process of shifting from the old to the new and especially, while the old one is still holding presidency, the moving forward is very difficult and riddled with obstacles and cross-currents. Those individuals who are the pioneers must be strong and steadfast in their conviction that they are on the right track, and their love and faith must be great - for else they will inevitably falter and give in to the majority sooner or later. But the more that they are brave and listen to the voice of their heart, the easier it will become for the others who come after them. Besides trust and faith, patience is required on the parts of the pioneers, because as certain as there is going to BE a great change - it is equally impossible to foretell when and how exactly it is going to take place. But if trust and faith are of the true kind, they automatically instill Patience towards all life. Knowing that there is a greater Intelligence above directing and guiding us.
Although earlier on I have been talking of new ways, really, they are a revival of the wisdom of ancient traditions and nature tribes combined with modern technologies and sciences, and lived by mankind residing in a state of continual Christ Consciuosness.

Friday, 22 July 2011


Our inherent urge to constantly share our inward and outward movements in life is generated by the Ego-Mind which has existence without incessantly drawing up comparisons, without the past and the future. be they of itself compared to a former or future state, of itself in relation to others or circumstances, or comparisons of other people, places etc. In the moments these comparisons stop the Ego-mind ceases to exist.
Also, the Ego-mind can only exist within limitations and defined forms. Therefore when one becomes centred in the Spiritual Heart one comes to feel and realize that all Creation is in fact One and one-self is part of this Divine Unity and the seperateness one has experienced and blieved in before was only illusionary. Once limitations have disappeared one also recognizes that there are in fact no clear cut diivsions between life and death and that they are just two different states of existence complementing each other because without the one the other is not either. The same applying to day and night, light and darkness. And in the widest sense to the pair of God and His creation, too. Because God can only be percieved in relation to His creation and His creation only exists because there was a God to create it in the first place.
To connect oneself consciously to the Unity of Creation, thus becoming an active and positive participant in this Divine harmony, is in fact very simple- given that you are master of your own thoughts.
There are natural and un-natural linitations and exclusions. Generally, all those being installed and felt to be right by the Mind are of the second category. The ones being perceived on a more subtle level and difficult to be expressed in words usually being of the first.


There is only one ultimate Divine Truth but there are as many possible ways to perceive, understand and express it as there are living souls to experience it. However, in our limited way of thinking we tend to believe that there is only one right way to do so- that one usually being our own. But everyone has his/her own unique and singular way to see, feel and perceive the Divine trough life but just as God's Creation is manifold, so are the ways to express, live and comprehend it.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Numreous and repeated experiments have proven that our thoughts are always shared by other minds because they arise from the collective mind and we and our minds, being part of it, inevitably react to it. Also, all manifest has its source in the Spiritual, meaning that whatever we think has is not only shared but not completely new and original either. Acknowledging this fact is humbling to the part of the Ego-Mind within us, who likes so much being the only and first one to know and think of something.


We are here on this planet to learn to know God through knowing ourselves, that is for the development our Souls. Development means expansion. Learning is expansion. But expansion and development encompass having to surpass existing boundaries. This may cause pain and suffering if we resist this process of growth. However, even if we submit to this process willingly, in order to overcome our own limitations we first have to learn to see them and this is itself is painful enough if viewed from the perspevtive of the Ego-Mind.

Monday, 18 July 2011


Every human suffering has at its root the lack of love and light in some way or other. In other words; somewhere along the line a cutting off from the source of essential Divine life energy has occured. Be it on a consciuos or a subconscious level. Every time we find ourselves in a situation of the same kind and do not act differently, that is with love of the Self, we add to the energy-blockage. Therefore the way to relieve all our suffering is by constantly remaining in a state of self-love, irrespectable of the situation at hand. By so doing we will, inch by inch, regain wholeness, harmony and health on all levels of our being.
Love of the Self is never egoistical for as long as it arises from the heart- and not the Ego-Mind.


By thinking and trying to make definite plans for your future- be it of the imminent or long-term kind- you block off the original life-force which makes life move forward an develop.
Holding on to a set idea of how the future must be, you put like a thick wall between yourself and the reality of creation. Rendering the latter invisible, unreachable to you  and cutting yourself off from the natural flow of life. Whereas by constantly fluctuating in your desires and incessantly changing your plans and ideas for the time to come, you loose and waste the vital energy which is needed in order to give concrete shape and direction to the events yet to come. Which in turn will make you remain fixed and truning in a circle in a certain spot of your soul development.
It is good to have ideas and plans for the future but they should never be brooded upon or worried about or held on to mentally. But rather like clear cut objects made of glass, they should be taken up at ceratin times, looked at in an objective light and then stored away in a safe and quiet place and best forgotten about. In this way your dreams will manifest themselves in the reality of actual life if they have been of the kind beneficient to your soul development.
Should you, however, in the meantime still catch yourself thinking upon them- which being human this is very well possible- place them mentally in a bubble of clear iridescent air and let them drift away  out of sight and into the Light.


Teach yourself to see the Divine Light. It is visible wherever there is Life. You are thinking that you cannot see it? You can! But probably not in the way you are used to see things, therefore you must learn to look differently. Practise to become still within. Still within your feelings, mind and body. Teach youself to remain in there at intervalls- cocentrating on not doing , thinking, feeling anything, just observing. Eyes open or closed. And one day- probably sonner than you expect to if you truly dedicate yourself to this task- you will see the Divine Light residing at the core of all things created by God, And from there you may even learn to percieve it within yourself, within each atom of your being. Or maybe for you it happens the other way around and you will awake to you own Divine Centre residing within first before you are able to see distinguish it in the exterior.
But whichever it is going to be- try it and practise diligently to let yourself believe in magical things! Nothing is impossible, unless you yourself believe it to be so!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011


By looking for the Truth in the exterior world we actually move away from it and are very prone to loose ourselves in the maze of self-made illusions. For what we experience as the world without is nothing else but the projections of our subconsciuos. But as those projections seem very real and often like the only reality there is, to negate them on the ground of them being insubstantial in the greater perspective, is not making it easier for us to overcome and transform them. On the contrary- how can you learn from something and realize its meaning on a personal level if you work from the presumption it does not exist in the first place? So the way to move forward on the path of self-enlightenment and to become the fully intergrated multidimensional beings we are meant to be, is to neutrally observe what we encounter in the without and look beyond its first appearence and beyond our initial reaction to it and search for the root-cause within ourselves, our own mind and body complex. Everything we meet with in the outside that causes in us a resisting and negative reaction should give rise to close introspection because that is where we are hindering ourselves from moving forward and fully developing our Divine potentials. You cannot solve inner boundaries and restrictions by resisting and negating them. The only way to overcome and transform them is by bestowing loving attention and understanding on them and watch them melt away further each time we have have not shied away from them.

Thursday, 7 July 2011


The world is a magic place. It is up to us to recognize this fact and henceforth live accordingly. It does not matter where or how you live. Of course, for some people it is much easier to see the beauty around because they are actually living in a very beautiful place already and they have no hardships to endure. Others may be of ill health and living in poverty and for them it may seem much more difficult to realize the miracles life provides anew with every passing moment. But on the other hand, it is usually the less fortunate who are more content with life- simply because they accept what they have and do not constantly strive for more. For indeed, what are all the riches of the world if the individual who they belong to is never statisfied, never feels at rest?
But once you have started to truly believe that this world is a kind of wonderland and that your life, too, is very special, that luck accompanies your every step and that everything happens for you best- things around you will change. Maybe not immediately. Maybe at first it will get worse and your circumstances even more diffcult to bear. But if you keep on holding on to the images of beauty, peace and joy of living within yourselve and cultivate your ability to see them everwhere in small things in the outside, eventually they will come to you in bigger forms. It is inevitable because what you are is what the world mirrors back at you.