Tuesday, 31 January 2012


Dear reader, whatever you may have already heard or read about personal Spiritual Guides- it will have been experiences of someone else or of someone generalizing matters or quoting expamles originating from different sources. And what I am going to tell you, are only my own experiences. Unless you set out on your own quest and get to know YOUR own Spiritual Guide(s) and begin establishing a relationship with them- you can read as much as you like on this topic- without ever actually gaining any real knowledge. So I am hoping that maybe reading this account will inspire you to start out on your own adventure of getting to know your own Spiritual Guide(s) - should you be still hesitating on its threshold. Or if you have already started out on it, to investigate into this special relation-ship(s) a little further.
I am going to give a bit of general information on Spritual Guides first and will gradually move on to my own personal experiences. The theoretical knowledge has been passed on to me by teachers. However, I have since put it to the test my-self and it has been confirmed by my own experience.

As far as I have been taught, everyone is being allocated a personal Guide even before their incarnate into their present physical body. Some people have angels for their Guides but in general they are advanced souls who therefore are in a position to act as mentors to the living. This first personal Guide is the so-called "Gate Keeper" and remains with the one person until physical death occurs but may step into the background at times and let others take the lead for a while. Depending on the indiviuals path in life and development the current tasks at hand, there may be a whole group of them assisting the living for certain periods of time. Baisically, in whatever we do, the Spirit World is helping us in the best way they can in order to make our path as smooth as possible. Of course, this requires our willingness to listen and follow their advice.
One does not have to be a clair-voyant to be aware of ones Spiritual Guide(s). Anyone prepared to dedicate some time and effort and personal commitment can learn to sense his/her/their presence and form a personal relationship with them...
I am clair-voyant but still, I do not usually see my Guides. That is, I can see them if I feel like it but generally I am more interested in actually communicating with them. The means of communication with the Spirit World is telepathy. I mostly get their messages and impulses directly via my inner voice of Intuition. I like to take time early in the morning to blend wholly with their level of energy. This little exercise faciliates our communication during the rest of the day. With the additional effect of turning each day into a magical row of "coincidences". However, at times it occurs, that my attention is absorbed elsewhere and I am not listening to their directions. In those moments they are making them-selves noticeable by gently touching my hand or if I am still not heeding them, actually pinching me. Of course, only if an important reason calls for it, else they leave me lost in my occupation until I my-self feel like re-emerging from it.
To give you an example: while I have been writing this post, I was completely concetrated upon finding the appropriate sentences and correct wording to explain this quite complex topic of Personal Guides. In the course of it, I had utterly forgotten that I was actually meant to leave home at a certain hour for an appointment that day. Now just in time for me to be still be able to make it, I felt a tugging at my elbow and looking up, my gaze met the digital display of my clock.

Regarding my life, it is only relatively recently that I have learnt of the existance of Spiritual Guides. However, looking back, I can think of numerous turning-points upon my destiny's path, in which they have assisted me and directed my steps. It was always in those moments, where I wholly trusted and followed my "gut-feeling"- that "chance" had dealt me the greatest opportunities. And of course, I also recall instances, where the opposite has happened, when I resisted their subtle and unobtrusive guidance and- figuratively speaking,- banged my head against a wall... 
In every-day life, of course, we do not usually meet daily with vital turning-points of destiny- and yet, in a way, each single moment of our lives can be a turning-point of a kind. That is, if we chose to make it one. Since we have been given Free Will by our Maker, it is our own responsibility to make the right choices in our lives.

Should you now be asking your-self the question: "what is the point in getting attuned to my Spiritual Guide(s)?" There are several possible answers I can think of:
a)Developing and refining your sensitivity.
b)Creating a contrast to, and thus balancing out, the mainly Mind-oriented reality society dictates.
c)Finding a new friend/friends and forming a relation-ship that will last your whole life and even beyond.
d)Enhancing the fun-factor in your every-day life, for I can tell you from my own experience, they have a great sense of humour.
e)Rendering their task to assist and guide you easier and actually create more opportunities for them to be there for you faciliating your journey through this world of dense matter.
And I am sure there are many more points which speak for forging close a friend-ship with Spiritual Guides, but I will leave it up to you to find them out for your-self:-)

Monday, 30 January 2012


That which you have never experienced or not yet recognized within your-self, you can neither perceive in others nor in your surroundings. Awareness of the exterior life is thus defined by personal consciousness within. Therefore, by enhancing your self-knowledge, your outlook on life gains clarity and colour.
Having found your Divine centre, that place within you, which is of eternal Light, Love and Truth, enables you to see the Divine beauty in everyone and everything else about you, too. It cannot be otherwise. However, in everyday life you might still meet people you do not like or disagree with some things happening in the world. But these facts will no longer have the power to disturb your sense of inner harmony, and your feeling of compassionate love in the heart remains untainted by them.
Also, whereas before such circumstances may have given you rise to critizise and find fault in others, it now makes you turn around instead, and search within your-self for the reason why this particular person or situation has come to your notice. Every single encounter and every occurence in life you are being confronted with - be this directly or indirectly,- has got something to do with your-self. Hence it must hold a clue to further personal self-enlightenment. Each instance offers you the opportunity to enter even deeper into the intricasies of life and thus to further refine your consciousness. The path of self-enlightenment can always be persued further, it only ends in the re-uninion with God, so even so-called saints still have a long way to go yet, because they are still human and no human being is infallible. Therefore, even if you have attained personal enlightenment, do not become complacent, but remain alert to life's continuous changes.
 Besides, in your newly-found state of unconditional Love and Light, your journey through this world of matter is, or should be, no longer burdensome to you, but rather an adventure in the sphere of Duality from which you can only come out enriched.

Sunday, 29 January 2012


Liberating your-self from the idea that you are limited to your body, feelings and Mind only, time ceases to matter in the old way and makes way for the realization of your actual immortality.

Saturday, 28 January 2012


In order to keep a relationship alive, it is necessary, to regard your-self and the other as what you truly are and to never take the others presence for granted. No matter who you are or he/she is, everyone is a unique, precious and loveable being in essence, worthy of respect and love. Of course, it goes without mentioning, that in any successful and harmonious realtion-ship, this attitude must by reciprocal.
You may not always like or comprehend each other's personality traits, but this should not keep you from maintaning a mutual regard for the other in an honest attempt to understand a character different from yours.
Never tell your-self, you know your-self, or the other. Never believe you know what you or he/she is going to say/do next- because you do not really. Life is ever-changing and thus mostly unpredictable, taken as what it truly is and not as what your pre-biased mind is thinking it should be. Also, not expecting anything in particular opens the field for possible reactions.
Boredom has not got a chance to kreep into a relation-ship if you remain receptive to the tides of change and always keep your Mind, heart and senses open towards the wonderous beings you both are and the miracle of life that is happening trhough and around you.


Silence is a juwel, whose beauty is apparent only to those, who are willing to open their hearts in receptivity to its message. It is a secret, which is difficult to distinguish, yet very simple to understand.

Moments of silence are a commodity, which in modern society have become a rare luxury. Simlarly, the virtue of keeping silent in people has become a seldom trait.
And yet, in the Silence, the Truth speaks the clearest, is to be heard the loudest and the Love felt the strongest.
Therefore, give your-self the time to experience solitary moments in the pure silence of your being. Enjoy moments shared in the company of others, unobliterated by words.
At first, patience may be necessary in order to cultivate this new habit, but you will find, that diligent practise is going to enhance the beauty of your silent moments.

Thursday, 26 January 2012


No amount of knowledge attained by laborious study is of any worth beyond the grave. The only knowledge worth possessing is the one that has been absorbed by your own consciousness through personal experience. The instructions of your true teacher(s) are ultimately to be found within the Self. However, until you are able to hear the wise words arising from you Heart's centre, it is good to read informing books and to listen to other people's aquired knowledge. But never believe what you read or are being told   you have proved- or disproved it by your own experience and thus made your own.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


All things are here-now and can only be Now because, time is but a mirror in which your progress of consciousness is reflected. It could thus be said, that time and place are a wholly subjective experience. If your consciousness is burdened and obscured by feelings, thoughts and impressions of the senses arising unconsciously and/or personal identification with them, you will feel the restrictions of time and place weighing heavily upon you and your daily existance. Whereas if your consciousness is highly atuned to the reality of Divine Light, Love and Truth, it casts no more tangible reflections in the mirror of time and place. Time and place, having thus lost their substance for you, will become a reality which no longer hinders your Spirit's progress in this world of matter. Living in the eternal Now and having realized the power lying therein, you have become its master.
Divine Love, Light and Truth only exist in here-now. Therfore, identification with your thoughts and accompanying physical sensations and feelings invariably lures you away from the present moment because they are either conditioned by memories of the past or dreams/anticipation for the future. In identifying your-self with them, you either become lost in the sphere of the Mind, or Body, or Feelings or a mixture. However, in every single moment of your existance you possess Free Will. Meaning, you always have a choice of decision and it is up to you to seize it right here and now and to change the pattern of your consciousness.


In the following I am going to expand a theory which might serve as a possible answer to the question of why our Souls would chose to come back to a life in Earth time after time. Now, in order to find approximate terms for the intrinsically complex system of Divine Intelligence we are living in and part of, whose complete understanding surpasses by far the comprehension of our human minds, a crude simplification of the whole is necessary.
The Divine Unity of Creation/God knows It-self through its parts. We, as Divine Sparks, form vital parts of this Unity. The structures of life in which this Divine Force/God manifests it-self are always repeated- in the greatest/highest, as well as in the smallest/lowest part of the Unity and no amount of life-force is ever wasted or lost, it only changes its form. (If you need an example to prove this: recall the cycle of the Water.) Its origin is the Divine Source/God. From there it flows forth eternally, from the highest Spiritual level of existance/consciousness down to the lowest and back up again. Thus forming an endless cycle of birth, life, death and desintergration. Our physical world in this case constituting the lowest level.
One could say, that we, as Spiritual beings incarnated into this world of dense matter in order to faciliate the return of the above mentioned life-force back to the Divine Source. Because in collecting experiences in the world of forms, we are evolving our-selves and simultaneaously involve the universe. Metaphorically speaking, if the Divine Source is the brightest Light imaginable, the physical sphere is the densest darkness, of course, with all the nuances of brightness/darkness inbetween. Developing this similae further; each grain of darkness that is being lived out by/through us consciously, is turned into Light. This is why personal enlightenment increases the sum total of consciuosness in the Divine Unity of Creation. Looking at it from this point of view, it is actually our duty to live as much as we can. And by "living" is not meant revelling in the reality of the Ego but time spent in the awareness of the Truth, that surpasses the purely subjective one.
How can the latter be attained? By loving your-self unconditionally in all that you are, were and ever shall be and in realizing your personal responsibility towards your-self and the Unity. Love and acceptance of what IS, will set the foundation upon which to build your own kingdom of Light, whose beauty is further enhanced by every experience made in this enlightened attitude.

Monday, 23 January 2012

BIBLE, Water

The Element of Water is the representant for Feelings. Feelings being part of the personality make-up. Christ is the personified Love aspect, which transcends the personality and forms a direct link with the individuality.
In the light of the above mentioned, Christ walking on water takes on a completely different meaning from the one ordinarily derived.
Non-identification with personal feelings opens consciousness to compassionate Love. Living in this Christ-consciousness the personality-self is in direct contact with the individuality-self and thus aware of the bigger picture, thus making you invulnerable towards the perishable facts of life in Earth.
Our Lord Jesus Christ went before us to teach us that by rising above the limitations of the personality it is possible to be living in the world yet without being of it.


Taking the words written in the Bible at their face value, one is doomed to misinterpret and by so doing miss their real message. The Bible's content is highly meaningful upon many levels of understanding. The Truth it contains is universal yet accessible only to the earnest seeker who is willing to look beyond the surface and sacrifice the Ego. Its Truth, and the Truth behind any religion/faith, cannot be preached in words but only silently and diligently lived out by each man and woman for them-selves, thus setting an example for others to follow.


Mother Nature is reminding us daily that the only constancy in life is change, an endless cycle fluctuating between birth and decay. Hence all things static are doomed to be broken up/abolished or to go under/fall with the passage of time. This should be the first law being obeserved in our lives, regardless whether it be in the building of a house, state or relationship. But because the human Mind is still largely dominated by the fear-oriented Ego, to whom the idea of change appears terrifying, this is rarely done. Instead it clings on to the idea that everlasting stability can be achieved by intention and consequently meets with disappointment allong the way. Or worse, by putting up a fight against it and reaps bitterness, anger, (self-)accusation and (self-)deception.
Therefore, in the building of an architectural structure, the materials chosen should be of a natural origin so that when it is no longer in use, its decay does not contaminate Our Mother. In setting up a state or social system it is important to observe that the differences existing on all levels down to the indiviuals, are a fact. Hence the imposed system must be flexible and allowing growth and development at the same time as giving a sound ground structure upon which to form a funcioning society. And in relationships the awareness kept present, that with the time passing the shared path in life may no longer exist, be it either due to destiny, death or simply differing personal development.
That there is constant change in the life through and around us causes difficulties only with the human-beings. Animals, Elementals, plants and minerals simply go with the change. However, going back to a time, where the human race was still living in accordance with Mother Nature, this was not so. But it seems that the seperation from being At One with the changes imposed by Nature/Life were necessary in order for us to come back to it with a hightened awareness, enabling us to live the At-Oneness with Mother Nature upon a higher level of evolution than before the period of separation.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


All life in Earth is seperateness from the Divine source. The difficulty of being human is that we are not only caught inbetween the Spiritual and physical realities- but actually aware of it. Plus we have been endowed with a Mind and Feelings into the bargain, which further complicate the situation. As long as you are identifying with Mind, Body and Feelings you are stuck in the dilemma of never knowing where you really are belonging and which faculty to trust. The way out of the confusion is by remaining unattached and identified only with your Spirit. This creates the possibility to integrate all four levels of your being and in so doing you are actually ascending in consciuosness to the fifth dimension.


It is a commonly acknowledged truth that "beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder". The same goes for "perfection". Also, it is no news that how you believe and see your-self to be, decides how and what the world thinks of you. Therefore, the way to become beautiful, or rather to seing the beauty and perfection in your-self is not by reading and believing what the adverts and society ideals are telling you but by loving and accepting your-self as you are right here and now, as well as what you were yesterday and will be tomorrow. Believing your-self beautiful by ways of comparisons is making you conceited and arrogant, whereas believing your-self beautiful out of a feeling of self-love makes you shine in humble gratitude towards Our Maker.
All life has been created by God and every single part of it is beautiful and perfect in its own unique way. Comparisons destroy this beauty, because in comparing you are forced to render either one or the other part less or more.

Saturday, 21 January 2012


Beyond suffering and darkness there shines the Light of Love through all Eternities of Life.
Human-beings are born to suffer, the suffering in this case being wholly self-incured, self-chosen and arising from a state of inner disharmony. This sounds like a hard saying but it is true, or has been true for thousands of years of human evolution. Now is the time where human-kind is waking up to the reality of Love, each individual finding his/her way to a state of inner harmony by finding the right balance between personal free will and God's. The suffering is not an enemy, but a friend there to show you, where you have erred from the Divine plan, showing you where there is still something to be learned about your-self. All sufferings originate from an inbalance between the four lower levels of being which have probably been caused by a repeated refusal of Love and missuse of personal free in the past. Of course, it is impossible to reverse time and undo all mistakes and misdeeds done in the past. However, by the willingness to shed Light upon your darknesses and by way of finding the right balance between the four lower levels of your being which can be either termed: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual or the earthly, passive, active and heavenly, the possibility of attaining to the freedom of the here-now and the fifth dimension is created. In this place of stillness, where the vertical and horizontal reality meet in your consciousness, reigns harmony because by remaining there you are freed from all desires of the Senses and Mind be they of the past, present or future. From there you are able to recognize your true path of destiny. This hightened awareness awakens and opens the Spiritual Heart, the centre within you that is of unconditional Love, also called the Christ consciousness. Because you are now no longer caught in, and blinded by, neither your personal struggle between past attachments and dreams of the future, nor the often opposing realites of the four lower levels of your being, your life in Earth gains clarity and simplicity, enabling you to master your Karmic lessons with much more ease and lightness. The firmer you become rooted in this state of Divine consciuosness and unconditional Love, the brighter your inner light shines through your words, deeds and acts. Effectively turning your life into a dance of Love and Light, instead of an eternal running away from responsibility and hiding from the Truth in the way it has formerly been. This in turn, has the power to inspire others to follow your example and to rise above their personal sufferings, too. Indeed this is the only way to help those whom you love to find their personal way to the here-now. To put it in Biblical words: everyone has his own cross to bear, implying that you cannot help others directly, only by helping your-self can those around you be helped, too.

Friday, 20 January 2012


Learn to know thy true self and you will come to understand the world around you. Discovering the God-source within your-self clarifies your perception, enabling you to see the Divine within and behind all forms of life. Now, seen through eyes that speak of the stillness found within, all exterior movements and changes no longer carry you with them, but rather deepen your inner peace further, because your concentration rest upon their origin, which being Eternal radiates calm silence.

Monday, 16 January 2012


Light is untouchable, all conquering, eternal. It is threatened neither by darkness nor evil forces. It shines through any night, holds the power to enlighten any darkness and its beaming golden-white rays cause evil to shrink and shy away.
Therefore, in times of difficulties, worries and sorrow, let your concentration rest upon your Divine spark of Light residing within your heart. Let this inward Light shine forth through your eyes when you are confronting the darkness in question. By holding on to your belief in this Light, whatever is disturbing you can be over-come or passed-through without causing you any harm. On the contrary, afterwards you will feel strengthened and enriched by the experience, which in turn will increase the brightness of your inward Light.

Sunday, 15 January 2012


Love, silence, gratitude, Light are states of BEing. If you hold them within you, they conquer by their sheer existance. They make you shine from within and no action on your part is necessary in order to infect those around you and your enviroment with their beneficinent influence. They arise from your Heart centre.
Whereas hate, anger, fear are feelings and always need an object to project them-selves on. Getting others to agree with you, or even to keep your-self convinced of them, usually reqires many words, reasonings, explanations. They are rooted in the Mind, created by the Ego, which is of subjective existance only.
What is of real worth in this world conquers by way of its simple existance, it is of a passive force and requires no fighting. Hence, whatever has been achieved by sheer force of will or even abusive actions towards others (or your-self) is worthless in it-self. Although it may also serve as an experience helping you to understand life better- of course, only given you are willing to apply your consciuos awareness to it.
However, this does not imply that being active is wrong. But the activity should be rooted in the determination of your Spirit to create and manifest it-self - and not coming from the ego-driven Mind.

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Only man-made objects, made from artificial materials are limited. Anything else in the world we are living in, and all that lies beyond it and also within our-selves, is free from limitations. Just like a single ray of sunlight can be split up into seven major rays of colours and zillions of sub-colours, so can anything else in manifestation be seen from countless differnt perspectives, revealing from each one an endless variety of different meanings, implications and connotations. Which is why, by limiting your-self to what is apparent to you on a purely superficial and subjective level only, you are missing the greatest part of life happening around and through you. Living your life lost in the subjective world of emotions, thoughts and feelings, you will most probably experience the following feelings on a regular basis- or if not, instead generate them in those living around you by your self-centred behaviour. Anger, hopelessness, confinement, confusion, greed, fear etc. However, once you have ceased to identify your-self with your feelings, emotions, thoughts and physical appearence, you become free to see what is happening to, and around you from more than just your own personal point of view. Seeing life from this multi-layered perspective, holds the possibility to endow you with a wealth of new experiences and higher revelations.