Sunday, 24 August 2014


To be loving another person whole-heartedly is a beautiful experience.
However, you must not make them the centre of your universe. You have to bear in mind that you are a universe onto yourself, just as they are theirs even though you are currently sharing a world together. All exterior creations of life are subject to changes and they all die one day. Your own inner life, the centre of the universe of your individual existence alone endures the passage of time.


Consciousness unites, whereas physicality separates.
True union can only take place in spirit and at heart. Therefore, to be believing that acts of physical loving is bringing you closer to another human being, is to be following an illusion of unity, which will bring you to disillusion one day.


Our whole existence including our physical life on earth is a spiritual quest after the light and love of God.
Therefore, to be helping others on their individual path trough life is to be aiding them in their progress towards the universal source of light and love.
However, because this fount of imperishable life can only be found by each and everyone at their own heart, preaching the seekers doctrines is useless. nay, even misleading because it fosters the idea that to fervently believe in mental constructions is the solution to their suffering.
To be truly aiding others is to lead an exemplary life in the awareness of God. And should they turn directly towards you in their need to teach them how to recognize the light and love existing at the core of their own self


To be believing in something which your physical eyes cannot see, your ears cannot hear, your hands cannot touch and your mind cannot grasp requires a certain amount of personal faith and trust. Therefore, strength and the willingness to sacrifice your self are needed if you are whole-heartedly following the Divine in your life.
However, because the Divine is endowing those who are believing in it and those who are surrendering their selves to it naturally and abundantly with strength, trust and faith even those who are initially lacking in spiritual fortitude can turn towards it. And after the first step towards God on their part the link to the Divine source is established and the power of love and light comes pouring into their doubting and fearful hearts and minds, lifting them up and out of their personal fear and into a state of trust and faith in God, in life and their selves.
Because God is the power we are deriving our existence from we are intuitively drawn towards it in difficult times and ultimately turn towards it once we are willing to give up our personal fights and to receive true support.

Saturday, 23 August 2014


There is a way to come to know your true Self which is making you study the reflections in the exterior world and in other people. And there is another path to your Self. This one is taking you within, making you watch the movements of life taking place within your own Self.
However all paths to the knowledge of your Divine essence must ultimately be trodden inside. It cannot be otherwise because the Divine truth lies at the heart of all created things and beings. Therefore it is essential to your spiritual development to be able to stay alone with yourself without distractions and to be happy in such a state. And when you have found and merged with you true self inside you will be in contact with the whole world and everyone in it. So aloneness is rendering you consciously a part of the Unity of Creation, while being with other people more often than not is keeping you apart from it and gets you lost in illusionary unions.

Friday, 22 August 2014


The church and society are promoting the idea that sinning is an exterior act. Whereas to sin is in fact an interior action of turning against your own self and betraying your true nature. By this act you are cutting yourself off from the source of love and instead of loving yourself the way you are, you are starting to hate yourself and hide in shame before yourself and the world. You are sinning, when you are believing the views and opinions others are having of you, rather than staying true to your inner truth, your inner perception of yourself and accepting/loving it just the way it is.
Therefore to sin is to negate the God given love which is yours always and without you would not exist.


The spiritual heart, the invisible counterpart of our physical heart, is the centre of our higher self. The head as the seat of the rational mind is the centre of our Ego-self. By submitting ourselves to the voice of the heart, the Divine intuition, we are following the Divine will and love for us and are contributing our best to the sum-total of harmony. Whereas in allowing the Ego to rule our lives, we are only looking after our own lower selves and are usually working against the well-being of the sum-total of all existences.
In young children who have not yet developed a personal Ego and have not yet had the opportunity to experience fear, the heart and the head are still closely linked together and it is the heart which is the centre of their existence and its voice is leading their actions.
For as long as the heart and the head are in connection with each other the individual is in a state of inner harmony and in harmony with the whole of existence.
Fear is the cause that is creating the rift between the heart and the head. The greater this rift is the more the Ego feels the need to fight for itself and the less personal harmony is possible, the further removed is the "I" from the true Self and its natural connection to the Universal  source of love.
All illnesses are created by fear and by the inner disruption of the love link between the higher and the lower Self.
Therefore, true healing can only happen if the fear that is keeping the Ego isolated from the heart and its power of love is being removed, i.e. dissolved by love, acceptance, understanding, awareness in and for the own Self. Thus the link between the two parts of your being is being recreated and harmony can re-establish itself naturally.

Sunday, 17 August 2014


Saying that you are sorry does not alter the fact that you have done something you should not have/should have done differently - even if this be only in your personal estimation of the ideal behaviour. It is considered polite social behaviour to be excusing yourself and asking other people to pardon you for your personal minor and bigger failings, misdeeds, misunderstandings, faults, absences and also for a number of other things.
However, no one other but yourself can forgive you. And if others may seemingly do it in your place it might relieve your bad conscious for an instance but the next moment finds your back in your sense of personal guilt. In short: the only way to true forgiveness is by forgiving yourself for the way you are in every moment of time. Thereby you are becoming immune to the opinions of others, who are still living in guilt and thus are projecting their inner dissatisfaction on you in the attempt to relieve their own sense of guilt. And, of course, you naturally cease to see others as guilty of anything.

Thursday, 14 August 2014


I love because I am
I trust because I am
I breathe because I am
I forgive because I am
I love, I trust and
I forgive because I am alive.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


When relationships are breaking up or when there are grave arguments between close friends/relations the usual reaction of those who are involved in it is to look for the mistakes one or both sides have made in order to find out who is "at fault" for the rupture.
However, no-one is at fault, no one made mistakes. The disharmony occurred because both were simply being themselves. And because their unresolved personal issues of unconscious fear are the same the closeness to the other person brought them to the surface and this caused the rupture.
If one must talk about "faults" and "mistakes" in this context the only thing to be reproached is the held expectations towards the self and the other person.


There are two kinds of curiosity. The one is born of fear and the other of joy. The first is motivated by the Ego's desire to know as much as possible in order to feel secure/loved/assured/worthy. The Ego wants to know in order not to be an outsider, not to be thought of as ignorant and stupid, not to be lonely.
Whereas the second type of curiosity is a natural openness towards new experiences and impressions. It is motivated by the higher Self, which is living in the world through the lower Self. It is the inherent instinct of the Divine Spirit to develop, unfold and manifest its full potential.