Tuesday, 22 March 2016


Do you take time for yourself? Do you give time to your self? Or do you simply have time for your self? Naturally, in a relaxed and happy state of being without having to justify, explain or reason it in any way to yourself or to others?
The way you are thinking and speaking about your disposal of time in life regarding your self, but also regarding the time you have for others, work, daily chores and free time reflects your unconscious state of self and the degree of your (self-)awareness.
Can you be resting and inert without defined purpose/occupation in life and not feel like a perpetrator guilty and restless? Simply living and not feel like a victim or an unconscious victim either by falling ill or feeling useless and weak?
This is one way to explain why Buddha is depicted as a smiling man just sitting, doing nothing. To be able to do like him may be one of the most difficult lessons we can leran in life. To be resting in our selves, resting also in the outside world and just watching and smiling contentedly.

Monday, 21 March 2016


Emotional freedom comes with ceasing to hold other people or your external circumstances in life responsible for your current (inner) state of being. This hold true form both negative and positive experiences of self in the self.