Sunday, 22 November 2015


Feel free and you are free. Do not wait and hope for others to tell that you are (allowed) to feel and be so. Surrender your sense of guilt for being who you are and simply express your inner freedom by being your true self. Those who are ready and free enough in themselves will share your freedom in joy, whilst others will pass out of your life. If you are free in being your true self you are always safe, protected and strong, so do not be afraid and believe those who are wanting you to believe that feeling guilty/unfree in yourself is giving you securities in life.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015


Your are the one I seek for in my dreams
because you are the one who is giving rise to them.
Likewise you are the cause for my hopes.
You are the me I yearn to know
and you are the one who is my self of love.
In my dreams I err
and in my hopes I am disappointed
until I can see you clearly in the light of love.


At some point on your individual path to self enlightenment you cease to be hung up upon desiring to be understood by other people because you have come to realize that it is much more important that you understand your self in the first place. By arriving at an understanding of your own self you suddenly feel understood by others, too, effortlessly. Also, you will become more interested to try understanding others than wanting to be understood by them because you have come to understand that understanding others is a way to reach a better understanding of yourself simultaneously since others are simply serving you as a mirror to your as yet unconscious aspects of self.


In essence humankind is fashioned after God. Therefore, the spiritual part of our selves is possessed of Divine powers rendering the love inherent in our spirit and soul immortal, eternal. Whereas our personality in its physical abode is fashioned after Mother Nature and thus its powers of love are perishable and changing with the tides of life.
You can love a flower, enjoy its beauty and its unique presence. However, if you make your feelings of joyous love dependent upon its existence you are bound to suffer when it passes away, which it surely will.
In the same manner can you be sure to suffer if you focus too much upon the love you feel for a particular person. Rather concentrate upon the sensation love at the core of your being which is stirred and strengthened by the experience of your personal feelings of love and allow this experience to make you experience immortality.


In order to truly hear and see another person you have to do more than stop speaking yourself and turn your ears and gaze towards the other. You have to become silent in your self and with your mind and open your heart to the being of the other. Otherwise all you are hearing and seeing are your own notions, projections and prejudices of how you believe the other to be like.
Relationships are usually sought because there is a need in the self to be heard and seen and thus understood by another person. However, it can be observed that very often there is no true relating happening between two partners because both parties are too busy listening to and seeing themselves instead of being willing and ready to truly listen to and see their partner.