Saturday, 30 March 2013


"Where there is a will there is a way" goes a popular proverb. However unless there is love besides the will, the way opening up by the directed will, is bound to be a blind alley. Because only will and love joined together have the power to create lastingly. And the love mentioned here is a love that transcends purely personal preferences and likings because otherwise the love really is just another word for the personal will, which again is leading nowhere besides to the satisfaction of egoistical desires which are invariably bringing their opposite side along with them.
The reason for this is very simple: only when personal free-will is moving in harmony with God's will, it brings prosperity to your life. And the aspect of self-less love is the deciding factor, which is bringing it into attunement with the will of God.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013


From an energetic point of view it does not matter if you want/like something or if you do not. Because the attention you are paying it within your thoughts, linked with the emotions they are causing in you, are bringing the thing/happening into your reality. Or in case of a person, they are being attracted to you.
Consciousness creates reality and so whatever you are focussing your thoughts or emotions upon is not only brought into existence but also clings to you.
And since it is one of the Ego’s main characteristics to continually like/dislike, want/not want, the only way to get out of this constant inner controversy, which is creating a reality you are suffering from, is to raise your conscious awareness above the level of your Lower Self and its Ego.
Only thus will you be able to consciously formulate positive thoughts and fill them with the pure emotion of selfless love. Therefore loving indifference towards your Ego’s wishes and desires is the only way to be able to freely create your reality and to consciously chose the kind of people you are meeting with therein.


When you truly understand, accept and love who and what you are, you no longer care whether the world is thinking or saying about. However in your state of joy and inner freedom you are loving the world, despite their possible reservations towards you and in this positivity you are remaining untouched by their criticism.

Monday, 25 March 2013


Words and names are potencies of power. However they can be reduced to numbers, which are in themselves even purer representatives of life-force.
The more distinctly you are aware of this power-side of life in manifestation, the less hung up you are upon its outward appearances and thus the better you are able to use words and names in their true sense in a powerful way.

Saturday, 23 March 2013


Ideally the body is meant to be the temple of its indwelling soul, being used for constant and devout worship of the Divine essence manifested in the element of earth and matter of which it forms a part. However because the body is alive and not made of stone like a temple, one misses its vital aspect in reducing it to the sole idea of a temple.
The physical body is part of the Ego and the unenlightened Ego is always living in fear and thus eternally caught between the sides of victim and perpetrator.
Thus it is that to the majority of people their body appears to be a mixture between an oppressed slave or a brutal master or a hated enemy. Or they are loving and worshipping it as a means for indulging in purely physical pleasures. So depending upon their present state of mind, emotions and their physical well-being, they are either fearing, loving or hating it.
Since your physical body is a living part of your incarnated self, serving you as a means to experience the Divine in matter, it ought to be your closest ally. And like a well-serving friend, you should treat it with love and respect, while at the same time remaining its master always.
In order to live in freedom towards something, you have to be its master in love.
However the fact that the physical body is made of unconscious matter, is rendering it very difficult to attain to complete freedom from it. Because the element of dense matter is forming the great unconscious part of creation and thus even personal enlightenment is no immediate and complete safe-guard against all physical suffering. Even though in an enlightened state you are no longer actively suffering because you are no longer identifying with your Ego and your physical self, all the same your body ages and may suffer from pain at times.
In order to become a complete master of your physical aspect you have to enlighten each cell and atom of your being alongside your mind.
Just like the spiritual atoms within the Greater Universe, the human souls, which are being  fed by the love and light of God, and through it indirectly lead and on their way to and an enlightened state of being, so can the atoms of your physical body reach freedom through enlightenment by your loving and directing awareness of mind and heart.
However since the physical body is the lowest aspect of your Lower Self it is advisable and in the natural course of personal evolution to first completely master your mental and especially your emotional levels before attempting to achieve utter control over your physical body mentally. Otherwise you are putting yourself in danger of becoming the victim of your unconscious emotions, which will claim their rights by being omitted.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013


Listening to music can help you to develop the ability to feel a rhythm within your body and to teach you how to move in tune with it. However this is only a preparatory step towards the real thing, which is to be aware of the unique rhythm of your own being and your individualized Divine essence.This can be found in silence only. By attuning your whole being, mind, body and higher senses to silence, you can learn to feel the Divine force vibrating within and through you and thus creating a rhythm, which is moving you from your heart inside out.

Saturday, 16 March 2013


What might appear like an insurmountable situation, is in fact only a manifestation of rigid beliefs and gridlocked patterns of behaviour, existing upon the level of the Lower Self and its inherent Ego.
Should you happen to find yourself at a point in your life, where you cannot see your way out - drop all your ideas and concepts, hopes and desires concerning this particular situation. Instead focus upon the vitally important - your breath - whenever you are catching your thoughts returning to their self-made prison.
Be aware of the flow of your breath and follow it mentally by consciously formulating key-words like light, clarity, etc. within you mind. And back them up with visualisations of light, space, etc.
In this manner you will by means of the power of your conscious awareness, by and by, reduce the wall between yourself and a possible answer.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Individual life is incessant change and continual development . You are meant to grow forever stronger and more flexible in unfolding your Divine potential through life and by way of personal experiences. Each and every experience of every moment of your life has the potential to enrich you and to render your inner love and light shine more brilliantly. Provided you do not let your Ego-mind get in the way by classifying certain experiences as "bad"/"useless"/"negative" etc. In which case each new experience you are making is rendering you smaller/weaker/duller/stiffer etc., because you are thus refusing to recognize the light and the love the experiences of life are trying to teach you to see. Whereas if, on the other hand, you are accepting each one of your experiences at its face value, even though the good it contains is not immediately evident to your perception, you are at least remaining open towards the lesson of light and love it is containing and are thus able to recover it at some later moment in time.

Sunday, 10 March 2013


By living life in the awareness of the here-now everything becomes simple. Because in the presence of the here-now your Ego-mind is attuned to the heart, which is silent, knowing neither past nor future but only love and light.


You are not the „you“. You are the light, which has created your „you“, in order to experience itself in consciousness through the transformation of its limitations. Therefore the set form of your „you“ is necessary, because the formless can only be apprehended through form. A square is the symbolic sign of the material sphere. And the decision is yours, whether you are experiencing this as a prison or whether you are rather using it as a step to stand upon, in order to reach up towards the spiritual realms. By identifying yourself with your „you“ you are imprisoned, whereas by recognizing your light, you are enlightening the square with your consciousness and are thus turning it into a five-pointed star.

Saturday, 9 March 2013


Striving after silence
Within space and time
Transformation of the past
Now, whilst thinking of the future
Sometimes strong, sometimes weak
Fighting for power
Between light and darkness 
The searching for love 

At home within silence
Freed from space and time
The past liberated
Future in the now
Strength and weakness united
Power is softly flowing
Darkness transformed into light
Source of unconditional love

The silence
Beyond space and time
Without past nor future
All is now
Opposites are one
Powerfull flowing
Light is everywhere
Everything is love


Where past and future
Are you
Am I
Are we
Continuous present

Where time and space
Were you
Was I
We are remaining
United forever


Taking a deep breath
Conscious awareness
Remaining still
In the here
And the now
Everything is
Is everything
And no-thing
Is to be